For any fans of The Get Down you should watch at least the first two episodes of Hip Hop Evolution on Netflix. It’s the real true story of the birth of hip hop in the Bronx NY, basically everything The Get Down is based on. 

If you’re an avid hip hop fan you should really watch the whole 4 part series, it’s incredible and will possibly renew your love and appreciation for the music. 

You watch as Calum reaches into his back pocket to put his phone back, his jaw clenching as pedestrians crowd around him. The light changes and the crowd surges forward, everyone quickly crossing the street as shoulders get jostled and shoes get stepped on. Calum looks over at you, allowing a man to pass him in order to get closer to you.

“Stay close,” Calum says, the corner of his mouth quirking up into a smile as he wraps an arm around your shoulders. “Don’t wanna lose you in the middle of Manhattan.” He pulls the two of you towards the center of the crosswalk, eyeing the cars and taxis that stop an inch before the crowd.

“I don’t think I would mind,” you tease, your arm going around his torso as someone’s bag knocks against your thigh. The two of you walk around people in costumes, shaking your head as they wave at you, and separate when you see larger groups approaching you.

“It’s kind of weird how there’s so many people around us but literally none of them know who we are,” your boyfriend points out, letting his arm drop from your shoulder to grab your hand.

You let out a laugh at that, some people turning to look at you strangely while you just gently hit his arm. “I think you’re letting all of the fame go to your head, rockstar.”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it,” he rolls his eyes, squeezing your hand when he spots a Starbucks. “I see a Starbucks, let’s go in.”

He leads the two of you inside and quickly runs towards a table before anyone else could take it. You sit down in one of the chairs, shoving him away after he kisses the top of your head and watch as he gets on line. The two of you make eye contact and Calum winks at you, causing you to let out a huff as you unlock your phone and blatantly ignore him.

You zone out while he’s on line, the sounds of the coffee machines and people talking away becoming background noise as you scroll through your Twitter feed. You blush when you see pictures of you and Calum walking through Times Square, liking them and saving them to your phone to show him later.

“They found us,” Calum says in a deep voice, which causes you to jump in your seat and almost drop your phone as he laughs and puts his coffee on the table. “Sorry, babe. Those were cute pictures though.”

“You know, getting lost in the city without you is starting to sound very tempting now,” you remark, raising an eyebrow at him as he pushes his cup towards you as a peace offering.

“Good luck getting back to the hotel then,” he shrugs as he watches you take a sip.

“You probably don’t even know how to get back to the hotel!” you protest, laughing when his eyebrows crinkle together at the realization that he didn’t know either.

“That’s beside the point,” Calum says, waving his hand to dismiss the argument before he dug himself an even deeper hole. “Now come on, we still need to figure out how to use the subway so we can go to the High Line.”

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Full-out "When Harry Met Sally" AU/tribute. Blaine and Kurt barely know each other but agree to road trip to NY from Ohio. Blaine believes gay guys can't just be [PLATONIC] friends, which is why all his friends are either straight bros or girls...Kurt is a romantic but also a pragmatist who disagrees (Blaine asks "are you friends with any gay guys?" "well, no, but we JUST left Ohio." They part ways in NY. Basically FOLLOW THE PLOT but throw in them singing the soundtrack.

When Harry Met Sally

Falcone , German Shepherd (6 y/o), MTAPD Canine Training Facility, Dutchess County, NY • Explosives Detection Canines train at a state of the art facility in Upstate NY • “Basic explosives training is 12 weeks, patrol training is 16 weeks, and we reinforce their training for 1-2 days per month thereafter. Every aspect of this facility is designed to simulate the real world. Our dogs often come from other countries and have never seen escalators, elevators, hard floors, carpets, subway grates, etc. Escalators are pretty fun, because first they’re like, ‘No no!’, but then they get used to it.”


Ok, let’s just talk about this for a second…

These were me and my friend’s Red Tour shirts. Our whole outfit was a “Holy Ground Cafe” barista (combining Holy Ground and Begin Again). It was my friend’s idea to write “Brewed in NY Since 1989” because we’re from NY and Taylor and my friend were born in 1989. Little did we know the next album would be called 1989 and Taylor would move to/have a song about NY.

Basically what I’m trying to say is, the two of us practically called it.