basically any time he saw her start to dance he joined in

Clint's Daughter Part 2

Note: so you guys wanted Clint’s Daughter part 2! i was too excited to hold off on this. feedback is always welcome! part 3? let me know! .c

Part 1


You’ve been at the Tower for a few weeks now and you’ve absolutely loved it. You had joined Steve and Sam for their morning runs around 8am. You even spend time in Tony’s lab, watching him work on something you had no knowledge about.

Wanda and Natasha usually take you shopping, saying you needed a lot more than sundresses and band t-shirts to wear while you were here, however long that would be. Other than that, you three go get coffee and have movie nights together.

What you enjoyed most was your time with Bucky.

First, it started out by seeing him in the morning for breakfast after running with Sam and Steve. The men would head for the shower first thing, but you desperately needed food in your system aside from the green protein shakes Steve makes.

After seeing Bucky at breakfast, you’d hang around the tower for a bit, talking with Bucky about his past, good and bad. After three days of that, you and Bucky were basically joined at the hip. You were always together, only unless you were really busy with someone else on the team.

Your Dad took notice between you and Bucky, but never spoke about it. The team also took notice, but have said something about it. Steve was the first to say something to Bucky, which Bucky told you, and you discovered that Nat has walked in on you and Bucky heavily making out more times than you’d like to know.

You and Bucky have been sneaking around your dad lately, you knew he could be protective and you weren’t sure how he’d react if you told him you like Bucky. For the sake of him not having a heart attack, you’d keep the make out sessions to yourself. Bucky understood and he thought it was because of his past, but you assured him it was only because your dad was protective of you towards any guy.

You were just getting back from running and you sighed out, wiping your brow. Your clothes were slightly wet from sweating and you were more than ready for a shower. Nat had gotten you a running outfit, which you told her you didn’t need plenty of times, but she insisted.

It was just a pair of yoga shorts and a matching sports bra. You were nervous about wearing it, but it was actually pretty comfortable. You noticed Steve and Sam would fall behind during your run today and you found it hard to focus when you could hear them talking about your ass.

You walked into the kitchen, dancing to the music playing through your earphones. You shook your hips to the beat, slightly bobbing your head. You danced over to the refrigerator, opening it and grabbing a bottle of water. You gulped it down in record time and capped it when you were done.

You looked through the refrigerator for a little longer, seeing if there was anything you fancied to eat. As you were looking, you were bent down and shaking your ass to the beat. You hummed along to the lyrics and suddenly felt two hands rest on your hips. You let out a screech and turned around, only to be faced with Bucky.

He chuckled deeply and you slapped his chest, pulling out your earphones. “That’s not funny!” You scolded him, frowning. You shifted in your spot as your heart raced. Bucky laughed again and held onto your waist, leaning down to press a kiss to your forehead. You sighed, a smile tugging at your lips.

You looked up at Bucky, his blue eyes checking out your new outfit. “This is cute.” Bucky said lowly, his hands moving down to your ass, giving it a little squeeze. You giggled and moved his hands away. “I haven’t showered, don’t get so handsy.” You said, moving away from Bucky after shutting the refrigerator. Bucky whined and followed after you.

“So what? Come on, you won’t let me be affectionate around everyone. Just kiss me, Doll.” Bucky pleaded before you could leave the room. You sighed softly, feeling a little guilty for wanting to hide your growing relationship with him. You turned around and faced a rather cute and pouty Bucky.

“Fine.” You giggled, leaning up on your toes to kiss Bucky. He pulled you close, softly moaning into the kiss. You quickly pulled away, relaxing back down on your feet. Bucky gasped softly, whining. “What was that? Kiss me, Y/N, please?” Bucky said, grasping your hands.

You blushed and smiled, rolling your eyes. “Bucky, I need to shower.” You said, slowly backing away from Bucky. He only whined again, tightening his grip on your wrist. “Y/N, plea-” You quickly crashed into Bucky, pressing your lips to his. You wrapped your arms around his neck, letting him pick you up and set you on the island in the kitchen.

You sighed into the kiss, the cold marble causing goosebumps to rise on your skin. Bucky’s hands rest on the skin of your sides and you gently tugged your fingers through his hair. Your tongue met Bucky’s and you twirled them around each other, your lips gently sucking around Bucky’s tongue, something you knew he liked.

Bucky moaned deeply, quickly pulling his tongue away to capture your bottom lip between his teeth. Bucky carefully bit down on your lip, causing a small shiver to shoot through your body. You pulled away to gasp for air, only to feel Bucky’s lips moving across your cheek to your neck. You softly moaned, your legs pulling Bucky closer.

Bucky smirked against you and he playfully nipped at your skin. “Bucky, I need to go now.” You breathlessly said, your eyes closing at the feel of his tongue tracing along your collarbones. Bucky groaned, pulling your hips closer, your legs dangling by his thighs. “You’re gonna kiss me like that and leave?” Bucky questioned, his tone holding a hint of sadness.

You smiled and pushed Bucky away from you. “Bucky, seriously.” You said, laughing when he pulled away from you with another manly whine. Bucky looked down at you, raising his hand up to hold your cheek. “I don’t like being away from you.” Bucky said lowly, his eyes looking into yours. You felt your heart jump. “It’s so crazy. I didn’t plan on falling for you so quickly.” You said, laughing softly.

Your feelings for Bucky were strong and came as a surprise to you. You didn’t have the intention on finding love when you came back here. But every time you saw Bucky, you knew this was the best decision you’ve ever made.

Bucky kissed your nose, making you smile. “I’ve never felt this way before. You were just a little girl, you’ve grown so much. You’re honestly so amazing.” Bucky said, smiling down at you, his thumb softly caressing your cheek. You blushed and looked down at your lap. Bucky’s hand moved to lift your chin up and he placed his lips on yours again.

You kissed him back and felt him pull away just as quickly. “Okay, go shower. I’ll miss you.” Bucky said as he helped you down. You giggled and pecked his cheek before walking away. You heard a soft “damn” come from Bucky’s mouth as your hips moved. You turned to see him checking out your ass and you smirked.

You turned back around and bent over to untie your shoe, just to tie it again. Your ass was on full display to Bucky in your tight yoga shorts and you knew what it would do to him. Bucky growled and came up behind you, giving your ass a slap with his metal hand.

You moaned loudly and stood up straight, rubbing your cheek. “That was rough. I like it. Use it on me tonight?” You asked, looking at Bucky’s shocked expression. “Tonight?” He asked, his eyes wide.

You made a small “mhm” sound before skipping out of the room. You had the very intention on having sex with Bucky tonight and now he has all day to think about it. This would be torture for you, but it would be even worse for Bucky. Or so you thought.

After you showered and dried your hair, you pulled out another outfit Nat bought you. It was a simple low cut top with jeans. You thought your clothes were nice and you liked them, but Nat thought the sundresses were getting old.

With a shrug at your appearance in the mirror, you left to go find Bucky so you could work on your plan to drive the man absolutely nuts for you. This little game you were going to play could end badly or end in your favor.

You swung your door open and gasped when you saw Bucky standing there. You instantly blushed and he took in your outfit with a slight frown. “Hey,” you breathed, “what’s up?” You asked, moving aside so he could step inside your room.

You shut your door behind you and Bucky turned to face you. “Where’s your dress?” Bucky softly asked, his fingers pulling at your top. Your face heated up as his fingers outlined the low cut, slightly moving across your cleavage.

A nervous breath fell from your lips and Bucky smirked. “I’d just torture you even more.” You said, your voice wobbly. Though that was the point you were going to make anyways. Bucky nodded gently, his teeth pulling his bottom lip. “That’s true, but you look so innocent in dresses.” Bucky said, looking into yours eyes. You inhaled shakily, your thoughts running wild.

Bucky bent down to your ear and let his hands hold your waist. “Makes me think of the naughty things you’d let me do to you. Isn’t that right, Y/N?” He said with a low voice, causing your mouth to fall open and your panties to quickly become wet. You swallowed nervously and Bucky placed a kiss on your neck, a low chuckle sounding from his throat.

He pulled away and walked over to your closet, a devious smile on his lips. Your face felt hot and you knew he was using his words to turn you on and he was definitely succeeding. You smirked and stepped away from your door. Taking the hem of your top in your hands, you slid it off your body. You took your bra off next, tossing it over to Bucky.

The small action made him turn and his eyes widened as he looked at your exposed skin. Bucky licked his lips. “N-no, I’m trying to pick out a dress.” Bucky whispered, shaking his head as he turned back to your closet. You giggled as he cleared his throat and you knew you had gotten your small amount of payback.

You came up behind Bucky and let your arms wrap around his waist from behind. Bucky was slowly going through your dresses, humming as he would see a nice one he liked. You smiled and peeked around his body, seeing his hands grasp the material of a light blue sundress you had. You felt an intake of breath from Bucky’s abdomen. “I like this.” Bucky said in a low voice, only furthering your arousal.

His voice was definitely sexy and you loved to hear it; something he found out not too long ago. You hummed in response and let your hands travel down his waist, to his thighs and back up. Bucky breathed out heavily and you let your cheek rest against his muscular back. You moved your hands over to his crotch, feeling his hard cock in his pants. You gave it a light squeeze and Bucky groaned, his hands tightening around the material of the dress.

You giggled lowly, rubbing your palm over his cock once more. “Bucky, are you already turned on? Wow, you won’t be able to last until tonight, will you?” You asked in a teasing tone. Bucky took your dress off the hanger and turned towards you. His breathing was heavy and his face was a light red. “Y/N, I will take you right here, right now, if you keep doing that.” Bucky said, using his metal arm to lightly push you backwards.

You smirked up at him, licking your lips slowly as your feet carried you. “And what if I let you?” You shot back, watching Bucky’s eyes check you out. Bucky smirked and bit his lip. “No, no. I won’t give in that easily.” Bucky said, handing you your dress. You sighed softly and took it from him. You slipped off your jeans and Bucky watched you intently, his eyes staring at your panties.

You blushed a little and put on the sundress, hearing a gasp fall from Bucky’s lips as you straightened it out. “Fuck, you look so-” “Innocent?” You asked in the most innocent voice you could muster as you slowly bat your eyelashes. Bucky gasped again, his eyes meeting yours. “God.” Bucky growled, rubbing his lip with his thumb. You smiled and crossed your arms, pushing your breasts up so they’d be more perky.

With a heavy sigh, Bucky walked over to your door and you thought he was about to leave, but instead he locked the doorknob. He faced the door for a moment, completely still and silent. All you could hear was both of your breathing. “Bucky?” You asked a soft voice, unfolding your arms. Bucky turned to you and started to unbuckle his belt.

Your eyes fell to his hands and he slid the belt out of his belt loops, dropping it to your floor. You gasped and looked up at Bucky. “I can’t wait.” Bucky said, walking over to you as he unbuttoned his jeans, pulling down the zipper. Your face burned red and your heart started racing in your chest. “I want you.” Bucky said, closing the distance between you two.

Bucky picked you up and wrapped your arms and legs around him, making you whimper. His hands held onto your thighs under your dress, the mixture between hot and cold making you all the more turned on. You looked at Bucky’s lips and bit yours. “So, Sergeant wants to fuck me now?” You asked innocently, looking into Bucky’s eyes.

He heavily sighed, leaning his forehead against yours. “Doll, you’re fucking killing me.” Bucky rasped, sitting down on your feet and you waited for his next move. “Bend over. You’ve been a naughty girl, Doll.” Bucky said, grabbing your arm and leaning you over his thighs. You gasped and moaned, feeling Bucky’s metal hand rub up the back of your thighs.

You wiggled in your spot and Bucky lifted your dress over your ass, the cool air giving you goosebumps. “Bucky.” You whined, wanting him to get on with it. “Ah ah, what do you call me?” Bucky questioned, his metal hand caressing your ass. You whimpered, digging your hands into his legs. “Sergeant.” You said quietly.

Bucky groaned deeply, his metal hand lifting up only to come down on your ass with a sharp slap. You squealed out, crossing your ankles. “Fu-uuck.” You moaned as your ass cheeks started to sting from the harsh contact. Bucky chuckled and rubbed the area he slapped. “Good Doll.” Bucky praised you, raising his hand again.

You took deep breaths after every slap Bucky gave you to your ass. Bucky was enjoying this just as much as you and you could feel your panties soaking. Bucky’s metal finger rubbed up and down your slit through your panties. “Mm, I want to taste you.” Bucky whispered, using his finger to move your panties to the side. “So pretty.” Bucky said, leaning down to swipe his tongue across your wet pussy.

Your eyes fluttered shut and you moaned, arching your back, your ribs poking against Bucky’s thighs. “I need you.” You whined, feeling  Bucky’s metal hand squeezing your ass. He moaned before helping you to your feet. The pain in your ass caused you to wobble and Bucky held you by your waist, keeping you steady.

Bucky looked into your eyes and you blushed, letting him sit you in his spot on the bed. Bucky got down on his knees in front of you and gripped your ankles. “What do you want, Doll?” Bucky asked, kissing your knee, his eyes on yours. Bucky’s hair framed his face and you let your hand rake through it. “I want your tongue, Sergeant.” You said quietly, seeing Bucky smirk.

Bucky spread your legs and brought your feet up to rest on the edge of the bed. You leaned back, supporting yourself on your hands. Bucky kissed along your inner thigh, his hand moving aside your panties. He looked at your pussy and you tried to close your legs, but Bucky stopped you. “I could die at how pretty it is, don’t hide it from me.” Bucky said lowly, leaning in to press a kiss to your pussy.

You gasped softly, watching Bucky’s tongue dart out to lick along your slit again. He used his flesh fingers to spread your lips open and he sucked on your clit. You moaned, gripping onto his hair. “O-oh my god.” You whimpered as Bucky started to feverishly make out with your pussy. Bucky’s tongue was wet and thick, flicking back and forth against your clit.

Your head was spinning and you moaned out rather loudly when you felt Bucky insert a metal finger into your pussy. Your orgasm was fast approaching and Bucky instantly pulled away with a wet pop and a smirk. “I want you to cum around me.” Bucky rasped, slipping off his jeans and his boxers.

Bucky ripped his shirt off and you smirked at how extra he was being. His muscles were to die for and you bit your lip as your eyes fell to his thick cock. He was leaking a little and you could tell he needed to release quick. You sat up to take off your dress but Bucky grabbed your hands. “Hell no. That’s staying on.” Bucky said, his eyebrows raised. You smiled as Bucky hovered above you.

You felt Bucky’s cock press against your opening and you rolled your hips, whining softly. “Sergeant, please.” You begged, your eyes meeting Bucky’s. He smirked and lifted your dress more, resting his metal hand on your lower abdomen. Bucky started to slide his tip inside of your pussy and you gasped, looking down to watch. Bucky growled and pushed his hips further, his thick cock slowly entering you.

A loud and rather long moan fell from your lips as Bucky finally filled you up. “Oh fuck, you’re so tight.” Bucky choked, his chest heaving up and down. You moaned again, wrapping your legs around his waist. Bucky started to move in and out of you, your breasts slightly bouncing in your sundress.

Bucky gasped as he rolled his hips into you, going all the way in and sitting there for a moment. “I’m so deep.” He groaned, feeling himself under his palm on your lower abdomen. Your eyes rolled into the back of your head for a split second as he pressed down. “Fuck!” You squealed as Bucky started to speed up.

Bucky slammed into you hard and fast, hitting your g-spot with every thrust. His metal hand came up to your dress collar, pulling it down so your breasts came out. “Holy fuck, you’re so gorgeous.” Bucky moaned, leaning down to capture one of your breasts in his mouth. You moaned, tugging on his hair, feeling his teeth gently graze against your hard nipple.

You leaned in to kiss Bucky’s neck, sinking your teeth into his skin. He groaned and you licked a stripe up to his ear. “You’re so thick, Sergeant. My pussy loves it so much.” You whimpered into his ear, causing Bucky’s hips to jerk. You smirked and Bucky growled, his metal hand squeezing your waist. “You’re gonna make me cum.” Bucky groaned out, his thighs slapping against yours.

You felt Bucky’s thrusts become even faster and you couldn’t hold back anymore. Bucky yelled out a string of curse words as he felt you clench around him. “Doll, you’re close.” He growled, moving his metal hand to your throat. You gasped and held onto his wrist, looking up at his face. It was contorted with pleasure and your eyebrows creased together. “Bucky, I’m-” He nodded quickly. “M-me too.” He choked on a moan, his cock twitching inside of you.

You gasped as you felt him hit your g-spot again and you practically screamed his name, your back arching off the bed as you started to cum around Bucky’s cock. He yelled out, his voice clouding your mind as his hand tightened around your throat. “Y/N! Fuck, yes! Such a good Doll.” Bucky moaned, his hips slamming into yours desperately as he shot his load into you.

A weak moan escaped your lips and Bucky’s thrusts slowed, his sweaty forehead leaning against yours. Bucky’s hands moved to your waist and he slipped out, breathing heavily. You sighed out, a smile forming on your lips. “That was so great.” You said, catching your breath. Bucky hummed in response and pulled you into his body.

Bucky kissed your lips and you smiled, resting your hand on his cheek. “Think we were loud enough?” You asked with a giggle. Bucky laughed along with you and kissed you again. “If nobody knew about us, they definitely do now.” Bucky said, causing you to gasp. You quickly sat up, your eyes wide. Bucky sat up with you, looking at you with worry. “What?” He asked quietly.

“My dad.”

Note: I HOPE THIS DOESN’T SUCK??? feedback is welcome! .c

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Voltron Beach Headcanons

So, my mom and I have been traveling around and going to beaches and all that fun stuff until the lease for my apartment is up in a couple weeks. So, have some Voltron beach headcanons!

Shallura (established)

  • Shiro’s self conscious about the scars on his body and initially wears a wetsuit.
  • Eventually he becomes comfortable enough to just wear swim trunks, and Allura makes sure to apply a liberal amount of sunscreen on his scars every couple of hours.
  • Allura and Shiro nap and relax on the beach on their towels under the shade of an umbrella.
  • But you know after their nap they’re going to tear it up on the waves and get competitive and playful.
  • They dominate at the game “chicken”. So much.
  • Especially when Allura’s carrying Shiro on her shoulders. No one can stand a chance against them. They’re a powerful force when teamed together.
  • Lance was tackled off Hunk’s shoulders in seconds.
  • He saw his life flash before his eyes and then afterwards he high fived Shiro because it was so awesome.
  • If you thought they were unstoppable as chicken partners, wait until you see them play volleyball. Because they annihilate everyone.  
  • Shiro and Allura feed each other the planet’s Earth equivalent of ice cream.
  • They hold hands as they walk along the beach, away from the others, around sundown.
  • Shiro writes their names in the sand in a heart, like a smitten highschooler. Allura adores it, even though she can’t read it.
  • She learns how to write her name in English in the sand and practices it over and over until it’s as pretty as Shiro’s.

Klance (slow burn)

  • Lance is psyched to challenge Keith to surf boarding, because he knows he’ll have an advantage.
  • Keith is actually pretty damn good at surfing, for his first time.
  • Lance pretends to be completely unimpressed and says it’s just beginner’s luck.
  • He’s actually immensely proud and amazed.
  • Eventually he compliments Keith about it:
  • “Okay, not bad. You’re actually kind of a natural.”
  • “What was that? I couldn’t hear you? Was that a compliment?”
  • “Shut up, mullet.”
  • They insist on being a team for any of the sports they decide to play.


  • He is the best surfer. Literally the best compared to the others. But he doesn’t show off or anything, because he just wants to relax and have a good time. He doesn’t want to be competitive about it.
  • Hunk knows how to weave hats and baskets out of palm leaves. Mostly because it helped calm his nerves as a kid.
  • He also knows how to make lei and uses whatever he can find on the alien planet’s beach to braid them (flowers, vines, shells, etc) and give them to the team.
  • He used to make lei back at home for his little sister.
  • You know he likes checking out all of the food shops by the beach and talking with the locals.
  • They exchange tips and recipes.
  • They adore him.
  • He helps fix some locals’ boats. In exchange for him helping, they offer to take everyone out on the water, which calms Shiro’s nerves because Lance talked about pulling inner tubes behind Blue on the water (which is a big no-no).
  • “Uh, Lance? I don’t think Shiro’ll like the idea of you taking a gigantic, sentient war machine lion out on the water to pull a couple inner tubes behind it.”
  • “Why not??”
  • Hunk makes some pretty intricate sand castles. Big enough for Pidge to lurk in.
  • He makes sure to bring plenty of sunscreen, because he’s paranoid about everyone getting burned.
  • Showing Shay the ocean is definitely on his list of things to introduce her to.


  • Initially tries staying as covered as possible.
  • It immediately becomes impossible once she realizes how damn hot it is on the beach.
  • She settles for one of those zipup capri wetsuits with the tank top. Or swim trunks with a surf shirt (rash guard?) and a visor.
  • She tries staying in the shade with Coran, Shiro and Allura, and her tablet, but it’s still too damn hot and she’s sweaty and dying and there’s weird bugs that won’t leave her alone.
  • Sand is also terrible. It’s all over her. How did it get everywhere so fast?
  • Pidge caves and joins the rest of the paladins in the water.
  • She spends most of her time slung over an inner tube watching the boys goof off.
  • She also takes an interest studying the marine life along the shore and takes samples to be studied later.
  • She takes a liking to going underwater with a snorkel and goggles to check out the fish, but she’s sure to stay close to the shore, because deep water freaks her out.
  • Pidge gets Hunk to give her piggyback rides along the shore.
  • Pidge miraculously doesn’t burn to a crisp, thanks to Hunk. She gets a weird little tan stripe along her forehead because of her visor though. 


  • He’s never been to the beach before, so he isn’t sure what to expect at first.
  • The first time he jumps into the water and resurfaces, he looks like a drowned kitten.
  • He accidentally gets ocean water in his mouth. A lot of it. He is not pleased.
  • Despite putting on plenty of sunscreen, because of Hunk’s insistence, Keith still gets sunburnt to all hell somehow.
  • He looks like an actual tomato
  • Lance teases him so much about it
  • Shiro scolds him and he has to help put Aloe on Keith every hour or so, because Shiro’s tired of hearing it.
  • Keith’s the one who insists on starting a game of beach volleyball. There isn’t a place set up for volleyball of course, so he pulls together his own volley net and marks out the court in the sand
  • He and Lance make a good team™ against some of the locals who take them on. 


  • You know this boy LOVES the beach. It’s no Varadero Beach, but it’s an ocean and he’s going swimming, dammit.
  • He’s the one who insisted they have a beach day.
  • Lance tans very gracefully and has never burned in his life. He’s sure to use sunscreen anyway, because he’s all about keeping his skin healthy.
  • He’s sure to get a bunch of selfies with the local beach babes.
  • Permanently has a drink poised in his left hand whenever he’s not in the water.
  • Lance is an incredibly strong swimmer
  • He knows all forms of swimming and does them gracefully.
  • Except when he pretends to be a dolphin.
  • He makes sure to bring music. Loud, loud music that he can dance to.
  • He starts a dance-off on the beach.
  • Which of course escalates into a full-on beach party with the locals.


  • Coran mostly camps out on the beach with everyone’s belongings (sunscreen, inner tubes, surfboards, umbrella and towels, etc) sipping on some Nunvil and whatever’s native to the island.
  • He basically acts as a lifeguard when he doesn’t fall asleep.
  • He falls asleep a lot, but usually no one can tell behind his ginormous sunglasses. Unless he’s snoring.
  • He also takes pictures, because he’s Space Uncle.
  • He wears an old-timey white and blue striped one-piece swimsuit. The kind from the 1900s, to match his mustache.


  • Probably has a similar vintage 1900s swimsuit like Coran’s (complete with sleeves and a skirt basically)–but after showing Lance, he insisted she needed to go to the Space Mall and get something more modern.
  • “Allura, you’re 10,000 years out of style. We’re fixing that.”
  • She purchases a wetsuit for practical use, and a bikini with a floppy sunhat.
  • “My stars, these are much more practical than my old swimming suit. I can actually move around in these.”
  • Cue Shiro dying at seeing her in a bikini, because wowie zowie.
  • A lot of locals flirt with her. Like, a lot.
  • Shiro also flirts with her. A lot. He might also give some of the aliens who’re hitting on her disapproving looks. A lot.
  • Allura has never played volleyball in her life, but she can spike a volleyball so damn well. It’s like she was born to do it.
  • Easily throws Lance and Keith into the water so they can do cool flips.


  • He starts off high strung and stressed when he gets to the beach, but it’s easy for him to relax and have some fun once he sees the rest of his team having a great time.
  • He wears a looooot of sunscreen to protect scarred skin. He probably puts a white strip of zinc oxide across his scar and nose.
  • The sun may not love Shiro, but Shiro loves the sun.
  • It makes him so happy, guys. It puts him in such a great mood. He is so happy to be outside.
  • When he and Allura are on a team during volleyball, he’s the one who sets the ball just right for her so she can spike it.
  • Helps Hunk grill things by the beach. Probably because it’s the one form of cooking he’s actually really good at.
  • The paladins insist that’s a Dad Trait and 100% makes him a dad.
  • “But I’m only seven years older than Hunk.”
  • Lance convinces Shiro to bust out some dance moves.
  • He’s actually not bad at all. Maybe rusty, but definitely not bad.
  • He helps Pidge dive for really good seashells.
  • Shiro and Keith definitely draw out a circle in the sand and spar. Because they’ve gotta be ready to battle in every environment, obviously.
About Time

Title: About Time

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 3,468

Warning: Some slow burn satisfying smut

A/N: I wanted a jealous Sammy and some deliciously satisfying smut, so I wrote this! It’s a slow burn, but it’s worth it. Enjoy!!!

Pushing the door to the bar open a huge smile spread across your lips. It wasn’t every day you convinced the boys to go to a college town bar over a dive bar. Tonight was all about you. A successful vampire hunt, from start to finish, had been perfectly coordinated and executed by none other than yourself and the boys were thoroughly impressed. Hopping onto a bar stool you caught the attention of a cute bartender and got everyone a shot and a drink.

“Well,” Sam held up his shot glass. “To Y/N, the girl who’s turning into quite the badass hunter.”

“Awww, thanks boys. I’ll drink to that any night.”

Slamming your shot you grabbed the boy’s glasses and nodded towards an open pool table. Dean handed you some cash as they went to grab it before it was taken. Sliding off the bar stool you started to weave through the crowds of people.

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Roommate! Jimin

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- you moved to Seoul for college and got blessed with an apartment with an extra room but it was proving to be hard to pay the rent with your part-time job at the ramen shop down the street and also trying to study to be a marine biologist so you decided that you needed a roommate

- you put out an ad in the newspaper and started getting calls so you interviewed a couple of people and ultimately chose Jimin as your roommate

-he went to your school and seemed like a generally sweet and responsible person so you gave him your spare room in exchange for his half of the rent and a promise to clean up after himself

-Jimin was majoring in dance and was almost always in baggy shorts, a sleeveless t-shirt, and a snapback but ur here for that aesthetic

- he was the most considerate roomie you had ever had, he would cook for you, let you take showers first, and always picked up after himself and you were really grateful that you chose him

- he managed to get a job at the cafe across from your work as a barista and he would always come home smelling like coffee and pastries

- you quickly learned that he loved to sing and he would sing anytime and anywhere, you would hear him singing in the shower, while doing the dishes, while cooking, and you didn’t mind because he has a very nice voice and you support him

- he would always have Taehyung or Jungkook over but he would try to keep them away from you because he knew that his friends were kinda crazy

- jimin and you grew pretty close because you both would try to eat meals together if you were free or you would always have nights where you would watch the latest drama on tv together in ur pjs and cute domestic stuff like that

- you generally weren’t a very touchy person and would hate when you were cuddled or hugged by someone else but you made an exception for jimin because he is just so nice and soft and you can’t get annoyed when he always is touching your arm when you talk or cuddling you while you watch tv together

-sometimes when you were sad he would have you cuddle with him and he would sing softly in your ear to comfort you because he doesn’t like seeing you sad and he understands how hard life can be sometimes and really he wants to protect you from it

-he would come back from school still kinda practicing his dance moves and he would try to get you to join him because your sitting on the couch working on marine biology homework while he’s trying to waltz by himself acting all pouty but ur like “jimin I’m sorry but I’ve gotta finish my homework because this is due at midnight and it’s 11:20!!!” and he’s like “but y/n,, this is MY homework and it needs to be perfect” and pouts until you finally finish then he jumps up and you two are clumsily waltzing at midnight to no music in celebration of you finishing ur hw but then you realize “jimin I thought you trained in modern dance,,, not classical why are we waltzing??” And he’s like “omg I forgot?? This is the wrong dance??? Oh! NOO!”

-somehow despite jimin you actually become friends with taehyung because he is a zoology major and you would see each other in ur regular biology class so y'all start sitting next to each other and just generally hanging out but you didn’t think that jimin would care until one day that he comes home and is like “HEARD YOU WERE HANGING OUT WITH TAEHYUNG YESTERDAY” “NO JIMIN ITS NOT WHAT YOU THINK!!” *jimin pulls out a watergun* “I WONT HESITATE BITCH” then he proceeds to shoot you with a water gun because he feels completely and utterly betrayed rip poor boy

-after that you would start to have his friends over a bit more because he knew that you were comfortable around them and he encouraged you to start bringing your friends over

-you have like three really close friends then you really just had people that you were friendly with but they started to come over and hang out with you and jimin but sometimes you both would have days that you just wanted to hang out with each other so on those days you’d make dinner together or order takeout and just talk about stuff together like what your likes and dislikes are and how work and school is going for the both of you and somehow that leads to cuddling on the couch at 3am talking about your entire childhood until you fall asleep like that and wake up like noon the next day in each other’s arms and now you know each other a lot more

- he would try to go to your work when he knew that you had had a long day and try to cheer you up by picking you up a coffee from the cafe that he works at across from your work and honestly when you’d been up since 6am to go to a biology class and had to work from 4-10pm he was a gift from god himself

-he’d walk into your work and shyly make sure that you weren’t busy and if you were he’d just wait patiently near the front of the shop watching you serve ramen to random customers until you could have a free moment for him to pinch your cheeks and give you your cappuccino to cheer you up, but if he saw that you weren’t going to be free any time soon he would give your coffee to the ajjumah that was your boss and ask her to give it to you for him

-later when your boss gives you your coffee she compliments you on choosing such a fine man to have as your boyfriend because “nno it’s not like that oh my g-” “honey let me tell you I’ve been alive longer than you and I’d think I’d be able to tell two kids in love” then you just choke on your spit oh no

-you two basically act like a married couple who have never kissed and like you love each other but ur both like “it’s just best friend love?? Omg no” but like everybody knows that it’s not

-so like at one point you both get really drunk because midterm exams are finally over and you both are mentally and physically exhausted so you decided to stay in and get drunk and you’re and existential drunk and he’s a cuddly drunk so you’re basically crying about how little you are in comparison to the universe while jimin is attached to you like a koala and like you’re really upset with how much you don’t matter and crying in jimins chest and jimin is two inches from ur face like “shh I know that you don’t matter to the universe you you matter so much to me and ur my entire world so that’s that stop bein sad okay!!”

-then you just kinda fall asleep with ur face in jimins neck laying on the floor because you both are hot messes when you get drunk and you wake up the next day with a killer headache, feeling like you had someone sitting on your chest, and when you open ur eyes you just see jimins hair and you feel that he is quite literally wrapped around you and you really can’t do anything about it and you would normally be very annoyed at the situation but there’s something cute about the way that he’s latched on you and you can hear his soft snoring and feel him breathing against your collarbones and it’s all so soft that it’s a lot to take in so you close your eyes again and try to fall back asleep

-but now your hearts beating too fast and your face is red and you feel him start to wake up because he starts to lift himself off of you but you get really cold so you pull him back down so you would continue to have his body heat and he giggles a little and nuzzles into your neck and then he lifts his head up to meet yours at the same time that you do and you “accidentally” kiss but honestly it feels as natural as breathing because you both are already so comfortable with each other but you do kinda regret the circumstances later because it’s such a wild story to explain to your friends about how you two finally had your first kiss

-you two start going out as an official couple and all of your friends are not surprised at all and you have him move into your room because you like to sleep in the same bed together but now you have an extra room so your friends start fighting over who gets to be the new roommate

-you and jimin take pity on taehyung and choose him because he was living in a 3 bedroom apartment with 6 other boys and he offered you his firstborn for the room

A/n: I got the inspiration for this after watching jimin in the Beautiful dance practice video because honestly what a look I’m shaking bc like I love Jimin so much?? Also here’s a link to my masterlist so you can check out my other little scenarios!!

Not Alone

Request: Oh what about a Jhope scenario when he meets a girl who is cheerful but then she got a secret: she was a victim of bullying and things got too much for her and stress and pressure at school. When he was reading her diary, he knows that he will be the hero. Inspired by A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone (maybe)? Thanks! BTW, You Don’t Know Me made me cry a million pieces! ~Queennie

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Genre: Fluff, Angst

Word Count: 2.299

Warnings: mentions of death and self-harm

A/N: this has been in my inbox forever but somehow i needed to write this tonight bc it’s been ages since i wrote about hobi!!! 

I didn’t proof read yet your gurl is too tired for that


“Catch me if you can”, you giggled, turning around and sprinting away from your boyfriend, almost tripping over your own feet as the hill gently curved downwards. Your bare feet ran over the soft grass, head turning every few seconds, laughing at his figure behind you, trying to catch up with your own. Breath hitching in your throat, lungs and heart thumbing in your chest, your laughs echoed through the park before you felt his warm hands wrap around your waist, pulling you down with his falling body. A small scream escaped your lips, followed by laughs as you landed on the ground, his hands catching your fall

“Gotcha”, Hoseok whispered before placing his soft lips on yours, smiling into the kiss. You gently hit his chest, making him grin at you and raise his eyebrows.

“You cheated! You said you’d wait 5 seconds before coming after me!”, you pouted and poked his chest, making him laugh.

“Babe, that’s what I did. You’re just too slow”, he wiggled his eyebrows at you before kissing the tip of your nose and stroking a strand of hair behind your ear.

“Pfh yeah that’s what they all say…”, you whispered more to yourself but Hoseok seemed to have heard what you said, rolling off you and bursting into laughter, bringing you close to his chest. You felt his chest vibrate against your again, forming a content smile on your face before stroking his back softly with your hands. 

“I love you (Y/N)”, Hoseok laughed, sitting up and pulling you up with him, as you started picking the grass out of your hair. 

Throwing the bit you had in your hands at him, you grinned. “I know you idiot. I love you, too.”

His smile made butterflies erupt in your stomach and he pouted his lips at you in an attempt to appear cute, only making you laugh. “C’mon let’s go grab some ice cream, it’s too hot to be lying in the sun”, he suggested and stood up, shaking the grass off his pants before offering you his hand.

“Only if you let me pay this time”, you raised your eyebrows at him suggestively and he just grinned at you.

“We’ll see about that”, Hoseok answered as he kissed your temple, engulfing you in a tight hug before walking back to the spot you had left your shoes. He was ready to spent a nice evening with the girl that made his heart burst out of his chest, making him feel like the luckiest boy on Earth.

Hoseok felt his phone vibrate multiple times in his back pocket as he was trying to teach the boys the new choreography he had come up with for the upcoming comeback. He knew that it must be you needing something from him, otherwise you wouldn’t message him during practice, so he signaled the boys a two minute break and got his phone out of his pocket unlocking it in one swift move.

From: (Y/N)♕ ♥




babyyyyyyy  [delivered: 11:21am]



jung hoseeeeeooookk [delivered: 11:22am]

He grinned at his phone, making the others look at him smugly.

“Hyung, is it (Y/N) you’re texting?”, Jungkook came up from behind, grinning at him, wiggling his eyebrows at his phone.

“Who else would it be smartass?”, Yoongi jawned from the back of the room, shooting Hoseok a knowing look.

“Why don’t you ever bring her over hyung?”, Taehyung whined, ploppling down next to Hoseok.

“Yeah we’d love to meet the girl that makes our cruel dance teacher stop just to answer her messages”, Jimin laughed and went through his hair with one hand before sipping on his water bottle and throwing it over to Taehyung, who caught it smoothly.

“Guys, stop. We just started going out, I can’t bring her over already. You’ll scare her away”, he rolled his eyes at his band mates but smiling softly at the thought of all of you together. They’d love you, he knew it. You were so cheerful and full of happiness, they couldn’t just not like you. 

“We won’t scare her away, what are you talking about! We’re lovable”, Taehyung exclaimed, pushing Jungkook away who was trying to grab the water bottle from his hyung. 

Hoseok huffed and turned to his phone. He heard the others rambling around but his thoughts were with you as he typed his response.

To: (Y/N) ♕ ♥

what’s up baby? :)

Read: 11:28am

Seconds later his phone signaled him your incoming reply.

From: (Y/N) ♕ ♥

i know you’re busy rn but when you have time can you please go to my apartment and check if you see my sketchbook there? it should be somewhere in my bedroom but i forgot it there this morning

i have work until 1 today but class starts at 1:15 so i dont have time to look for it myself…..

you dont have to if you dont have time though!!

His face lit up at your last message. Of course, he’d do that for you. He’d do anything for you, even though he wouldn’t admit that to himself. He’d never admit that he had fallen for you since the day he met you, serving him in the restaurant you worked at. Only two months had passed since then but he felt like he could never let you go again. His heart had wrapped itself around you and wouldn’t be able to let go that easily.

To: (Y/N) ♕ ♥

i’ll be there in 10

As he texted his reply, he got up, stretching one last time before throwing his phone into his bag and started moving towards the door. 

“We’l continue practice later guys. I gotta go”, he waved one quick goodbye before opening the door and stepping into the hall.

“Hoseok got a booty call!”, Jungkook chanted from the inside, everybody else joining in with laughter as Hoseok rolled his eyes at his friends and kept moving. 

He didn’t need a booty call to be by your side. 

Stepping into your bedroom, he let his bag fall onto the ground and started looking around. You had described your sketchbook as a little black booklet but nothing specific on it. So that was what he started looking for. First, he went straight to your desk as one would assume that a sketchbook would be placed there; in the working area of the room. With no results. So he turned around and let his gaze glide over the room, eyes falling onto your bedside table.

Maybe you were one of those who could draw and write the best before going to sleep.

Not thinking much of it, he stepped closer to the drawer, pulling the upper drawer open and - there it was! A black booklet lying on top of blank paper. 

Jackpot. That should be it.  

Hoseok grabbed the little notebook and sat down on your bed, closing the drawer again. Looking at the thing in his hands, he scratched his head.

Should I take a look? Hoseok thought, biting down on his lips.

She’s never shown me any of her drawings… 

“She probably wouldn’t mind, her class sees it too so one more person surely won’t bother her”, with that he opened the booklet, not faced with drawings but text. 

Texts with dates.

Smeared texts with dates.

Hoseok’s eyes went wide but stayed glued to the pages. Endless pages with a small handwriting, smeared at some spots and hastily written in other parts. 

“I wasn’t good enough…. they laughed at me again…. I can’t handle this any longer”

“What the…”, he whispered, opening a random page carefully. His fingers gently stroke over the paper before he started reading.

“Two weeks until school is done. I should be happy. Everybody’s excited for prom, going shopping and preparing for one of the most important days of their lives. Except for me. You know why? You probably already know…. everybody knows. Nobody asked me to be their date. Again. Not even one of the nerds. They’re all ashamed to be seen with me. I’m too gross for them. Too fat. Too ugly. Too dumb. Too shy. Too weird. Too-everything. They know I hurt myself, too. One of the kids at school grabbed me and pushed me against the lockers, accidentally making my sleeves roll up and then they saw. One would think that they’d realize it’s their fault and be shocked or feel guilty or something like that. But you know what they did? They laughed even more. Calling me pathetic. Attention whore. Liar. Stupid. Weak. Encouraging me to cut deeper. One of them said, and I quote “Here, have my razor maybe that one works better. Try it out in the bathtub, that way your parents won’t have to clean up that much of a mess when you finally bleed to death” and everybody laughed. Maybe that’s what I should do. Instead of just hurting myself, just completely disappear. Everyone hates me anyway. I can’t make anyone happy. My teacher scold me every day for not paying attention, my parents are sick of me spending their money, sick of me being their child, I don’t have any friends anymore and basically the whole school wants to see me dead. So why not do it? Why not just cut right through my veins and let all the blood run out?”  

Hoseok felt hot droplets of tears wetting his shirt and pants as sobs erupted through his body. Was this the same (Y/N) he knew today? This couldn’t be the same girl. His girl was cheerful, gloomy and always laughing, making everybody around her happy. How was it possible that she ever felt like this? Thought these horrible things about herself? That she had to go through hell when she was a literal angel?

His breath got caught in his throat as his sobs started to break out more hysterically and coughs shook his whole body.

He had to do something. You needed to know how he felt for you, how he needed you in his life and how you should never have those thoughts again. Never ever. Not as long as he was by your side.

“Hobi?”, you called out into your lighted apartment, softly taking off your shoes in the entrance and looking around. Stepping into your small space, you saw that the light in your bedroom was on, so you slowly walked towards the door.

Pushing it open and peeking inside, you saw Hoseok standing in front of your bed, facing the other way with his hands in his pockets and a small box placed on your bed.

“Hobi, what are you doing here?”, you smiled and entered, making him turn around, smiling at you sadly.

“(Y/N)”, he breathed out and immediately wrapped his arms around your small frame, hugging you tighter than you had ever felt him do before.

“What’s wrong baby?”, you mumbled into his chest, as he was still holding onto you, not seeming to let you go any time soon. Saying you were confused, would be an understatement.

“I prepared something for you”, Hoseok smiled and finally let go, moving you to your bed and signaling to the box.

“What is this for?”, you turned around, raising an eyebrow at your boyfriend. Something was fishy about that situation and you wanted to know what was going on. 

Hoseok scratched his neck in embarrassment and dropped his gaze. Stepping closer, you caressed his arm and smiled softly. 

“C’mon, you can tell me”, you tried to encourage him.

He closed his eyes for a second and then his strong gaze met your irritated one. “I read your diary.”

You still didn’t understand and waited for him to continue. When he didn’t say anything else, you asked: “And?”

He took a deep breath and exhaled again. “The entries from your high school times.”

“Oh”, was all you could say before a sad smile spread across your face, eyes blinking fast, trying to avoid the tears to fall out at the memories those words brought back.

“I-I prepared this for you (Y/N), so you know that you don’t ever have to feel like that again. I know that I can’t heal you from those thoughts completely but maybe it helps a little bit?”, he started rushing around the room, handing you the box quickly and opening it for you. Inside you saw multiple notes stacked on top of each other.

“What is this Hoseok?”, you whispered and took one in between you fingers.

“These are reasons why I fell for you. Things I love about you. Things you do that make me smile. Things that make you who you are and more lovable each day we spent together. Basically all ju-”, you cut him off by placing the box on the bed and grabbing his face in between your hands, pressing your lips onto his. Taking Hoseok off guard, it took him a few seconds to realize what was going on before his hands moved to your hips, bringing you closer to him.

As you two parted, he leaned his forehead against yours. “You’re the reason for m smile (Y/N), every day. You can always count on me, no matter what is going on, okay? If you’re not happy, I’m not happy. You make my heart feel warm and my whole body heat up just by glancing at me. You’re not alone, no matter how stony and long this road might be, I’ll be by your side. Always.”

Tears were rolling down your cheeks at his sweet gesture and he started kissing your cheeks, trying to kiss your tears away. Giggling, you slightly pushed him away to look into his eyes and caress his cheek.

“I love you Jung Hoseok”

“I love you more (Y/L/N) (Y/N)”


Thoughts on Strange Magic

Thoughts on Strange Magic

I love Strange Magic so much! It’s so different - a jukebox musical heavily laden with singing and fairy fantasy calendar visuals. The commitment to this artistic vision is breathtaking, and risk taking. There’s just nothing else like it.

I mean, if you actually saw some of the scant promotion for Strange Magic, you might have noticed the fantasy calendar visuals. But nothing could prepare you for the amount of singing in the film because it’s so far outside what you could reasonably expect. Apparently the film makers even considered making it sung through entirely.

(I’m kind of hoping that unnamed Lin-Manuel Miranda Walt Disney Animation Studio feature will do this, but of course with original music/lyrics rather than jukebox remixes.)

The risk of trying something way out there is that people might reject it. That’s pretty much what has happened with Strange Magic and I think that’s a shame. But if you give the movie a chance, it’s a really trippy fairy fantasy that has the whimsical dreamy feeling of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and grounds it in compelling characters with solid motivations.

The use of singing produces, at times, a weird surreal effect because it’s sometimes unclear whether the characters are really singing, or if it’s oblivious “musical” singing. Since these characters are fairies rather than humans, it’s entirely plausible for them to actually go around actually singing all the time. But then it’s weird when the Bog King says “At least you’re not singing”, and then a minute later he’s joining in the song he seemed to initially to shun. This confusing ambiguity accentuates the fuzzy transition between sword fighting and dancing together.

The duet/duel itself is something different. It reflects feelings that are similar to things like Esmeralda’s fight with Phoebus, or Megamind’s banter with Metroman (or, I’ll grudgingly admit, Roxanne…Metromind forever!). But in the form of a singing duet? I really can’t think of any precedent.

Later, it gets sublimely surreal when the movie eases into the titular duet of “Strange Magic”. The movie seems to transition into true “musical” singing, where singing is exposing Marianne and Bog’s inner thoughts rather than them actually singing. But it’s ambiguous, in a way that accentuates the surreal change of pacing and visual attitude (it literally shows the previously scary things of the dark forest in a new light).

This second duet is leisurely and dreamy, evoking the ethereal flight of Lois Lane and Superman. Oh, did I mention that there is a lot of singing in Strange Magic? Well, there is. And that’s how we’re able to enjoy three very different feeling romancing duets between the protags.

The third one is at the end, capping the movie off with an unabashedly trippy introduction of a kaleidescope effect. Because of course! I mean, why not just go all out, and go out with a bang?

Fundamentally though, Strange Magic is a movie about a love potion. Crazy hijinks ensue, but by the end of the night everyone lives happily ever after. But George Lucas fills in the big factor that was missing in A Midsummer Night’s Dream - characters that we actually care about. There’s no shortcut to that, so the bulk of the movie builds up the characters and their relationships so we love them and love seeing them bounce off each other. (Even the villain, who we love to see get put in his place.)

Each character has a core motivation that makes it easy to root for (or against) them. Marianne loves her sister Dawn. Dawn is boy crazy. Dawn’s best friend Sunny is hopelessly in love her. Roland wants an army, and is only interested in marrying Marianne so he can get that. Bog hates love and the chaos it causes. Bog’s mother wants him to fall in love. And so on.

Strange Magic is not a movie where tension is driven by a real sense of danger. You know everything’s going to work out in the end. The tension is driven by magic and love - or really, the magic of love. So, building up the characters and showing by their actions what they care about, we get a real connection with them and feel for them. There’s particularly an interesting disconnect between what Bog says about himself and the proof of his every action and instinctive expression. He sings that he’s “evil”, but his actions betray someone who is instinctively caring even to strangers he finds annoying.

The movie has been billed as a “Beauty and the Beast” story where the beast doesn’t change. But honestly, that’s more just a hook and a recurring vibe. Still, it’s fun seeing how Strange Magic deviates from Beauty and the Beast:

1) Learning to love: Strange Magic doesn’t confuse things by making either protag need to learn to love. They’re both had their heart broken, but they’re both basically doing okay single. Ironically, the fact that they both hate love at this point in their lives is one of the things that draws them together.

2) Transformation: There is a transformation, actually, but it takes place well before the protags even meet. Marianne starts off pretty much the sort of princess who is really not Bog’s type. She only unwittingly transforms herself into the sort of person that would catch Bog’s heart after her fiance breaks her heart. This transformation takes place over some time, since she trains herself into a strong sword fighter against a virtual knight to vent her frustrations.

Speaking of that virtual knight, it’s a fun callback to Sleeping Beauty. In Sleeping Beauty, Briar Rose dances with a virtual prince that’s made up of her woodland creature friends. Then, she dances with her Phillip while singing a duet. In Strange Love, Marianne learns how to sword fight dueling with a virtual knight made up of her tiny fairy spirit friends. Later, she’ll sword fight with Bog in a fight that becomes more like a dance, singing what becomes a duet.

3) Imprisonment: The “beast” does imprison Marianne’s sister Dawn, but Marianne doesn’t offer to take her place. The real prison is a result of the love potion, not the physical cell Dawn’s held in. Bog and Marianne try to free Dawn together.

4) Beauty: Neither protag is physically hideous nor is either transformed to become “beautiful”. This helps to not confuse the message about how it is to fall in love with someone’s mind or spirit rather than one’s appearances. Bog mistakenly deduced that he was too hideous to love, but that turned out to be a misinterpretation. And while Marianne isn’t physically his ideal type, neither does he consider her ugly.

Ultimately, there are so many deviations for Beauty and the Beast that it’s really more of A Midsummer Night’s Dream with some Beauty and the Beast ideas sprinkled in, than a BatB story.

So how does it compare to A Midsummer Night’s Dream? Well, I feel that A Midsummer Night’s Dream lacks characters that we really care about. Puck’s silly love dusting and magic produces silly pairings for comedic shock value, but little else because I don’t think we’re given much reason to care about what happens to the characters.

In contrast, Strange Magic concentrates almost entirely upon just one usage of the love potion. By devoting so much attention to this one usage, and making it clear how much chaos and stress is produced just from that one love dusting alone, the movie successfully amplifies the impact of the ridiculous love dusting chaos produced by the Imp.

So, the story spends a lot of time building up the relationship of Marianne and her sister Dawn. It takes time to really show us how much they care for each other. It’s essential to the story because it makes it natural for Marianne and Bog to go from fighting to loving. It seems Marianne really did enjoy their fight, but her higher priority is clearly her sister. It’s only as it becomes clear Marianne and Bog are on the same side when it comes to curing her sister that it becomes more than just a spark of natural chemistry.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is framed within a lover’s tiff between a husband and wife, but we don’t have any emotional reason to care about them. The lover’s tiff in Strange Magic takes place near the end, after we have grown to care about the characters and their relationship. As they note in Spinal Tap, such a fine line between stupid and clever.

Oh, and one final random thought - I really appreciate how the central romance in Strange Magic is between two characters who aren’t experiencing their first love. They both have enough life experience feeling the crushing pain of heartbreak that they treat Dawn with tender care, at least. The result is that both characters are jaded and have made mistakes, like Megara from Hercules. But neither is broken out of a funk by the adorkable naivete of a manic pixie dream girl/guy. Rather, they just happen to feel a lot in common because of where they’ve been and where they are in their lives

I really appreciate that defiance of trope, and it’s another thing that makes Strange Magic so different.

My Best Friend’s Wedding Part Five

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You were twelve years old when you got your first kiss. All of your friends had gotten kissed already making you the last one in the group who hadn’t. It stressed you out a lot more than it should’ve at your age. You wanted your first kiss to be special and magical like it was written about in all those sappy teen magazines. 

Since your first kiss, you had gotten kissed more and by different types of guys. There were the typical sweet kisses, the sloppy ones that made you feel nauseous just thinking about it and countless others. 

Bucky’s kiss was….. different. His lips were soft and the kiss itself was passionate without being sloppy. You were surprised at how much you enjoyed it. It didn’t seem forced or awkward. It was like the two of you had kissed thousands of times before. 

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I promise -  Zach/ Justin (??)

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Songs to listen while reading: Boys like you by Anne Clendening and save myself by Ed Sheeran.

word count: 1569

Enjoy! xxx

It’s been  5 weeks since Zach broke up with you. You didn’t really remember the reason anymore, the moment he spoke the words ‘I’m done’ you zoned out completely. You loved Zach like you never loved anyone before. He made you a better person, he made you smile again, he healed you but as long as the healing took breaking you again was easily done in less than a minute. You remembered him saying things like ‘focus on school’ and ‘it’s not your fault it’s mine’. To summarize his speech: clichés and bullshit. Even tho the two of you broke up you still hung around with Zach’s friends since they kept texting you to ask how you were. They were all there for you and you really appreciated that about them. You appreciated that they didn’t just forgot about you from the moment you weren’t Zach’s girlfriend anymore. Justin tried to be there for you the most, you didn’t understand why but you just went with it. But then one of the worst things that could happen happened. It was a Thursday evening and Justin came over since you couldn’t focus on your homework. He entered you room and sat next to you on your bed.

“y/n I have to tell you something.” He said on a quiet tone. You looked up at him and frowned not moving and waiting until Justin spilt  what was on his mind.

“It’s about Zach. He has a new girlfriend..”

“What? What the actual fuck Justin, how is that even possible. He can text me every two days saying he’s sorry and asking if I’m alright but he goes fucking another girl behind my back? What a dick!”

“What he kept texting you?” Justin asked, he seemed shocked.

“Well yes! I only answered once or twice but still.. did he always played me like that?” you asked starting to feel disappointed, mostly disappointed in yourself. Why didn’t you see through his façade, why did you fell for all the pretty little lies.

“What a fucking idiot!” Justin shouted on a frustrated tone. You didn’t say much the rest of the night the two of you just watched some movies. Justin held you the whole time letting you cry just a little longer, just like you needed. You just couldn’t understand how Zach just went on like that, the two of you’ve been together for 1 year and 8 months and he moves on in 5 weeks? Seems like you weren’t that important. Justin stayed the night and you went to school together. When you entered Liberty High the first two people you saw were Zach and his bright and shiny new girlfriend. She was laughing with one of his jokes, playing with her hair looking all pretty. Maybe that was the thing, you weren’t bright and shiny you were dark and twisted. You were nothing like she was, at all. You were drowned in thoughts when Justin pulled you by your wrist.

“Don’t show him you care! I will hold you as long as you want every night but please don’t show him you care.” You smiled. Justin really cared about you, he made you feel safe. Justin walked with you to your locker and the two of you kept talking about basic things, taking your mind of the biggest douchebag on the planet when suddenly your phone buzzed. You froze when you saw who it was.

“You look beautiful today. – Z “

You looked at the text with wide eyes. Justin picked your phone out of your hands and reads the text.

“You got to be kidding me! I never knew he was like that.” Justin said

“I have an idea, there I a party at Jess’s place tonight. I didn’t think you would want to go but you really need to get outside and have some fun, take your mind of things.”

“How can I take my mind of it if he will be there.”

“Good point. I’ll make you avoid him! Just come pleaaasee.”

“Okay, it’s not like it could get any worse right?” The day past by very slowly. It seemed like everywhere you looked or went Zach was with his new girlfriend. They seemed happy.. he seemed happy, maybe even happier. When you came home you started to dress yourself up for the party. You took the bottle of tequila that you hided in your closet and took a good sip. You’ve been doing this for a couple weeks now. It made you calmer, it made things bearable. You fixed your last peace of hair and went outside where Justin was waiting in front of his car. You got in his car and of you went. The party was great, you drank enough so you didn’t feel stressed out anymore and you were dancing on a table with a couple girls. You felt like you needed to thank Justin for this, he made you come. You really felt like you had a new best friend who unconditional cared about you. You stumbled of the table and made your way outside. When you walked out you collided against something that felt like a brick wall, well a brick wall would have been better because it was Zach. You didn’t feel like seeing him so you just went with a: “Well this is awkward.” and walked away.  You found Justin at the beerpong table so you decided to join. You swung your arm around his neck and laid your head on his shoulder.

“I really want to thank you Justin. This party was a good idea expect of me colliding into Zach but I just walked away like it was nothing! I’m so proud of myself!” you mumbled out. You were obviously drunk. Justin laughed with your drunk talk. He thought you were cute like that.

“So you’re doing my sloppy seconds now Foley?” you suddenly heard from behind you. Justin and you turned around seeing Zach walking over, he handed you a bottle of water. As much as you needed it you didn’t want it, from him.

“You can keep your water Zach, you don’t have to take care of me.”

“I see, Justin takes care of you now hunh.” You scoffed, was he really slutshaming you when he was the one having someone else while he kept texting you. You felt anger boiling up. You’ve been so hurt and he knew it all, it seemed like the only thing he wanted was to hurt you even more and you hated him for that.

“Says the boy banging another chick 5 weeks after he dumped me like I was trash. Oh and the best joke? You kept texting me ever since while you’re with her? You must be so proud of yourself Zach. Big Z having two girls at his feet. Idiot.” You never talked like this to him, it was probably the alcohol but it felt good speaking your mind. You were done being played, a guy like that didn’t deserve another tear. You just walked away, you needed another drink after all that. You fixed your drink and walked out the front door and set down at the front porch. Of course It didn’t take long before someone sat down next to you.

“I didn’t mean to be so rude y/n.. I’m sorry.” There he was again the one and only big Z.

“I don’t need your sorry, you should say it to Justin. He’s your friend you humiliated him.” It went quiet for a couple minutes.

“Just come home with me y/n, you’re drunk. You need to sleep.”

“Your girlfriend will love that story, don’t you think?”

“y/n.. I never really wanted her. I wanted to make you jealous. I miss you and I really want you back. I made a mistake, please give me second chance.” You turned your head looking him straight in the eye.

“Oooh Zach.. you’re so sweet. You know you’re really a good liar?” his face turned from a smile to a confused look.


“You heard me, I don’t believe your pretty little lies anymore. I see it now you needed a little toy to kill the time and I was there vulnerable and damaged. I was an easy target, but I won’t let that happen again.  I may be dark and twisted but I’m not stupid. So right now I’m going back inside getting Justin to drive me home and when I come back out you’re gone and I don’t want to see you ever again. Bye Zach.” You stood up and did what you said. You felt stronger than ever before. You felt like from today it would be different. You would be strong and independent, and that was a promise to yourself. Justin drove you home and stayed the night so you weren’t alone in your house. He knew you hated that.

“I’m so proud of you y/n, from no one things will only get better.”

Justin whispered in your ear and honestly you felt the same. It felt like you could conquer the world from now on. Just you and your best friend and nothing else mattered.

“You’re the best Foley. Never leave my side.”

“I promise.” He whispered before placing a kiss on your forehead.

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+ did you found my Grey’s anatomy and paramore references???

One and Only

Prompt: You need a little bit of T.L.C. after being shot on a mission and that includes a new roommate. You have a massive crush on him and he’s clueless.

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1,712

Warnings: violence, fluff

A/N: inspired by a song, shocker: one and only by adele. also….. BEARDED DOMESTIC STEVE ROGERS. let me know if you want to be tagged or anything.

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Two months ago, it started out as any other mission. Steve, Bucky, and Sam lead the way and you followed behind with Natasha and Wanda. But it’s the ambush that wasn’t like all the other missions you’d been on. Natasha was taken out of the line with a swift kick to her stomach, and Wanda immediately went to her rescue, leaving you vulnerable. You took out a few of them with a few well timed and well aimed shots before you heard the shot and felt the overwhelming feeling of burning pain in your side.

It took you off your feet instantly and you fell to the ground as you gripped your stomach, trying to keep any sort of pressure on the wound. But the pressure you were attempting to put on it wasn’t enough and as you looked down, the blood made its appearance, leaking out passed your shaking hand and knuckles. You remember calling out for Natasha, Steve, anyone. But the ringing in your ears was all that answered you back. You heard some muffled shouting through your earpiece and then acoustically. And you remembered crawling on the ground, using all the strength you could muster into your arms, towards Natasha as she helped pull you to safety. Everything went black after that.

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Can you write something about someone from the Batfam finding out about Cass love fro ballet?

You didn’t specify what you wanted exactly and since I’m in my “I want to be a writer” phase I picked the option of writing my second Fan-fiction ever, but unlike my first Fan-fiction this one is written in a regular way without using Bullet points. Which was hard because the story centered around Cassandra who I’m the least expert on from the Batfamily, but I think I did a decent job if I do say so myself.

But enough of the introduction, here’s your 1,200 words fanfic:

Cassandra Cain glanced behind her a couple of times as she quickly skipped down to the lower parts of the Batcave’s huge training mat, with Barbara’s borrowed Beats speakers in her hands. For today her training was a little bit different than her usually training.

As she gave the last glance behind her to make sure that’s she was truly alone for the day, Cassandra put the pink speakers above Damian’s wooden training dummy and pressed play to turn up the song that she chose from YoutTube earlier. She didn’t know the name of the song or its artist, she simply just typed “Ballet Song” on the search bar and then picked the one she liked the most.

She stood in the middle of the mat listening to the beat and rhythm of the song and trying to come up with suitable moves to go along with it. So after a few seconds of standing there she begun to slowly move her right arm and leg, and shortly afterwards their left counterpart joined them to form a movement that was as similar as possible to the Ballet students from Gotham’s Academy that she often spied on- Kept an eye on while they were walking the night streets on their way to their home.

Unlike those students, Cassandra of course didn’t have any coaches, so she can’t really tell if her dancing, if you could call it dancing, was decent or not. But what she can tell you is that she fairly enjoy it. The concept of using her body to create art that can not only please her but also other people in a positive way was both a new and welcomed feeling to her.

As the minutes went by Cassandra lost her self to the simple yet charming melody of the random song she found on YouTube (She was never picky when it comes to music) The instruments of the song and the sound of her feet repeatedly hitting the ground made Cassandra stop noticing her surrounding with her sight, hearing and other senses. And made her start noticing life with her soul.

But apparently her soul needed an appointment with the Optometrist because the owner of the training dummy was standing next to it right now.

Damian smashed his finger to silence the amateur music coming from the speakers to stare disappointedly at the woman in front of him. Cassandra Cain, The League of Assassins best prodigy (before his time of course) was frozen in her place looking at him with eyes of a deer caught in headlights. Definitely not a look that would be encouraged in the league.

“Cain,” he started. And Cassandra didn’t know how to respond to that. She had no idea how the boy slipped past her. She did know that Damian, like her, was trained in the art of assassination so his stealth level was a lot higher than all of the others…but still. To think that her awareness of her surrounding chose to disappear now of all times and to think that the person that slipped past it was Damian Wayne of all people. Today wan’t her day was it?

“Damia- Robi-” She didn’t know what name to use. Technically they were still at home and there was no outsiders around so it should be ok to call him by his real name, but at the same time he was still in uniform so shouldn’t she call him by his Superhero name? But then again when isn’t this boy wearing his Robin costume?

“What was that?” he harshly asked her before she could figure out a name to use.


“I said,” he begun a little louder than before, while putting his hands on his hips in a challenging manners “What was that pitiful show you just did?”

Cassandra wondered if Alfred the Cat was as stealthy as his owner because she honestly felt like a cat just got her tongue.

She looked around her hoping to see if anyone else was here, if Alfred the human or maybe Barbra would come in and save her from this humiliating situation. Cassandra was never good at these type of things. A.k.a defending yourself with your tongue. Why would she? She was an assassin turned vigilante, you really didn’t need to be a sassy person for either of those jobs (But it’s optional in the later) If someone did you wrong you simply get back at them with your blade not with words.

But standing in front Bruce’s judgmental off spring. Cassandra wished she focused more in the ‘Insults’ department while learning the English language, because even though his combat level was near her’s, his speech level was light years ahead of her. So there’s no way she could come up with a good come back to defend her self from this mini-Shakespeare.

As Damian took off his cape, gloves and mask she felt a flicker of hope. Maybe his verbal assault would turn into a physical assault? So then she would actually have a good excuse for knocking him out. And hopefully he wouldn’t remember what he saw and her dirty secret would still remain a secret, maybe even dirtier than before.

But unfortunately for her that’s not what Damian did. What he did do was slowly walk in circles around her with his hands behind his back and head held high. It kinda reminded her of the way the Ballet instructor in Gotham’s academy would walk while criticizing her students.

“Bended knees, low arms and that crouched back!” he listed all the flaws in her dancing. That was also another thing the Ballet instructor from the academy did. Cassandra blinked at that a couple of times. She wondered if this’s how American kids insulted each other? No wait, Damian isn’t an American, nor is he really what you would consider a ‘kid’.

“And your pointe technique?! Agh!” and then he did that ‘tt’ thing he always did. Cassandra always wanted to know how he does it.

“…P-pointe technique?” she dared to ask. Quite frankly this is the most intimidated she ever been from any of her brothers, and ironically it was from her littlest one.

“You don’t know what’s a pointe technique?” he face-palmed himself at her question, and then sighed “It basically mean standing on your toes. Like this,” and just like, that the great son of Batman stood in his tipsy toes. In a really impressive way if Cassandra had to say. “Considering you fascination with the art of Ballet I’m sure that you’re very knowledge about it, am I correct?”

She shook her head in a ‘No’ manners while her eyes were glued on his small feet in total awe.

Damian let out another sigh and a ‘Tt’ (God he really need to teach her how to do that) before he brought his feet back to the ground and gave her a long hard examination look. “We got a long way to go” he said.

“We?” she asked.

“Yes, we, since you are in an obvious need of a teacher” he said as he took off his red Robin vest and revealing the black undersuit that he wore underneath. It kinda reminded her of the tights that the few male dancers in the academy wore. “Now go and pick another song from Gordon’s speakers while I do my stretching”

Cassandra gave a happy gasp and then wasted no time into running to the speakers.

“AND THIS TIME PICK A BETTER ONE!” Damian yelled from the ground where he was doing a split.


Playlist For Imagine.

A/N: I just thought of Peter having a sister to be kinda cute and I decided to write it. So the song choices might not be for everyone since I basically went on YouTube and got 22 random songs, but I hope you at least find them a bit danceable!

You and Penny were in her room, doing homework, since the two of you shared a lot of your classes at Midtown. She was easily your best friend and has been since the school’s production of Grease in freshman year. You had a running joke of reenacting the show when any song came on.

It was getting rather quiet for once until Penny started giggling and turned up the music from her phone. You couldn’t hear it at first, but soon realized that it was You’re The One That I Want from Grease. You looked at her pleadingly, but Penny simply pulled you to your feet. “You gotta do it, Y/N/N! Let’s not forget my terrible rendition of Cha Cha’s dance.” You laughed at the memory. Limbs were everywhere!

Reluctantly, you began dancing with her to the movements the two of you learned in freshman year. It was very spastic and messy since neither of you could remember it well. You twirled into Penny, laughing your head off. The dancing ceased as the two of you tried to calm down.

Homework was forgotten after that. She put her phone on shuffle and the two of you wildly danced to new songs from La La Land or old songs, like Let’s Hear it for the Boy. You thought you might have heard a door open, yet you brushed it off as your imagination.

Your dancing ranged from simply shaking your hips to actual “choreographed” moves, like in Don’t Go Breaking My Heart. Some slow songs came and you and Penny just soulfully sang through all of them.

About ten minutes in, Valerie by Amy Winehouse came on, resulting in poor rendition of her singing and jazzy yet funnily sultry dancing. You actually tried to properly sing along. “Since I’ve come home, well, my body’s been a mess and I miss your ginger hair and the way you like to dress. Why don’t you come on over? Stop making a fool out of me?”

Penny joined in, “Why don’t you come on over, Valerie?” The two of you grabbed hands and danced around the room.

When you looked at the door, you almost screamed when you saw a pair of brown eyes looking back. Penny saw your shock and turned around. “Hey, Petey!” She giggled to her twin.

Peter looked embarrassed about the nickname and looked at you for a second before excusing himself with a barely audible response. His cheeks remained red as he left to retreat into his room. Penny shrugged while lowering the music. “Must have come to complain about the noise,” she reasoned.

“That was odd,” you mentioned as you glanced at his closed door.

“He’s been acting weird for a while now,” Penny explained, “Aunt May says that it’s probably a teenage boy thing.”

Shaking off the weird feeling, you smiled. “Yeah, probably. We should probably finish this.” The afternoon was full of homework with a few jokes here and there. Penny was studious despite her carefree personality. You think it was because of Peter being her twin, since he was very intelligent for a sophomore.

When you were leaving the apartment for dinner at your home, you ran into Peter in the living room. You smiled as you made your way to the door. “I never knew you were a dancer,” he said from the couch after mustering his courage.

Redness flooded your cheeks at the thought. “Oh gosh, how much did you see?”

Chuckling slightly, Peter stood up to face you with a shy smirk. “Only the last song,” he reassured, “It was very good, I mean. I didn’t know you could sing that well.”

“By well, you mean horribly?” You joked, “Thanks, Peter.” The two of you stood there in silence, both with pink cheeks. You checked your phone. “I got to head out or my parents will be worried. See you, Peter.”

Before you could leave, Peter plucked the last of his courage for one daring move. “Are you free this weekend? To see a movie or something with me.”

“That sounds lovely,” you responded with an excited smile, “I’ll text you later and we’ll set up a time?”

“Fine by me,” Peter laughed nervously. Finally, you walked out the door of the apartment and Peter fell on the couch, letting out a sigh of relief. He froze when Penny came back into the room. “Did you just ask Y/N on a date?” She asked with enthusiasm.

“Maybe,” Peter replied before heading back to his room, feeling too shy to discuss his feelings towards you to your best friend, even if she was his sister.

“Get her tiger lilies!” Penny shouted from the living room, “They’re her favorite!” In his room, Peter made a mental note to bring tiger lilies to the movie and shouted back, “Appreciated!”

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expand a bit on that au I'm curious

im very glad at least one person cares

  • ok so retail drug store AU!! im 100% shamelessly basing this off of my own job
  • about 1/3 of the store is cosmetics, skincare, bath & beauty, etc. the rest is pharmacy, OTC, food, and other general drug store stuff
  • have u seen drake’s video for ‘started from the bottom’? thats where i fuckin work

this is really long. im sorry


  • allura owns the store. she’s also the head pharmacist
  • which is always the owner of the store
  • in a permanent state of “my employees are fucking incompetent i should fire them” but never does only reprimands them
  • the cameras in the store show her everything thats happening she has a big screen that show all of the 24 areas. sometimes when shes bored and it’s slow she’ll sit there and watch the employees 
  • she calls lance several times and tells him to stop fucking around bc he’ll just be hanging around the front cash bugging the fuck out of keith and pidge and hunk, if he’s there
  • theres a betting pool w the staff on when she and shiro are finally going to hook up
  • she deals with customer complaints when shiro isn’t around; a lot of customers see her pretty face and think she’ll be lenient on them , but oh boy. ohhh boy are they wrong
  • she’ll fuckin shred em
  • she’s stern but a very kind and understanding boss


  • coran is one of the front store managers (meaning he’s one of the managers of everything that isn’t pharmacy and cosmetics).
  • he’s also the product receiver
  • has to do a lot of cycle counts and damage reports bc customers drop things, especially cosmetic things, so often
  • its expensive
  • permanently stressed
  • jokes around a lot
  • will come check up on employees and see if they’re working or not
  • usually doesn’t do much if they’re not
  • just tells them to get to work but like doesnt actually do anyhing about it
  • one time he walked into the cosmetics department and saw lance giving hunk an impromptu makeover and said “dont do that on store time!” but lance offered to give him one too so coran was like ‘oh yes’ and never actually gave lance shit
  • very smart and suggests a lot of ways to improve customer service, ignores keith whenever he says ‘or we could not do that’
  • VERY protective of the staff, will fight anyone who treats them poorly


  • shiro is the head front store manager, meaning he’s above coran but below allura
  • (fs managers wear blue collared long sleeve shirts and ties. pciture shiro wearing that. thank u for ur time)
  • the store is severely understaffed so shiro is permanently stressdt
  • because he’s the one that deals with hiring and raises and wages and whatnot
  • is literally the Team Dad™ and the employees go to him a lot when they have issues/are being harrassed by a customer
  • since they cant tell customers to fuck off they get shiro to do it instead bc shiro is the manager and can do what he wants
  • (shiro never tells customers to fuck off. not explicitly. he’s too kind for that. hes very good at subtly telling them off though. kindly.)
  • takes naps in allura’s office a lot 
  • is also in charge of what products get brought in
  • wants to go for a yearlong nap when lance and pidge keep suggesting all these weird sex toys and lubes
  • “look at this thing it looks like a BANANA shiro can you bring it in i’m gonna fucking sell this to that cranky ass old dude–” “NO, pidge, we are not bringing in a banana sex toy. jesus christ.”
  • “YOOOO I’D GET A THIRTY PERCENT DISCOUNT ON THIS LUBE ITS STRAWBERRY FLAVOUREDO OOHH” “i dont want to hear about your sex life, lance.”
  • no one knows how tf he got his scar or lost his arm but everyone always asks if he can robot punch the dick customer in the face and shiro always has to firmly tell them that’s rude and also, no, but only because theyd get fined


  • hunk is the best merchandiser (stock person basically, the ones putting products out and whatnot)
  • often climbs the shelves in the receiving room bc although he doesnt look it hes super nimble 
  • the toilet paper is always on the top shelf and customers always want it bc its always on sale so hunk is perpetually climbing the shelves
  • sometimes he gets stuck up there and isnt let down until shiro hears him screaming, sometimes hours later
  • shiro leaves him in charge of signage and sale tickets which is fine bc hunk always bums off half of them to lance (who always whines bc he has enough to do in cosmetics which is a lie because theres nothing happening there ever)
  • deals with a lot of shit in general
  • “are you sure you dont have any more of this in the back?” “well ma’am, you see, this thing here” (handheld device) “tells me we have zero in stock, so, like, yeah. im sure” 
  • has a small crush on one of the regular customers called shay, who will hang around and talk to him until shiro comes around the corner and says “Get back to work”
  • whenever he sees one of his coworkers being bothered by a customer he’ll come up and very cheerfully say “can i help you??” as said coworker makes a break for it
  • a VERY hard worker, always gets compliments from customers and even hugs sometimes from the regulars
  • always brings in cookies or donuts he baked and leaves them in the staff room for everyone to share; they always tell him to quit his job and open a bakery
  • hunk flushes and beams but would never leave this shit hole of a place, he says
  • spends like 70% of the time he’s in the receiving room dancing and singing loudly along with the radio, pidge joins him sometimes
  • so does lance and theyll play impromptu basketball with garbage and empty boxes
  • dabs at lance when he sees him across the store


  • pidge is the cash supervisor meaning theyre the one who deals with counting the safe, covering breaks, and dealing with customers when shiro, allura and coran have gone home
  • since the managers usually dont work night shifts, pidge is in charge almost every night from 2pm to close, at midnight
  • literally dead inside, makes jokes about it a lot
  • “hey pidge can you bring me a roll of toonies when you have the chance?” “sure, keith, i’m not doing anything anyway, only taking care of this entire fucking store on my own and wanting to die” “same” “nice”
  • will enter the staff room and announce “i hate my fucking life” and do a shot of chocolate milk
  • the tills crash a lot, and pidge gets at least 6 calls a day from lance especially because the tills are shit in the cosmetics department
  • “my cash crashed again” “just fucking leave it lance i dont give a shit” “i have customers” “okay ill come reboot it but only because youll cry if i dont” “Thanks pidge love u” (pidge has hung up already)
  • very small but always ready to fight
  • will literally tell a customer to eat a dick if they deserve it
  • one old guy was harrassing keith because he didnt have enough lottery tickets and keith was trying to remain polite (which he sucks at) and pidge came up and said “sir kindly calm down or leave this store immediately and dont come back”
  • covers lance’s breaks, since the department cant be unattended, and will shout across the store when they see lance stopping at front cash on the way back to flirt with keith
  • got called “she” after specifying they want “they” pronouns multitple times, and then refused to serve the customer again


  • is that stereotypical cashier that literally wants to die
  • “hi welcome to quiznak did you find everything you were looking for?” *customer bitches about sale prices and blames keith as though he personally chose the price* “okay”
  • its always dead from 7pm to midnight so he’ll just stand there and read a book, and pidge will be like “u cant do that” and keith will be like “too bad” and pidge is like “tru”
  • has stupid competitions with lance, will often compete with him for Worst Customer Ever Stories
  • lance: “this woman told me i shouldnt work in cosmetics because im a guy!! what kind of bullshit!! i didnt give her free samples” keith, flatly: “a man yelled at me for five minutes solid because we don’t sell duracell batteries and then threw his empty coffee cup at me and walked away”
  • the uniform is a short sleeved t shirt but keith always wears a black shirt underneath it and no one cares enough to stop him
  • he also wears his skinny jeans instead of work slacks but again no one cares
  • this pleases keith because he knows his ass looks great in those jeans, and he knows lance stares at it from across the store
  • gay
  • actually has terrible apathy and poor social etiquette and is bad at reading social cues which hes working on with shiro’s help
  • a customer sadly said “i lost my husband” and keith blankly says “did you find him” and shiro, who’s there for whatever reason, gives him a pained look, until keith says “oh god im so sorry i didnt realise oh god”
  • when its really slow and pidge is on cash he’ll leave to go “straighten up” the aisles but hes actually going to visit lance in the cosmetics department bc arguing with lance is fun
  • literally doesnt care about makeup or skincare but lance does and keith thinks its cute
  • if theres no customers pidge will get on the PA and say GAYYY for the whole store to hear
  • hunk will join in from the receiving


  • okay so im a cosmetician so this is entirely based off of my experience
  • lance is one of the only cosmeticians. there are 4 running the entire department. lance suffers everyday. he might as well be the fucking manager
  • knows so much about skincare that it’s lowkey terrifying. has amazing skin. “Whats your secret???” asks a customer. lance will never reveal. (its glycolic peels and a good moisturiser)
  • also is incredible at eyeliner, gives shiro a run for his money
  • “youre a guy why are you working in cosmetics” “because im beautiful”
  • the cosmetician uniforms are all black, long sleeve blazers and black pants. lance looks really good because he’s tall and slim, and pidge always tells him what a gay look it is
  • “im BI, pidge” “i know but its a gay look because its a GOOD look”
  • its always fucking HOT in the cosmetics department because its far away from the freezers and the lights for the makeup make the entire dpt like a sauna
  • lance will cry about it at any given time. he BEGS allura to change the AC settings but she never does
  • goes to front cash to steal bags a lot because they run out a lot at cosmetics but mostly actually goes to say some kind of pickup line to keith, or to whatever cute girl is waiting in keith’s line (earning himself a savage glare)
  • always has makeup swatches up and down his arms and all over his hands and smudges on his cheeks; somehow still looks flawless, and he knows it
  • shamelessly applies makeup in the middlle of his shift, earning himself calls from allura and shiro telling him to work andstop doing that
  • he doesnt stop
  • when hes bored hell leave the department and go hang out with hunk in the back for like a half hour and claim he was printing signs when asked
  • “i may hate my job and want to die most of the time, but at least i look good” *finger guns* *keith rolling his eyes*
  • a pretty girl or cute boy enters the department looking for a consultation and lance flirts the whole time, partially because hes a flirty dude, and partially because he KNOWS it’ll up his sales. also he likes making people smile.
  • makes faces at keith from across the store when keith is standing at his cash looking like a zombie. keith responds and they have an ugly face contest


  • after close, pidge, hunk, and lance will grab the trolleys and race down the aisles, often crashing into shelves or each other. keith joins sometimes and fucking slaughters them all
  • allura: i should fucking fire you all

(This is very long and basically I’m throwing most of my not-human OCs at your beautiful Elsewhere Uni and seeing what happens because I am addicted to Elsewhere University. Um, quick background based on the universe these guys are from - vampires are a lot like Fae in that they have a ‘true’ form except they start out as humans and then get infected with the vampire curse, werewolves are locked in a time-cycle that resets every full moon, witches have various specialties but can be Really Extremely Powerful (see Lady Stormcaller) and people with giant blood are immune to any and all magic.) Thank you for this, this is awesome, hope I didn’t muck anything up!)

They have an odd relationship with Elsewhere’s Court, a tense and uncertain kind of mutual respect. Places like the University attract people like the Dauntless crew, places where strange is normal and normal is strange, where the crows are too intelligent and superstitions aren’t so silly. Nobody can recall when they showed up, although a few of the professors do remember a time when the Crew wasn’t at the University.

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the-bookish-soul  asked:

Could you write Rhys + daughter "lets go get your revenge on the boy"

Thank you for the ask!! Hopefully this does it justice..

Please send me yours thoughts!!


“Dad, I need your help.”

Rhys looked up, concern furrowing his brow. It seemed every time his daughter, Solara, asked him for help, the reason was devious. “What have you done now?” Assuming the worst. 

Solara’s face crumpled in indignation. “Me? What do you mean, what did I do? I think you should be more concerned about what Cirro has been doing!” Rhys stood up at the sound of his daughter’s on again-off again boyfriends’ name, darkness starting to unleash from his control. He had no high opinions of this male, he certainly hadn’t done anything to earn Rhys’ trust or respect and he openly defied any rules Feyre and he had laid out. “I’m sorry, peanut. Tell me what the fool has done now,” he said, shoving his hands in his pockets to avoid unintentional damage to the furniture.

Solara, usually quite contained, and lacking her earlier bravado, huffed and tears started to spill down her cheeks. Rhys immediately went to her and folded her in his arms, his hand stroking her golden-brown hair. She tried to contain the sobs, but two broke out before she forced herself to breathe and drew back from her father. “I overheard him talking to Aeden and Trevan. He was expecting me to meet him but I was early. They were talking about… he said that the only reason he was trying to make things work between us was because of you. He thinks that if he sticks around, the mating bond will snap into place, and he’ll fall in your favor. He wants to be a confidant of yours, someone you rely on and give real power to. He’s hoping you’ll trust him enough to leave him in charge when you leave to oversee the Night Court or the training for the Illyrians.” She said it all very fast, lacking her usual finesse. Rhys clenched his fists, fury emanating from him. Night enveloped them both. Solara gasped and Rhys reeled his anger back in. He took a deep breath before speaking again. “I think, our little friend Cirro needs to learn a lesson or two about using his High Lord’s daughter for personal gain. Come on, let’s go get your revenge on the boy.”

Rhysand leaned back in his chair with his fingers crossed together in contemplation as he surveyed Cirro sitting across from him. Cirro, at least, looked unnerved, to Rhys’ delight, at being observed by such an imposing force. They were at the House of Wind about to sit down at a family dinner but Rhys had pulled Cirro to a study off of the main dining room.

“I want you to come to one of the Illyrian camps with me to observe the training. In fact, I want you to train as well. If you one day wish to rule alongside my daughter, you need to be shown all aspects of the Night Court. Velaris will rule itself, your attentions will be needed elsewhere.” The lie came easily from his lips, though it still tasted bitter. Cirro looked pleased – no surprise, as if he had been waiting for the day when he just knew he would be called upon. “I would be glad of the chance to oversee and train. I’ve been meaning to ask if there was anything I could be doing to help you. I know you can be very overwhelmed with most of your Inner Circle attending to their various duties.” Lies lies lies. Rhys could see the glimmer of greedy excitement in his forest green eyes. “Good, we will be leaving in a week. During that time, you will shadow me and learn. For now, let’s eat. I’ve kept my High Lady and daughter waiting long enough.”

A week passed with minor incidents, Rhys had given Cirro mindless tasks that a child could have completed. Rhysand could see Cirro’s growing frustrations every day. He needed to have the boy tense and irrational before taking him to the war camp that Cassian was currently heading up. Cassian was instrumental in starting the new camp. It was a female Illyrian camp only. Of course, he didn’t do it alone. Nesta was the driving force behind the operation.

Rhys and Feyre winnowed directly into the Illyrian war camp, Solara wrapped in Feyre’s arms, all already dressed in their training leathers. Cirro had had the unpleasant experience of winnowing with his High Lord.

Solara personally felt extreme satisfaction at the what seemed like now-permanent grimace on Cirro’s face. The last week had been days of watching Cirro fail to please his High Lord and evenings subtly misleading Cirro about, “what the hell Rhysand wants”.

Cassian landed in front of Solara and mussed her hair playfully. “Hey kiddo, you here to help me raise trouble?” Solara lovingly shoved her uncle away from her and he stumbled back and landed in a mud puddle, which somehow seemed to get mud all over Cirro and no one else. Solara suspected her mother. Feyre had a mischievous look in her eyes before she bid them farewell and went to join Nesta in one of the training rings. Rhys clapped Cassian affectionately on the back. “I thought we could train with Cirro today. Any recruits need a warm up?” Cirro huffed irately. “I don’t need to warm up with a female,” he sneered the last word. Rhys arched a brow and lowered his head fractionally. “My mistake, I shouldn’t have assumed you weren’t training outside of time spent with my daughter.” Cirro, remembering his manners and who he was speaking to, tried to backtrack. “No, no. You’re right. A warm up would be nice.” He moved towards the smaller training ring to the left. Rhys and Cassian purposely walked to the main ring in the middle of the camp. Cirro, realizing his mistake, hurried over, looking as though he’d rather be anywhere else. “Do your worst.” Was all Rhys said before taking up a defensive position. Cirro, with Cassian’s instruction was walked through the basic training routines until Cirro waived him off saying, “I’ve got this.”

Rhys’ eyes twinkled. “If you don’t mind, I’ll sub out,” and walked from the ring and took up a spot where Cassian, Nesta, Feyre and Solara were. Nesta called over Nova, one of the female recruits who showed the most promise. Nova’s eyes brightened as she took in Cirro, as if he were her next meal. Solara could swear she saw Cirro gulp and shrink in on himself. He looked over at her and scowled before straightening up and facing Nova.

He didn’t even last thirty seconds. He pranced around Nova as if he were trained to dance, not fight. Nova hit him once and sent him sprawling on his ass. He rolled over on his stomach to spit dirt out of his mouth and heaved himself off the ground. Nova walked out laughing, “You can’t possibly expect me to continue sparring with him, I barely touched him and he fell down,” she said, loud enough for the surrounding recruits and the family gathered watching to hear. Laughs rang out from everywhere. Cirro snarled, “Solara, since you find this so funny, why don’t you get in here and spar with me.” He words were laced with enough malice that Cassian and Rhysand both narrowed their attentions to him. Feyre snarled lightly. No one needed to be told how protective they were of Solara, you could see it plainly.

Solara sauntered into the ring, her mask of indifference in place. “I’m probably a bit rusty, it’s been an age since I trained.” Her tone was that of one who found this whole ordeal inconsequential.

She took her positon and set her feet shoulder width apart, the exact stance she had perfected over years of training with her family. Cirro raised an eyebrow and said sardonically, “would you like the honors of first hit?” Solara’s feline grin spread, “I don’t think I need it.”

Cirro launched at her, unsteadily. Solara could see she already had the advantage, she knew it before, but was happy to see it confirmed before she dodged his first punch and then retaliated by punching him in the ribs. Cirro gasped, not expecting the strength behind the hit. Solara didn’t give him any advantages. She whirled around and elbowed him in the chest before starting a quick but furious onslaught of jabs to his already bruising ribs. Cirro collapsed to the ground. Solara hadn’t even broken a sweat. 

She dropped down into a crouch beside Cirro’s shaking body, she was slightly surprised to see him crying but she didn’t care. “I never want to see you again. I never want to see you around my family, or my home. It must be difficult to know you’ve been beaten by two females just this afternoon alone. If I catch you near anything I hold dear, I won’t go easy on you.” She straightened and walked out of the ring. She went to her mother and father. Feyre looped her arm over Solara. Rhys took Solara’s chin in his hands and observed her face as Cassian did a quick once over to make sure there were no hairs out of place. “You’re OK?” Rhys asked, pride shining in his eyes. Solara nodded and grinned. “Thanks for your help. I do appreciate that you left the best for me in the end.” She nodded her head towards Cirro who was getting on his feet. Feyre squeezed Solara’s shoulders, “You may not know this about your father, but he lets us fight our own battles. He knows we’re dangerous and can handle anything ourselves.” Her voice held some old emotion in it, where clearly a story was waiting to be told, and Rhys’ gazed softened as he looked at his mate. Solara rolled her eyes, “Stop making eyes at each other in front of me, let’s go home.” Feyre and Solara started walking away. Cassian looked towards the ring. “What do you want to do with him?” Cirro was inspecting his ribs to make sure nothing was broken. Rhys said loud enough for everyone to hear, “Cirro, you should stay here and train. Nesta and Nova can teach you how to fight.” Rhys walked away to his waiting family, saying nothing else, preparing to winnow home. Nesta’s wicked grin would haunt Cirro for the rest of his days. 

Later, Solara heard that Cirro had returned to Velaris. She never did see him around. Apparently, being humiliated in front of a bunch of women did nothing for one’s pride.

Thanks for reading if you did!

Letters from Lance Chapter 1

Hey guys, here’s another Klance fan fic. This one is going to be a mini series about Lance writing letters to you about his high school days and feelings for Keith. 

Summary: Lance McClain was told to write letters about his problems after he reunites with his ex, Keith Kogane, during a high school basketball game. The reunion sparks an old flame that Lance desperately wants to put out.

Dear you,

To those of you reading this, hi, my name is Lance McClain. I’m a sixteen year old guy who tweets about his Starbucks runs and takes selfies that use the hashtags natural and no filter. Give me a break. Like I said, I’m sixteen. 

I’m writing to you because Shiro, the counselor at my school who acts like everyone’s dad, said I needed to get some things off my chest. So here goes nothing.

At my school everyone keeps score on how many girls and guys they slept with or basically cheated on throughout the school year. Well me, yeah, just keep this between us, but I’ve never slept with anyone. Girl or guy. It’s embarrassing when you’ve got about twenty guys in the gym locker room tossing around names of who slept with who, while I’m standing there between them trying to keep score of how many exams I failed. Yeah, true story.

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I love you more Dolan. G.D imagine


Warnings: Alcohol, sexual mentions, swearing.

It was a warm summers eve. Which turned out to be the perfect day for the party I was throwing tonight. And my best friends, Ethan, Grayson and I were setting up, for it as my parents were out this weekend, I figured why not! And any chance to hang out with them I’ll take, so party it is! “Hey Y/n is this enough?” Ethan asked as he was filling up bowls with punch and alcohol, “Yea that should be good!” I yelled from upstairs not paying too much attention as I was attempting to focus on getting ready. As I was finishing up the finishing touches to my outfit. As I was done getting ready now, I wandered down stairs, to check and see how the boys were doing. As I walked down stairs I could see Ethan on Grayson’s shoulders so he could hang banners up. As I entered the room,”Hey how do I look?” I asked As Grayson turned around. And somehow dropped Ethan in the process. “Ow gray what the hell?” Ethan yelled out as he landed from his fall. “Oh hey Y/n you look hot by the way.” Ethan said still laying on the ground. Which made me giggle. You see we’ve all been friends for quite some time, since 5th grade to be specific. All of my feelings for them have been as best friends to be honest , I mean I’ve always had a small crush on Grayson. But I mean who doesn’t? The boy could make anyone fall in love with him, by even a simple laugh or smile. I mean don’t get me wrong Ethan’s adorable too. But there’s just something about Gray that I’ve always found interesting. I couldn’t pin point it even if you asked me. But I could already tell you he felt nowhere near the same, and if he did, then damn he was good at masking it. As I was thinking about things for the party, my train of thought was broken. As Grayson tapped me on the shoulder “Hey Y/n? Can we talk for a sec?” he asked. “Yea Gray of course about wha-“ I attempted to reply but instead got interrupted by my group of friends walking in “Guess who’s here?” My best friend yelled as she raised her hands up, being followed along by various other guests. “Hey Gray i’ll talk to you later ok?” I said, “Yea ok catch you late.” He replied in a disappointed tone, wonder what he wanted? As the night longed on, many drinks were consumed by me, maybe a little too many, well maybe a lot too many. As I was slowly losing myself in the party, I was approached by a few of the guys from the school football team. I mean they’re attractive hell yea, but none of them were Gray to be honest. I didn’t really know any of them to be honest. Maybe one or two but any times a good time right. “Hey Y/n do you want to dance?” your friend asked, just as you were about to follow her. One of the guys stopped you, a tall dark haired one. Probably the cutest one out of the group of guys to be honest. “Hey do you think she could wait and I could have this dance?” he slurred out. “Um ok yea sure.” I replied. Honestly I’m wasted out of my mind. So anything sounds fun at the moment.. As we danced he started to crack some jokes which made me burst out laughing, honestly thinking now they weren’t even that funny, he was just really hot at the time. As we continued on dancing for a few more songs, I could see Grayson sitting down sulkily in the corner alone. Man I wonder what his problem was. Shaking him off I decided to join the boy and a few of his friends into the house for more drinks. As a tall blonde boy poured me and the dark haired boy a drink, he kissed me. I mean not a bad kiss to be honest. But I was drunk, naïve it sounded like a good idea but now I completely regret it. As we continued to make out in the middle of the hall. seeing He decided to bring me up stairs, making me laugh as he was in a rush to get in the spare bedroom. As he continued to make advances I guess I passed out or something. Because the next thing I see is a group of teenage boys hovering over me, conversing on what they were going to do to me. As one was about to make a move, Grayson Bursts into the room, I don’t even know how he knew we were in here, but honestly I’m grateful he did. “What the fuck do you guy’s think you’re fixing to do to her?” He yelled out frightening them. “Well what do you think dude? Leave us bro she’s gone she won’t remember it anyway.” “That’s my girlfriend dude back off!” he yelled, making the group of boys exit the room angrily. As he neared the bed you laid there tearing up as he sat next to you. “Hey Y/n come on let’s go to my place, you can sleep in my room I’ll sleep on the couch.” He offered as he picked me up in his arms. “Ok” I barely slurred out. As he carried me into his car, opening the door and placing me in gently, he gracefully flipped off the group of fuck boys as he drove off into the dark roads. He wasn’t drunk, not even in the slightest compared to myself. Him and E never really saw the point in drinking. So they rarely succumbed to the substance. As the car ride continued I felt my self sober up almost completely. “Hey Gray thanks for that by the way.” You mumbled out looking at the beautiful boy as he drove. “No problem, anything for you y/n.” he replied gently. The rest of the car ride was silent, causing me to slowly drift off into a light slumber. As he pulled into the driveway, he lightly exited the car, and opened my door to gently pick me up and unlock the door. I’m kind of impressed to be honest as he did all of that on handed as he had me in the other. As the brunette boy entered his and Ethan’s shared house. He did as promised and let me stay in his room, as he placed me on the bed. Exiting the room as he presumed I was asleep. I gently called out “Gray can we cuddle please?” He turned around with a shocked expression on his face. Which I couldn’t fully comprehend as we cuddled often to be honest. “What no, go to sleep y/n I’ll see you in the morning!” He argued. “Grayson pleaseeeeeeee!” you begged your friend as he was about to exit the room. “You aren’t giving up are you?” he asked already knowing the answer. “Nope!” you answered smiling widely, still weakened from your drunken state, you attempted to sit up but fell right back into your previous laying position. Seconds later he shyly crawled onto the bed next to you holding on to you tightly. “Hey gray what did you want to talk about earlier?” you asked, shocking him once more as he expected you forgot about his earlier action. “Oh nothing haha, just something about a video.” Replied, you not giving into his bullshit answer, gave hima simple “mhmmm”. As you looked up to him through tired eyes. “You know I like you a lot right?” he quietly said. Which caught you by surprise making you jump a little bit. What? You like me? Grayson Bailey Dolan likes me, how is that even possible. You thought to yourself. I mean come on he’s basically a god from the heavens. Perfect hazel eyes, Perfect smile, Perfect laugh. Damn he’s just perfect. And he likes me? How is that even possible. “What?” you asked out to him as he cuddled into you more. “Yea I mean it’s not like I’ve been in love with you since 5th grade or anything.” He awkwardly states. Hold up, Grayson loves me, let alone likes me. Jesus I think I’m fully sober now. “Are you sure? You aren’t just thinking of a different girl gray?” I asked out hoping the answer was no. “No im fully sure I love you y/n. I mean I’d rather not say it to you in the current situation. Because you might not even remember this. But I really, really like you like a lot. And it would mean a lot if I could ask you out tomorrow night to be honest.” He asked as he stroked your hair lightly. “I like you too gray, a lot. And I think I’ll take up that date offer.” I replied as I was slowly falling asleep. “I love you.” He said as he cuddled me more, if that was even tighter if that was possible. “I love you more Dolan” I said. Meaning it with all of my heart. I really did love this boy.

Hope you guys enjoyed!♥️

Requests are still open send them in guys!
The Honey then the Hatchet

Ok not sure about the word count of this one

Prompt: Hey its ya neighborhood stafou Lover here with a fluffy ass request. I think it’s kinda obvious gaston only showed LeFou affection when he wanted something and so that’s what LeFou expects. So when Stanley shows affection thinks he wants something and he’s fine with it but one day Stanley catches on and just like scoops him up in his arms and is like LeFou honey all I want is your love I promise and maybe lefou just kinda starts sobbing because he doesn’t know how to deal with genuine affection

Holy shit angst yes love it

Warnings: low self esteem, that’s about it

And hella gay

Wow I feel like this is a trend for me

Soph xx

Lefou was never comfortable with compliments, considering that when he was younger they were usually backhanded ones intended to poke fun at him in one way or another, about his weight, his hair, his clothes or god forbid his mother, yet his distaste for compliments only grew after he found how truly manipulative they could be to a person, as with every ‘you look good’ or ‘I didn’t know you could sing’ was another request for a few more sous or a more franks, making him hard of hearing to them.

Of course, stanley didn’t know this, in fact he tried to compliment Lefou every time he saw him in the village, at market, or even in the newly opened ‘Books from Belle’ bookshop. Usually on his clothes, or his hair, or anything that he could possibly comment on in any way, trying to win his affections. Every time, Lefou turned away slightly, or even shook his head, a couple of times he had even laughed sarcastically at himself in a way that stanley wasn’t used to. He was used to Lefou being much more open, after all, in the bar when he was with Gaston he seemed to be, and even flirted back from time to time, yet now he had become more closed to any compliment which was thrown at him, making it very hard to flirt.

It just so happened, that once a month a grand party was held at the Chateaux where everyone would bring themselves in their most expensive finery, despite the trying of the hosts that the gatherings should be far more casual, yet everyone needed to feel a bit more dressed up every now and then.

At this very monthly occasion, Stanley had shown up in his finest embroidered, white waistcoat paired with some equally beautiful trousers, and some boots to complete the ensemble, yet as he walked out towards the village centre where everyone was meeting to take the carriages to the palace itself, he felt something was missing, and as he passed Mademoiselle Fleuredelie’s flower shop, a single white rose caught his eye, and halted him in his tracks.

He slowly turned and made his way back to the shop, and picked the rose from a bunch that sat in disarray on the side of the counter.

“Combien, madame?” He enquirer

“15 cents please.” She replied, holding her hand out to receive the payment. When he handed the money over, she gave him a not and gestured him off towards the last remaining carriages.

The ride to the castle was uneventful, with only the clanging of the horses shoes with the occasional stone as his companion for the time being, yet as he approached the Chateaux, he heard a great number of people in celebration, yet he could never understand what they were celebrating. None the less, he still decided to dress back up every month and join the monthly festivities.

By the time the cart stopped in front of the main entrance. It was clear that the party was in full swing, with the orchestra playing beautifully to welcome any guests whom had arrived late, or to simply encourage the long staying ones whom had been here for hours.

When he finally got to the ballroom, stanley felt himself scan the crowd for the presence of a familiar pink or purple bow amongst the sea of white, yet instead of being greeted by Lefou’s vibrantly coloured neck accessories, he found himself locking vision with a gold embroidery one instead.

Making his way through the crowds of people, he tried to get closer to Lefou, yet every time he tried it seemed that someone made it their mission to get on the dance floor, yet just as he got close, he saw one of the household staff guide him to the floor.

Stanley stood still, watching as the woman glided across the floor with Lefou, twisting and turning in ways he wished that he would with him, yet as he was watching, he felt a hand snake around his waist and drag him into the sea of dancers.

As they connected their hand with his, he looked up to see the face of Madame Garderobe, whom had been the very creator of the outfit he was wearing tonight.

She smirked down at his shirt and then have him a small knowing smile, before twirling him and letting him go into the jumbled mess which people were calling a dance.

Just in that moment, stanley felt himself connect with someone else, as his back and theirs collided, yet instead of jerking away, he felt himself twist around to grab the other persons hand, and spin them so that they would be able to dance just as he was doing. Of course, he would later find out that this was done intentionally, however he came face to face with none other than Lefou.

Lefou blushed, and tried to stutter out a couple of words, yet basic vocabulary seemed to have failed him in that moment, when he saw a silly grin break out on Stanley’s face, as he pulled Lefou closer to him and leaned further towards his head.

“Bonsoir Monsieur.” He whispered gently, still keeping eye contact with the man in front of him.

Lefou was speechless to say the least, his mouth still left open as he tried to stutter out some basic French, yet he still could not say a single word.

“May I say that tonight you look absolutely stunning?” Stanley prompted, with a cheeky flustered grin still plastering his face.

And the illusion was broken.

A humourless laugh left Lefou’s lips before he could help himself, and he felt himself shake his head in disbelief as stanley just watched. He had seen this all before, the dismissal of the compliment which he knew too well.

“What do you want.” Lefou whispered in his ear, still dancing her making space between himself and Stanley, almost to prove a point.

“Want?” Stanley replied, confused by the whole situation.

“Yes want, people don’t just had our compliments, there’s a price tag, always. What do you want.” He repeated his question, looking down to the patterned floor which so many had been swept across, yet he highly doubted that he would be swept off his feet tonight.

“What on earth could I want, when I have everything I want right here.” He whispered in return, refusing to acknowledge Lefou’s words of want and worry.

Lefou looked back at stanley, expecting to see some sort of a taunting smile to illuminate his features, of a sneer of joy at his expense, yet when their eyes locked, he saw only sincerity in those beautiful dark orbs.

He had really been complimenting him, with no gain to himself whatsoever, just for the sake of complimenting him, this whole time?

Lefou felt tears build in his eyes as he thought back to every time that he had been complimented by Stanley, only this time he saw them as genuine, instead of being a mockery, and felt his knees start to go weak at the man that currently had his arm firmly wrapped around his waist.

A tear fell.

“Are you ok?” Stanley immediately asked, a hint of worry lacing his voice.

Lefou laughed yet again, however this time it seemed to be a genuine, proper laugh of joy, one that he had not felt come from his mouth in a long time.

He looked up at stanley and brought both hands to his cheeks, holding them gently before guiding Stanley’s lips towards his, and as they met Lefou felt the grip of his waist getting tighter. his head spinning and his blood pounding, he began to wrap his arms around Stanley’s neck, pulling him impossibly closer, until he released him, gasping for breath, yet still spinning, dancing with the others. Lefou smiled gently.

After a moment, stanley spoke.

“Etienne, there is something I wanted for my compliments.”

Lefou looked up worried, his thoughts reverting to believing that this was all some stupid joke, yet Stanley still smiled brighter than before, his cheeks still painted crimson and his chest still heaving. Pulling the white rose from his pocket, he handed it to Lefou who stared at the small flower in awe.



Hey guys so I have a lot of things that I’ve been working on, and I thought you might like to see some of them since I didn’t get to post chapters of the soulmate fics this past weekend. So here’s just a tiny preview of a FemLuffy time travel Fix it! Fic I’ve slowly been working on called Better Be a Pirate.

The Summary is…

A more dutiful female Luffy, Monkey D. Ruby was the crown jewel of the Navy. That is until a few years after the execution of Portgas D. Ace when the Revolutionaries started making their move and the entirety of the Navy turned against her as Akainu proclaimed her own heritage for the world to hear. She died, vowing revenge, and for the first time ever a D died without smiling, and the fabric of reality warped, leaving a five year old Ruby alive again with a decision to make, this time Better Be a Pirate.

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Then and Now - Part 1 -

Part (1)

Pairing: Namjoon x reader

Genre/Warnings: Fluff and just a hint of angst.

Summary: Namjoon had the big chance of going home and seeing the family he stayed with in New Zealand while he was studying there, somehow though he went from smelling cologne to in a home having dinner with a date a grandma set up.

(gif credit to original owner)

(Dedicated to @tanitakhira for staying up till 3 am conjuring this up with me)

The airports in New Zealand were all pretty quiet compared to other bigger airports. However to you, it was bustling with life, people going places or coming back from their travels. You always got a new story every day since you worked in a little Pharmacy in the airport. You worked with your grandma, most days. You would get there very early and leave very late. You loved working with your grandma though she made everything fun and interesting. “Sweetheart stop daydreaming and go help that young boy over there.” Her sweet voice cuts into your daydreaming.

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