basic trivia

I work with a girl that everyone thinks is stupid and I asked her if she knew what she wanted to do after high school and she said, “I really like flowers so I think I’d like to be a florist.” Now I just really really really want this girl to become a florist and be happy and not have to worry about history of science classes or basic trivia that people shame her for getting wrong. I can just see her surrounded by flowers that smell so good and she would look so beautiful amongst them and I just want to be a florist with her I think.


Oh my God, ya’ll. I can’t even. MICHAEL WILL GO TO CATHOLIC SCHOOLS FOREVER! I’ve lost pretty much ALL faith in the public school system. :/

forshadowedchaos said: Luci’s going to be pissed.

Not really. Angel’s are not hindered by the Anti-Possession sigil, as seen when Sam says yes to Lucifer while still bearing it in Season 5, and also in Season 9 when Gadreel rides shotgun in Sam’s melon with his uninformed consent.

I still sell my heart and soul to Luci. It’s just now there’ll be decoration on the Vessel *wink*

I was at school and this fucking poser had the nerve to go around telling people he was an Austrian, but when I asked him some basic libertarian trivia questions, he just looked at me funny and said he was a social democrat. I told him that until he had read Mises, he had no business calling himself an Austrian, because Austrian is a school of economic thought and so if you called yourself one in any other context, you were just posturing for attention. Then this phony had the nerve to say “Was zum teufel redest du da?” Whatever the fuck that means.