@gayleafcrime Very true, that’s a dimension I definitely overlooked in the OP. If anything, it would mean the ruling class granting less concessions and a more assertive defense of the capitalist order – dangerous possibilities. I foresee conservatives and right-populists taking that route, while liberals will opt for the “more superfluous jobs” idea and social democrats will opt for a universal basic income – all different tactics to maintain the same organizational structures. The basic premise of means of production ownership needs to be constantly questioned and assessed and pulled into the mainstream discourse. Dispossession can lead to fascism when influenced by the hard-right bourgeois elements, absolutely, but increasing left-populism is the flipside of that coin; if populists want an “us vs them” narrative in the rising tensions of late capitalist automation, let it be the people vs the ruling class, let it be the people vs the elites that dispossessed them.

It’s a complicated issue, and all I can recommend is doubling down on building class consciousness and pulling the ideas leftward. Help others peel back the facade and see the oppressive inner workings.

Materials Science and Engineering, the Basics: Structure, Phases, Characterization, and Failure

Masterpost of Tumblr Posts

Atomic and crystal structure:



Materials characterization:


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Some Theories on S4, S5, and Narrative Structure

So I haven’t been keeping up with Set!lock or fandom metas… I fucked off to my main fandom not too long after TAB. But I’ve recently become Sherlock obsessed again, and I’ve finally grasped a lot of narrative structure things (shameful for a writer, I know) so I thought I’d make a predictions essay based on narrative structure.

So of course, in basic plot structure you have:

1. Hook
2. 1st Plot Turn
3. Pinch Point 1
4. Midpoint
5. Pinch Point 2
6. 3rd Plot Turn
7. Climax
8. Denoument

(7 and 8 are sometimes broken down into Black Moment | Climax | Denoument {the wrap up})

I’m working off the assumptions that they’ve got a five series arc planned, and also that M-Theory is real. (And Johnlock of course, duh.)

So this puts things something like this:

ASiP - The Hook + Inciting Incident. 
TGG - First plot point.

TRF - First pinch point. 

TSOT - Midpoint Reversal. 

TAB - 2nd Pinch. 

???1 - 2nd Pinch.
???3 - 3rd Plot Point 

???2 - Black Moment into Climax.
???3 - Climax into Resolution.

  • The Hook + Inciting Incident. John and Sherlock meet, the introduction to the series and it’s themes. 
  • First plot point. And by that I mean the real introduction to Moriarity and his evil plots that continue through the entire series. 
  • First pinch point. Pinch points are kind of difficult for me to define even now, but basically, they are there to remind you of what’s at stake. They give a character an opportunity to show what his core is, and often they give him the means to make a choice that will define him and his arc. You can also use pinch points as a reminder of the nature of the bad guy. Anyway, TRF does both. Sherlock is directly reminded of how ruthless and crazy Moriarity is while affirming that Sherlock, indeed, has a heart - and that specifically that John is very important to him. But in this stage, Sherlock is also still not comfortable communicating and still doesn’t recognize all of his emotions for what they are. 
  • Midpoint Reversal. TSOT is smack dab in what many presume to be the entire series, and you can’t get a better midpoint reversal in a romance arc than the hero marrying someone else. Midpoint Reversal means that the circumstances of the story reverse - in this case, things have been looking well for John and Sherlock throughout the series, even in TEH really, but then you have Mary knocking everything askew. 
  • 2nd Pinch. I’ve listed the 2nd Pinch here because TAB was *huge* in moving along Sherlock’s arc and showing who he really is. But I do think it’s possible that the pinch will carry over into the beginning of the first episode of S4, possibly with a love declaration of some sort, and of course, some Moriarity event. 
  • 3rd Plot Point - At the third plot point, you reveal your final piece of information. I mean, case fic is one thing for the rest of the show, but this would be the moment you reveal your final “omg” fact that you need to get you to the climax and beyond. In this case, since I ascribe to M-Theory, I think that this is when it will be revealed that Mycroft has been caught in Moriarity’s web. I also believe that Moriarity is coming back (but we’ll probably get a glimpse of him before this). It’s either Moriarity, or it’ll be a double whammy and if there’s someone behind Moriarity, that’ll come out here. I have other reasons for believing it’s Moriarity, but for the purposes of this post, it’s because you don’t change main villains in the middle of a story! It could be that Mycroft dies here, as well, possibly in a redemption arc. 
  • Black Moment into Climax. If we haven’t visited The Three Garridebs in S4, then I think they’ll be saving it for the Black Moment, and then propelling that into the Climax of the series. If Mycroft is going to die and doesn’t die in S4, then I think the Black Moment will also include Mycroft’s death after some sort of redemption arc. Note that I don’t think that Mycroft *needs* a redemption arc in terms of he’s not actually a villain - but I believe that Mycroft would believe he needs one. 
  • Climax into Resolution - This is pretty self explanatory, but I just wanted to mention that I think we’ll get some sort of ending with John and Sherlock in the country with the bees, romance firmly established. 
(Much sillier) G/T Idea:

A giant awakens, after a night of intense partying, drinking, etc., to the sounds of construction from downstairs. All on its own, the migraine from the hangover would be devastating, but it’s made so much worse by the sound downstairs that the giant immediately launches themselves out of bed and hurries down to the living room.

There is, for some reason, a tiny construction crew in their house, a few dozen mouse-sized people busily pouring concrete out of mixing trucks not even a full foot long each, welding wires together like giant construction workers weld steel bars. It’s an almost comical display of professionalism, and they’ve made impressive progress on whatever it is they’re doing; the giant hardly has time to notice that the basic concrete structure the tinies have set up is surrounding their television before they start groaning out their frustrations. Their voice is barely audible over the sounds of heavy construction; the tinies have to stop building whatever they’re working on to be able to hear the giant clearly.

The giant barely manages to grumble out a few words of complaint, demanding to see the foreman despite their overwhelming confusion. The foreman steps out and explains the situation.

The giant, in a drunken stupor the night before, had somehow managed to sign their television away to a tiny construction company to be used as a tiny movie theater screen. The tinies are quick workers, and had already drawn out blueprints for the theater and the surrounding environment; the giant’s entire living room would be taken over in the process. The tinies don’t need the space, but would appreciate having it, since it’s already been signed over and construction has already started.

The giant, not wanting to deal with any of this, still suffering from the hangover, politely asks the tinies to keep quiet, offers to make them something to eat (none of them are hungry), reminds themselves to buy a new TV, and heads back upstairs.

This, they decide, is a problem for a later hour.

Making salmon with pesto sauce which is simple, quick, tasty and healthy!
Salmon is an excellent source of protein and Omega-3 (polyunsaturated fatty acids) which should be consumed at least once or twice a week. Additionally it decreases your chances of cardiovascular diseases and is a fundamental building block of basic cellular structures. Personally I prefer organic wild caught salmon versus farm raised. Pesto sauce: fresh basil, pine puts ,garlic ,olive oil, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Asiago Cheese
готовим запечённый лосось с соусом песто. Просто , быстро, вкусно , полезно! Песто (свежий базилик, кедровые орехи, чеснок, оливковое масло, пармеджаноРеджано и asiago). Лосось-отличный источник белка и Омега-3 (полиненасыщеные жирные аминокислоты). Они снижают уровень плохого холестерина, снижают риск сердечно-сосудистых заболеваниях, являются важным “строительным” элементом клеточных мембран. Его стоит употреблять как минимум 1-2 раза в неделю. Лучше отдавать предпочтение лососю выловленному в океане (а не выращенном на ферме). (at Deal Lake)

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Let’s Rewrite: Suicide Squad

Okay, I’m only gonna say this once:

Originally posted by boldlygiffing

I didn’t like Suicide Squad, I thought it was a bad movie. I think a lot got left on the editing room floor that coulda made it better. But I think the writing suffered from a powerful lack of theme and the script was perhaps irreparably flawed.

I’m all about theme, so here we go.

Consider this a spoiler warning for Suicide Squad.

Basic Structure/TLDR:

  • Film hinges on Harley Quinn’s question to Deadshot: “You ever been in love?”
  • The things ‘love’ or lack thereof drive us to do becomes the motivating theme of the movie. Deadshot’s answer “No. Couldn’t do what I do and still sleep like a baby if I believed in anything like love.” is the vehicle by which the theme is expressed.
  • Characters are divided neatly in the first ten minutes into those who ‘sleep soundly’ and don’t love and ‘can’t sleep’ and do love. We don’t need ANY backstory for anyone yet, just where they fit on this theme spectrum.
  • Get rid of all characters who can’t be placed pretty quickly on this spectrum: Captain Boomerang, the Joker, Killer Croc.
  • Scott Eastwood can stay if he makes out with this guy:

Originally posted by ssquadupdates

  • Complicate the narrative repeatedly in both action scenes and dialogue scenes.
  • Keep flashbacks to a minimum. Only as they are needed for character development
  • At the end, the have-love-sleep-tight/have-none-don’t-sleep theme thoroughly complicated, tie these into the idea of heroism to mesh with rest of DC universe.

Okay, let’s do this heavy:

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Here it is. The first weapon being involved in the new NAS-Z. The Bren LMG. Featuring a 30 round magazine this weapon was the standard Light Machine Gun for multiple nations during the Second World War (Including Australia and the UK). I am really pleased with this model as the iron sights aren’t on the top but to the side so I had to really concentrate while making them other wise they would be too high, too low or not aligned properly. Also the bipod is a separate piece to the main body so I can have it sway and have it do some cool things.

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Appointment update

What I feared would be a terrible appointment was actually so helpful. My CPN never judges, he only empathises and looks for solutions. TW

My weight had dropped and I know the trend, in the past month, doesn’t look good. Given my diabetes he said that they will respond more abruptly to slips and that we need to focus on stabilisation.
After I’d told him everything I posted on here basically, including the incident with the left side of my body going numb, I told him “I’m ready. Well, no I’m not. But I need to do it anyway.”
Essentially, I want to try recovery again. In the past month, possibly longer, I have been relapsing. I’ve thrown away a lot of the progress I made on the unit, but u can’t dwell in the past. I need to look forward.
We’ve come up with a base plan for the next week, the basically involves getting structure back. So lunch will be back in after being absent from my home eating since early July. I also suggested putting a fortisip in as my evening snack, as it’s not “woolly”. I have a bad habit of having lots of little bits, but just want the easiest way of getting my intake up so I feel less physically shit. I am determined to keep up with my cold turkey approach to purging. It won’t be easy but right now I’m using scare tactics with the incident yesterday. I am getting bloods done tomorrow morning, as my CPN said that is quite urgent given what’s happened.
This is going to be hard. There’s no point pretending it’s “just a sandwich”, as my mum would say. I need to ACCEPT that a sandwich may seem utterly terrifying, vy u just need to do it.
Food needs to be mechanical right now. Medicine. It’s the only way I will get through this. No overthinking. No wrapping it up in words and quotes. Just ACT. Or it will be back in the unit, stuck in a revolving door and getting nowhere.
There’s no magic remedy to this if I stay undernourished. FACT.

some class endings in shows are so fake like yeah this teacher is totally talking about the absolute basics of cell structure right as the bell rings

An old sketch I’ve had lying around for a while now, but only just now got the inspiration to work on.  Mostly because I think I’ve finally found a suit design that I tolerate.  Very basic wing structure until I’m less tired. 

The reason some of the feathers are almost unnaturally squared off is because Jer clips them back.  It doesn’t hinder his flight much and keeps them off the ground.  None are as long as those two stupid ribbon feathers though.

Oh look, another art nouveau witch. Wonder how she got in here? There will be quite a few profiles in this project, but each one is unique. 😊
Also, a few people have commented on how clean my final lines are. That is for 3 reasons. 1 - All of my rough sketches are done separate, I transfer the basic structure to the final surface once I have worked out all the bugs in the anatomy. 2 - I always use a piece of scrap paper to shield my art from my hand. 3 - That tiny thin metal template peaking out from under my card. That is an eraser guard and I can use it to get into graphite heavy areas and erase around tiny details without having to redraw all my work. It is a wondrous [and cheap!] invention.

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anonymous asked:

vampires have their own language. its really kinda like english in that it took words and syntax ans structure from basically every language across the globe, but its even MORE confusing because the languages of origin are super super old

yess like vampire pidgin??? some of the main root languages are latin, old hungarian, french, bc many of the oldest vampires were originally from eastern europe

it changes constantly and vampires love to argue about grammar rules, they can never really decide what the “proper” form is

its the language spoken when vamps want to be Really FOrmal, and there are also area-based vernacular forms that are spoken informally; like, if u went to sanguinem, the vamps would mostly be speaking the japanese-vernacular form that has more japanese roots, an if u went to urd giles’ hq in moscow, the vernacular form has stronger russian influences

poly-hebdo  asked:

What would've been a better way to make children appear rather than BabyRealm in your opinion ? I liked time-travelling in Awakening but obvs they cant pull that trick each time, do you think they'll try something like "16 years later" in the next game ? Or would they rather stick to the "avatar can bang anybody" rule ?

As much as I objectively don’t like the Babyrealm, I think it actually did work in Fates for one reason: the kids are already totally tacked on. They have nothing to do with the story. If the children already feel blatantly non-canon (and marriage feels super non-canon what with how no story dialog changes even if you marry a royal) it only fits to have the explanation for children be just as…well, inexplicable. We honestly didn’t lose anything by having the Babyrealm be stupid because they were never going to matter with Fates’s basic story structure.

As for what we’ll see next…I don’t know. I really doubt they’ll have a proper timeskip because making marriagable female characters age is dangerous in a waifu game. I do think that FE will hang onto the VN storytelling for at least a little longer; the VN elements helped make Awakening and Fates wildly popular.

As much as people huff and puff about waifuing and avatar worship being the cancer killing Fire Emblem, as long as it keeps selling copies it’s gonna keep being there, especially with how close the franchise was to death before it. I feel like IS will be reluctant to lose what they thought helped save the series – marriage, children, MC avatar – before they feel FE is financially secure again.

pastelpurpledreamworld  asked:

1/2 Hello! I need some help with deciding where a good place would be to end my novel. It works off the basic journey/prophecy type structure, but there are important, if tame by comparison events that happen after the prophecy is fulfilled.

2/2 The prophecy being fulfilled would be the action climax of the story, but there’s still a lot of character development I want to fit in that would prob take place after the action is over. Should I end it closely after the climax or keep going?

The ending part of the story after the climax is called falling action (the end of which is called the resolution or dénouement, and can include a revelation or catastrophe), and it’s where a lot of the loose ends get tied up and the story leads into the next book if applicable. It’s going to be up to you if you want to end the story after the climax (possibly making a sort of cliff hanger), or if you want to continue.

Personally, either could work. While I like it when questions are answered and character relationships are tied up into manageable packages, it’s also sometimes nice to have a lot go unanswered, creating some tension for the next part of the story. It’s hard to pass judgement without reading it though. 

I will say, based on the various prophecy-based stories I’ve read, I’ve seen a lot of them spend a couple of extra chapters tying things up. This is mostly because they’ve given so much information before the climax and the scope of the story is so big that there would be too much confusion to leave it more open-ended.

I highly recommend getting a beta reader or two. Give them two versions of the story: one that ends at the climax and one that continues on. See which one works best for them and why. Make your decision based on their feedback.

Best of luck.


Capricorn Work Horoscopes

Capricorn Today’s Work Horoscope

Colleagues may think you’re idealistic, but you know you can finish up with lightening speed. All you need to do it is discipline and structure, plus a set of ear plugs to block out the naysayers.

Capricorn Today : Work = 75% | Inspiration = 77% | Mood = 84%.

Capricorn Yesterday’s Work Horoscope

A big part of any day at the office is slogging onward, and not necessarily upward. It’s a day of sheer perseverance and not many immediate rewards. Remind yourself that the key word is immediate.

Capricorn Tomorrow’s Work Horoscope

Discipline is more than a one-day thing. Come up with a basic structure to your days, then make this your routine. Throw in an ounce of perseverance and you can’t lose.

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