basically a big fluffy teddy bear

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Could I humbly request a continuation of the LeoQui fic? Maybe with Qui-Gon's instincts making him all cuddly and coddling with Obi-Wan during storms. Wrapping him up and making sure he's warm/not scared and basically being a big, overprotective, fluffy teddy bear XD

Snapping his head from Windu to his master and then back, Obi-Wan felt his eyes widen even more as Yoda started to smirk and settled in.

‘Wish popcorn I had I do.’ The troll’s ears wiggled.

“With all due respect masters, but what the poodoo kark do you guys think my master would do against me!” The boy yelped and Qui-Gon’s ears also quivered in amusement now. After all, it wasn’t often a padawan spoke to a collected council like that, especially one as rule abiding as Obi-Wan.

“Padawan Kenobi, do mind your words, you are in front of the council.” Shaak cautioned though there was a slight twitch of her lips that indicated amusement.

It was well hidden though.

“I would if you all weren’t thinking my master would hurt me. Master Qui-Gon has been nothing but attentive and considerate towards since he agreed to take me on. He’s looked after me, tended to my injuries and taught me, just like any master in the temple.” The young boy was defending his master fiercely.

Qui-Gon felt a spark of pride at that, looking down at his little spit fire of a padawan before catching Yoda’s eyes.

The two smiled at each other.

Obi-Wan crossed his arms over his chest. “I mean really, I can’t think of anyone I feel safer with in this temple then my master and I know he’s not going to hurt me regardless of what reputation his species has, you can’t comb everyone under the same brush, that’s like sayi-”

What Obi-Wan was going to say was lost as a there was a flash of light that was followed by a loud boom before rain hit.

But more overwhelming then that was Obi-Wan’s sudden fear filling the Force as he yelped and threw himself into Qui-Gon, hiding in his stomach as his small hands clenched into the fabric of the  lios robe.

“Easy Obi-Wan, its just thunder. Easy.” Qui-Gon wrapped his arms around the boy, cupping the back of his head while resting the other around the padawan. “Thunder and lightning Obi-Wan.” His tail flickered as he rubbed lightly, sighing quietly. “Forgive us masters, Obi-Wan is still dealing with some… there were bombs on our last missions.” He settled on to not betray the teens privacy.

“Some trauma?” Plo questioned.

“A bit. Yes. We’re dealing with, special meditation.” Qui-Gon rumbled soothingly down at the kit, still rubbing his back as he cocked his ears at the council members, most of his focus on the boy against him.

It was a soothing picture and Obi-Wan seemed to certainly feel safer against Qui-Gon as he slowly untensed, an embarrassed flush crossing his cheeks as he stared down at his feet in shame. “S-Sorry.”

“No, its alright Obi-Wan. We’ll handle this.” Qui-Gon rumbled, resting his hand on his padawan. “Remember what I told you, its all about coping.” He smiled.

Glancing up at his master, Obi-Wan gave a small reluctant smile back. “Yes master.”

Sitting back a bit, the council looked to each other.

Well, perhaps Yoda was right…again…stupid troll.

He was smiling smugly at them too.