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I’m in a pretty bad mood today, so I’m trying to distract myself by turning this journal I got for xmas into a portable grimoire. My normal one is a large, faux leather binder meant for scrapbooking and it isn’t very travel friendly. This one will probably be less thorough, but it’ll be easy to carry around and good for basic reference when it’s finished. Sorry this photo is kind of shit, my actual camera needs charged so I had to use my phone.

Rammstein as couples pt. 1

I was bored so I figured out what the relationships of our boys would look like.

Paul/Flake: soft and pure, cuddles, fluff, cheek kisses, awkward and insecure, first relationship, holding hands, watching sunsets, duration: few months, break-up: teenage heartbreak

Paul/Richard: giggling, small notes, going to concerts, arguing over food, smoking, basic tumblr shit, watching cheesy movies, nicknames (honey, sweetheart, love etc.), hugs, first kisses, practicing that whole relationship thing, jamming on guitars, duration: one year, break-up: hard for both of them, tears and saying ‘‘sorry‘‘ over and over again, hugs

Paul/Till: htf did we end up with each other, ‘‘ur single, I’m single, wanna fuck?‘‘, emergency couple, always triggered, always confused, that kind of relationship nobody understands (they also don´t), probably lasts about one week, break-up: pure relief

Paul/Schneider: bromance, trying out kissing but ending up laughing their asses off, watching action movies together, popcorn, calling each other idiot and dumbass, club tours, drinking beer on park benches, hanging around in places they’re not allowed to go, duration: three to six months, staying good friends after break-up

Ollie/Flake: AWKWARD, random conversations about random topics, most of the time awkward silence, questioning life choices, probably most a-sexual reationship ever, tree business, watching cars together, duration: about one or two months, break-up: as awkward as relationship

Ollie/Till: who the fuck tops HELP, deep conversations about sense of life and stuff, no actual body contact cuz confused, spending their evenings together reading books in silence, everybody’s wondering why, astonishingly long-lasting (six months to one year), break up in agreement and stay  friends

Ollie/Richard: working out together, first time, hanging around in parks, walks, serious relationship, sex is nice wow, listening to music, shopping (Reesh forces Ollie to go), deep love, being able to imagine future together but being too shy to talk about it, talking and laughing a lot, cooking together, supporting each other, duration: four to six years, break-up: in agreement, great pain for both of them, several relapses

Ollie/Schneider: friends with benefits, having sex for fun, helping with problems, plan B when one is needy but ain’t got a boyfriend, sleeping on couch together, club tours, getting drunk together, holding hands and kissing in public but ‘‘we’re just friends‘‘, going to cinema together, duration: kinda forever but with breaks inbetween (whenever they got a serious relationship with somebody else)

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captain swan appreciation week ♥ day four
favorite episode : 3x21 snow drifts

Let’s talk about tags

A lot of arguments have come about due to claims like: “You’re in my tag!!” “No, yOU’RE in MY tag!!!” when sometimes, this isn’t even true.

The method of breaking up a word with an asterisk * or a slash / has been adopted to prevent the post from coming up in the “tag,” presumed to contain everything that so much as contains the word in question.

But that’s not true. It doesn’t come up in the tag unless you actually tag it that. Just mentioning it in the post is not enough. Let me show you the difference.

This is the search. Everything that so much as mentions the key word ends up here:

If you just type a word into the Tumblr search bar, it brings you to the search. What it assumes is that you’re searching for anything that mentions the word. Even if it’s tagged as, for example, anti re/ylo, it will show up if you just search re/ylo because the word is mentioned in the post. Just because it comes up in the search doesn’t mean the person intentionally put it there or tagged it that.

This is the actual tag. It’s where things that you have tagged end up:

It looks very different from the search, doesn’t it? In fact, it basically looks like your dashboard.


Small note, Tumblr only registers the first five tags on a post. The post will not show up in anything after the first five tags.

So let’s say you tag a post as: star wars, tfa, the force awakens, star wars the force awakens, star wars vii, resistance trio, rey, poe dameron, finn

That’s cool, except as far as tags are concerned, it will only show up in the star wars, tfa, the force awakens, star wars the force awakens, and star wars vii tags. The last tags, which contain the characters’ names, will not contain the post. If you went to the rey tag, your post would not be there.

Just something to keep in mind when tagging posts.


Alright, back to the search vs. tag issue. Here’s an easy way to tell whether you’re in the tag or the search: look at the URL.

Again, the search will show all posts containing the key word (s):

While the tag will contain only posts tagged as the key word(s):

‘Well what about mobile?’ you may ask. That’s easy. It all depends on what you put in the search bar.

This will bring you to the search:

While this will bring you to the tag:

Hope this helps clear some things up.

Bad Boy Classified (Bts Jimin smut x reader)

I originally posted this on my Wattpad but I decided it woulf get more notes on Tumblr :D So basically I just needed to let out my bad boy jimin feels so here goes nothing ;) original blog:

Wattpad: Dubbbyviki

At times like these all girls like me cried. You know, the kind of good girls Taylor Swift was before she became too popular. I got myself into big trouble today. I fell in love with the one person no one would approve in my life. And I didn’t even care. The name of this problem was none other than Park Jimin. For the decent 3 years of my high school life I managed to avoid this disastrous boy who only brought trouble with him wherever he went yet somehow I managed to screw up. Senior year has just begun and I was in charge of decorating the gym for the upcoming Homecoming dance. The painful truth was we hadn’t yet even decided what the theme was going to be so I had a lot of time to myself. That was the solemn mistake I made. I wasn’t busy enough.

One afternoon after the meeting of the committee, I went outside simply because I needed some new ideas and it was not exactly 3 a.m. my most productive creative time so I longed for some fresh air.

To tell you the truth the air wasn’t as fresh as I desired it to be when I got out of the building.

As soon as I walked out the door, a wave of smoke hit me right into the face.

I started uncontrollably coughing and cursing.

‘Whoa, careful. A school Sweetheart like you wouldn’t wanna damage her reputation by some bad words would she?’ I heard a smirk in his voice and I didn’t even need any introduction.

I recognized the voice almost immediately and as soon as he spoke I turned on my heel and went backwards. My motions were stopped by him grabbing me by my arm.

'Not so fast babe,’ he smiled slyly, 'at least tell me why you’re here. Don’t tell me you came here for a smoke?’ he laughed.

'Let me go, asshole.’

'Someone’s got claws hidden underneath those pretty nails of yours.’

'Listen Jimin, I do not wish to talk to you now.’

'I think I’ve already said what I want. Just tell me what you’re doing here and you’re as free as ever,’ he said with a monotone voice.

'I came for ideas,’ I sighed.

'Found any?’ he breathed out the smoke and it twirled all around me as the webs he was pushing me into.

'No, but I’ve found a dickhead instead,’ I shot him a glare.

'Shh, Sweetheart. You wouldn’t want your friends to hear would you or worse the principal, or how about your parents? I think they would be very disappointed.’

'I am not afraid of that, so don’t you worry.’

'You’re quite an interesting human, you know?’ his eyes had fiery flames hidden in them.

He smiled.

'Go, for all I care.’

And I did. I went back and rushed to the bathroom and tried to get the smell of cigarettes off myself. It was of no use. I called my friend that I am in the bathroom and that I’ll need a pad so she should bring me my backpack asap. It worked and later I just sent her a text that my belly started hurting so much I rushed home. My critical thinking skills were showing and I was happy that I gained some knowledge throughout my life.

At home I did the same rushed up and screamed at my mom saying I really quickly need to go pee. I got out of my clothes and sprayed some perfume onto my hair and also washed my teeth, just in case.

The rest of the evening I couldn’t get his words out of my head. Was I really interesting?

It couldn’t be true though, for I always used the word interesting with all the things I’ve found boring as hell.


The next day was slightly harder for me. I saw him standing at the water fountain, then saw him going to the toilets, saw him flirting with other girls, and in the end he sat three tables across from me and I looked up from the disgusting mac & cheese on my plate he raised his coke in a sort of toast and mumbled…

'To us, darling.’

I shivered all over my body. God, I don’t know why I did that. Probably from all the disgust bottling inside of me, the mac & cheese must’ve really gotten to me. I picked up the tray and with distaste and threw the rest of my lunch into the trash can. I walked away as quickly as I could but somehow the shivers didn’t stop.


I rested leaning against the school vending machine begging it to throw out the chips I’ve just paid for. With a sigh I punched the machine and hurt my hand.

'Fuck,’ I cursed under my breath.

'Careful someone might hear that little dirty mouth of yours,’ he grinned.

I rolled my eyes at him, not noticing the little stream of blood rolling down from my knuckle and slowly dripping on the floor.

Hi expression changed.

Next thing I knew I was being dragged somewhere and even if I protested his grip on my hand was so hard I could not get myself out of it.

The place where we turned out to be was the nurse’s office. He placed my hand to the sink and washed off all the remaining blood on my hand. Next he pulled out a band aid and a disinfectant. He sprayed some on the wound and stuck the band aid on it.

'You’re not only interesting, also stupid,’ he exhaled.

'Shut up. No one asked you to help anyway!’ I finally pulled my hand away and went towards the door.

Before I could open the door fully he smacked his hand on it and it closed with a horribly loud thump.

'I didn’t give you the permission to leave, did I?’ he said roughly.

I looked him up and down and I still felt my hand burning.

'Is this what I actually get for being nice? Then maybe I should stop being nice.’

I was afraid and I noticed my heart beating.

This wasn’t okay, I was breathing heavily and he was so close to me I didn’t dare to reply to whatever he said. His face was so alluring. I wondered why I never noticed him before. He had me trapped not only with his hands, but also with his mind. And there was no escape.

He seemed to be hesitating for a moment.

'I don’t want to hurt you, and I’m not going to, but if you do what you do to me, I will not be able to hold back,’ he looked down.

His fascinating and lustful gaze ended up on me once again.

'Then don’t,’ was all I said.

Needless to say it felt like my entire life depended on that one sentence. I could either be sent to utter heavens or burn down in hell, with Satan himself, if this wasn’t his human form.

And he didn’t hold back, not at all.

His hungry lips crashed with mine. Suddenly I realized that the heat I felt on my hand wasn’t caused by anything else but his presence. My lips were now burning too. So was my waist where his hands settled. He moved them down a bit feeling my ass through the skirt I was wearing. He didn’t even touch me on a sensitive place yet I was already moaning like he was deep inside of me. I didn’t know where those feelings and noises came from. Our lips parted. His pupils were diluted and staring at me impatiently. His hands moved back up and dug right under my shirt lifting it up. His breathing quickened once again.

'God why did I ever hold back. I was fucking stupid,’ he mumbled as he proceeded to attack my neck.

I was just standing there trying to cover up my screams with my hands. From my neck he moved up to my jaw and from there he landed up on my lips again. He pushed his tongue inside and as always I wanted more than I had. Our tongues were in a fierce battle and none of them was winning. That didn’t mean we stopped. We kept on fighting. It felt so dangerous. The adrenaline in my blood was higher than the Empire State Building. I was already missing my lesson and anyone could come in at any minute. I knew we were alone now but I wasn’t certain of what would happen next. Or if anyone would be a douche enough to barge in the best moment of my life.

He pulled away.

He took his shirt off with the speed of light. He brought my hands up to feel his chocolate chest. I felt my blush growing but I wasn’t going to stop. Not after I came this far. I could feel him being hard against my leg.

'You’re cute when you blush like that,’ he whispered.

'Stop it shithead,’ I said as I buried my face into his collar bone and shoulder.

And for a moment we just stood there hugging like that.

Two bodies.

Desperate for the touch of each other.

What surprised me was that I pulled away first.

This time it was me who dragged him by the hand.

I laid myself down on the bed for the patients. I stared into his eyes and tried to contain the burst of emotions inside of me. I tried to calm down the want.

'Do whatever you please,’ was all I managed to mumble out.

His hands were soon everywhere. And before I’ve noticed anything we were both only in our underwear. It was too late to just go back.

He kissed me again and felt my thighs. He placed all of these butterfly kisses and bites all over my body from the bottom to the top. He slowly took off all my remaining clothing.

'Oh god,’ I muttered under my breath.

'What, are you a virgin? You don’t need to be afraid, if that’s the case I’ll be nice.’

'No, I’m not. It’s just, I, this is a bit far don’t you think.’

'Oh, in that case ok,’ a mischievous smile parted his lips which once again kissed mine.

Then he pulled away.

He positioned his face right in front of my clit and before I knew what was happening I came for him and my body shivered in anticipation and sensation.

'You taste like the finest sin, Sweetheart,’ he purred.

His dirty talk drove me crazy. His face drove me crazy, and so did his body. He himself was a secret chamber that should’ve never been opened.

He raised his face.

'Say, do you love me?’ he asked with his husky voice.

He inserted a finger inside of me and moved it in a regular motion sometimes speeding up and then slowing down. All I did in response was moan. I covered my mouth with my hand in order to stop anyone from entering the office.

'I believe I asked you something. So do you love me or not?’ he inserted another finger.

He started moving them faster and twirled them around until I was barely aware of what my name was.

'I am waiting.’

And so went in the third finger. By now I was on the verge of tears from all the passion and I bit my lips not to scream. I only nodded frantically hoping it would be enough.

'What? I am afraid I didn’t hear you properly.’

'Y-ye-yes, I do, I-I love you Jimin,’ I tried to say with focusing all my strength not to scream out loud.

Second later I came for the second time.

His erection was now awfully huge and it was pushing on his boxer-briefs begging to be taken in.

I raised myself on my elbows and kissed him. His lips tasted like cigarettes and spearmint chewing gum. I wonder what mine tasted like, and if he liked the taste.

Jimin was your definition of a typical bad boy. Bad grades. Bad family situation. Bad life. Bad temper. Bad manners. Bad habits. Bad nature. But good lips.

I pulled down his boxer-briefs and he took out a condom and positioned himself in front of me.

'Well, I love you, I love you too.’

When he entered me I placed my hands on his back and dug them into his skin from all the pleasure my body felt. This time it was him who had to shut me up. He did it most beautifully, with kisses all over my mouth. We moved in sync. He started nice and slow. His hands were on my hips again and my own two hands wandered into his silky hair. When I pulled it I was afraid of pulling it out because I held on so hard. His pace and his breath quickened and he pulled away from the messy kiss. I managed to stay quiet for the while he needed to catch his breath.

'Fuck, fuck, fuck, oh god,’ he looked up and then back at me.

He collided our mouths over and over and then picked me up and threw me against the wall.

That was when he sped up to his limit and thrusted into me hard.

I came first and soon after he joined me in my sinful activity.

He pulled out and I panted toughly into my shoulder and then kissed it with love in his eyes.

Fuck, you’re too perfect,’ he glided his hands against my bare skin for the last time before handing me my clothes and putting back on his own.

We got quietly dressed both looking away from each other. I looked at my phone to find out the lesson was about to end soon.

'I-I, we could um, how do I put this normally,’ I stuttered.

'I already told you you’re cute when you do that. I hope you’re not using me as your personal compliment machine.’

'No I’m not, I’m just a bit overwhelmed by all this, sorry.’

'I do mean it though,’ he focused on me and smiled at me with that stunning smile that made me do whatever he wished me to do.


'I love you, and even when you won’t want to see me ever again, I’m happy this happened.’

I was silent.

'I’ve loved you for a while now. Just because you didn’t see it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I’ve noticed you, and all the things you do, what you wear, how you smile when you’re happy. And I want you to know I have feelings for you. The you, that you show, and the you, that you still hide. I love all that, I always did, I just never dared to admit it to myself. But the emotions are already there and they’re triggered and now they won’t stop anymore.’


'Would you mind going for a date this weekend. I’ll treat you. You can even pick the restaurant, I don’t care.’

'It’s nice to know that for once you don’t actually act like the creep you sound.’

'Oh shut up,’ he said and we exited the nurse room.

the hogwarts houses on tumblr:

gryffindor: “i see this great post with like 3 notes and i have a lot of followers. im gonna be a great person and make you famous.”

hufflepuff: “i see this great post with like 3 notes and i might not have the most followers but i’m gonna tell all my friends to reblog it to and we’ll make you famous.”

ravenclaw: “i see this great post with like 3 notes. i will gauge exactly what time to reblog it based on which successful followers of mine are online, and make you famous.”

slytherin: “i see this great post with like 3 notes and im basically tumblr famous. im gonna add a great comment on your post, make it successful,  and make me famous.”

anonymous asked:

Hello lovely! Not a five things ask (sorry!) but I was wondering if you have a tag I can visit to read your fics?

I don’t really, but I’ve been meaning to make a post linking to all of them, so… NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT!

  • 9 Times Grantaire Asked Enjolras Out (+1 He Said Yes) [3344 words] = Fluff and bad pick-up line Valentine’s Day fic!!
  • Oh, It’s What You Do To Me [7015 words] = Long distance fic, mostly fluff and adorableness, French R and American E, and strangely my most popular work to date.
  • To Clarify [1575 words] = Totally silly, kind of cracky and entirely pointless. Basically Courf was the only one who didn’t realise R was gay? I still don’t know why I wrote this.
  • I Feel Alive [3246 words] = Piningjolras has a crush on bartender R. Again, fluff. I think I was just aiming for good atmosphere with this one.
  • A Million Ways [1759 words] = Enjolras telling Grantaire he loves him… Without actually saying that he loves him. Just assume everything I write is mainly fluff.
  • More Important Things [20015 words] = Triwizard Tournament AU. Most of Les Amis are Beauxbatons, Enjolras is their Champion, and winning isn’t everything!
  • Caught Off Guard [1493 words] = Prequel of sorts to 9 times? Basically a snowball fight based off a Tumblr post (linked in the notes, I believe).
  • Here For You [1204 words] = This one’s just sad. Exception to the “Jess only writes fluff” rule. Warning for major character death. I wouldn’t recommend this one, but there you go.
  • And Then You [1515 words] = Grantaire’s soulmate tattoo was a little misleading.
  • My Turn [2005 words] = Enjolras finds room for one last bad pickup line in their relationship. (The inevitable, horribly fluffy sequel to 9 Times; I’d suggest you read that first.)
  • Calm Amidst the Storm [4665 words] = Mutant AU. Enjolras feels everyone’s pain. Les Amis fight for change. Grantaire is… There.
  • To Dust or To Gold [25556 words] = Hunger Games AU, the week leading up to the games. Grantaire is a stylist, Enjolras is his tribute.
  • Plan M [6875 words] = 12 unsuccessful* plans Les Amis came up with to try and get Enjolras and Grantaire together. *(…or were they?)
  • A Little Help [1908 words] = Very loosely exr. Grantaire takes a long look at his body from a different perspective. He surprises himself with what he sees. (Body positivity please and thanks.)
  • The Second Carriage [6220 words] = The story of an artist, an author, some nice coincidences, and a train.
  • Dancing With The Wall [9265 words] = Les Amis as paranormal investigators. Basically like if Most Haunted was legit / they actually cared about the wellbeing of supernatural entities. (I personally like this one.)
  • Burn You To The Ground [26993 words] = the sequel for To Dust Or To Gold (the Hunger Games au). I worked very hard on this ‘un. It took a year.

You can also find headcanons and “short” prompt fills in my #headcanon bin and #exr tags!