basically all i ever wanted

ok but 21st century vampires 

  • they go out twenty minutes after sundown and set their phone alarms for half an hour before sunrise so they can cinderella it out of the club
  • instead of sleeping in coffins all day they marathon shows on netflix or blog or do makeup tutorials on youtube 
  • and ok, so many more job opportunities like
  • web design or extra cash from accounts on etsy or whatever
  • creatives who can make a profit from their work by selling it online
  • airplanes staffed by a coven who only ever take flights which take off and land in the dark, the pilot switching off to his co-pilot just before daybreak
  • every undesirable night shift in diners and gas stations and transport
  • night time road work crews
  • they bulk buy coconut water because its similar enough to blood plasma that they can cut back on real blood
  • transferring their raw wealth into real estate investments and inheriting the properties from themselves every few decades
  • tech savvy vamps who make a career out of helping others forge identities and stay off the grid without encumbering their real world interactions
  • using the internet to get in touch with others when you first turn
  • international covens keeping in touch via social media outlets
  • intra-covens activities organized via facebook events  
  • treaties sorted over skype calls

So, serious talk.

How is anyone supposed to both have a full time job and be a solo 1d fan?

Like… how?


  • The first time you read The Thief: A penniless thief is let out of prison in order to be forced on a road trip and he really just wants to go home.
  • The second time you read The Thief: In the most ingenious move of political intrigue of the millennium, a penniless thief is let out of prison in order to be forced on a road trip and he really just wants to go home.

I went to a party tonight and I mentioned how one shot of alcohol puts me over the edge and then my friend’s boyfriend says “one shot one kill” just loud enough for me to hear and I lost my shit

Also since I won’t be posting a queue this weekend I think it’s time to ask a serious question so it can be up all weekend to hopefully get feedback.

So I got a little to deep into Ruth’s storyline and it got a little dark (at least I think it’s dark/I really didn’t mean to take it there). What I’m getting at is I do not know everyone’s backgrounds and I definitely do not want to upset anyone.
I guess what I’m asking is how to apply trigger warnings. Like format wise in the tag bar i.e.: “trigger warning”, “trigger warning: ///”, etc.
It might not be as serious as a trigger warning but
I’d rather be safe than sorry.
I wanna do this right because all of my tags are always some B.S. abbreviation and I don’t want to confuse anyone.
Also this is another reason the next few generations are just going to go back to my sarcastic commentary more so over story writing.
(((Don’t get me wrong there will be dialogue but not as much as the last three generations.)))

Thank you in advance for the help,

Trope I just realized I’m always a sucker for: the king/captain/leader who carries the weight of the world on their shoulders and their deputy/friend/right hand who is maybe more technically personally powerful and will push and challenge and also do anything at all for the person they’ve devoted themselves to and will fight anyone who says anything negative about the other person’s leadership. 

I’ve seen a few comments that this storyline may also have been happening so that robron can bring the kids topic and decide if they want a baby.

I don’t want that. I still think they aren’t ready for this step:
1. I think Aaron needs his time and needs the therapy that emmerdale promised adressing his mental health, he needs time to be able to learn to trust people and don’t expect the worse for them. Also he needs to learn and understand 100% robert’s sexuality, because if he doesn’t understand, all this insecurity issues will always come to the light again and not only that, he’ll always feel like he won’t ever be enough because he is not woman - he needs to understand or their relationship was always have troubles. Not to mention, he needs time on his own (with robert maybe), because since the gordon’s trial, he didn’t even got time to breath, to take a long holiday and enjoy himself. Emmerdale decided to throw Liv into the picture and made him her legal guardian and since she’s a teen, she’s always doing something to make aaron worry - I think he didn’t need that fuss that soon.

2. Robert is no way near ready to be a dad, that’s why spoilers are mentioning he’s not steping in into rebecca’s pregnany, it’s not only because of aaron but also because he’s not ready to be a dad. Robert needs therapy as well to overcome all his issues with his dad and needs to love himself enough. He needs to be able to talk about what happen to Jack with his sister and step mom and needs to move on from it. He needs time to fully acept his sexuality. He needs time to forgive himself as well (because well i think he never fully forgive himself destroying andy’s life when he acidentally killed katie and right now he hates himself because of hurting the men of his life).

They both have lack of comunication and they both have insecurities and they both needs to overcome it and will become a strong couple if they do that. I’m hoping in the reveal we have an honest conversation with them discussing their feelings - and how each other’s opinion affect them in their judgment. I believe we’re reaching a point that if they don’t start talking, nothing will hold the relationship so I believe a kid at this moment, or even this year, won’t be a good idea.

You know what I miss? 

I miss Derek Hale’s scoffing eye-rolls. 

You know why? 

Because Theo Raeken is a douchewaffle and Derek would be so exasperated that him and Stiles would spend the entire season rolling their eyes at each other because WHY DIS DUDE. 

It would be a lot of:

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And a lot of:

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(aka this is me wanting fic of season 5a but with DEREK. Off you go you lil writing geniuses *sprinkles fairy dust after you*)

me: i wanna rp

my muses:

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I hate my neighbors because all their bird cages look like that. Metallic empty cages, sometimes too small for the pigeon sized freaking birds. Or even smaller than that tbh. VERY SMALL.
I have NEVER seen them even pay attention to them before.
I have NEVER seen them outside their freaking balcony/sidewalk either.
I don’t even know what they look like even tho we’re literally neighbors;;;
I wanna ask them if their birds even know who they are. Or if they have ever even been touched before, because I sure as hell don’t believe they have. Have they ever experienced the joy of flight?? Do they even know what fruits and vegetables look like??? Or anything beyond what the streets can show them??
_(´ཀ`」 ∠)_
I want to give them free toys…all of them…and free cages too…it’s so unfair to live like that..
They treat their plants far better than this…

Edit: @treebidoof It’s fine because you seem like a really good pet owner! ^^ Or so your pet pics tell me(cute animals btw)

Okay, hear me out.

An action film where Chris Pine and Sebastian Stan play partners, and Sebastian is in love with Chris but thinks Chris is into their handler, Zoe Saldana.

Chris gets kidnapped/captured and when Sebastian finds out he does that teary-eyed, barely-holding-it-together thing. He goes against orders and - with Zoe’s help covering for him at the agency - tears the world apart to get Chris back, while Chris fights his way out from the inside.

They meet in the middle and everything’s great for like ninety seconds until - PLOT TWIST - it was all a trap to capture Sebastian because he has information they need and the bad guys know he’s in love with Chris. Chris had no idea! Sebastian cries some more.

Of course they escape and destroy the bad guys and save the world and get medals or something, and then Sebastian is like, ‘Look, about the whole in love with you thing, I don’t expect -’ and then Chris just

Kisses Sebastian.

Right there. In the parking lot of their agency headquarters.

Sebastian cries because he’s so happy, and they make out a little more and then walk to their car holding hands, the first openly gay action heroes in a major summer blockbuster THE END


Random favorite Root&Shaw moments:
↳ Root flirts shamelessly, Shaw rolls her eyes grumpily; The Saga.

rinharu fic recs


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