basically a glorified follow forever


people on tumblr who rock: hannah

hannah has amazing taste in pretty much everything. she loves all the best shows, and is the reason i’ve gotten into parks and recreation in the first place. i’m pretty sure if adam scott wasn’t already married, hannah would be his live in girlfriend. she’s also really nice and excellent. 

people on tumblr who rock: allegra

allegra and i have been mutually following each other basically since i started my blog. she has awesome taste, is really nice, and i can always count on her blog to cheer me up. we don’t talk much, but i always smile when she pops up on my dash.

people on tumblr who rock: celine

jesus christ, celine is probably the sweetest person every in the history of the world. she’s ALWAYS willing to try to cheer me up, always cheering me on, and is cute as a button. she’s just such a good person, sweet and smart, it kind of makes my teeth hurt. celine is a winner in every respect of the word. amazing.


people on tumblr who rock: maya

maya has a really beautiful personality. she’s the only reason i would ever download and make a gif of darren criss– she’s so nice and just utterly lovely that i’d do whatever i think would make her happy. she’s also remarkably mature and makes me look like an idiotic eleven year old.

people on tumblr who rock: millie

maybe i’m just so infatuated with millie that i can’t see her flaws, but jesus christ does the girl not have any. she’s one of my favorite rp buddies, and she makes wonderful fanmixes and graphics and everything. i just want to hug her 24/7.

people on tumblr who rock: tallie

i haven’t known tallie for very long, but she’s still super excellent. she’s a really good writer, and is so funny and nice, and basically i like talking to her and sharing all the stupid shit i’m doing throughout the day. and she lets me, because she’s good people.


people on tumblr who rock: amanda

amanda is a real sweetheart. i met her when i was making a compilation of young adult fiction. despite not even knowing me, she helped me make the second one. she’s so incredibly kind and outgoing, and she loves teen wolf, which makes her all right in my book.

people on tumblr who rock: caroline

i met caroline when there was a smear campaign on tumblr about her, and when people tell me not to like someone, i end up liking them. caroline is probably community’s number one fan, and she is really funny and somehow she likes one direction and i haven’t unfollowed her yet. amazing.

people on tumblr who rock: martha

martha is amazing. she’s gotten me through some amazingly hard times in my life, puts up with my bitchassedness, and is probably the funniest person i’ve met in my life. her birthday was a few days ago and i missed it, which proves i am the shittiest friend in the world. i just want to find her and kiss her all over her face. martha, are you reading this? i want to kiss you on the lips. i want to have your adopted puppy babies. i want to gay marry you. i love martha. martha is better than you.