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yuuri shows attraction to both yuuko and victor as an adult so saying that he's gay simply because he ends up in a relationship with a man would be bi erasure

lol he admired her as a child and fanboyed over victor with her. the nature of his childhood crush is up for debate.

he reunites with her for the first time in 5 years, clearly remembers her fondly bc she was a very close friend and encouraged him in his profession, and he says she’s still cute. this can be read that he was sexually attracted to her, or it can be read that he was just very close as a child/had a childhood crush (compulsory heterosexuality sure is a bitch!) and is happily reflecting on those memories growing up with her.

look i’m bi and i basically read all my favorite characters as bi whenever possible but interpreting yuuri as gay is not bi erasure. i’m not erasing myself. if ppl are arguing that he can’t possibly be bi that’s a different issue bc he can be read that way, but he could very possibly and very validly be read as a raging homosexual 

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Why did I take so long to find your blog?! Haggar was always my favorite character, after season 3 I came to love her even more. Why does not she have so many fans? That question stayed in my mind... I even understand she's not famous in my country, but... Why not be in the US?

There are a lot of reasons why she isn’t very popular, or at least wasn’t before Season 3 (now that we have her backstory people are finally coming around to her)

Let’s start by asking why people DO like her.

I personally didn’t even bother to learn her name was until Season 2. I saw her and was like “Hey that’s a cool design, and hey, she’s voiced by Cree Summer, one of my favorite voice actreses!”, then mostly forgot she existed. Then it was revealed she was Altean, and that somehow made her my favorite character in the show. It didn’t give us a whole lot of actual information, but her being Altean meant that she had a story. Something happened to her that caused her to betray her own kind and side with the main villain (of course now we know why). Most of what makes her interesting is found in the subtext of the show, and a lot of people don’t care enough to look too deep.

But, for people like me who love characters with huge personal flaws, she is just the most fascinating character in the show. She gets so little screen time, but its just enough to make you wonder about her. When you stop in think about it, Haggar has more of an influence on the plot than Zarkon himself. She experimented on Shiro, she built robeasts to fight Voltron, she gets the ship caught in a wormhole loop and scatters the team, she’s the reason Zarkon can even track the Black Lion, without her technology Zarkon probably wouldn’t have been able to take over the universe, and it was her reckless obsession with the rift that basically caused everything to go wrong when Zarkon tried to save her.

She’s basically Voltron’s version of Vriska, my all time favorite character. She’s a dark, hooded, psychic, morally corrupt, blue alien, with a tragic backstory and way more influence on the plot than any other character. And once I realized that, Haggar became my favorite in Voltron too.

Despite being a villain, there’s a lot to admire about her. She’s loyal, she’s incredibly intelligent, she’s powerful, she’s devoted to her craft, she genuinely cares about Zarkon’s well being. There’s also reason to believe she has the same level of concern for Lotor, her son. Doesn’t make her a good person, but it makes her more than just a one-note maniacal villain which is what one might assume at a glance.

SO! Why isn’t she more popular?

1. Haggar just doesn’t get a lot of screen time. Character popularity tends to go up in proportion to screentime and she get’s like, maybe 2 minutes of screen time every other episode on average. That fact makes her kind of forgettable.

2. She’s not conventionally attractive. In a show full of cute and pretty and handsome anime boys and girls, with big sparkling eyes and cute faces… and as a scrawny, creepy zombie lady, Haggar just doesn’t really have that kind of appeal at all. And unfortunately that is a factor in popularity. (Though season 3 revealed she was actually once a PERFECT PRECIOUS LITTLE ELF BABE)

Also her name. Haggar. That is pretty much the cringiest name in existence.

3. She’s a villain who’s done terrible things. A lot of people just don’t like characters who do shitty things, and Haggar is no exception. From traumatizing Shiro, to torturing people, to literally wiping out an entire planet for fuel, Haggar is kind of irredeemable. Of course now that we know she is possible possessed to some extent, she may very well get some sort of redemption arc.

4. She doesn’t get any comedy. Pretty much every character in Voltron gets a scene meant to induce some laughter. But Haggar, and pretty much all the main villains, don’t have any levity to them. All their scenes are played 100% straight with no jokes that would jeopardize the tone they are going for. That certainly makes it harder for them to be likeable.

Of course, now that Season 3 has happened, people are coming around to what us Haggar fans have known this whole time. Haggar is interesting, and now we have her backstory to prove it. And we have much more to look forward too, according to Andrea Romano, who in an interview raved about Haggar more than any other character.

“What we will learn about [Haggar] is remarkable. There’s a HUGE history that you guys are gonna learn about this character in seasons to come. Very exciting character… …there’s SO MUCH to look forward too in the seasons to come for that character as far as, where that character goes to, and why she is the way she is because of what has happened in her past.”

-Andrea Romano, from the Lets Voltron Podcast.

She didn’t get anywhere near this excited about Zarkon, so that leads me to believe there is still much more to Haggar’s story that we don’t know, outside of her relationship with Zarkon and how that went down.

So yeah! That was probably a lot more in depth than you were expecting but I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this character and I could go on for ages.


For the darkest hours of my life

Which are basically all day, every day

Because somehow

My favorite characters always die

That just seems to be a thing now

I seriously feel so attacked, wow

Who’s with me


i made a bunch of character emblem thingies for my sketchbook
these characters are basically from my all time favorite series

i took about an hour in total working on these so it’s really sloppy

*click on each picture for the character names and series 

(my scanner sucks so the quality is so bad and horrific i’m sorry please protect your eyes) 

Drawing I started a long time ago and only just recently decided to finish for my good friend Tom Duffy’s birthday. It’s basically all of his favorite characters that I know of, with daredevil included in the back, scratching his head because he doesnt get what everybody is looking at lol


My newest nerdy knit project! Malon’s shawl from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Malon is one of my favorite characters in OoT, OH who am I kidding, they are all basically my favorite characters. I was obsessed with that game growing up. I still love it! Haha.

The shawl is a wool cotton blend and is very soft! The pin is sculpy. Additional information can be found here at my Etsy!

my best friend met someone online who turned out to be in the furry fandom and now all three of us are friends irl, and the furry friend has been systematically bestowing fursonas on our entire extended group of friends like some kind of benevolent furry sorting hat, and at first i thought it was weird but now i communicate with her on twitter through owl gifs so i guess the moral of the story is even if you are a grown woman who pays bills you too may meet a friend who will change your life in such a way that the obvious way to express your feelings is through a tweet of an owl hyperventilating

The Walking Dead is not about shipping.

The Walking Dead is not about shipping.

  1. The Walking Dead is not about shipping.


Look sometimes when I can’t sleep I stay up and have feelings about emotionally damaged villains-turned-allies instead.

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So, do you still think that Olicity will reunite in the midseason finale, even after Wendy's interview where she says they might "not necessarily" reconcile this season? I guess Antonio is directing it! Also, big thanks to Fanmommer for putting that stupid bf storyline to rest. At least we know it is a short-lived thing now. It's getting pretty gross to watch. I'm thinking the bf is a symptom of Felicity's PTSD. Anyways, thanks in advance!

Well, first of all, I second the thanks to @fanmommer for writing that post. She did what the PR department and showrunners couldn’t do– give us a little hope.

I’m about to go on a rant. I apologize in advance because this goes completely beyond the question that you asked, but I’ve been wanting to get this off my chest for awhile.  

This may have a negative beginning and middle, but it has a somewhat positive end, so be sure to stick around for that. 

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