basic training

“When I was 17, I enlisted into the Army National Guard. In between drills and PT tests, I watched Mulan constantly and listened to the soundtrack while exercising. When I went off to Basic Training, I couldn’t make it past reception and I wound up being medically discharged because I’m anemic. Despite that, Mulan will always be my favorite Disney movie and female. I just wish I could’ve made through training like she did.”

Canadian Women’s Army Corps volunteers are photographed at No. 3 CWAC Basic Training Centre. The Canadian Women’s Army Corps (CWAC) was authorized on 13 August 1941, in response to a shortage of personnel caused by the increase in the size of Canada’s navy, army and air force. At first the organization was named the Canadian Women’s Auxiliary Corps and was not an official part of the armed forces. On 13 March, 1942, female volunteers were inducted into the Canadian Army and it became the Canadian Women’s Army Corps. They wore a cap badge of three maple leaves, and collar badges of the Greek goddess Athena. Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. April 1944.


my fellow future airmen better check this out.

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Finnish soldiers undergo training during the Finnish conquest of East Karelia of the Continuation War at Ozero Khizhozero lake (Finnish: Hiisjärvi). After assembling blocks of wood to ferry their weapons and clothing across the lake, they must swim through a smokescreen to the opposite bank. Ozero Khizhozero, Medvezhyegorsk, Karelo-Finnish Soviet Socialist Republic, Soviet Union (now, Republic of Karelia, Russia). 29 July 1942. Image taken by Erkki Viitasalo.