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i had this dream last night and i have to tell you!! so basically in the dream dnp had just uploaded a gaming video and everyone was watching it ofc. all of the sudden in the video one of them makes a joke about the two being married and there's a moment of silence where phil was about to cut(?) that part but dan stops him and goes "nah mate, i bet they already knew" and suddenly i notice that they were both wearing rings¿? (+)

(+) ALSO after the video they posted a picture of their wedding on instagram lmfao what the actual fuck i woke up sweating

dreams like this are 10x more hhhhhhHHhhHh because of how oddly realistic they are like that’s 100% something dnp would do

Ray rewatches DAtri.Reunion - final

Because I mean to rewatch Determination tomorrow and more liveblogs may ensue (I have a 30 day challenge to finish); there’s just one tiny detail about Reunion I didn’t get the chance to comment… damn it!

It’s just that dramatic scene they added in the after-credits. This is my jam!

I don’t know, the sonoplastia is so basic but it delivers such a perfect mood. The news. Jou looking hella serious and mysterious. The sunset. Destruction. The whole situation. It goes so well with the post-climax dramatic short talk.

Yamato asking Taichi if he made up his mind. The pregnant silence. Yamato’s harsh reply. Taichi looking so sad when he ears Yamato is disappointed it’s heartbreaking…

Silence is the most eloquent artifice in cinema when used wisely and its usage here is so spot on. :)

This stupid super-short random moment alone has already inspired me to draw 2 fanart and I may be setting myself up for a 3rd…

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what sucks the most about that rant (the one saying we created antis) is that its sole purpose was to get people mad. It worked and of course people yelled about it because their patience this late in the game is next to non existent. People being mad was then taken by the OP and used as "proof' of the horribleness of shippers and reylos. It's a vicious cycle. The op made it out like reylo was huge on tumbler and that everywhere they went reylo was invading. The truth is that most of tumblr pt 1

(pt2) hates reylo and its shippers or really loves sticking kylo into their white boy wooby villain category. Every tag has anti reylo in it. Fin*n-rey, the fin*n tag etc its got anti reylo in the high notes and publicly everywhere. Yelling that we created the antis by being active in the fandom is just another attempt to ostracize fans and be weird and gate keepy.

Of course people would get mad, the post is basically telling the fandom ‘you created antis so the hate is your fault’. Never mind that it was tagged as reylo in the first place, so it’s cross tagging, the moment the fandom reacts they’re the bad guys.

From what I’ve seen reylo as a fandom gets a lot of hate, as do most hero/villains kind of ships, and a lot of people prefer to ship it in silence because of this (like I did until a while ago). Plus, Kylo Ren gets a ridiculous amount of hate, which I still can’t understand.

I’m a multi-shipper, I love stor*mpilot, I like fin*nrey (it’s cute even thought I mostly ship ‘em platonically), ky*lux and a few others. But I don’t venture into the tags, I’m still afraid to create content for some of the other ships I like because of the hate for reylo shippers in some of their tags. Would I be welcomed into the fandom? Probably not. Sometimes I’m hesitant to reblog content from non reylo blogs because some people don’t want reylos anywhere near their posts. And the way they seem to want to control the tags, not just the ship tags, but every tag. Like how do you expect there to be no reylo content in the Rey, Kylo Ren, and Star Wars tag, really?

I have absolutely no problem with people not liking reylo, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But antis created themselves, you can, not like something, even detest it, without turning it into a hate fandom, with blogs and a ridiculous amount of content dedicated toward hate.

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i feel like once toshinori accepts that izuku is p much his son now, he'll turn into the maes hughs of the series. im talking a picture of precious izuku for every occasion (even getting baby pics from inko, who has no prob showing him every pic shes got, much to izuku's distress) and he'll pull them out every time he gets the chance. having an interview? bam, pic. talking with aizawa, woosh, look a pic! mentoring some random student? bustin out the pics yo. izuku is both delighted and dying.

HONESTLY…… i think Toshinori is gonna take some time to acclimatize to that realization lmao. like, one day he realizes this kid is basically a son to him now, and he just…. freezes. brain goes flying out the window. the lights are on but no one is home. he needs at least an hour or two before he can even react to the world again

and after that, i think he’d be a little nervous to be around Izuku b/c ‘oh shit oh shit oh shit is it weird of me to view this kid like a son what do i do what do fathers even DO shit shit shit I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THIS oh fuck oh fuck oh fuckkkk’ and so he ends up kinda weird and awkward for the next few days, because he’s not sure how to act in light of this new revelation, which leaves poor Izuku super confused

but then Izuku accidentally calls him Dad during one of those days which. breaks both of them lets be honest. everything just stops and the entire world goes completely silent

Izuku is sweating an ocean and stuttering and freaking out because OH CRAP I JUST CALLED ALL MIGHT DAD UM UM UM and while he totally does view him as a dad he didn’t mean for that to slip out b/c this is ALL MIGHT and he probably has better things to do than deal with Izuku viewing him as a father figure and hska;lgha

meanwhile Toshinori is just. kinda doing mental backflips of happiness because now he knows that Izuku views him as a father and while that’s terrifying (because he’s never been a father oh god he never planned to be one he has literally no idea what to do in this situation someone send help please) at least he knows that he’s not alone in this and that they can kinda work this out

so afterwards they awkwardly get icecream together and sit in silence before speaking up at the same time and basically it turns into a huge disaster but they eventually get through it (after lots of flustering, stuttering, awkwardness, anxious silences, and embarrassment on both their parts)

eventually, they slowly get over their awkwardness. Toshi supplies many an affectionate headpat, high fives, and encouragements, and Izuku even runs to hug the man a fair few times during moments of high happy emotion, with surprised, but equally happy, reciprocation

Clintasha Fic Recs

  Okay, so i’ve decided to create a Clintasha fanfiction recommendation list yeah :) The fics are arranged in no particular order because i’m too lazy 


1) Dear Natasha
~THIS. This fic will rip your heart out and make you bawl. It’s a must read for all newcomers to the clintasha ship!! It’s written from Clint’s POV when Natasha is in a coma.

2) Compromised (Series)
    -Girl, Compromised
    -Hawkeye, Compromised 
    -Stubborn Love 
    -Lost Moments ~Incomplete at time of post~

3) I Dare You
~What’s wonderful about this is that it’s LONG, like 152 Chapters long :>

4) Somewhere They Can’t Find Me (Series)
    -The Sound Of Silence
    -April Come She Will
    -Keep The Customer Satisfied
    -A Hazy Shade Of Winter
    -Leaves That Are Green

5) Just A Debt
~This is one of my favs aaah @__@ It has so much angst :0 It’s basically about Clint with severe PTSD… Go check it out! ^^

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For context, we were running the Rise of Tiamat, currently with a party of a ‘White’ Paladin, a ‘Black’ Paladin, a Rogue, a Monk, and a Sorcerer. The Black Paladin is infamous for charging into bad situations, while the White Paladin is infamous for being paranoid to the point of borderline insanity. In the Tomb of Diderius, there is a particular bridge covered in slime with a large hole. To cross the bridge, you have to make a Dex save. On the other end is 6 lizard men and two yaun ti archers just throwing stuff across. Also, the Sorcerer has been grounded by the Rogue for running ahead and opening doors basically the whole dungeon.

DM: The bridge looks like its covered in a green moss. Judging by the moss, you can safely guess its just as slippery as the stairs. You can see across the bridge 6 lizard men with shields holding position on the other side of the bridge.

Barbarian I mean Black Paladin(OOC): I charge across the bridge.

DM: *raises eyebrow* Make a DEX check

B. Paladin(OOC): *rolls* what doe an 18 do for me?

DM: You successfully balance on the bridge.

B. Paladin: Die reptilian vermin! *kills 1 lizardman in two hits and throws him off the bridge*

DM:…. You hear a loud thud in 6 seconds.

*Everyone pales at the idea of how deep this hole was*

*Cut to sorcerer massacring the lizard men in two turns with Minute Meteors(Currently has 2 left). Everyone except the Sorcerer and the W. Paladin has suceeded the roll on the bridge.*

DM: The Yuan Ti begin to run.

B. Paladin: Not on my watch! *Charges after them*

W. Paladin: I’m not confident in my ability to balance on this bridge. *Steps carefully onto the bridge*

W. Paladin(OOC): I PRAY TO GOD *rolls*


What does an 8 do for me?

DM:… roll an Acrobatics check to grab the bridge on the way down.

W. Paladin(OOC): I swear to god… *rolls*


What does a 9 do for me?

Rogue(OOC): I try to grab her as she slips

DM: I’ll allow it, make a DEX check to keep from slipping yourself and a STR check to hold onto her.

Rogue: *rolls and succeeds DEX check but not his STR*

DM: *W. Paladin*, you fall into the abyss. Take *rolls*, 45 falling damage.

W. Paladin(OOC): *Has 10 hit points left* Good thing I made a back up… OH GOD SNAKES

*Sorcerers turn is right after. She starts giggling like a crazed maniac before going dead quiet.*

Sorcerer(OOC): I step onto the bridge and look over the side.

DM: Yeah, you see darkness and hear the faint scream of “I TOLD YOU SO.”

Sorcerer: *Turns to Rogue* As of now, Im officially. *pause* Ungrounded.

Sorcerer(OOC):  I jump.

DM & Rest of Party: ….What?

Sorcerer(OOC): I jump.

DM:… Are you insane?

Sorcerer(OOC): No, I’m awesome. As I’m falling, Im going to throw my last two meteors directly below me as a bonus action and then I’m going to cast Fly on myself.

DM: * a few moments of silence and then sighs* Ok. There is a six second drop, so you can do that.

* Sorcerer fistpumps and basically saves the W. Paladin. Went on to explode almost every enemy therafter*

After game

DM: Well that was a great session guys, I hope you had fun.

B. Paladin: The dungeon was pretty good, but it only got awesome after it became a Michael Bay film.

Ok but like, think about this

After just a few days Kaneki formed his group and they had moved to the apartment with Hinami, they were discussing some things and someone made coffee. Hinami was sitting on the couch, between Kaneki and Tsukiyama, and Banjou was beside Tsukiyama. And poor little Hinami was handing Banjou his cup of coffee and then accidentally dropped the cup on Tsukiyama, staining his new shirt and burning him with the scalding coffee. Banjou tensed, Hinami teared up in guilt, Kaneki was about to release his kagune because, well, they only had been together for a few days and, knowing Tsukiyama, he’d explode on Hinami and like hell he’d allow that to happen.
But to everyone’s surprise, Tsukiyama did nothing, actually, he grabbed his handkerchief, smiled softly at Hinami, cleaned her tears and told her it was ok. And ONLY after she calmed down, he left the room and went to the kitchen to try to clean his shirt and god, put some cold water on that burnt on his chest.
Tsukiyama took off his shirt and turned on the faucet, grabbing his used handkerchief and wetting it, applying it to the reddened flesh on his chest, that thankfully was already healing.
After some minutes, Kaneki showed up, grabbing the stained shirt and using some basic knowledge he had to remove the stain from it. Some moments of silence went by before Kaneki spoke up and thanked the other for not getting angry with Hinami, to which Tsukiyama just gave him the softest smile ever, saying how he could never get angry with the little lady.
And then they just talked, about books and about whatever while Tsukiyama waited for Kaneki to get done with his shirt.

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Hello my fav person in the whole world !! I hope your having an extraordinharry day and I just wanted to say that I love you and I have an imagine request. One where your his babysitter for his kid and he's this like big business guy and you guys fall in love even though there's like and age gap and everything but he loves you anyway and you guys like do cute stuff and yeah idk let your imagination run wild. Again I love you have an amazayn day lovely 😊💕

A/N: YOU’RE SO STINKING CUTE OHMY GOD I LOVE YOU SO MUCH YOU LIL CUTIE. Have a wonderful day you lil sunshine I love you :-) I really like this idea and I’m so glad you requested it! I haven’t written something this long in ages so thank you! Oh and I’m keeping it where he’s about 5 years older than you (and you’re over 18) so things remain legal and stuff but I didn’t really mention ages in this so whatever haha :-)))

“Late night at work again?” You asked a clearly tired and heavily overworked Harry as he walked in the front door of his neatly decorated apartment. You were lying on the couch while aimlessly flipping through the channels as Harry’s young son, Christian slept in his bedroom peacefully.

“I’ll say,” he replied while kicking off his work shoes and tossing them into the corner by the front door. The way he’d sloppily kick off his shoes everyday when he’d return home from work humored you actually—Harry’s apartment was always so neat and tidy, everything in it’s precise place without a single thing out of line; that was everything but the small corner behind his door which collected miscellaneous bits of Harry’s ensemble for the day. A single tie, pair of shoes and a button up shirt stood muddled in the corner and that’s just the way Harry liked them. Harry saw that corner as organized chaos and no matter how many times as you’d ask him if he wanted you to move his things he’d brush the idea off and so they’d stay and you’d stop asking. “Jennie in the office is literally killing me with the amount of work she’s piling up on my desk.” He said still continuing the conversation of work which somehow got lost in the midst of your mind and your thoughts. “She drives me fucking mad just like this damn snow.” Harry huffed while dusting snow off of his new expensive coat.

The bewildered look on your face caused Harry to stop speaking about his day probably because he thought your shocked look was because of what he said when in reality you were surprised to hear his voice. You had been so lost in your own thoughts about him you forgot that he was actually standing right in front of you.

“Sorry,” he began while running his slender fingers through his neatly slicked back locks. Even though it was snowing frantically outside Harry’s hair still managed to look like its usual perfection. “How was Christian? Did he give you any trouble tonight?” Harry asked while taking his lip inbetween his fingers and once again his words surprised you from your racing thoughts.

“He was surprisingly exhausted today,” you said as Harry headed into his bedroom to slip into his post-work clothes which were basically just a t-shirt and sweatpants. “He fell asleep at about 8.” Silence filled the room for a moment but it was short lived.

“That’s good,” Harry replied while returning from his bedroom with a clean white t-shirt balled up in his hand while he carefully adjusted the sweatpants hanging dangerously low on his body. You found yourself aimlessly scanning your eyes over Harry’s toned body without even realizing it. To your surprise, Harry’s skin was inked with several different types of tattoos each sending a surge of warmth through your body. Some part of you—even though Harry was your boss and the idea was completely unprofessional; wanted Harry’s bare chest to be pressed up against your skin. You wanted to be able to inhale his scent and feel his breath fan against your neck. Silence filled the room once again and soon you began to feel incredibly warm despite the cold winter air chilling the sky outside. Harry looked at you for a moment and his cheeks quickly flushed once he realized he had just been half naked in front of you without knowing.

“I-I’m sorry,” you said while turning away from Harry. Your eyes had practically burned holes in his body and you immediately were swept with a rush of embarrassment. Your boss of six years, the man you became friends with and most importantly the man you were desperately falling in love with was probably mortified to know that you were lusting over his body like a horny teenager right before his eyes. Harry slipped on his t-shirt that clung tightly to his chest accentuating every curve and dip in his skin and you cursed at the higher powers above for testing your self control like this.

“S’fine,” Harry said and the room filled with silence once more. Harry headed into the kitchen and began to make himself a cup of tea. “Would you like some?” He asked and you shook your head, politely obliging. You were overstaying your welcome and you figured it was time you left and began the drive back home.

“No thank you, I should get going.” You said while glancing at the clock on the wall. It read 10:36pm.

“Wait Y/N,” Harry began as you turned to head home. “It’s snowing like mad out there and there’s no way I’ll be able to sleep comfortably at night knowing that I let you head home in this mess. Please stay the night with me,” Harry said and your heart fluttered. Of course his words weren’t meant to be taken in the typical context they’re told in but it was enough to make your heart soar. “If you want to of course,” Harry added quickly after hearing his own words.

“I don’t want to intrude…” Your voice began to trail off. In all honesty the thought of having to drive the ten minute drive home in the freezing cold wasn’t sounding like such a great idea to you. You weren’t the best driver and the busy nighttime London streets weren’t the safest roads to drive on in the snow.

“You’re not Y/N,” Harry replied quickly. “I asked you to, silly.” He said with a small smile and so you agreed to stay with him.

“I’ll take the couch,” Harry added after he brewed his tea and yours; he knew by now that you were a complete sucker for the way he made your tea and he also knew you were only saying no because you didn’t want to intrude. “You can find a shirt to wear tonight in my top drawer nearest the bathroom door. If you’d like to,” Harry said still using the same phrase so you knew that you were free to do as you pleased. You nodded, thanked him and headed into his bedroom where you’d find your evening attire.

If you were told yesterday that you’d be sleeping over Harry’s house in his clothes this night you would’ve laughed in the person’s face. And yet, here you were grabbing Harry’s old black t-shirt and sliding it on your body. You decided against going pantsless and instead kept on the pair of sweatpants you had worn to his house already. There was enough sexual tension for the night, on your part at least.

Harry’s P.O.V.

After Y/N headed into my bedroom I felt as though I could finally breathe normally again. Something about her always made it hard for me to breathe and speak normally. I was always so afraid of saying something weird or wrong that would make her leave. For the longest time I told myself that she was nothing but a babysitter for Christian, but now I realize that she’s so much more.

I’m in love with her.

Seeing at how she looked at me when I walked out of the bedroom and how she looked at me when she thought I wasn’t looking made me believe that maybe, just maybe she loved me too.

I sighed as I dipped the two tea bags back into the hot water and soon enough Y/N was back in the kitchen wearing one of my t-shirts. I gulped and watched the way she carefully grabbed the sugar from the cabinet and placed it on the counter next to me. She hated sugar in her tea, but she knew how much I loved it in mine.

God, I love her.

“Thank you,” I said softly as I added the right amount of sugar into my cup and the right amount of honey into hers. I could feel my hands getting slightly shaky as I felt her watch me make tea. Before I knew it I felt her warm hands wrap around mine, steadying my shaky grip.

“Jeez Harry are you cold? Why are you shaking?” Her hands still stood placed perfectly around mine as I stirred our teas. At one point my hands were placed inbetween hers and hers alone. We had forgotten all about the tea and were instead more focused on each other.

“Are you okay?” She asked me, her eyes wide and full of worry. I nodded and without noticing I had brought her hands up to my lips and kissed her knuckles lightly—something I’d do with Christian when he was nervous.

In that moment I felt a bunch of things. I felt an overwhelming desire and lust for Y/N where normally that desire was easily masked and hidden by myself. I’d always shrug off the idea of wanting Y/N just for the sake of my own sanity. I told myself that I couldn’t love her; she was technically my employee and nothing more. I had hired her six years ago when Christian was just a baby and he needed the most care. My career was just beginning and I worked hard long hours and knowing someone was there for him during that time put my overworked mind at ease. His mother had just left us and I was in a weakened state. I was angry, upset and lonely all the time but the more I was around Y/N the more I realized that she was teaching me how to love again.

And boy was I in love.

“I’m sorry,” I spoke up yet again for my uncalled for actions. The hold we once had on each other lessened and soon we were just sitting at the kitchen table in silence while letting the sipping sounds of our tea be the only conversation.

After our tea sipping we headed into the living room where the sounds of Detective Olivia Benson’s voice coming from the television beckoned us to the couch.

We both sat silently on the couch while trying our hardest to pretend that we were watching the show. In reality, we probably were both thinking about how stupid and uncalled for my actions were.

I was mentally beating myself up when I felt Y/N move and then I felt her lips crash onto mine like tidal waves on the shore. I was shocked at first, but soon I realized that she wanted what I wanted.

She wanted me like I wanted her.

Before I could process what was happening I felt her pull away from me and get up off of the couch. She immediately began to apologize frantically for her actions when in reality there was nothing to apologize for.

“Oh my god Harry I am so sorry I didn’t know what I was thinking, I mean actually I wasn’t thinking that was the problem. That was so unprofessional of me oh my god I cannot believe I just did that. I’m so sorry Harry. I should go,” she spoke quickly and frantically and she paced back and forth. I got up off of the couch and headed over to her.

“Y/N, Y/N calm down,” I repeated over and over again. “It’s okay love,” I said. She didn’t seem to hear me and instead continued to pace back and forth across the dark colored wooden floors.

“I should go,” she said and she began to collect her purse. This was my chance. No more hidden feelings, no more shying away. This was my chance to open up to her and tell her how I really felt.

“I love you,” I said over her chaotic pacing. As soon as the words left my lips I saw her freeze dead in her tracks. Her eyes were wide and her jaw was slightly ajar. She probably was wondering if she heard what I said correctly so in order to clear things up I repeated it for her. “I love you Y/N.”

“H-Harry, I love you.” She said after a few moments of letting the severity of my words sink in. We both inched towards each other but when our lips collided that was it.

I’ve been dying to feel this feeling and really kiss Y/N for forever now and here I was kissing her like the world was going to disappear. My hand rested on her neck and the other cupped her cheek as our lips moved slowly, yet passionately against each others. Her hands held onto my waist as I savored every millisecond of our kiss.

Our kiss broke apart and we stood staring at each other with mutual looks of affection. I smiled at her as she ran her tongue lightly over her lips, a habit I knew she had.

“I’ve always loved you,” I said softly into her ear before pressing a kiss to her temple and carrying her into my bed where we’d sleep cuddled up next to each other like we were destined to do.


I want to take a moment to appreciate Agent Carter for something

No, it’s not what you expect, although I do really love its portrayal of strong female characters.

I’m talking about Jack Thompson.

Now don’t get all up in arms and scream about how he started out as a sexist jerkface who deserved to get pummeled by Peggy. Because all of that is true (although he is starting to come around). But I want to bring attention to one very specific scene regarding his character because I think it has significant social importance yet practically nobody on this godforsaken website has been paying attention to it.

In the episode (I really suck at remembering episode names/numbers, sorry) where he and Peggy meet up with the Howling Commandos, there’s that part during the firefight when Jack completely freezes up and Peggy literally has to scream at him to get him to move. Why is this important, you ask? Because even though it was a just a tidbit of the entire episode, this show actually bothered to show a soldier who was clearly going through a post-traumatic flashback. Although there’s some PSA’s circling around now promoting awareness about soldiers who’ve come home and have suffered from PTSD, there’s still a vast amount of ignorance about it. I’m not going to pretend I know a lot about the specifics of how the disorder operates. But I have known a police officer that suffered from it due to a particularly bad case he dealt with, and from what little I do know, the pain and fear associated with it are very real to those who suffer from PTSD.

I basically just want to applaud Agent Carter for not glorifying the horrors of war/violence in that moment and focusing for a little bit on what has actually happened to real people who have experienced war firsthand. Fortunately for me, I’ve never been to war, never had to deal with violence like that. But a lot of people have and have come home to suffer in silence and sometimes end up taking their own lives. The fact that the team behind the show decided to have a character go through a post-traumatic episode is really important. It was really important for people who might not normally watch things like war dramas or for people who have not experienced it or known someone who has to see that, even if it didn’t take up that much time in the episode.

What was also great about it was Peggy’s response to Jack on the plane ride home. Did she shame him for cracking under pressure? NO. She was compassionate and sympathetic because she understood that what he had gone through in that moment was not a case of a man being a coward but instead a case of a man feeling like he’d been pulled back to a horrific time of his life against his will. Whatever other flaws Jack has that he needs to overcome, that, at least, was not his fault, and Peggy’s response was entirely appropriate. People who have experienced trauma like that have triggers, and sometimes when there’s a trigger, there is literally nothing they can do to stop from feeling like they’re back in the past/freezing up. Peggy clearly got this. She’s seen war too and she understands the terrible things that people go through, and that people who have suffered through war should not be made to feel ashamed of uncontrollable reactions to significant emotional trauma.

Anyway, I just felt like I needed to point this out. I’ll get off my soapbox now.


140611 Happy Camp Recording.
Just feel like posting this….this is basically how I feel right now after reading all those fan-accs today…Tao was really crying…so hard….many fans that were there cried too….Tao’s crying was even heard during that short moment of silence after the video was aired….regardless of what happens from now I’ll support both ot11 and Kris and ot12 if Kris gets on terms with SM .



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Imagine Bucky meeting Pepper for the first time during the early stages of his recovery

bucky thinks he would have liked her before - well, before, but now he’s a little too wary of people that walk with such an air of power and authority to do more than mumble a quick hello whenever he runs into her

the first time he sees her out of her work clothes it’s five in the morning on a monday. bucky’s been plagued with nightmares all week (memories, really, but they might as well be nightmares) and he decides to make a strategic retreat to the kitchen for food instead of laying in bed and staring at the ceiling. pepper’s sitting on one of the stools at the counter, wearing a loose pair of sweatpants and an overlarge t-shirt proclaiming “a day without fusion is like a day without sunshine!” her hair is up in a messy bun and she looks tired and cranky, hunched over a bowl of oatmeal and tapping away at a starkpad 

bucky shuffles over to the counter, grabs a box of fruity pebbles and sits down beside her, careful to keep his left arm a safe distance away

she glances up at him, sees the deep circles under his eyes and his unwashed hair, the way he’s angling his body away from hers so there’s plenty of space between them, and says, “did i ever tell you about the time i was injected with an experimental drug that almost killed me but instead made me super strong and basically invulnerable?”

bucky drops his fruity pebbles and, after a moment of silence, shakes his head

“well, grab your bowl and lets go to the living room, i’ve got some clips of me looking really great in a sports bra that you need to see”

a moment of silence to all the movies, books, and shows that have amazing relationships between characters of the same sex with painfully obvious romantic and sexual subtext/undertones that opt for Straight Relationships with flimsy/practically nonexistent buildup with basically none of the aforementioned because Gay is Unacceptable

Because - an Aokuro onshot

a.k.a MY FIRST COMPLETED AOKURO FIC (out of like, 6 i’ve started and not finished lol)…

I know it’s pretty last minute but it’s still technically before midnight where I am right now, so I’m gonna go ahead and say HAPPY ONE DAY TIL THE KNB SEASON 3 PREMIERE!!!

This oneshot is an alternate take on the river scene, based on this rant I posted a few days ago. (Warning: it’s basically a 5-page angst fest.)


- - -


Kuroko had been expecting a yes or no answer (well… expecting a no, hoping for a yes), so Aomine’s response caught him off guard.

After a moment of surprised silence from Kuroko, Aomine continued. “Why should I practice? Why, when I’ll win matches even if I don’t want to? Should I play at full strength like you told me to, just so I can more thoroughly crush opponents who have already lost their will to fight?”

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