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Just imagine: Tony Stark Space Tourist. like all the different planets and civilisations, no matter how different from earth, all have tourist culture and he's basically wearing "I <3 ny" tee shirts from other planets. His bunk in the guardian's ship is full of tacky snowglobes and space bobble-heads and just random tourist junk. Also, postcards. So many postcards. (tree anon)

Holy shit. H o l y s h i t though- Tony would just come back to Earth with SO MUCH RANDOM ALIEN TOURIST BULLSHIT MERCH. Hats and gloves and unusual garments that he has no idea how to wear but bought anyway because!!! Ohmygodspace!!! And he is a complete and utter nerd who spent the first week solid of his space journey just yelling and gesturing vaguely at things that Guardians all took for granted.

They humoured him anyway, though. Because they’d honestly never seen someone look quite that excited before in their lives. Not even Rocket could say no to a face that was covered in shiny metallic tattoos and a decorative mask from the planet they’d stopped off for gas at. He was like a kid in a sweetshop, and his eyes just fucking. B U R N T with wonder because science and evolution and civilisations with social structures and new visionary technology!!!! He has reached level 100!! Maximum heaven level unlocked!!!!!

For any fans of The Get Down you should watch at least the first two episodes of Hip Hop Evolution on Netflix. It’s the real true story of the birth of hip hop in the Bronx NY, basically everything The Get Down is based on. 

If you’re an avid hip hop fan you should really watch the whole 4 part series, it’s incredible and will possibly renew your love and appreciation for the music. 

Bear, Samoyed (2 y/o), Franklin & Church St., New York, NY • “He’s basically a person – he’s very emotive with his eyebrows and smile, and he’s a rascal. We’re expecting a daughter any day now, and he’ll go and take one of her toys and walk right in front of us just so we’ll see him. He tries to get in trouble – he wants the attention.”


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Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa?: Tea

Average Sleep Hours: if I actually go to sleep, bout 8-10 
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Favorite Fictional Character: Luna Lovegood
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FAKE FILM MEME- (requested by anonymous) ||ADAPTATION||

  • Quvenzhane Wallis as Alice
  • Lupita Nyong’o as Lorina (Alice’s sister)
  • Beyonce Knowles as Principal Hart/Queen of Hearts
  • Idirs Elba as Mr. Hart/King of Hearts
  • Alan Cumming as Matt/The Hatter
  • Dong-Gun Jang as Min /The Knave of Hearts
  • Judi Dench as Marva/The Duchess


note: I don’t think I achieved exactly what you wanted, sorry. I tried and this is the only thing that I came up with that I actually liked. So basically, Alice moves to NY with her sister after their parents die (I know, not happy, again sorry). She’s artistic and has quite the imagination. Escaping in her mind whenever she feels stressed or sad. She begins to draw Wonderland and it sort of becomes like an escape. The characters she creates are based on people she knows in real life as well as the situations mirror her problems or adventures in her reality. The story would alternate between reality and the world she created, eventually the problems/conflicts get resolved simultaneously and in the end she doesn’t need to escape to Wonderland anymore. 

Falcone , German Shepherd (6 y/o), MTAPD Canine Training Facility, Dutchess County, NY • Explosives Detection Canines train at a state of the art facility in Upstate NY • “Basic explosives training is 12 weeks, patrol training is 16 weeks, and we reinforce their training for 1-2 days per month thereafter. Every aspect of this facility is designed to simulate the real world. Our dogs often come from other countries and have never seen escalators, elevators, hard floors, carpets, subway grates, etc. Escalators are pretty fun, because first they’re like, ‘No no!’, but then they get used to it.”

Glee is rapidly becoming everything I ever wanted post-graduation and I’m crying.

Blaine with less gel

Blaine working with his fiance at the diner

Klaine being shown cuddling in bed

Klaine singing adorable duets

Samcedes coming back to me

Blam in NY

Bike Chanderson in NY

Kurtchelcedes in NY

Glee basically becoming Friends: The Musical

Girl meets World meets Demolition

While Girl meets Demolition may seem like a completely random and filler episode that MJ and Co had to film in order to fulfill Disney’s wishes (and to give Debbie Reynolds a role in one of the episodes), I would ague that rather than being a filler episode, the writers tipped their hand and let us get a sneak peak of what was to come. This is especially important as Demolition takes place in between season 1 and season 2 and before all of the craziness that occurred in season 2. (GM Yearbook, GM Creativity, GM STEM, GM T1,2,&3, GM NY, and basically the whole rest of the season.) 

A quick reminder of what happened: in Demolition we see Riley and Maya being bored and looking for “easy money” to use to do something. After their first idea gets shot down - Riley wanted to have a Bar Mitzvah - they decide to sell all of their clothes leading them to Demolition and their first run in with Aubrey. She buys their clothes for a very cheap price and then cons Riley into buying a dress (that she bought for $10) for $300. When Cory and Topanga find out, they each try to rectify the problem, but are each out maneuvered by Aubrey. Finally it is Riley, with the help of Evelyn Rand, who manages to not only get their money and clothes back, but also helps Aubrey see that she is more than just a person who cons “saucer-eyed girls”. 

Okay, are you ready? (Heads up, this is a LONG post because there are a lot of layers to pull back. For just the analysis on how they tipped their hand, skip to the end.) Let’s start with Riley and Maya first as it is the transition of the color that Riley and Maya’s clothes go through in the episode that is the most interesting. 

Initially Riley starts out in a blue Paris shirt, changes into the dress from Demolition, returns to wearing her blue Paris shirt when she returns the dress and she and Evelyn are able to convince Audrey to change, and then in the final scene she is wearing a red-brown shirt over an orange-yellow one. 

Maya, on the other hand, starts out in a yellow shirt and stays in the same shirt until the very end of the episode where it changes to a blue shirt with light being run through a prism creating a rainbow.

Diving a little deeper into the colors that are seen, if we take a closer look at Riley’s Paris shirt, we can see that it’s a very similar shade of blue to the one that Lucas wore the first time we saw him in the pilot episode. (Where she supposedly fell in love with him.)

Staying with Riley, the next outfit she wears/buys is this dress and pair of shoes. Remember how Aubrey sells the dress to Riley by associating it with dreams and unrealistic things? It is important to note that the dress has an overlay of blue tulle and that the shoes are sparkly and blue as well.  

She returns back to the blue Paris shirt when she helps to make everything right again, and one would think she’d stay in the same shirt as the rest of the episode takes place during the same day as evidenced by Topanga and Aubrey being in the same exact outfits, 

but instead she changes and ends up in a color that looks oddly familiar with a yellow shirt underneath. 

Moving on to Maya, she starts out in yellow, which is definitely the color that we have all learned to associate with her (her jellybeans were yellow, the color she wears in both the season 1 introduction and season 2 was yellow, and she often wears yellow in episodes) with a picture on her t-shirt, which, at first thought, reminded me of Girl Meets Boy in which we learn that Maya can draw. (Her drawing was also on a yellow legal pad and was in “black and white” just like that on her shirt.)

She only changes her outfit only once at the end of the episode, but when she does, she ends up in blue.

Alright, time to put the pieces together. 

If we start with RIley, we see her buying into Aubrey’s lies while wearing a blue Paris shirt. Not only have Riley and Lucas been associated with associated with Paris - “Bonjour, Riley. Peut être vous et moi serons à Paris ensemble.” (This also bothers me because if they were friends, which they are at that point, it should be “tu” and not “vous” as vous is formal, but anyway…) - but Aubrey is wearing blue and purple when she sells the “dream dress” to Riley, which are Lucas and Riley’s colors respectively.  

We have also noted that the dress she sells has an overlay of blue tulle. What is interesting about tulle is that it is not woven or very thick at all, but rather typically made of a plastic material, very porous and if you aren’t careful with it, it can easily be ripped. (Do you also notice how you can see right through it?) 

Riley then changes into this dress, back to the blue Paris shirt, and finally into the burnt sienna and yellow one when things are made right again. As was noted in this post, the combination of orange and purple create a color called burnt sienna which just so happens to be the color of Pluto. When everything is right once more, she ends up in the color of Pluto.  

Maya, on the other hand, starts in a yellow shirt that has a black and white photo on it. If Riley’s shirt is a call back to Paris and perception, Maya’s is a call back to Girl meets Boy, the lesson of “not until we put down our phones, switch off our computers, and look into each other’s eyes will we be able to touch each other’s hearts,” and reality (she drew what she saw). Which pairs of friends - I’m going to call them that… - have we seen having meaningful conversations with each other? Well, you’ve got the many Riley and Farkle conversations, and then you’ve got the Campfire scene from Lucas and Maya, and then you have Riley and Lucas’s conversation in the library where they told each other stories. Do you spot the difference? So, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise when Maya ends up in blue at the end of the episode just as Riley ends up in burnt sienna. 

The parallels don’t stop there, however, remember how this is the episode where we receive the astronaut riding a horse metaphor? Well, not only do the girls need each other to keep themselves grounded - Riley is the astronaut and Maya the horse - as well as a partner who can keep them grounded (romance wise), but Cory and Topanga need each other to keep themselves grounded as well. 

In this episode we see Cory dressed in blue, who believes he can convince Aubrey to allow the girls to return the dress, and ends up being convinced he is looks like Justin Timberlake. Aubrey sells Cory a “dream” - he is the astronaut. 

Topanga, on the other hand, is dressed in orange, and believes she can use the law to force Aubrey to accept the return and ends up having the law being turned on her. Is anyone thinking of “everything can be explained though science” except when it can’t be? (aka. Feeling’s can’t be explained by science.) Topanga is the horse. 

While Lucas and Farkle do not even appear in this episode (and no mention is made of them either), their respective colors do appear. Cory, like Lucas (and Riley), is dressed in blue, while Topanga, like Farkle, is dressed in orange. (She is in orange, the lighting just wasn’t great in that screenshot.) 

Much like Cory and Riley, Lucas is a dreamer and much like Topanga, Farkle is a realist. Every horse needs an astronaut and every astronaut needs a horse. You can’t have 2 horses or 2 astronauts because it just won’t work. (For more on that see @mayaahrt’s post. Her analysis in it is brilliant.) 

Moving on to the final main player in the conflict of the episode, Evelyn Rand, we once again see purple coming into play. However this time it’s not paired with blue but rather a a wine berry red. It is Riley and Evelyn who rectify the situation, and when they do, Evelyn is in RIley’s signature color - purple.

So how is it arguable that the writers tipped their hand towards us in regards to this episode? 

Well, first let’s just remember that Lucas has always been associated with blue,

and in the episode both girls wear blue. However, whereas Riley spends the entire episode wearing shades of blue until the very end of the episode where she ends up in yellow and burnt sienna, and Maya starts the episode wearing yellow and ends up in blue. 

Sometimes you have to try something in order to figure out if it’s everything you thought that it would be, and that’s not a bad thing. That’s how you grow and discover new things. That’s how you figure out what you like and what you don’t like. It’s part of growing up and discovering the world. Riley still gets to wear her “dream” dress for a little bit, but decides to take it off and return it. She sheds her “chump façade” and with the help of Evelyn (dressed in purple) makes things right again. She takes off the blue and puts on yellow and burnt sienna. Riley and Maya’s friendship will always be the most important thing in the entire show, it’s the keystone that the whole thing is built on, and while Riley is wearing burnt sienna at the end, under that she’s wearing yellow. Just as many people have said (such as @theowldetective, @westwingwolf, @bmwwritinggmw, and @bmgmw) Riley and Lucas need to try and date because if they don’t, there will always be that huge “what if” question hanging around their relationship. They need to try and figure out if it’s everything they thought it would be just as Riley tries on the blue “dream” dress, decides that it’s not everything she thought it would be, and then returns it.

In the past few episodes of season 3 we’ve seen Riley trying to make Maya become once more the girl she was when we first met her in season 1 and we know that there is a huge romantic Riley and Lucas arc coming up. Riley’s going make the mistake of selling all her clothes (aka. push Maya back into “her box”) and then is going to buy the blue “dream” dress and try it on. (Remember, Aubrey was dressed in blue and purple when she conned Riley.) Then eventually Riley’s going to lift her head and realize that maybe their relationship isn’t everything that she thought it was going to be and that they are not Cory and Topanga because no one but Cory and Topanga are Cory and Topanga. She’s going to grow and drop the “chump façade” once and for all and in a way fix everything that went wrong. Then she’s going to find her very own horse to keep her tethered to Earth and not float off ending with her being dressed in both burnt sienna and yellow and Maya being dressed in blue. If we look at this one episode we can see it paralleling the overall story of season 2 and season 3, and I’m willing to bet season 4 as well. 

Final notes/Parallels/observations:

It is interesting to note that the walls of Demolition are colored blue, orange, purple from left to right, just like the first bay window we were introduced to. It is also important to note that when the paint was peeled off, the real walls were revealed to be the color of burnt sienna, the same color Riley ends the episode in. (For more analysis on this, see this post) It is also important to note that this is one of the few episodes in which Riley sheds her “chump façade” and explicitly asks Maya if it’s okay. 

Many of us are just waiting for Riley to “wift her head,” and in this episode we see her lift it for just a little bit in order to help fix the situation the girls find themselves in. Interestingly, she asks Maya if that was okay in the same way older Riley tells Maya “that all she has to do is lift her head.” 

Riley will lift her head one day, she just has to try on that blue dress first.


Ok, let’s just talk about this for a second…

These were me and my friend’s Red Tour shirts. Our whole outfit was a “Holy Ground Cafe” barista (combining Holy Ground and Begin Again). It was my friend’s idea to write “Brewed in NY Since 1989” because we’re from NY and Taylor and my friend were born in 1989. Little did we know the next album would be called 1989 and Taylor would move to/have a song about NY.

Basically what I’m trying to say is, the two of us practically called it.

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Full-out "When Harry Met Sally" AU/tribute. Blaine and Kurt barely know each other but agree to road trip to NY from Ohio. Blaine believes gay guys can't just be [PLATONIC] friends, which is why all his friends are either straight bros or girls...Kurt is a romantic but also a pragmatist who disagrees (Blaine asks "are you friends with any gay guys?" "well, no, but we JUST left Ohio." They part ways in NY. Basically FOLLOW THE PLOT but throw in them singing the soundtrack.

When Harry Met Sally

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Heyya, long term fan, love your vlogs, so I picked up werewolves card game. Me and my mates love it, so I'd love to hear your top ten board and card games! Hopefully this will encourage us and maybe others to step back from computers once in a while!

Awesome! Here’s some games I own that you can look up and check out to see if you like them. I’ve linked to the UK Amazon page, as they have decent explanations and good reviews to look at. Most of these have been bought after someone else has brought them to play and we’ve loved them as a group, so they’ve been tried and tested a lot.

You’ll notice there’s not too many overly complex games in the list, mainly because we usually play them as a social event with drinks and such - so if anyone’s reading this and is either concerned about complexity or wanted to know what would work for a similar setup, pretty much all of them are good to pick up and play. You might struggle first time round as they almost need to be played to be understood (Machi Koro/Splendor), but once one of you has the grasp of the rules, it’s child’s play to explain and demo almost all of them.

Bluffing games:

  • Sheriff of Nottingham -
  • One Night Werewolves (you may already be using this one, it’s just Werewolves but for less people and MUCH shorter game times)
  • The Resistance Avalon
  • Coup
  • Cash ‘n’ Guns - backstab each other to become the Mob Boss, steal all the diamonds and paintings and get dollah dollah. Also, you get foam guns to point at each other.

Fast paced, with the ability to play multiple games in a short space of time:

  • Super Rhino - it’s a bit like reverse Jenga. Have seen Smith punch a stack of cards over whilst trying to move the rhino during one games evening, worth every penny.
  • Sushi Go! - very fast mini card game about scoring the highest number of points per round by collecting sushi and desserts - or, as we like to call them, ‘PUDDI PUDDI’.
  • Love Letter - it’s a bit like if ‘Go Fish!’ had a lovechild with ‘Uno’ or something. You can get a Batman themed one, among others.
  • Dobble - it’s like ‘Snap!’ with a difference. Lots of small mini games.

These tend to be a bit slower or more card based, so are better if you want a different pace:

  • Machi Koro - a very simplified version of Settlers of Catan, but with purchasing of stores and amenities, and lots of chances to screw over your friends. Would highly recommend if you buy this getting the Harbor Expansion, as it balances the game out a LOT, and adds another player space.
  • Splendor - build your own gem empire in the Renaissance, gain points to win by buying cards and choosing wisely which gems to acquire.
  • Survive: Escape from Atlantis! - now has expansions that boost it to 5-6 players, you must try and save your people from the sinking island, sharks, sea monsters and whales!
  • King of New York - would choose this over King of Tokyo, as better balanced gameplay in NY. Basically you pick a monster and try to fight off all the others to rule the city!
  • Dixit Odyssey - you can get the original Dixit, but Odyssey is designed for more players. You can also buy expansion packs of cards if you want more images, and everything is backwards compatible to the original game, so don’t worry about card expansions for the old one being out of place.
  • Tsuro of the Seas - slightly more variety than the original game of Tsuro, lots of chances to mess up your friends’ game.

Hopefully that will keep you busy ;)


Shostakovich - Symphony No. 5 movement 4. Bernstein & NY Phil

basically cocaine