basically all of his life ruining moments

But Narcissa and Lucius taking Draco to Disneyland in the US on his birthday as a child and singing off-key at all the queues and basically embarrassing the living shit out of him and Draco having the time of his life as they buy him the most ridiculous cartoon hats and fattening desserts because fuck you they were in America and no one in England is ever gonna know that Draco basically hung the moon and the stars in their world the moment his big grey eyes had blinked up to them when he was born


I seriously feel more sympatethic towards the Akatsuki, especially the memebers who had their background stories revealed, than I do towards other characters.
Itachi was a man who died protecting everything he loved and few know this truth, so most likely he is still hated in the ninja world.
Sasori is the perfect example of a child who didn’t feel the love of those around him and turned to his puppets for this, directing his hatred towards the village that ruined his life (IMO, all this little cinnamon roll wanted was love and appreciation).
Kisame’s basic trait was his loyalty. He had his own ninja way and didn’t stray from that not even in his final moments.
Hidan is just following his God, also showing a great deal of loyalty towards it, wishing to be a faithful follower.
Kakuzu was a man betrayed by the village he served and risked his life for. I can understand how he turned to money, being as old as he is and seeing that everything in the ninja world is done for those pieces of paper.
Nagato, Yahiko and Konan were representative for what happens to people in less important countries when the “big guys” fight.
I don’t know what turned Deidara rougue and maybe we find out in Akatsuki Gaiden. He seemed like a really nice person, maybe he was perscuted by his village or smth because of his art and that’s why he gets angry so fast when someone insults him?
Some of these things apply to Obito too. Although i feel like he went a little overboard since the series made it look like he did this all for Rin. Maybe i am wrong, please correct me if so.
In the end, they were all victims of the system they lived in.