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His High Lady - Part 1

His Soldier was just the beginning of Regina’s story. So, I am happy to bring you His High Lady

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Hiring! Gym #3

So I’m in the final stage of obtaining a smaller personal training studio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have one trainer locked in, but will be seeking three others FULL TIME. The studio is state of the art, has showers, locker rooms, massage table rooms, tanning, and private bathrooms. It’s located in the lobby of a huge business building with over 1,000 business tenants, upscale retail spaces, and attached hotel.

The gym itself has Woodway treadmills, ellipticals, spin bikes, air pressure precor functional training machines, free weights, plate loaded machines, a smith, power rack, and countless other pieces of equipment. It’s basically a dream playground for private personal trainers.

Tier 1 trainers will be paid straight uncapped commission @ 40% of sales, with room to grow to 60% uncapped commission. Trainers must be flexible in their ability to train diverse groups of people, and will be required to train me before even being considered. Trainers will receive marketing support, sales support, nutrition, and resource support by myself and the crush fitness team. Trainers will have access to two additional locations in the area, by years end.

If you know anybody, please have them email me - If I eventually hire somebody you refer, I’ll give you $250.


Gabelli Students: We Can Help Make Your Business Degree Less Douchey. Give Us Five Weeks.

Fordham College at Rose Hill announces the Summer Personality Intensive.

Designed for Gabelli business students, this new 5-week course teaches skills that apply to all human beings—in an easy-to-understand, accessible way.

How? We’ll guide you into polite society from the perspective of someone who isn’t a narcissist. You will come to think like a compassionate, feeling individual does, and in the process, you will learn how people:

  • Consider the perspectives of others before speaking (strategy)
  • Earn a living without exploiting the insecurities of others (finance)
  • Understand why it might be offensive to, say, suggest that four years of legitimate work is moot in a capitalist society without thirty-five days of basic business training to cap it all off (analytics)
  • Avoid alienating the entire liberal arts college of their university in one email (marketing and media)

You’ll learn how to be a real, live person in the place with the most real, live people: New York City. This powerful amount of information compressed into five weeks can help to set you apart from fellow business graduates in a world looking to be run by people who aren’t monsters.