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Some thoughts on Alexander Skarsgard’s LES interview

I was more than disappointed to read some parts of this interview. 

Maybe noone else noticed, but basically he wants to catch up with his reading instead of with his working. At least his answer to the question what’s next states so. Knowing that he has had his fair share of rest and holidays in the past 9-10 months, this sounds disappointing to say the least. But most of all it sounds unconvincing. Is it that in reality film industry has thrown him out already? I don’t even want to think about it. A year ago he was dreaming to do theatre in NY.

And basically he still pretends to be feeling protective of his girlfriends who are getting attention. But when the girlfriends do not want to be protected from the attention? What happens then, Alex? Do you protect her, or do you protect yourself?

ghostlyanon said: [ I wanna know about the prank ]

The prank wasn’t even that bad though, that’s what makes me such a wimp. Basically this was in NY, and my cousin and I were flicking through the teleshopping channels at 2am when we decided to prank people. And she did a few and was great at it so I was like “I wanna try! Lemme try!”

And I called this channel that were selling the most exquisite knives, like decorative daggers and blades for ornamental use etc. So I called and was like “guys I need 50 knives, we’re having a Thanksgiving Dinner and I can’t cut this damn turkey, please help SOS call 911” etc etc etc.

And then I hung up and pondered for a bit —- and my mind immediately went to the ‘victim’ of my prank call. He just sounded SO TIRED, so FED UP, and I felt really guilty.

So I called back, much to my cousin’s disbelief, and was like “hey man, I just prank called you and I wanted to say, i’m really sorry. It was meant to be a bit of fun, I didn’t mean anything by it - and credit to you, I think you’re doing a great job for the night folk.”

And he was like “we get prank calls all the time, so don’t worry about it, we’re good.” 

Let’s stop this. Let’s please stop romanticizing the Dominican Republic. Please. It’s a poor country. My mother grew up with nothing, she went through hell until she was sent to NY still basically a servant to my aunts and uncles. Let’s stop this please scrolling through the tag upsets me so much and I’m not sure if I should be angry or sad, maybe you guys don’t understand what’s going on, maybe you do (shame on you if you do) shame on you. I get it Beyoncé and Jay Z had they’re honeymoon there it must be such an amazing place. Yes if you have light skin. Colorism is a big deal in many foreign places even in Puerto Rico. But what’s going on rn is a reality, the Dominican Republic, after three years of fighting it they have finally succeeded at banning legal residents who are of Haitian descendants to Haiti, which in all reality is just them pushing anyone who is darker than dark away. Because they do not like that they are black.

Now what happened to black lives matter? Huh? Fucking hypocrites.

thelucasrobinson asked:

PM: No, this is the truth Mallory. I know how you feel. Just because you're hurt and shit like thay doesn't mean I'm not hurt either. I say that I have feelings for you and you basically left to NY. I'm not stopping you from doing what you like.

[PM] You don’t know shit about how I feel???? Have I said to you I do or don’t want to date you? No. You don’t get to accuse me of shit. My trip to New York has been planned for a couple of weeks, actually, I didn’t just run off to New York. You’re being really rude right now.