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Supernatural 12x17, “The British Invasion,” and 12x18, “The Memory Remains.”

Two episodes about legacies, two episodes about how our actions can shape the future. Two episodes about making connections and breaking them. And irony. Don’t forget the irony. That’s key!

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anonymous asked:

love love love loveeeee your work! i just wanna ask you about how to start making an art portfolio. does it have to online? can it be your tumblr or what? cause i have no idea. & i really wanna start putting my art work on this website. i could really use some tips on how to start putting my artwork out there. please let me know. thanks!!! Stay beautiful girly(:

Hello you gorgeous little thing!

Firstly, you should know, I’m not an expert - I consider myself to still be an a fresh, new artist/designer starting out in the industry just like you!

Basically I think anything that displays your work concisely without a bunch of other stuff getting in the way is important. So using a personal Tumblr/blog as a portfolio, I do not recommend. You need to make it as easy as possible for people to access your work. This is why web portfolios are easy - the employer/client doesn’t need to download a file. However I’ve also been told that some clients aren’t comfortable clicking links. So maybe have both a PDF portfolio as well as a web portfolio ready to send when you’re asked for either or both.

I’ve had clients/manager figures use my Tumblr as a portfolio, and I know that I’ve gotten work from big commercial brands using Instagram, but this is just because I have quite a large following and update both of those every day. If you’re starting out from scratch I would use websites like 4ormat, SquareSpace or Cargo Collective. These platforms are made for creative portfolios and are a super simple and effective way to showcase your work in an efficient and professional way.

Another tip I have is to be selective with the work you put up. You want to give the viewer a sense of your artistic/creative essence - enough to tell them who you are, your skill set and what your about, but not too much to overload them with visual information. Put up a range of different works because diversity in style and skills make you more attractive to people looking to hire.

I have to go, but I really hope this helps.
(And to everyone who has messaged me in the past, I work really hard to give you quality answers which is why I can’t answer all of them at once, thank you all for being so patient and I hope I can get through my inbox and answer all your excellent questions eventually!)

Much love!