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How to Get Kin Memories Within Minutes - An Easy Method!

Hey guys!

I notice a lot of kin have a hard time getting memories from their canons. Everyone likes having memories: they make you feel more valid, they allow you to find canonmates more easily, and overall they’re really interesting and often nice to have.

I have a simple method for getting kin memories that has worked very well for me. I’ve gotten plenty of memories from it, and it’s been a great way for me to confirm kintypes I question. Sooo, I thought I would share it!

It’s an easy and quick process to go though: exactly what everyone wants!

It’s basically self-hypnosis, which is not as strange and crazy at it sounds. Hypnosis is a very natural thing, and we go into hypnotic trances very often in our everyday lives (e.g. when watching TV). It’s not scary at all. It’s really relaxing, and is actually pretty similar to meditation.

(This can also be useful to fictives with unclear memories!)

I’ll cut to the chase and list the steps bellow the break~

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Vanilla Malt Kisses

Of course Kent knew who Alexei Mashkov was. The hockey world was small—pretty much everyone knew everyone. But there was a difference between knowing of someone and actually knowing someone. They had clashed on the ice, but Kent had a talent for pissing people off, so there weren’t many people that he hadn’t clashed with.

The game had been a rough one, with Kent taking a few hard hits thanks to that same talent for pissing people off. He tended to play just this side of dirty, always had. It wasn’t like he cared about what people thought about him, anyway.

Kent was heading home from the rink after a tough loss to the Falconers, one made worse by knowing that Zimms was looking to sign with the team, and just looking forward to getting a bath and then curling up with Kit, a glass of wine, and the next show in his Netflix queue, when he ran into Alexei Mashkov. Or, if he was going to be technical, Mashkov ran into him. Whatever; it didn’t matter.

Kent automatically recoiled—Mashkov had been within seconds of throwing punches during the game and there was no guarantee that he wouldn’t now, given how angry he had been—but instead, Mashkov grinned at him.

“Little Aces captain! Sorry you lost.”

Kent frowned. “Wow, thanks, Mashkov. Way to rub it in.”

Mashkov frowned. “No, no, want to be friendly! Dinner?”

Kent stared at Mashkov. “You want to take me to dinner?” he asked finally, convinced that he had misheard.

Mashkov shrugged. “Hear…rumors, say, about little Aces captain. Want to be sure, but maybe—”

“Wait,” Kent cut in. “I think I know the rumors you mean, and if you want your dick sucked, you don’t need to take me out first. There are some nice private places around here.”

Mashkov wouldn’t meet Kent’s eyes. “I’m maybe thinking that we are the same. And I’m thinking that Kent Parson is very pretty and maybe I want to take him to dinner.”

Kent didn’t have a response to that, just stood there and stared at Mashkov.

“Don’t have to,” Mashkov said eventually, clearly uncomfortable.

“No, it’s fine,” Kent replied. “I’m…dinner sounds good. Let’s do this.” He wasn’t about to admit that Mashkov was exactly his type—tall, dark-haired, accent—and that he had always found the other man attractive. He had just always thought that anyone in the league was unattainable, which, whatever, he was used to. He was pansexual, anyway, and there were plenty of pretty girls more than willing to spend a night with the rich and attractive captain of a professional hockey team.

Mashkov, unfamiliar with Vegas, had asked Kent to choose the restaurant. After a moment’s hesitation, Kent chose one of his favorites, Bailey’s, a small local family-run place that really only locals knew about. This was a place that knew him to the point that he didn’t have to order any more, one that never tried to piggyback off his fame, one that, honestly, felt the closest to home he had experienced in as long as he could remember.

“Kenny!” exclaimed the hostess, Maria, the eldest daughter of the family, as he led Mashkov in. “And you brought a friend.” She raised her eyebrows—the family had basically adopted Kent and had become his confidants in Vegas, knowing that he was pan and all—and Kent shrugged.


Mashkov looked between Kent and Maria, adorably confused. “What happens?”

“They’re cool. They know I’m pan. They know that this is a date. I think. I mean, I think on the date part. Not the they know part. Is it a date?” Wow, real smooth, Parson, he thought, mentally chiding himself.

“Is date,” Mashkov confirmed, winking at Maria, who giggled as she led them to a table and seated them, handing a menu to Mashkov. “But cannot tell.”

“Of course not. We know how the hockey world is and that we can’t risk outing Kenny.”

“I am play hockey, too,” Mashkov said. “Providence. Also,” and here he looked at Kent, “Kenny?”

Kent flushed. “Old family nickname. And they’re basically family, so they’ve adopted it, too.” He didn’t mention that the Zimmermanns had used the nickname, too, that no matter how hard he tried he still associated the name with heated kisses and stolen moments.

“Alyosha,” Mashkov said.

“What?” Kent couldn’t make the slightest sense out of the word that had just come out of Mashkov’s mouth. It was Russian, he could tell that much, but his Russian was limited at best. He had learned a bit for a rookie who had only stayed a season, but languages weren’t his strong suit.

“Is nickname, like Kenny. Nickname for Alexei.”


“But team call Tater. Little potatoes.” Mashkov laughed. “Or Tater Tot—littler potatoes.”

Kent couldn’t help laughing at that. Mashkov was huge, at least half a foot taller than he was himself, and just the idea of this giant of a man being named for tiny potatoes was ridiculously hilarious. Mashkov, for his part, looked pleased that he had amused Kent.

“Do you know what you want to drink?” Maria asked, also looking amused. “Kenny, I’ve already submitted your order.”

“I get same as Kenny,” Mashkov decided, handing the menu back to Maria as Kent tried to hide how hearing his nickname roll off Mashkov’s tongue in that thick accent affected him.

There was no denying, in Kent’s mind, that Bailey’s did the best burgers and shakes that he had ever tasted. Judging by Mashkov’s reaction, he felt the same, which was nice, since Kent loved the place and yeah, he was pretty possessive of it, but, at the same, he liked seeing that someone he had brought loved it.

Mashkov was funny, too, and damn it, this wasn’t part of Kent’s plan. He had been okay with dinner and a one night stand, but he really hadn’t been planning on actually falling for the man.

“Fuck me,” Kent muttered, not intending Mashkov to hear. But, of course, he did.

“I’m thinking not on first date,” Mashkov replied with a wink and Kent’s eyes went wide.

“You want another date?”

“Of course.” Then Mashkov frowned. “If you do.”

Mashkov was funny, attractive, exactly Kent’s type, and he was looking at Kent like he really liked him. Kent was fucked, honestly.

“Yeah, definitely.”

Mashkov looked around the restaurant, then came around the table to slide into the seat next to Kent.

“This okay?” he asked softly, using two fingers to tip Kent’s head up so that they were face to face.

Kent just nodded, eyes fixed on Mashkov’s—Alexei’s.

Gently, slowly, Alexei pressed his lips to Kent’s, a chaste kiss with a promise of more to come. Then he pulled back, meeting Kent’s eyes again.


“More than,” Kent whispered.

Alexei kissed Kent again, deeper this time, a kiss tasting of the vanilla malts they had both had with dinner, a taste that Kent knew that he would forever associate with the start of happiness he would hold for the rest of his life.

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I have an hour drive to work and all I could think about the whole drive there was that cas said I love you to dean. I can't get over it

I watched the episode during my lunch hour at work. I had to internalise the whole thing for the entire afternoon. I thought like I was gonna burst. People kept asking me what I was up to because I couldn’t stop smiling. This is ridiculous. I can’t believe we got a LOVE CONFESSION out of Cas!!! I can’t believe it!!!

When we were talking about how 12x10 was the best episode ever for basically confirming that Cas was in love with Dean via all the Ishim stuff and angel/human romance parallels I thought we would have to settle with that for AT LEAST another 6 or 7 episodes! TWO EPISODES LATER!! 

This season is the gift that keeps on giving and we all need to send Dabb, Speight Jr and Davey a fruit basket. 

I have glanced at my dash and I am so happy that everyone is so happy! I wanna join in the celebrations but I need to write my review first… if I can actually make coherent sentences of course.


There are a lot of things that didn’t sit right with me this chapter, but there is one thing that did.

Hanji’s speech only served to confirm what we already knew:

To Levi, this struggle was always about Erwin rather than about Humanity. He was just lucky that - much like Erwin - his own personal feelings aligned with “the cause.”

Eren tries to make that point at the very start of the chapter.

translations by: fuku-shuu

Isayama spelled out that Levi didn’t give Eren the serum because he was clinging to the hope that Erwin would still be alive. Because he was holding onto his own personal feelings for Erwin.

And Hanji basically gives voice to Levi’s feelings.

“No matter what or whom, we will always end up separated by life and death.”

It’s been obvious since chapter 72 that Levi has been in pain over the thought of losing Erwin. Hell, he’s been probably acutely aware of how close that possibility’s been creeping up to them since Erwin lost that arm.

Just as we’ve been saying all along, this had nothing to do with Humanity. This was Levi fighting tooth and nail to keep Erwin alive, to not be separated from Erwin, because of how painful losing him would be.

And the last confirmation is Levi choosing to let him go. Hanji overrode Eren’s and Mikasa’s emotional pleas with the cold, hard truth:

No matter how brilliant Armin is, he doesn’t have Erwin’s experience. He doesn’t have Erwin’s wisdom or charisma. He doesn’t symbolize the same thing Erwin does to humanity.

And by choosing to let Erwin rest and ‘free him from hell’, Levi’s true priority clearly shone through one last time. Because (leaving our personal feelings about his choice aside) he chose to give Erwin peace over giving Humanity a better shot at victory. He was selfless about Erwin and selfish towards Humanity.

Erwin always came first to Levi and it’s undeniable now, to the point even beating Zeke will be about Levi fulfilling his ‘vow’ to Erwin.   

Quick thoughts on a bit of ‘Latin’ in MMFR

Right, so, when Nux pulls out ahead of the armada, we get a shot of Max looking rather, well, perturbed, and yelling something indistinctly. The subtitles tell me that he’s yelling ‘confucamus!’

Now, I looked in all my Latin dictionaries and couldn’t find any leads, which sorta confirms what I was suspecting: this is pseudo-Latin. We’ve already seen that Miller has a predilection for playing with language in his other scripts, and being a doctor he probably has at least a basic knowledge of Latin, so it’d make sense that he’s having a bit of fun coining ‘new’ Latin words.

So, dissecting this word, we get:

con- - with, together

fuc - fuck

-amus - first person plural (’we’) conjugation for verbs

Essentially, this word would sorta come out to ‘we’re fucking together,’ but given the situation (Max being unwillingly dragged into battle by a pair of kamikrazee kids), he’s probably meaning it in the sense of ‘we’re getting fucked together’ or ‘we’re all together fucked.’ In any case, the addition of the prefix con- really emphasizes the fact that this fucking/being fucked is a cohesive group activity, the implication being that Max is going to fully share in Nux and Slit fucking themselves over, and that he’s not too happy about it.

Okay I feel the need to say something

So apparently some of Bill’s new songs got leaked (I did not listen to them), and he apparently confirmed that the former flame that inspired him was a guy. I’ve seen some people kind of freaking over this, and I’m sorry but I gotta ask.

Why the fuck does it matter?

I thought the point was that it shouldn’t matter what the gender of his partner is. That’s exactly what he said in that article he wrote. So why do I see some people acting like their shitty fanfiction just became a reality, and why do I hear people celebrating his supposed “coming out” and basically insinuating this “confirms” him as gay? First of all, as far as I’m concerned, he’s never really been in the closet (or, if he was, the article was his “coming out,” if not anything before that). Second, are we just going to ignore the fact that he has like five female celebrity crushes, he’s been with girls in the past, and that bisexuality and pansexuality are things that exist?

It was a guy? Cool. It was a girl? Cool. It’s none of my or anyone else’s business? Absolutely.

I’ll wait until the tracks are officially released to decide for myself what the deal is.

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my dad went to a party in London and he met a guy who was friends with Ben Winston and he basically just confirmed what we know that Harry is gay and all of his girlfriends were stunts and he mentioned how he and Louis had a house together in London but he didn't really say much about Louis :/ but just thought I'd let everyone know to reassure them even if it isn't that big a deal

Might as well add it to the rest


What I want to talk about today, is what was the point of this scene. What was the point of the Nogitsune manipulating the MRI results so it matches Claudia Stilinski’s MRI. As in its basically the same MRI. And then the Sheriff sprouted out some line about how Stiles’ hope would be broken if he realized that his symptoms matched his mother’s disease. 

Well right after that, the Sheriff said how it was completely impossible to have the same exact MRI result. And we know Stiles’ is the researching God, and most likely researched everything about the disease his mother was diagnosed with, frontotemporal dementia. And that would most likely also include MRI scans because if his mom was getting one, he would want to know everything about it and so he would learn the impossibility of getting the same exact MRI result. So what hope would have been lost if Stiles’ would have realized that the Nogitsune was messing with his head and the things around him? 

Why doesn’t the Sheriff want Stiles to recognize his surroundings? Why doesn’t he want his son to realize that yes, the Nogitsune isn’t as clever as its trying to make itself seem? 

His wife died of something that Stiles was/is showing symptoms of. She was diagnosed with a disease that when researched, had nearly nothing in common with the listed symptoms. He had ‘noticed’ the symptoms in Stiles for two weeks, but never said anything until Melissa came to him. Why? 

It’s already been pretty much confirmed by everyone that Stiles is mostly gone and the Nogitsune in charge of the vessel. So how would showing a printed page of MRI readings change anything if Stiles’ isn’t there anyhow to look at it? 

What does this mean? It means that while we’ve been looking all over for this other possessed person, we never thought to look back at home. Of course, why would we? Papa Stilinski had no idea of the supernatural until just recently. Or did he? 

I never seem to find anything about how the Beacon Hills is basically a supernatural hot spot and it always has been because the Nematon was there to act like a Beacon. Which means, that some people of the town years ago had to have noticed the fact that supernatural creatures running all over the place. We know the Nematon was cut sometime between ninety years ago and now. I think it was cut eight years ago. Eight years ago, Malia Tate killed her mother and her sister as she lost control of her coyote form. Eight years ago, Claudia Stilinski got sick and eventually died. 

Eight years ago, if the Nematon was cut, there was a power in Beacon Hills that would have withered. Cutting something out that is essentially a part of the land itself would have consequences. Eight years ago, the Nematon was cut down and it grabbed with it three lives as sacrifices. Because you know, for a town that is constantly barraged with hunters, lizard-men, really hairy dudes with pointy ears slashing at each other, no one ever really seemed to mind. Really, the only person who really screams in Beacon Hills is Lydia. And the Nematon is a sacrificial deity, charm? I don’t know if those are the words I would use to describe the Nematon but I’m trying to think of others.

Uriel, there we go. Uriel is an angel from the Bible who is said to have guarded the gates of Eden with his fiery sword, actually be in charge of Hell (don’t ask Wikipedia says so) and one of the key Watchers during the Book of Enoch, where the other angels had slept with humans and created Nephilim.

Now, I’m going to go on a very long stretch here so things are quite possibly not going to make anymore sense. Let’s make this into a bit of an equation, shall we?

Uriel = Guardian + Leader + Watcher

We don’t even need to substitute that much do we?  

Papa Stilinkski = Guardian + Sheriff + Watcher

Where Guardian is a parent, Sheriff because Beacon Hills is his town, and Watcher because he has watched teenagers of his town turn into werewolves.

What, but Roxy this makes no sense whatsoever, it’s the Sheriff!

Yup, I am quite aware that it is the Sheriff. The Sheriff of a town that is called Beacon Hills and pretty much a Bat Signal for all supernatural creatures. Besides, doesn’t anyone find it odd how little things are done even though there are so many murders taking place in the town? Murders that seem to be done by so many “animals”, and animal protection never came down to help provide a safer environment for the town?  Seems a bit fishy. 

BUT, here is where I jump off the rainbow bridge even farther. Beacon Hills is a made up town in Northern California, but I have had discussions with a few friends about how the scenery and climate don’t exactly match Northern California. 

Beacon Hills has its own mall, own downtown apartment streets, own school, pretty much everything needed to to sustain a town isolated from other people. 

So, what if, just what if. Before the Nematon was cut down, Beacon Hills was one of those In-Between-Places? A place where Supernatural creatures and humans coexisted peacefully? Halfway between the mortal realm and halfway in the mystic realm, for lack of a better word. And all the residents were aware of their non-human friends and neighbors, until the Nematon was cut down. With the Nematon cut down, Beacon Hills lost its link to the Supernatural, it basically had a door closed in its face, and a vital part of the town was lost. But the Hales, the other guardians of the town, had decided that it was too risky for the humans living in Beacon Hills to remember the supernatural, or maybe it was too painful for those people who had supernatural abilities but couldn’t access them anymore. So, Talia and maybe some other Alpha wolves went around modifying everyone’s memory. And all of the non-werewolf creatures that are starting to show up, Lydia, were not people who had banshee blood in their veins that was just waiting to be unlocked, but instead powers that had been sealed when the Nematon was cut down but could be awoken again when having a jumpstart, or a spark if you will. (Peter you beautiful horrible person, you.) 

So, the Nogitsune is buried beneath the Nematon because the Nematon was a powerful something or the other. But then the Nematon got cut down, the power lost. So wouldn’t have the Nogitsune been able to escape then? And maybe it did, it escaped to a young mother who was probably dying near the Nematon when it had been cut down, and saved her life only for her to go to the hospital and get diagnosed with a dementia-related disease because of the Nogitsune inside of her. 

ANOTHER THOUGHT. Right, so the MRI scans are the same between Stiles and his mum. But what if its because the Nogitsune, or the Void Kitsune is using those parts of the brain? Void, the absence of. The nogitsune is the absence of certain parts and that could very well include parts of the brain of the host it is possessing. So the reason why the MRIs are so similar is because it is a sign of the Nogitsune possessing people. And when Claudia died, the Nogitsune went to only other body that was in the room at the same time of her death: Stiles. 

Alright, that was a bit off tangent, I apologize. Actually, I’m pretty sure this is getting completely off the original point. I don’t even remember what that was anymore. 

Anyways, so the the supernatural activity is basically dead by the time we start the show. But then we have Peter who was being manipulated by his nurse, Jennifer into becoming the alpha. Now, I think its been speculated that the nurse was Jennifer Blake, the durach wanting to speed things up to get revenge against the Alpha pack. It could be or it could be not. But we have a catalyst either way. Everything supernatural has to begin with a spark. So Peter’s healing could have started with a spark from Jennifer because she knows she’ll need help in order to take down the Alpha Pack and the Hales were considered one of the more powerful werewolves to roam around. Pity most of them were dead. But the catalyst had been started, things were starting to get back into motion; more and more supernatural beings coming into play. But in order for the town to be as it was before, the Nematon needed to wake up; it needed its own spark so that Beacon Hills could be restored to its proper place In-Between. And who do we know who is obsessed with keeping balance of things? 

External image

Yeah, these two. Deaton, who orchestrated the Sacrifice needed to wake up the Nematon. And Morrell who is obsessed with keeping the balance and so wants to kill Stiles because the Nogitsune isn’t supposed to be here. 

And really, why would Deaton stay in a town that never really had any supernatural sightings? In a place where all its werewolves were either dead, gone, or in a coma, why not move someplace else where that was more of a Supernatural hotspot and then come back to Beacon Hills when things started rearing up? Unless Beacon Hills was a supernatural hotspot and he needed to be around because it was unnatural that something like the Nematon could be cut down. 

Ok, that’s all I have for right now. Does any of this make sense at all? Or is it just ramblings? 


We now know the actual size of pluto & its largest moons, charon, hydra & Nix.

NASA’s New Horizons mission has answered one of the most basic questions about Pluto - its size.

Mission scientists have found Pluto to be 1,473 miles (2,370 kilometers) in diameter, somewhat larger than many prior estimates. This result confirms what was already suspected: Pluto is larger than all other known solar system objects beyond the orbit of Neptune. “The size of Pluto has been debated since its discovery in 1930. We are excited to finally lay this question to rest,” said mission scientist Bill McKinnon. Pluto’s newly estimated size means that its density is slightly lower than previously thought, and the fraction of ice in its interior is slightly higher. Also, the lowest layer of Pluto’s atmosphere, called the troposphere, is shallower than previously believed.

Measuring Pluto’s size has been a decades-long challenge due to complicating factors from its atmosphere. Its largest moon Charon lacks a substantial atmosphere, and its diameter was easier to determine using ground-based telescopes. New Horizons observations of Charon confirm previous estimates of 751 miles (1208 km) kilometers) across

LORRI has also zoomed in on two of Pluto’s smaller moons, Nix and Hydra.

Nix and Hydra were discovered using the Hubble Space Telescope in 2005. Now, the latest LORRI images show the two diminutive satellites not as pinpoints, but as moons seen well enough to measure their sizes. Nix is estimated to be about 20 miles (about 35 kilometers) across, while Hydra is roughly 30 miles (roughly 45 kilometers) across. These sizes lead mission scientists to conclude that their surfaces are quite bright, possibly due to the presence of ice.

What about Pluto’s two smallest moons, Kerberos and Styx? Smaller and fainter than Nix and Hydra, they are harder to measure. Mission scientists should be able to determine their sizes with observations New Horizons will make during the flyby and will transmit to Earth at a later date.

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What news did we get regarding Stydia today, could you make a little summary? I feel like I missed so much.

Sure! Here ya go– and shout out to @you-make-me-wander for supplying us with such amazing information and her amazing question this weekend. Susana is the real MPV of the Stydia fandom at the moment. 

1) Holland thinks that Stiles’ present for Lydia in s2 was some kind of Star Wars robot, or maybe E.T. or Wall-E. (It was Star Wars. Come on, Holland.)

2) When someone asked Holland what her favorite moments to film with Dylan were, she said that she liked it when they got to roll their eyes at each other or when she walked really fast and he had to catch up. Then, when asked if moments like that changed when M@lia came around, Holland admits that she thinks Lydia is more reticent at the moment because she is jealous of the two of them. 

Which, you know, serves to explain some acting choices that Holland has made that have been widely debated in the fandom. I am vindicated. 

3) I can’t even believe this actually happened, but… Holland said that if Lydia had to choose between Stiles and P@rrish, she would pick Stiles for everything but protection. Apparently she also mentioned the lifelong crush, but I’m not sure what the context of that was. 

When I first heard that, I thought Holland was saying that she would choose Stiles, but someone asked Susana specifically and Susana replied that Holland had been talking about Lydia, not Holland, so… I’m fucking floored. Wow. 

4) This post is something you’re going to want to read for yourself, but in short, Holland basically confirmed that the little moments that we see with Stydia that makes us ship it so effing hard are all moments that are scripted, not just randomly thrown in there with Holland and Dylan. The one I keep coming back to is Lydia grabbing Stiles’ hand in Eichen, which always felt, to me, like it had to have been a scripted decision but which got downplayed a lot because it was so small. But seriously, Lydia grabbed Stiles’ hand in the Eichen scene in 5x05. Given all the other stuff that was confirmed about Stiles in that episode, I’d say that’s pretty significant. 

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Maybe the bears are just part of the plan. And also I thought it seemed clear they agreed to this stunt? Obv it is not black and white but I feel like if they were FORCED there would be more open rebellion. I don't think they like it AT ALL but they are playing along cause they are getting something out of this. They know what we don't. And I am sure they saw how sad we were when they confirmed.

That’s the basic impression I’m getting, that they’re playing along but they don’t like it.

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Thank you! I'm sorry if this question is already out there, but someone told me that Yuu//noa will probably happen because Shinoa's feelings are blunt and out there as for Mika's feelings aren't really confirmed.. I don't know.. I think they have a point, but does that really mean anything? I really appreciate :)

Hello there! I could see where the person who told you that is coming from but at the same time, I have to disagree somewhat. Because Shinoa never once actually mentioned that she herself loved Yuu. No, Guren did that for her, and before that…there was hardly if ever indication that she had romantic feelings for Yuu. In fact, did she not tease Mitsuba about having a crush on Yuu? Like, her feelings weren’t confirmed or even acted upon until Guren said what he said.

And, if you consider that outward and blunt, then…I’m pretty sure almost every other character who has shown concern or care for Yuu is in love with him.

Never once does Shinoa herself outwardly mention that she loves Yuu, and honestly, she doesn’t even outwardly allude to it. Idk, her feelings may be blunt because they’re forced but at the same time, she herself never outwardly goes out of her was to show, or really imply that she has love for Yuu.

And I should add at least,  not the way I see it.

Because if we’re comparing her to Mika, then I’m going to have to say that his feelings are a lot blunter and more confirmed than Shinoa’s.

Idk if you’re friend or whoever is reading, or watching the same manga/anime—but seriously, to deny that Mika’s feelings towards Yuu aren’t really confirmed is false.

Does it even have to be brought up that Mika is always thinking about Yuu? In the manga/anime whenever we are shown parts with Mika, he’s always thinking about Yuu. The mere thought of Yuu is enough to bring him to tears, it’s enough to make his heart hurt inside, and it’s even enough to make him smile. Keep in mind, up until now, Mika hasn’t smiled or cried since childhood (from what we know), so, the fact that just the thought of Yuu is able to evoke such emotions, proves that his feelings are confirmed. (Plus the thought of Yuu gives him home)

And if people still don’t believe that Mika’s love for Yuu isn’t genuine because he doesn’t flat out say it, then take it from Ferid who basically confirmed for Mika that he was in love with Yuu. And Mika didn’t shut the idea down at all. And I guess you’re thinking “WELL…That’s like Guren telling Shinoa that she loves Yuu right…?” Well, not it’s not, because Shinoa hardly ever acted on Guren’s revelation afterward (when she does happen to by chance, it looks very odd and forced. It just feels uncomfortable).  

Mika’s feelings for Yuu were pretty much confirmed before Ferid pointed them out. And I’m just going to add, that’s another difference between the situations with Guren and Shinoa. Shinoa never once showed any romantic feelings or even alluded to it before Guren said what he did. However, long before Ferid even brought it up, Mika was already giving us enough evidence by his actions and thoughts to prove that he had some type of feelings for Yuu. He didn’t need Ferid to point that out for him in order for him to actually feel something for Yuu and act upon those feelings–He felt something for Yuu long before Ferid even mentioned it. Shinoa didn’t feel anything romantic for Yuu until Guren said something. You see the difference?

Mika had shown tons of signs, beforehand.

And whether those signs were shown from his actions, or inner thought dialogue, or word of mouth they pretty much confirmed that he loved Yuu. Even if he never flat out said that he loved Yuu, it was pretty easy to tell that he did.

And speaking about actions as a sign of confirmation…

The recent chapters have pretty much given us a solid confirmation that Mika loves Yuu. If we’re not talking about the first time they met when Mika basically asked or better yet told Mika to abandon everything and runaway with him (like…okay, that is as blunt as I don’t know what), then we should probably bring up the more recent chapters, where Mika once again asks Yuu to elope with him so they could live on the country side together, and then later on Yuu actually agrees (though he wants to save the squad + guren first which is understandable. And yes, that is called eloping what they’re doing.) …

Or, we could highlight the part where before Mika and Yuu are able to finally escape the battle field (before Mika becomes a full vampire), Mika is trying to get to Yuu and is basically running into the enemy lines risking death (he is stabbed various times) all to see Yuu one last time before he possibly dies…and just a note, during that part of the manga Mika was literally about to die. At a point, it no longer mattered that he needed to speak to Yuu…I think with the knowledge that he was probably going to die, he just wanted to see Yuu one last time…this is how I take it at least.

If these aren’t blunt, outward, signs of romance or emotions then I don’t know what to tell you.

Personally, I think Mika’s feelings are a lot more confirmed, genuine, and visible than anyone’s towards Yuu’s so far.

And maybe this is just me because I ship Mikayuu (HURR DURR), but I mean…I don’t see how anyone can look at how Mika acts, thinks etc….and say that he doesn’t love Yuu or that his emotions aren’t genuine.

And to be fair, Mika has been through a lot. Showing emotion does not come easy for him, and so far, Yuu has been the only reason he’s been so emotional as of recent.

So I hope this helps, and eases your qualms.

Sorry for the long delay—I was contemplating on going in the manga to get some manga panels but I hope you get the point. Plus, it’s midnight here and I’m tired, but I’ve been so eager to answer this.

Also, I think that your friend or whatever should kind of take into perspective that Yuu and Mika’s relationship is supposed to mirror Romeo and Juliet’s, where understandably, the two couldn’t be so open about their love for each other, for obvious reasons. But they thought of each other all the time, and they lived for each other…and even if they didn’t say it, it was evident the two were in love.

Love doesn’t have to be mentioned for it to be love!!


GUYS. I know that a lot of speculation has been floating around about Art having revival minimum, Nice looking way too calm and collected for someone who just realized his best friend might be dead…

…but did I totally just miss this part the first I watched it or what? Moral basically confirms that Nice knows what’s happened to Art. And since Nice isn’t flipping a shit, something not involving a dead Art is going down. 

I know we all sound like broken records reassuring ourselves he’s not dead and I’m pretty sure he’s not…but it doesn’t hurt to reassure some more before the finale. Right? Apologies if someone already pointed this out.

And this gif-making business is fun. :D


I think the first time I watched it, I thought he was talking about Art being right here (as he transforms into Art). But now Idk. -__-

anonymous asked:

Why do you think Pearl hasn't been shown shapeshifting in the show? Amethyst does it all the time and Garnet has shifted into Steven once and has done minor things like changing her arms, but despite being asked to shapeshift three times (cat fingers, keep beach city weird, secret team) Pearl never has. I feel like if it was just something she just didn't like (like eating) she would have said so. Do you think maybe there's a deeper reason for it? (maybe she can't?)

I did make a theory about that a long time ago! It’s kinda tied in with a bunch of things so here goes a long and slightly rambling post. I promise it will eventually be relevant re: Pearl and Shapeshifting.

To revisit the concept (as there were a few other theories I had at the time that are relevant, and a lot of new information has come in since then)- it’s highly conspicuous to me that unlike any other nonfusion Gem, Pearl has a bunch of unrelated colors in her palette: her gem is white and has a faint rosy tone to it, so her white skin and pink hair (and pink socks and leg warmers in other regenerations) make sense. But she’s also had green, blue, and yellow in her outfit. All other Gems we’ve seen have lighter and darker variations of their gem’s color, and additions of white, gray, or black. Even then, those monochrome shades tend to be tinted with their color, and in the case of the fusions, their components’ colors (Garnet’s second regeneration has blue and red even though she is a magenta-colored gem)

The only other Gem-related life we’ve seen with blocks of unrelated and disjointed colors? Are the microclusters. Now, Pearl is obviously not a microcluster but it should be noted she definitely seems to have an odd draw towards gem shards- in both Frybo and Secret Team she apparently took bubbles full of shards out of the burning room and were fiddling with them, and in Keeping It Together while Garnet threw the first shard fusion away from her in revulsion, Pearl picked up that same one and looked at it with interest.

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Thoughts on Annamis in episodes 9 & 10

I said I was going to write a more in depth post about my thoughts, opinions and theories about Annamis in the last two episodes of season 2 and what might happen with them in season 3. This is a very (like, VERY) long, analytic post so I’ll post it under a cut. These are my thoughts and obviously I’m not saying anything is 100% right and true – this is just what is going on inside my mind regarding these two :)

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