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Basic Training Pt. 17 (and 18)

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This is the final for Basic Training. YIKES! For me it has arrived at a point where I believed it should end. I’ve put around 22,000 words into it and it is by far the biggest fic I have written for this fandom! Another YIKES! Because of my writers bloc and the neglect to upload I’m lumping to the two final chapters together for a bonus.

On another note, I saw a set of UFO eggcups the other day at my work and thought Saeyoung would like them… is that sad? Probably, hehe. In any case let the ending of Basic Training begin.

You readied yourself from behind the concealed wall. “Saeyoung, Saeran for 606. Make your choice!” You take a deep breath before stepping out into the open room gaining the attention of all three sets of eyes in the room. You walked slowly, looking from face to face, assessing the situation and an exit plan should one be required. Saeran was held firmly by Vanderwood but his eyes were amused by your recent appearance suggesting he had his own way out of the vice grip which didn’t require assistance.

Saeyoung was horrified as he looked at you. His hands had begun to shake behind his back, a nervous tick when he was stressed or afraid. You inwardly cringed at his expression as you felt your heart pull. Yes, yes. It’s almost time but the final pieces are not clear yet. Just wait a little longer. You stand in-between Saeyoung and Vanderwood in the centre of the room. All eyes are still on you.

“MC. Stand down. You don’t need to be involved in this.” Saeyoung ordered. You took another step forward towards Vanderwood. “MC! I’m begging you. Stand down. Come back here towards me.” You take another step and he takes one also in an attempt to get closer and stop you.

Your eyes turn to Vanderwood who reaches behind him with his free hand to pull out a gun. He holds it daringly in his hand playing with it lazily as he points it at you, then Saeyoung. In a quick movement with his hand he turns the gun on its side holding the body of it out towards you. Flicking it upwards a couple of times impatiently as he offers for you to take it from his hands.

“Do it MC, just as I trained you to. Finish your training.” You pass your hands over the weapon, running along its cold metal lining.

“MC. You don’t have to do whatever he says. There is no agency for you to be controlled by anymore. I made sure of it!” You watched Vanderwood’s encouraging eyes. You hold up the gun towards Saeyoung’s sturdy frame. He stood still watching your every move, unafraid and trusting.

“MC, please lower the gun.” He said, his voice cool and calm, but his golden eyes showed flickers of concern. You looked down at your hand. It caressed the form of the gun comfortably, like it was an extension of your hand. It remained steady within your hands pointed at Saeyoung’s temple.

You could shoot him now. Fulfil Vanderwood’s training, fulfil Vanderwood’s wishes… and you might have if he hadn’t come too late. The puzzle in your head would continue to nag at you eternally if you didn’t make the right choice now. The gun turned with your body as you bolted across the room to snake around Vanderwood and hold the cool barrel against his head.

Vanderwood only laughed softly at the situation. Saeran took this moment to pinpoint a weak point on Vanderwood’s arm, releasing the strong hold that was once there. In moments he was standing beside Saeyoung on the opposite side of the room. Saeyoung however was stepping hesitantly across the room.

“MC, stop this. There is no need to go this far.”

“Isn’t there?! You really think that after everything he has done to you, done to us… you think that I will let him go?! Saeyoung he tortured me! He turned me into a monster who can’t even figure out the things most important to me.” You stare desperately at Saeyoung. Of anyone, he should understand. If you had been broken by Vanderwood, Saeyoung had been shattered into pieces in the process. He takes another step forward defiantly.

“I won’t let you. I will never let you have his death rest on your conscious. I will not let him taint you further.”

“Saeyoung… I am already tarnished. What difference will this make? I have already lost or thrown away everything I once knew in a restless dream that I may be able to become stronger. That I may have been able to save you…” You stop short, reeling back over your words to realise what you had just said.

“You… say that again.” Saeyoung asks desperately, taking another bold step forward. You shake your head defiantly. “Maybe” he says thinking back on a passage he had read in the notebook earlier. A look of hope crossed his face before he began to whisper.

MC, please stay with me… I have something to say…” Something pulsated in your body. Your soul which was trapped in a labyrinth, finally able to place the final puzzle piece into its rightful place. The gun drops from your hand as Saeran runs up to secure Vanderwood as your hold weakens. Saeran drags Vanderwood away, allowing space for Saeyoung to rush to your side.

He lifts his hands up hesitantly, holding them briefly at either side of your face before caressing your face gently in his hands. You don’t push him away and that is enough of a sign for him to continue. You savour the odd and familiar feeling of his touch, of his golden eyes lost and searching for clarity.

It was enough to make something click. “Saeyoung… Saeyoung… Saeyoung…” you couldn’t stop his name flowing from your lips. You said it again and again, like a seal had been broken. Saying it continuously with no reason or purpose except that it felt right.

His golden eyes softened looking fondly at you with tears threatening to fall. His eyebrows furrowed as he bit down on his bottom lip to stop the tears from falling. “MC.” He said lovingly as he stroked his thumb down your cheek. “How? How did you do it? You detested me… you were programed against me.” He says with a forlorn sadness.

You push him away gently with a smile. “I don’t know. I don’t know… I can try to explain everything to you with time, but we have a pressing matter to deal with first.” Your face hardens as you turn back around to face Vanderwood retrieving the gun from the floor. Catching on to your plan, Saeyoung leaps forwards, his arm around your waist, whilst the other pries the gun from your hand.

“I told you I will not let you have his death on his conscious. I will remove him, not you. As soon as you have a death on your hands you are no longer human… believe me. He is not your plague but mine, this whole situation was a ploy by HIM from the beginning to punish me for my resistance.” He says jabbing the gun in the air towards Vanderwood. He pry’s Saeran away with an affirmative nod that it was fine before leading Vanderwood to the garage at gunpoint. He turned quickly to smile gently at you with all the warmth he could muster before walking out of sight.

Saeran looked at you quizzically from the other side of the room, his red hair tousled revealing his golden eyes. With the now hour long wait for Saeyoung to return, he mustn’t have felt the need to put in his green contacts. “It has been puzzling me since your return. Why didn’t you react to me like Saeyoung? We are identical in appearance. From what I found on Saeyoung’s computer that he wouldn’t show me himself your training process with that agency roach involved involuntary the disorientation of association with facial recognition.” He pauses as if assessing the variables, in truth you had no immediate idea but you would support his theory in whichever way you could.

“Glasses were no consolation if that was something you were considering as the images Vanderwood showed me were both with and without glasses. So that variable is out. The images never showed a distinction of height so that’s out too. Clothing had no effect as I know you tested that theory when I first arrived back.” He made and audible tsk at the knowledge he had been caught out.

“So what is left?” He queries. You think back over everything that you had unlocked in my memory, including the memory session where you had given in with the failsafe in place. There was nothing abnormal. Every image or scene Vanderwood had shown you involving Saeyoung was something that involved you or the agency.

“I can’t pinpoint it, but I would say the emotional pressure of Mint Eye’s infiltration of the RFA may have had something to do with it.” He winced at the reminder of Mint Eye’s hold on him. You pause briefly letting him recover before continuing. “The lingering fear I had associated to that situation the day that you came to the apartment may have acted as a reference point as to the difference in character that was shared between you. I learnt the most about Saeyoung in that situation. Whereas the emotional implications of the event may have identified differences in your characters, although you have changed a lot since then, subtle things like posture and small mannerisms are still the same.”

“Hm. It is possible.” He muses.

“It is all I can think of that could be a defining point as to why.”

“What did you do to remember Saeyoung then?”

“That will remain with me to figure out before Saeyoung comes back.”

You had sat there for another hour with Saeran before the sound of the garage door closing signalled Saeyoung’s arrival home. You itch with anticipation and nerves. What if that was only momentary before? What if the sparks start again? But as he walked through the door all you felt was a rush of relief. When his eyes landed on you it was as if his whole body relaxed. He crossed the living room cautiously and placed himself on the furthest point of the couch from you he could manage still wary.

“Where is Vanderwood?” you ask.

“I took care of it” he replies.

If we are going to get anywhere that fear to approach has to be crushed. You immediately lay your head in his lap, lifting his hand to rest it atop your head. You hear his breath hitch before warm tears are falling on your face. His fingers begin to stroke your hair but you turn to look up at him crumpled over you, raising your hand to caress his cheek which he immediately leans into like he is unable to believe what is happening before him, grasping for any sensation that confirm that it is reality. He laughs amid his tears as you smile up at him.

“It was what you said.” You pause thinking over the moment. “When I realised what Vanderwood was doing to me I made a failsafe or a backdoor in coding terms so that I would be able to save myself should his training break me. It was that memory, the only memory and thing that Vanderwood couldn’t get his hands on, held pure in my mind, untainted and untouched. It is the thing I remembered the most but the things that Vanderwood never knew of.”

MC, please stay with me. I have something I must say before I loose you from my sight even for a second… I love you and…, it was so unlike you” you say reliving the memory, “It was your deepest self without the frills and show, your purest emotion and the time I enjoyed most. The time I spent purely with you and only you, that was all I wanted in that moment. MC. I have something to say if you will stay. I had walked back to you sitting beside you on the bed, you took a ticket from your pocket and handed it to me. I want to be with you. I know I said I would never plan the future, that I wouldn’t tell you my dreams so that you couldn’t be disappointed by them but this was the only exception I could make. This way you could be mine. MC, I have already told you a thousand times why I love you and I will continue to even if you tire of hearing it or until I can no longer… In whcich case the cat robot will continue for me. You said with a sad smile. I love you and I want you to be my wife. I had looked down at the ticket with tears falling from my eyes as I read those words; Marry me in the Space Station? When I looked out again, you were there on your knee. I cannot give you a ring to wear on your finger, as your attachment to me and physical display will put you in harm. But I will give you this. He handed you a small box. ‘Yes Saeyoung. I will marry you. Yes! A million, not a gazillion times… not enough… an eternal yes!’ You had choked out to him through the tears that ran down your face.”

You paused watching his now tearful face, reaching behind you to pull out the small box from your back pocket. He opens it his fingers running over the keychain, just with the sight of it he is bawling again. You move from his lap to sit beside him, rocking him gently in your arms. The keychain was still intact, as beautiful and meaningful as the day he gave it to you. Its golden hue shined in his hands. He had made it himself, like his many other gifts to you.

On its one side it showed the moon upon which Saeyoung and your backs were shown with hands linked looking up. No one would have known it was you except the RFA and Vanderwood as you were both dressed in the same clothes as the night you had both finally met in that small apartment. Saeyoung in his favourite black and yellow jumper and you in your cream sweater. The golden details were small and hidden to the unknowing eye.

“The memory was something that Vanderwood could never touch so I hid it deep within my subconscious as I was training. When you said it earlier it placed all the pieces together. It was everything about you that I love in one single memory.”

His breath hitched. “Say it again… I need to hear it again.”

“The memory was something…”

“No.” He said sharply cutting you off. “The part at the end.”

“I love you…”

His breath hitched again. A smile crossing his face.

You smile devilishly, “I love you, I love you, I love you.” You say peppering his reddening face with kisses.

A smirk now comes across his face, all evidence of crying moments ago gone from his eyes except for their puffy exterior. He repositions you to straddle him. “After how reckless you were MC, leaving me I am going to make you repeat that until you can’t anymore. You did this MC, how can I not let my sadist side out now. You need a bit of punishment for your actions.” He says placing kisses along your neck. “Now begin my love, my dearest love.”

“I love you, I love you.” You say as feel his hot breath against your neck but he doesn’t continue kissing like before. His arms loop around you to pull you against him as his breath becomes rapid. He buries his head into your neck letting out unfiltered cries as his body shakes, unable to maintain his controlled façade, letting the barrel of emotions he has stored up finally release.

“I love you Saeyoung, It’s okay. I’m here. I love you. I’m back. I love you Saeyoung, oh my love I am so sorry. I love you. I love you. I love you.”


A day in the life of a recruit at Kapooka

Australian Army recruits complete soldier training at the Army Recruit Training Centre, Kapooka, near Wagga Wagga, before becoming full-time soldiers. The 80-day recruit course is physically challenging and mentally demanding. Over this period, recruits progress through increasing levels of physical and mental challenges, learning the basics of soldiering including the use of infantry weapons, navigation, communications, drill, military ethos and leadership.

The training centre’s mission is to develop and deliver quality recruit training in order to produce exceptional Australian soldiers. Before ‘marching out’ to commence their initial employment training and career in the Australian Army, recruits must adapt and be comfortable in uncertain, volatile, complex and ambiguous situations to help them succeed on the battlefield. While challenging, training is designed to prepare recruits to serve their country and uphold the Australian Army values – courage, initiative, respect and teamwork.

1JPAU at work : Photography by CPL Jake Sims

Basic Training - Pt. 16

Hello my lovely readers. Happy belated Valentines day, I hope you all had a relaxing day and received some love from the RFA in the Valentines DLC. I hop you enjoy this chapter.

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You sat there for good number of hours. In the same spot without sleep. There were multiple knocks on your door but no one ever entered. You sank into yourself, tugging and pulling at reality and memory, pulling apart moments, looking for any part of something untainted that you could unbury. Nothing was coming, nothing was making itself present. “Argh!” Frustration ran throughout you but you couldn’t express it torn between overcoming the training and the restrictions it still held on you.

You would remember, you could remember. You would be the one to pull it all apart and put it back together the right way. It would be painful. Your body and mind would rebel but it had to be done. You stepped up from your space on the floor and reached out to the door handle. It was heavy to turn so you pulled the door back sharply as the lurking figure fell into the room.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to pry. I just heard you shout so I came to check that you were okay.” He said scrambling to his feet. His red hair dangled across his face, covering his eyes as he made for an exit out the door.

“…wait!” you reach out as if to grab his arm but hesitate, remembering the painful sensation it normally gave you. Your hand hovered in the air. “…please wait. I… I need your help.”

His eyes widened in surprise as he looked at you. You could see the hope rushing through him. See, I’m trying. Trying to understand. The note made it clear that there was more. There was something else… a key.

“Whatever you need.”

“I need you to tell me if I’m close. If I’m getting closer.”

“Closer to what?”

You held out the note towards his open hands. He was so surprised, shocked and nervous as he analysed it. His hands began to tremble as he sniffed away the tears that threatened to fall

“…closer to remembering the truth.”

He looks up at you teary eyed. “…MC” he said, his voice dripping with devotion and pride. “Whatever it takes, whatever you need I will give it to you. I am just… I am just so happy.”


She asked to be left alone. That was her first request. He left her quietly as she rattled through her brain to uncover what she needs. He wanted to tell Saeran. He had to tell Saeran. He had to let Saeran know. He wanted this feeling of elation to be expressed to someone even if it may not be shared in the same way.

“Saeran! Saeran! Saeran…” All joy drained from his voice as he saw the dark figure looming over Saeran, a knife held to his neck, his hands restrained behind him. “Saeran. Are you alright?”

“Yes. I’m fine idiot.” His eyes were sharp. Saeran in his own way was fighting back. Mint eye, no matter how horrible, had trained him to survive in these situations. He would strike back if he found reason to.

“What do you want.” Saeyoung hissed at the dark figure, cloaked in the shadow of the rooms corner. The figure did not respond. Saeran twisted irritated at a tightening of the figures hold on him. He glared at Saeyoung to get this over with. His eyes screaming a message at Saeyoung Stop hesitating because she is in the other room. Act in the present!

“I will repeat myself” Saeyoung said in a firmer tone. “What do you want?” he was menacing as his brother’s life was held in the hands of an intruder in front of him. The figure stepped from the shadows. Vanderwood.

“I want the agent you stole from me. 606 in exchange for your brother’s life.” Vanderwood was offering an ultimatum. There was no question, no other option in his voice. Saeyoung was to follow his order or they would all be killed. How did he escape?! Oh god… MC, you helped him. Your kind heart is still there even if you don’t realise it yourself.

“Keep your voice down. I will not allow you to take either of them from me. I’ve had enough of your manipulation.” Saeyoung growls.

Vanderwood’s grip tightens again as Saeran’s face turns to one less than amused at the current situation. He looked at Saeyoung again. Hurry it up. There was limited room for error in this moment. Think fast think fast.

“Saeran for 606, former agent 707.”


Although your mind was set on the lingering idea of that memory. The book lay open at your feet as you sat crossed legged on the floor in a meditative position. The house was quiet. But it was always quiet. Saeyoung spent his day coding silently in his technological den. Saeran on the other hand just remained uninterested in anything and therefore treaded silently throughout the house regardless of the task he was completing.

More words draw your attention in the book. Even though each was a message to Saeyoung you gradually began to place them in subtly to hide away certain messages should Vanderwood ever come to read it.

Saeyoung the days go by fast now, my training regime has become harder leaving sparks of adrenaline throughout my body as I train to the maximum. Rewriting over past habits that are not considered suitable for the agency such as my walking mannerisms and flexibility.

If you read it again you could easily see the important points

my training regime has become harder. …sparksRewriting over past habits that are not considered suitable for the agency…

Maybe if he had had the opportunity to read them whilst you were with Vanderwood he would have seen the signs… and the possibility that you had needed saving regardless of your headstrong nature.

There was an unprecedented noise coming from the living room of which disrupted your concentration. It was 3pm. There was no reasoning for the brothers to be speaking in times aside from those of eating times. They hardly ever spoke at any other times.

You stepped out of the room silently and stealthy. Even if it was an odd occurrence there was no reason to not approach it carefully.

Saeran’s voice broke the silence agitated. “606! GET OUT HERE NOW!”

Something was definitely wrong. Saeran only ever called you MC or an idiot. The only two who had ever called you 606 was Saeeyoung and Vanderwood.

The process of deduction therefore left two options. Either Saeyoung had infuriated Saeran to yell out the pet name. But even then, his tone was far too wrong. Therefore there was only one options left.

Vanderwood is here.

Basic Training - Pt. 15

So… its been a while but after my post yesterday and the Valentines after endings I finally got some idea of where this can go. Thank you all for your patience.

Part 14: here
Part 16: here

Maybe she’s not anymore… maybe she’s not anymore… There was no way he could believe that no matter how many times he repeated it in his head. Their connection was too strong, their fates far to intertwined. I’m not giving up yet not matter how forceful I have to be. There’s got to be another way.

You flop back on the bed, your mind running after the confrontation earlier. You throw the notebook forcefully across the room where it collides with the wall before falling open against the floor. There is a soft knock at the door.

Besides the knock, the person on the other side of the door does not speak. It could be either of them, Saeyoung or Saeran. A small note slides under the door before the sound of footsteps trail reverberate from the door.

You lie there, looking over at the note, curiosity pushing at your mind. You turn away from it but still the presence of the unread note lingers in your mind until you pull yourself from the bed and towards the door.

Your weighted footsteps lead you across the room, your eyes stopping momentarily on the notebook in the corner. Reaching down you pick up the white sheet. It’s been torn from a larger sheet, its scruffy and uneven endings displaying its rushed nature.

Its light in your hands as you take hold of the thin edges. The unique black font stands out to you as Saeyoung’s.

I’m sorry for before. I know I started you.
If you open the door I have left a gift for you… well it was already yours but I just brought it back from your apartment.
I hope it may remind you of me from your past… from the time where you… argh nevermind.
I love you and will love you always,


You open the door slightly so you can assess the hallway. It’s empty but there is a box at the bottom of the door which you pull inside. As soon as you lift the lid it begins talking. “Your conflicted meow. I can tell meow. Why are you lying meow?” The cat robot said in its obnoxious tone. “Shut up” you reply and the cat does exactly as it is told.

“Why the hell would he give this back to me.” You hold it gingerly in your hands before placing in the draw of the dresser away from sight. Continuing your path through the room you stop at the journal. You run your fingers over the leather binding feeling its buckle and stretch until it shifted.

The back cover shifted again as in your hands. You must have thrown it hard for it to be breaking. Pulling at the black cover a page dislodged from between the outside and the book. The dense paper sheet falling from the journal to the floor. You lean down to retrieve the revealed paper, turning it over in your hands again and again, observing every aspect of it.

There isn’t a moment to wait.
I can feel myself slipping further and further under the agency’s control through the emotional training… no. Torture.
I can see what Vanderwood is trying to do but I can’t escape now. I am going to force myself to hide a memory, my most precious memory that Vanderwood can never control me with.
If hope that if he should come to control me that the untouched nature of this memory may unsettle the hold he has so that I can love Saeyoung with all my heart as I do now.
It breaks me already to think of what may happen.
Please, PLEASE me. Remember. Remember what you have forgotten, what you have lost because of that deranged man.

It was the night of the RFA party but we didn’t go. Saeyoung and I were running. Not running from but too. We were so close to finding Saeyoung. We lay together in each other’s arms. He was wearing a black shirt. It suited him. He lay before me with his glasses removed bearing his heart to me. He was breath taking. He stole my heart again in that moment. But it is that which happened after that I will never let Vanderwood take.

That night he dreamt. It was the first time I had seen him sleep so I stayed awake for a while watching him. Watching his breath run in and out between his lips. Watch his eyes shift beneath their lids. I ran my hand over his hair, stroking the soft strands back from his closed eyes. I felt the tiredness take me soon after as I nested into his chest.

He stirred at some point in the night abruptly woken from his sleep. I wasn’t awake at that point but I woke soon after. Listening to his rapid heartbeat, he had awoken startled… scared. “Saeyoung…” I had murmured into him with worry. He relaxed immediately his hands caressing my head, pulling me into him. “MC, I’m sorry I woke you. I’m alright. I just dreamt of Saeran. I know were close.” He stroked gently on my head. “I woke up and I was so afraid. I felt you next to me and I felt myself calm but you were so silent and still that I didn’t want to wake you so I read over our messages.” He stalled.

“I said I wouldn’t say sorry anymore because I would make us forget those horrible moments… but I have to say it again. I’m so sorry but I thank you.” I couldn’t see but I could hear the tears falling in his voice. “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for loving me. The scum of the earth. I thought I would fade away…” I interjected. He had said it so many times already that I couldn’t stand him self-deprecating himself again. “Saeyoung, please. I don’t care. I am not ashamed of you because of your past, what you’ve done as an agent, what happened in your past, what you did doesn’t matter to me because I will love you regardless and I will continue to love you because I can see all the good things you have done. The days of you fighting things by yourself is over Saeyoung.”

I shifted myself upwards in the bed to look him in this eyes. I lifted my hand to caress his damp cheek. “Saeyoung. I love you. I love you. I love you.” I will say it as many times as it takes and more for you to realise that I will love you forever.” His mouth rose into a quivering smile as he let out a loud sob, tears streaming down his face. I wiped away some of his tears but they continued to fall so I pulled him into me and let him cry as I whisper again and again that I loved him.

Think! Think of this phrase. “MC, my angel.”

You sit there trying to understand what you had just read. Even though it was in your handwriting your memory of writing it is limited. The last letter was dragged across the page, Vanderwood must have… did walk close by the room. You sat there sorting through your memories. That phrase. The memory didn’t surface but you had written that you hid it deep. That phrase. “MC, my angel.” It felt so familiar, so close to you but buried deep. “I’m so sick of fighting. Of trying to find a way to make this work. Finding a way to escape or stay when I don’t even know truly myself what the difference is.” You were tired. You were over fighting, over standing your ground.

Maybe this is the key to the MC Saeyoung longs to find again.The key to finding who you were again.

my heart is sad

So we made it to where he is for his graduation… I got a call tonight from him.. I’m seriously so depressed.. no it wasn’t a bad phone call .. but I feel like I’m losing him and not in a he doesn’t love me kinda way.. in a different way.. and now I don’t wanna leave this place because I’m terrified I will never see him again…. idk what to do… and I don’t want to tell him any of this because I don’t want to ruin his time with us…

“As I sit here, nobody knows the pain that I feel being away from home and her is heartbreaking. I don’t understand how I manage to make it all work. I wish for my great escape, knowing that it’s not far from now. I left home with only my will and the support of my loved ones behind me.

She is all I live for, the struggles I face and the trials that I take only make me stronger. for when I return back home to her arms. For she only knows the love that I show and never leaves me discouraged. I fight for her heart everyday that I’m away from her. The purpose that drives me onward is my unconditional love that I have for her. Nothing can break the bond that I have with her and the relationship we have with one another.

I may be miles away writing about my love for whom I will return to soon, but I am a soldier. A soldier who WILL come home.”

—  Love letters from Fort Leonard Wood
Shit My Drill Sergeant Said