When Laurel Lance is left high and dry by the love of her life, Oliver Queen, for a more “serious” woman, she realizes there’s only one solution: She has to get into Harvard Law and win him back. And while most don’t take her seriously, she’s got the support of her sister, Sara, her parents (sort of) and surprisingly enough, Oliver’s new fiancée, Felicity Smoak. 

I was looking at a tumblr post of Aria when she was saying she was always cold is 6x08 and how she was saying this:

Thank you halesmartin for making the edits.

So basically Aria is saying how Iceland was always so freezing but I remember learning how Iceland wasn’t that cold but the founder just named it that so no one would want to live there. So I was thinking, why would Aria think it’s so cold when its not. I wanted to double check and I found this:

So I’m wondering if Aria was really in Iceland because it sounds like she’s saying it’s always freezing in Iceland when it’s not always. There are also some theories that Aria is mentally ill, so what if she was really just in a sanctuary like Radley possibly? And then maybe, her family moved to Iceland without her, but occasionally letting her come and visit. Byron would clearly have no problem with this seeing as he wanted his affair to be kept in the dark.

This could also bring the possibility that Aria is redcoat or works with/is A. What do you guys think?

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I should make a 6'3" 6'5" fan acc. I could post cute side by side edits of them like black and white vs color like the very basic tayvin edits

if you do that i swear to god im deleting, im getting tf off this site and never coming back adios amigos


   I want to learn the ways of the Force

                                               and become a Jedi

                                                                      like my father.

          while being away i reached another milestone for me && i want to thank you all so much !!! many of you have been so great and supporting that i want to give something back to you all! besides gifs, PSDs and textures this resource pack will as well include my older ones (1.5K and 2K). you can download it HERE.

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