I mean, I kind of get why? Chunks of the fandom have this very strong perception of the galra as Hostile And Dangerous and they project that onto that side of Keith’s heritage. You see it in a lot of really body-horrific “transformation” concepts of like. Keith being slowly physically converted, often under torture, or the process itself is torture- or the idea of “instincts” that are invasive and mind-hijacking. That Keith’s own heritage is an invasion from within or a malicious, harmful influence he has to fight off. (That’s not behind all of it, but it’s a sometimes-unintended impression it gives: that Keith’s heritage is here to hurt him.)

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WinterWonderland/Wondercold sketch comic, finally got it out of my system °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

I need to draw more of them. So so much more. All aboard the Diana/Len canoe.

Diana picking up Len. Len getting Diana ice cream. Diana being legit fascinated that Len’s grandpa had an ice cream truck. Len basically being a hot mess if Diana starts using puns. Len trying that smooth move trip/dip thing like in LoT only to have Diana flip him right on over….

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anonymous asked:

Regarding the last bit of that praise kink thing, does Len ever say it in public or in front of other people, just bc he knows what it does to Barry and wants to mess with him?

“Good boy, Barry.”

Damn right he says it at every opportunity outside of the bedroom, knowing exactly what it does to Barry. This is Leonard Snart we’re talking about. 

Gets called in to help with Team Flash - says it when Barry makes a good suggestion for a plan. Barry bites his lip to keep from whimpering and has to stay behind the desk for several minutes. 

While with the Legends on a mission they needed the Flash for, saying it after Barry makes a daring rescue. Barry literally crouches and stays down for a few minutes, swearing to Gideon that he is fine - please don’t explain what’s wrong with me right now to the whole ship. 

Len basically says it in mixed company every chance he can, as long as it suits the situation - he won’t just say it, Barry has to do something that warrants a ‘good boy’.

But of course, Barry, finally realizing he can’t win in these situations, decides if you can’t beat ‘em…

So he plays along, plays into it, makes Len the one left gaping and floundering while Barry is standing there in front of him - HARD. 

Once, after Len has said it and Barry is clearly hard and having to keep it from the other people surrounding him in the Cortex, he leans over the table and keeps blatantly flirting, using puns and innuendo about how much he can’t wait to prove what a good boy he is. 

Sure, by this point, everyone else is in on the game and makes scarce, coz - seriously, guys? STOP. 

But when it’s just Len and Barry alone in the Cortex, and Barry sidles up close, Len can’t really think of this as losing the game when Barry asks, “Am I a good boy, Lenny?”

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Coldflash for the ship thing?

Who said “I love you” first: Barry. He jumps the gun and told Len basically the first week that they started dating. Len doesnt mind it though

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: Not that he would admit to it, but Len has a picture of Barry and their three dogs as his background

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: Barry. Mostly to remind Len not to rob anyone

Who buys the other cheesy gifts: Len found some Flash themed clothes and socks and what ever else and bought them for him. Barry made him some cold themed pajamas

Who initiated the first kiss: Len, which was a disaster because he thought Barry was going in for a kiss and it wasn’t that and he ended up kissing his nose. If that counts

Who kisses the other awake in the morning: Neither. They tickle each other awake

Who starts tickle fights: Len can be a big kid, So he does

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower: They don’t have to ask

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: Len shows up mostly during flash Bussiness with Barry’s lunch or dinner and most of the villains get annoyed

Who was nervous and shy on the first date: Barry. Who constantly kept blurting out random facts about everything he could think of

Who kills/takes out the spiders: They don’t harm them. Instead they both help them out the house

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: Len. Since Barry can’t get drunk

My thoughts on Len's comment to Bonner

I don’t care if you like Bonner or not. If you think his dancing is bad. If you think he has no personality. You cannot say he doesn’t try hard, and you can’t say he doesn’t deserve to be there, because fans that have kept Bonner in can tell you otherwise. What Len said was extremely disrespectful and harsh and humiliating even. It literally hurt me to hear that being said to his face on live television in front of millions of viewers watching. Saying that was so rude and way to tear someone down. Bonner has been seeing so much hate for him on social media and to have that added onto his plate is a lot. To be somewhere where you’re not wanted is terrible, and basically that’s what Len said. His journey should have ended already and he basically overstayed his welcome(this is what I got out of that). That’s what it felt like to me. Bonner speaking back handled himself so well. He was still respectful and he wasn’t rude. He mentioned how hard he tries and praised sharna as well. He was not rude at all. That says a lot about him as a person. So whether you like Bonner or not, what Len said should not have been said.

Last night, when I was trying to get to sleep, I had a major realization about Leonard’s and Mick’s redemption arcs: They aren’t going to be that different.

Let’s think about this. 

In Season 1 of Legends, we saw Leonard choose to be a hero. It was a long, hard road, but in the end, he was the hero we all knew he could be.

People tend to give three different characters credit for this, and I thought I’d explore each of them.

Mick Rory- This is honestly the one that confuses me the most. Yes, Mick was Leonard’s best friend. Yes, when Leonard died, it was taking the place of Mick. Yes, Mick was the closest thing to family Leonard had, aside from Lisa.

However, Mick’s role in Leonard’s redemption was fairly straightforward: He was the other choice. Time and time again, when we saw Leonard make heroic choices, Mick was trying to convince him to do something else. 

In 2046, when Leonard decided to go with the team, Mick was practically begging him to stay.

When Leonard protected the team from the time pirates, he had to hold a gun on Mick to do it.

Yes, I love Mick dearly, and their friendship as well, but Leonard Snart didn’t become a hero for Mick Rory.

Barry Allen- Ah, yes, the persistent little puppy of a superhero, who looked at a criminal and saw something good. Someone who could be a hero himself one day. 

This one makes a lot more sense, and undeniably, Barry played a huge role in Leonard’s redemption arc. 

He repeatedly trusted, encouraged, and helped the criminal, and it was something Leonard had never really experienced before.

 Barry planted the seed of heroism in Leonard’s mind, and when Rip Hunter offered him a chance at that, Leonard decided to take it.

Yes, Barry was a major part of showing him he could be one, but Leonard Snart didn’t become a hero for Barry Allen.

Sara Lance- Full disclosure: The shipper in me just wants to call this “Right” and move on, but the realist knows it isn’t quite that simple.

Again, she clearly played her part in his redemption story.

She took away his excuses. He’d always used his past as an excuse for his actions, but after hearing about her past, about how she killed innocent people because she was told to do so, how she’d held bloodlust and darkness and evil-and seeing the way she chose the light anyway… If she could become a hero, he knew he had no excuses.

She looked straight at him, saw both the good and the bad, and cared for him anyway.

She reached out to him, she inspired him, and yes, I believe he loved her, (believe she could have loved him with enough time,) but Leonard Snart didn’t become a hero for Sara Lance.

So, why did he become a hero? When he stepped up to the Oculus, if it wasn’t about Mick, Barry, or Sara, why did he do it?

He did it because, his whole life, he believed he’d never be more than his father. He thought he could never be anything good, because his father had been so undeniably evil. 

He was destined to be a criminal, or so he was told, and he’d taken up that mantle without question, because it seemed to be the only way.

In that moment, looking at the Oculus, he realized he did have a choice. And he chose to be a hero.

Leonard Snart became a hero for Leonard Snart.

What does any of this have to do with Mick Rory’s redemption arc?

My prediction is that Ray will be Mick’s Barry. He will stubbornly continue to see the best in Mick, with a smile of sunshine and the faith of a puppy. He has already and will continue to play a role in convincing Mick he can be a hero.

Amaya will be Mick’s Sara. Now, I know there’s a lot of controversy about this ship, for a lot of different reasons, but the show definitely seems to be setting up for that. People are worried that they won’t have separate story arcs, but Captain Canary did. I suspect it will go a lot like that. 

Amaya’s story will probably be about finding Rex’s killer, and Mick’s definitely seems to be this redemption arc thing. They’ll have their own stories, but they’ll play huge roles in each other’s, as well.

And Leonard? Leonard will be Mick’s Mick. He’ll be the voice from Mick’s past, trying to convince him that the hero business isn’t so great, trying to “set him straight” about who they are and what they do.

He’ll try to get Mick to join the Legion of Doom.

And yes, I ship Mixen/FoxFire/FireFox, (seriously, what are they called?) and I BroTP the heck out of ColdWave and Atomwave, but if Mick turns down Leonard’s offer, I predict that it won’t be for Ray, it won’t be for Amaya, and it won’t be out of loyalty to a ghost of Leonard’s memory.

If Mick chooses to be a hero once and for all, Mick Rory will become a hero for Mick Rory.

My hope is that eventually we’ll get Leonard back, and that even though Mick and Len are basically antagonists in each other’s redemption arcs, we’ll get to see them be full-fledged heroes side by side.

I hope you enjoyed this random parallel that popped into my head in the middle of the night while I was trying to sleep! :D (The middle of the night cliffnotes I wrote included something about how “Barry and Ray have probably hugged the Boogie Man,” and I really wanted to include that in this, but it wouldn’t fit.)

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Coldflash or Flashwave: Hell's Kitchen AU

1. Mick Rory basically learned to cook in jail kitchens and working in various diners and shady bars. His cooking’s actually great, if not necessarily the most complicated, but he does have the problem that stress tends to make his (otherwise well medicated and well therapied) pyromania act up.

2 Barry Allen cooks as if food was basically applied chemistry - to be fair, it sort of is. He’s gotten a leave from his CSI job to participate.

3. Mick Rory is presently not wanted - the same cannot be said for his partner Leonard Snart. Nevertheless, Len basically arranges (it probably involves blackmail) that he can attend each of the dinner service segments as a guest, getting specifically served food from Mick’s team, because no way is he missing out on this.

4. Barry and Mick start on opposing teams.

5. Len and Mick are married. For tax purposes and to avoid having to testify against one another. One of the other contestants find out when they’re down to just five and tell Barry, hoping to throw either him or Mick (they’ve been flirting like mad since the second challenge) off their game,

6. Turns out Mick’s got a vindictive streak and prison-honed skills at going “oops I didn’t mean to accidentally scald your foot, sabotaging your cooking and ending up making you leave the contest”.

7. Barry, on the other hand - Barry lets it get to him in all the wrong ways. His usual clumsiness starts acting up and he ends up getting sent home as the next. He refuses to even talk to Mick during this period apart from strictly kitchen related things.

8. Mick ends up in the finale, but loses. Ramsay explains that while Mick’s an excellent cook and has shown great skill at learning new dishes and at innovation, then he has also shown that the high-stress environment of the restaurant kitchen is not an ideal match for him.

9. Ramsay strongly suspects the scalding incident, but partly has no proof (Mick knows how to avoid being caught on film, even if it isn’t surveillance cameras) and partly the other guy was an ass. Still - anger management issues and pyromania is perhaps not what he wants in any of his kitchens at the end of the day.

10. Mick tries to get in touch with Barry after the show, but Barry won’t take his calls, does not respond to e-mail, and trying to go visit at the police station where Barry works leads to an encounter with an angry Joe West and a threat of a restraining order.

11. Meanwhile, Len - who is very sorry that he’s inadvertenly spoiled Mick’s romantic life (even if it’s with a cop - guess there’s no accounting for taste) - is trying to make it up for him. Doing so involves kidnapping Barry (Len’s already wanted, so why not?) and explaining to him that Mick is a) very sorry not to have told him, b) only married to Len for legal purposes, c) Len loves Mick like a brother and partner, but is aro-ace and d) here’s Len’s filled out application for divorce and if Barry wants him to, he’ll file it.

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Do you think Iyo Washuu will ever be mentioned again?

I think she’s dead. It was foreshadowed in the calendar.The report we received was that the entire Washuu clan on the compound was massacred after all, and from what we can tell she was living on the compound. While it’s true that we don’t have the specifics of the massacre, considering Iyo only showed up in two scenes before this and is more of a device to illustrate how restrictive Matsuri’s Washuu upbringing was I don’t think she has much of a reason to survive the massacre.

Not only that, but Matsuri seemed a lot more free about pursuing Urie after the Washuu clan massacre than he was beforehand. He could have latched onto Urie because the one brightside of no Washuu clan was that he no longer had to pretend to be interested in Iyo considering the fact that she was dead.

It seems like the Washuu use wombs to create full blooded offspring so it’s likely Iyo was a human just placed there in order to keep up the illusion that the family was human. Especially since Iyo claims to know nothing about his work, and I find it highly likely another ghoul would at least know a thing or too about the CCG’s extermination of ghouls. Then again we don’t know for sure so that ambiguity about the situation might be a setup for some flashbacks. If Matsuri is still alive he is basically the only lens we have left remaining for what life as a Washuu was like for those who aren’t garden children, or V members.

In short she’s probably not alive, but she might appear in a flashback at some point because there are still a few unexplained things hovering around her and the Washuu in general.

aisisispo789  asked:

Hi ! Your pictures are stunningly beautiful , may i ask . Are kit lenses good ? I'm planning to get Canon d70 since i doesn't have those kind of money to buy expensive lenses , I want your opinion on kit lenses . Thanks

Hey, thank you :)
I started with the 18-55mm on my Canon rebel camera and still had some awesome shots. The quality wasn’t spectacular but it’s good enough to tolerate for a little while. It’s something to get started with at least.

My fave would be my 50mm f1.4 which was a little under $400 whereas the L-series is over $1K. Then there’s a 50 f1.8 for less than $150.
My 18-55 didn’t have a super low depth of field or f-stop, so that’s why I love the 50mm for my plant shots. Also make sure you get EF lenses (not EF-S) because if you ever upgrade to a full frame camera (such as the Canon Mark series or 6D) then the ef-s lenses won’t mount to the body. EF lenses mount to both cropped and full frame bodies. So if you’re getting a default/basic kit lens with the camera body, then it might be an EF-S lens anyway. But for future reference, stick to EF.

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I can just picture there being hummingbird specific energy drinks and gods above and below help you if any low energy species tries them. Mick keeps them very far away from Len because THAT is a recipe for disaster if he's ever seen one.

I think Len tried one, once. Emphasis on once. He was on a planning bender and needed something stronger than coffee to keep going. Why not a hummingbird energy drink? It wasn’t so much a drink as pure sugar in liquid form. Len was basically manic depressive for days afterwards. Running around doing whatever impulsive thought crossed his mind and then randomly just collapsing and bawling his eyes cause he wanted to sleep but had too much energy and sleep deprivation is a bitch.

Mick was so fucking close to risking the ER while they had open warrants for them because he was honestly starting to fear for Len’s life.

Both agreed never again.

There are literally biohazard stickers on the all the food/drinks they get Barry. They watch in horror as he has not one, not two, but three drinks on ‘busy’ days and mentions he tends to consume double during final weeks. Hummingbird wings are absolutely terrifying and awe inspiring and Barry’s theirs.

@barryandlen, Ok here’s the coldflash soulmate AU that @lenbarries originally came up with and I helped with a few ideas.

So imagine a world where soulmarks in different places on your body mean a different type of love, and some of these can appear at different times of your lives and others you are born with. So a soulmark on the hip means “passionate, strong, deep to the core romantic love” and a mark on the wrist is deep love between friends. 

Barry and Len have matching marks on their hips. Len, however, has a large ugly scar on top of his. It was given to him by his dad when he was younger. And in this world, when someone wants to reject their soulmate, they purposely make a scar over the mark to symbolize their rejection. Len internalizes this a lot. He was devastated when it first happened, thinking that now his soul mate will think they are rejected, but as he grows up, Len starts thinking his dad was right, that he didn’t deserve a soulmate, and that his soulmate is so much better without him, and that in the end, his dad did him a favor by making Len realize how toxic he would be to any soulmate of his. 

Flash forward a few years, and during one of Barry and Len’s interactions, and Barry sees the mark but also the scar and does think that Len has rejected his soulmate and thus him and so Barry doesn’t tell Len that they have matching marks. Eventually Len finds out anyways, but just pushes Barry away because of all the stuff he internalized from his father. So cue a lot of misunderstanding and angst.

Eventually, Lisa ends up telling Barry and the flash team how Barry got the scar (like in the family of rogues episode) and this starts clearing everything up though it takes while before their in a good place. Also, Len is really intimidated by how many soulmarks Barry has, because he has Caitlin and Cisco as friends, and Iris as something a bit more, and Joe, and Len just has Lisa and Mick. But they work it out.

Also, lenbarries has the idea that months or years later, Len wakes up one day and there’s a new mark on his rib cage that signifies a strong non paternal bond and it matches with a mark that Joe has, and basically Joe and Len grew really close and started to bond and Joe started thinking of Len as another son too. 



Day One: Alternate Universe (Revolution!AU)
ColdFlash stuck in the Revolution verse?

I 100% didn’t come up with the idea. I saw it done with aplacecalledshutupandstayhere and I really wanted to try my hand at it. (I also really just wanted an excuse to put Len in a Militia outfit)

When the power goes out, Len and his rouges manage to take over Central City. However in order to maintain his foothold (and make use of his Cold Gun again) Leonard Snart needs turn the power back on. In order to do so he must find Barry Allen an old ally/enemy who he’s convinced has the solution.

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you've gotten one like this, btmut Barry's just a regular CSI, and he takes his super villain fiance to his high school reunion. Maybe bounce Len scaring the crap outta Woodward?

You know, I’ve missed writing Coldflash…

Fic: Face Blind (AO3 Link)
Fandom: Flash
Pairing: Barry Allen/Leonard Snart

Summary: Barry’s just a regular CSI. Totally 100% boring, normal, and standard. 

Except for the fact that he’s dating a supervillain.

(Prompt: Barry’s just a regular CSI, and he takes his super villain fiance to his high school reunion. Maybe Len scaring the crap outta Woodward?)

A/N: Willing to write more in this verse, but have no more ideas. Feel free to toss me additional prompts for it.


It just sort of happened, okay?

Barry’s a regular guy! He has a Netflix subscription, a part-time ownership agreement with his neighbors over their cat (who goes by the name of Number 2 and who seems to think Barry’s apartment is an extension of his property), an excellent best friend who’s getting married (Iris! Married! How?!), a regular but kick-ass job (CSI, just like on TV except for totally not like that), a standard but not excessive amount of work drama (Singh is getting better about Barry’s punctuality thing, he hopes)…

He’s also kind of face blind.

That last one is particularly relevant. Not to his job as a CSI, mind you, because he can compensate with any number of things and it’s not like he’s a sketch artist or a detective or anything, he analyzes the scenes, not the people.

Just, you know, to…everything else.

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So I’ve seen a lot of role reversal ColdFlash ideas, but has anyone done an Earth-47 (or whatever number) where Len is the glasses wearing bumbling adorable and socially awkward engineer at STAR Labs (sort of pseudo Earth-2 Barry mixed with Earth-1 Cisco mixed with comic-verse Cold) and Barry is a cool, confident hero who skirts the line of morality? Like Len is always pulling Barry back from pushing things too far, balances Barry out, while Barry’s all “Hey, baby, I’m fine.”

Barry was a borderline conman before getting hit by lightning, so he occasionally does things with his speed that aren’t within the law. It really was a freak accident, not planned by Eo. In this universe, Barry’s parents are both dead, not murdered, just gone, and he’s sad and alone but never shows it, so once he has superpowers he figures finally life is giving him the chance to shine.

And Len basically runs STAR labs that helped Barry because he was a John Doe lost cause case, only for Barry to wake up one day while Len was looking over him. And it’s like…James Jesse who owns the labs and stays out of their hair, and everyone is really flipped in what they do for a living and their personalities.

Eventually Len builds himself the cold gun so he can back Barry up and keep a better eye on him.

“Put that down, we’re not stealing from the same people we just helped prevent a theft from in the first place.”

“They won’t notice.”


anonymous asked:

Do you think Len would have given his life for anyone else on the team at the Oculus, say Ray or Sara?

 You know I thought for sure I had answered this before, took forever to find the post I was thinking of, and it turned out to be not this at all (it was about who else on the team would’ve been willing to chop their hand off if they were in a bind…)

Anyway, I guess that means I have to actually put in some brain power and think through a proper answer now ^^;

The short answer is… no.

The longer answer is… he demonstrated, in a sort of way, that he wasn’t willing to give his life up for any of the rest of them. Because Len wasn’t at all the first person to volunteer at the Oculus, Ray was. And then Len didn’t lift a finger to stop or save Ray, just let him do it, until Mick took Ray’s spot. And only once Mick was there did Len step in and change things up.

But to give you an answer more in line with his characterization… I genuinely think that the only other person on the team that Len would’ve taken the spot of is actually Jax?

Breaking it down by team members, Len wasn’t close in the slightest with Kendra, like they didn’t even have a scene together, so I don’t see that happening. Maybe in a calculated “the mission fails if Kendra dies” sort of way, but even then, I’d still veer toward no, because in theory they could always fast-forward through time to her next reincarnation and pick up again. 

Next, I’m 100% sure he wouldn’t have taken Rip’s place. I can go into detail if you want, but basically, I don’t think Len liked Rip much, and if he did feel affection toward him by the end of the show (like post-Pilgrim episode, really), it was probably washed away the moment Jax started rapidly aging and Len saw this whole thing tanking and stopped wanting anything to do with it, focusing a lot of his frustration at that on Rip.

Stein is old and I think Len would do the mental math of “he’s had a good life and this is for a good cause” without letting emotion get in the way of it, so much. I know he was keen to save Stein’s life in Russia, but I felt that had less to do with Stein himself and more to do with them being a team and his own hang-ups about that, not to mention he was trying to help Sara turn over the new leaf that he knew she wanted to.

So now Sara and Ray, the two you pointed out.

I’m sorry to all the people who like to see Ray and Len as friends or more, but I always interpreted canon as Len having a genuine, if increasingly mild, dislike of Ray. I actually have an old post about why, if you’re interested, but the upshot is that early on, Ray made himself someone that Len can’t trust to follow orders or to do what Len needs him to do, and he never really made amends for that or changed. Len might recognize that Ray is a good person, and maybe even good for Mick or could be friends with Mick, but that’s probably where it stops. So no, I don’t think he’d have taken Ray’s spot at the Oculus. He wouldn’t feel he owes it to him, and he wouldn’t feel enough affection to even want to.

Which leaves the trickier one, Sara. Who, maybe because I don’t ship it, but I honestly don’t think Len would’ve taken her place. Sara’s died before and if she’s ready to do it again, I think Len would respect that and would let her. He’s only known her for a few months and though he clearly cares about her, and he’s willing to pull his gun but not the trigger on her (pretty much how you know Len cares, lol), and he’s started wondering at a future over, but… I honestly don’t see it. I can see, maybe, her taking that spot, him saying “I can’t let you do this” or something equally dramatic, and her saying “It’s not your choice, Leonard” and that being that. Him not wanting her to do it, but allowing her to. 

It’s different with Mick because Mick has been his friend for 30 years and Len… Len would do anything to keep Mick safe at this point, after what happened with marooning him especially, I don’t think he can stand the thought of failing Mick again. With Sara, that history and that pain and that “I owe you my life a thousand times over, old friend” feeling isn’t there. Sara is still a “what if” and he wouldn’t knock her out and take that choice from her. Mick isn’t a “what if”, he’s a lifetime of friendship and gratitude and pain and more, and it’s not the same? Not that Len had any right to knock Mick out, but it’s not like he had much time to stop and consider it, and I gather that his knee-jerk reaction with Mick vs. with Sara would be different.

But okay, Jax

Jax who is young and bright and has his whole life ahead of him. Jax who, in episode 1, Len was already looking out for in the best way he could by not inviting him to a bar with them, wanting to keep the youngest member of their team safe and out of harm’s way, even if he wasn’t setting a good example. Jax who wanted to go to a bar with criminals, as if that’s not enough to endear Len just a little. Jax who Len invited on a trip to his past in episode 3, who Len convinced to come with a few words and must’ve felt a little bit of affection for because of it, seeing how eager Jax is to have some fun (and be included?). Jax who learned about Len’s personal history and tried to talk to him about it after, a bit. Jax who was injured while Len was with Valentina in episode 4, and Len went still and tense when he saw that, extricating himself from the situation shortly after, quiet and pensive. 

Jax who gave Len shit after thinking Len killed Mick, and you can’t convince me that Len didn’t appreciate that at least a little, hurt as he must’ve been anyway, because at least someone cared that Mick wasn’t around anymore. Jax who Len couldn’t bring himself to hurt even when Jax was turned into a freaking bird monster and literally attacking him and Stein. Jax who came up to Len later and basically told him that he sees through it, now, sees what kind of person he really is. Jax who got injured fixing the ship and started to age and on whose behalf Len was pissed and literally willing to head back to 2016 over, because it was the final straw, feeling helpless and watching Jax dying. Who he didn’t begrudge Stein stealing the jump ship to save, even though it basically trapped him with the team until this mess was over. Jax who had just saved them all, leading into the Oculus battle, who they’d just found out was alive and well after all, no doubt all full of relief at his safe return.

Jax who was just a kid, the one with the biggest excuse to be emotionally immature, but nonetheless saw Len and treated him as a team member and an equal from day 1, really, regardless of his past and history and demeanor.

And because of all that, particularly if it was just Jax and not him in Firestorm mode, I think Len would’ve come up behind him and clocked him just the same with a quiet, “sorry kid, not today, not on my watch” and taken his place.