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Rose Quartz’s reason for Steven

Now that ‘Storm in the Room’ has come and gone, I want to remind you of a line of dialogue from a very old episode.

Steven says this about Amethyst, which turns out to be true. We still see signs of it in the Amethyst arc where she pours herself into defeating Jasper. But I think this line is true for all quartzes.

Amethyst doesn’t wanna think about herself. She hates herself. It’s a miserable thing to think about. You can see the stark contrast with the Famethyst; they all have eachother to think about, which is why they’re so happy.

Jasper doesn’t wanna think about herself. Although she is full of herself, she’d rather be a part of anyone else. First Lapis, and then corrupted quartzes, if that’s what it takes.

Steven doesn’t wanna think about himself. He doesn’t wanna think about the expectations riding on him and all the horrible things he’s done and been through. He’d rather think about everyone else and what he can do for them.

And Rose was the same way. She didn’t wanna think about herself. She was always asking everyone else about themselves. Whenever she’s asked about herself, she either evades it entirely or delays it as long as possible. She dedicated herself to – quite literally – everyone else. Both the Crystal Gems, and the entire human race.

But it backfired. The rebellion caused a war, the war caused the destruction of so many gems (and maybe even humans), caused her to bubble Bismuth and shatter Pink Diamond, and who knows how many other awful, dreadful things.

She didn’t want that anymore. But she couldn’t escape it. She couldn’t just run away from it. But she couldn’t just NOT think about it.

Everyone around her was so unique, so full of life, so free of burdens … and she wanted that.

Rose Quartz wanted to be anyone other than herself.

She didn’t make Steven to escape her mistakes. She made him because she thought so little of herself. Because she knew, anyone in the world would be a better fit as the leader of the Crystal Gems than her.

She wanted to live life as someone who would know what to do. Someone who could be strong. Someone who could make the right decisions. Someone who could create good where all she created was bad. Someone that could set out to do what she never could; to save everyone. Someone that could be everything she wasn’t.

She can’t give Steven the answers because …

Steven is the answer.

if uni was more like RuPaul's Drag Race
  • rupaul: *walks over to my table* hiii flora!
  • me, typing away at my laptop: hi ru!
  • rupaul: what are you working on honey?
  • me: well, the assignment was to write an analysis of a movie from a film-philosophical perspective, so I'm writing about "Solaris" and using Jacques Rancière's theory about cinema in the aesthetic regime, proposing that "Solaris" gives the viewer a different frame of reference to the concept of reality when compared to representationalist art of the 19th century!
  • rupaul: uh-hu I see. Well you've been criticized a lot on this show for not showing versatility and hiding behind the discourse of well-known authors. How do you plan to improve that if you're going to basically apply Rancière's theory to this film and not offer any unique insight of your own?
  • me: *the shade button sound plays as clips of me looking stupid are edited together to make it seem like i'm speechless*
  • rupaul: Well, it looks like you've got your work cut out for you. alright, get to work!
  • me, stammering: thank you ru..
  • me once rupaul leaves: this is a mess. I've got to start from scratch. Now i'm STRESSED!! But I do NOT want to go out on that runway looking like an idiot with half-baked discourse

Stranger Things | season 2 foreshadowing

“Something is coming, something angry, hungry for your blood…it is almost here.”

look. woody allen’s annie hall infamously won over star wars (1977) for best picture so i have reason to believe that woody allen has cast some demonic cursed energy on star wars winning awards which will only be broken when he dies. anyways this theory is basically is just me saying woody allen should die


About This Masterpost
Thicket’s Magical Masterpost

I would consider cleansing to be the first magical education someone should receive. Yes, there are other basics like grounding that are important to learn early on. But as far as first magical actions, cleansing should be among them. Understanding cleansing can also go a long way towards understanding some basic magical theory.

Cleaning is a part of life. Cleaning the house, cleaning the car, cleaning yourself – it’s part of being a human being. So is magical cleansing.

Energy flows outwards endlessly like a fractal. There is no beginning and there is no end. Humans are made out of energy. We’re just kind of crystallized. So it’s not like there is us, humans, and then later on at another point there is flowing energy and that energy touches us. There is no gap. There is no separation. We are energy, the world is energy, the universe is energy. The only thing is, we are a particular kind of energy. We are human energy! And human energy likes to feel a certain way. The energies we clean off of ourselves are the same kinds of energies that other spirits love and feed off of. So right away it is important to abandon a notion of “good” and “bad” energies. We are just lil human beans, loving certain kinds of energy. That doesn’t make our energies better. It just is what it is.

While energy is flowing endlessly, it endlessly interacts with our human spiritual body. This spiritual body is closely tied with our physical body. When you wear certain shields or protections, only certain energies can reach your body. Isn’t that rad?! We literally have the power to separate ourselves from the universe. That blows my mind.

If you live in a bright, airy home, if you have wonderful relationships, if you have a good job and hobbies you love, then you may accumulate way less negative energies (again, negative from our human perspective) than someone who has a rough life. So we do not all accumulate negative energies at the same pace. In addition, it is possible to sweat out negative energies and generate them yourself.

When these negative and unwanted energies interact with our spiritual bodies, it can clog things up. You can develop blockages in your body that represent as physical pain. Most people with knots in their back can experience a miraculous recovery with a little energy work and sweeping the bad energy away. In fact I recently did this for a friend! I released the knots in his upper back and swept the energy to his lower back. He immediately, within seconds, complained of pain in his lower back where five minutes previous he said that was never a problem spot. So just make sure you scoot energies all the way off of people – but more about that when we get to healing in another part of the master post.

Blockages! They can be physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Ever been just totally unable to come up with concepts for art or writing? That could be an actual energetic blockage. Ever had a weird pain in your back or body for no reason? Headaches, stomach pain? A feeling of disconnection from the universe? Each of these things has one thing in common: they can be caused by energetic blockages (although this does not mean they are).

At this point a question naturally arises: how often do we need to cleanse? Is it daily like a shower, or weekly like changing the sheets? I believe like most things, an intuitive and varied approach is best. The good thing is that cleansing is incredibly easy and can easily be done daily in your morning shower. I will include cleansing rituals at the end of this post.

I recommend a simple daily cleansing with your shower, or however often you shower. It is simple, requires no tools, and is an excellent way to practice energy work.

I also recommend a deeper cleansing once a week. There are a lot of magical practices I believe are best done once a week, so if possible it’s always nice to have one day a week to focus a few hours on magical upkeep if this is possible. A deeper cleanse can easily be done with a sea salt scrub. What is the difference between a basic cleanse and a deep cleanse? A deep cleanse uses allies such as plants, spirits, and crystals to aid in your work.

It’s time to change directions for a moment and talk about the importance of physical cleanliness when it comes to magical cleanliness.

There is a reason humans prefer clean spaces. It lets the energy breathe. It lets us relax. Clutter is bad for happy and healthy energy flow. Grime is bad for keeping your magical spaces free of parasites and icky things. If you want something to be magically cleansed, first you need to physically clean it. This includes yourself, your items, and your spaces. Taking out the literal trash can go a long way towards taking out the metaphysical trash. If you have a metaphysically dirty amulet, you will notice that gently and lovingly cleaning it will actually really go a long way towards metaphysically cleaning it.

When working with items and areas, they do seem to need cleansing less often with a few exceptions. If a tool of yours has heavy everyday use, such as my conjure crystal Arro, then it likely needs a cleansing every time you use it. You may find this to be true of your tarot cards, wand, pendulums, or other items that receive heavy use and get tangled up in lots of energies. Other tools that are used less often can receive a basic weekly or even monthly cleansing. Tools rarely used can receive a quick cleansing every time you use them but do not need to be cleansed on a schedule.

You can also just tell if an object needs cleansing. It will appear less aesthetically pleasing. Crystals will look dull and not as colorful. If you feel like avoiding an object, like, “ehh… I wear this necklace every day but today, ick,” it needs a cleansing. I have a ring my father gave me that absorbs ALL negative energies and it needs heavy regular cleansings because – it gets lost! If you lose a magical item, it has likely absorbed a lot of negative energies and can’t function any more. Once you find it, give it a big cleansing. And sometimes, objects just plain feel icky. Ever been thrift shopping, picked up a cool looking item, and immediately put it down because you suddenly got a big “nope” feeling?

Rooms where you are most active will require the most cleansing (including your car). My bedroom requires cleansing 3-4 times a week due to the heavy amount of magical, spirit, and life energies that accumulate in there. My kitchen on the other hand never needs a cleansing because the cleaning energies put in to it daily clear it out wonderfully.

Cleanse and clean a room when you feel uncomfortable being in it. When I start to avoid my bedroom I know it is time for a clean n’ cleanse. Especially cleanse after a big argument, if things are feeling stale, if the room doesn’t seem pretty, or you just feel it needs to be done. In general, do a full home cleansing once a month if you are able – this means your room and public/common spaces. You do not need to cleanse the bedrooms of others. While it is easy to do self cleansing and item cleansing with energy work, clearing out entire houses takes a little extra work. If you are a master energy worker like one of my friends you can just whisk all that negative energy out. If you are terrible at energy work like me, you need to enlist allies – again, that is plants, spirits, and crystals or minerals to help you.

Before we get to the actual cleansing rituals, there is one more thing to talk about. There is a difference between banishing and cleansing. They are not the same things and a cleansing is not the same as performing a banishment. If you cleanse a room and half an hour later it’s funky again, there is something in there that needs to be removed. Banishing will come in its own post later on. Banishing is asking a guest to leave – cleansing is picking up all their beer bottles and cigarette butts afterwords. You can pick up all the beer cans you want but as long as that guest is there, trash will keep accumulating.

Cleansing rituals

Self cleansing in the shower is easy. Imagine the water is active and living. Imagine spiritual gunk is sitting on your skin just like physical grime. The water washes away all the spiritual gunk and takes it down the drain. Wash yourself from head to foot (this dispels, as opposed to foot to head, which attracts) using normal shampoos and soaps. Be sure to scrub the soles of your feet and the palms of your hands.

If for any reason you can’t imagine that spiritual gunk leaving, or you feel it hasn’t left, you need a deeper cleanse. This is also the cleanse to use once weekly.

Take some table salt and olive oil. Mix them together in a thick scrub – you don’t need a lot, a quarter cup of salt will do. If you don’t have olive oil choose any skin safe oil you have at home. Hold the little container of salt scrub and bless it with this blessing, or your own:

By earth, the body of the gods

By water, their rushing blood

By air, the breath of the gods

By fire, their burning soul

May this scrub be made blessed and made pure

(Credit to Jason Miller for this charm – read his books, you won’t regret it).

I imagine the soul of nature itself doing this blessing, not any individual god. If you prefer, dedicate this blessing to your patron deity. Speak to the mixture and ask the blessed salt and oil to totally cleanse you of any negative or unwanted energies attached to you. If you like, throw in one of the herbs listed below.

In the shower, scrub your whole body – including your scalp – from head to toe with this mix. Imagine the salt just chomps away at that negative energy, like white blood cell soldiers swarming in and destroying the negative energies on you. If you include a plant, watch their powerful energies do the same thing. Once your entire body is scrubbed up, take a normal shower and again visualize the water taking everything away and down the drain.

You can also cleanse with crystals, incense, and energies.

Try sitting in the sun for 5 minutes and imagining the powerful divine fire burning away all negative energies on you. The moon can perform the same service, especially in her waning phase.

Take a powerful cleansing crystal and hold it to each of your chakra points. Ask the crystal to take away all negative and unwanted energies. Then, cleanse the crystal.

Burn a plant that cleanses (a list is below). Engulf yourself in the smoke. And I mean really get in there. If possible, hotbox yourself in the bathroom or in your car and get covered in smoke. A stick of sage is helpful because it’s easily mobile and does a good job cleansing.

Lastly, every personal cleansing is well rounded off by drinking a cleansing tea made out of an appetizing herb listed below, stirred clockwise three times, with a blessing to bring back beautiful and positive energies to your spiritual body.

Cleanse items in the same way that you cleanse yourself. Gently wash them with water and if the material allows, apply salt scrubs, bury in salt, bury in the earth, leave in the sunlight or moonlight (with instructions given to the item about what is going to happen), fumigate it, or pull the negative energies in to yourself or a crystal to be cleansed at a later time.

Cleanse a room first by cleaning it as best you can. Add some salt to your rinse water and wipe down most major surfaces with this gentle cleanser. Pay special attention to all corners and thresholds (doorways and windows, even an interior doorway like to a closet) and sweep them out very well, then apply the rinse water to that area. If you want to get fancy, research your own favorite general purpose home cleaning sprays. Keep main ingredients like vinegar and vodka, and substitute cleansing plants and add a little salt. Test spray on fabrics to make sure there is no stain. After a cleansing, spritz this around surfaces you can’t wipe down with salt water. I also find plain air fresheners like Febreze do an excellent job to really “complete” any room cleansing. Incense should work great, too. Lastly there are some passive cleansers that do a great job. Cut an onion in to quarters and place one quarter in each corner of a room. Or place a dish of water, an egg, a dish of vinegar, or a salt lamp in to a room to passively cleanse it. Also charge a candle with cleansing energies and burn it; include another candle with negativity banishing energies for an extra powerful punch.

If you want some rad energy work practice, pull fresh and powerful energies from deep in the earth and release them in to a room with instructions to clear out negative energies.

Cleansing Allies

I do not work heavily with crystals so I’m not going to make a list of them – this is a plant ally list! I will list only what I have worked with so I can give personal feedback.

  • Angelica This is a strong banishment/exorcising herb. Use it when you suspect you have very bad attachments. Combined with hyssop, no enemy can stay attached to you.
  • Anise I have worked with this plant before. It is a solid cleanser, if a bit blunt.
  • Basil Is more of a protector than a cleanser, but it works in a pinch. Add to a more cleansing plant or ally such as salt or bay leaf for a good protecting, cleansing spell. Use in conjunction with rosemary for a powerful shield.
  • Bay Leaf/Laurel The most RADICAL cleansing plant ever. Where bay lives, no evil can exist. Put bay everywhere. Hang it up in your room. Make a human stew by throwing bay leaf in to your bath. Liberally add it to cleansing scrubs and sprays. Keep bay with your tarot decks and other tools to keep them highly protected and cleansed. Bay leaf is the salt of plants.
  • Chamomile This is a solar plant and as such brings the power of divine fire to a cleansing. It is bright, cheerful, and happy. And it makes a delicious tea. Buy bulk chamomile from the ethnic spice section of your local grocery store. Burn it as an incense and drink it as a tea for a wonderful warmth and a solid cleansing and protective qualities.
  • Cinnamon This bark is a very strong cleanser and raises vibrations. Use it when you feel down in the dumps and need a good cleansing with a protective edge to it. Add liberally to tea.
  • Cloves A protective plant with a bit of cleanse to it. Use when you can’t get angelica or another powerful banisher. Make in to a strong tea and add that tea to your bath water or wash yourself down with it. Do not use clove as its own for a purifier.
  • Eucalyptus This can be bought in the ethnic section of your grocery store. A very powerful healer. In case of emergency, use liberal eucalyptus oil or leaf combined with rosemary for a full cleansing, healing, and protective spell.
  • Frankincense Again you are unlikely to find this item in the grocery store! Like angelica, hyssop, and mullein, collect when you are ready. It powerfully raises vibrations and is a wonderful cleanser. Especially burn as an incense.
  • Hyssop I have experience with hyssop as a cleanser, but not a protector. However it is a powerful cleanser and can break the strongest chains.
  • Lavender Very strong, yet gentle, cleanser. Use when you, a room, or an item is “tired” and can’t handle a radical cleansing such as what bay leaf provides. It also smells wonderful for room cleansings and makes an excellent tea.
  • Lemon An acidic spiritual cleaner that will eat through any grime. Use with care – it can also eat through you! Don’t add great quantities to a bath unless you know your skin can handle it.
  • Mint Any mints, especially peppermint, make good cleansers and leave you with that minty-fresh feeling. Brew in a strong tea with a touch of sugar for freshness and sweetness within.
  • Mugwort A strong cleanser that improves third eye powers. No complaints.
  • Mullien I LOVE mullein. It is a kickass cleanser and it’s fun to smoke. I have massive (like, a shoe box full) supply of mullein in my home because it is such a good ally. You are unlikely to find it in the grocery store; save this one for when you are ready to collect ‘witchy’ herbs.
  • Peppers Black pepper isn’t quite what I mean and it doesn’t have the same properties. I mean spicy red hot peppers! Obviously DO NOT scrub yourself down with this or drink it as a tea. Hot peppers are powerful banishers. Make an oil with a carrier oil and hot peppers. Dress candles with this oil to banish all negativity from a place.
  • Pine A pine tree has strong cleansing properties. Add needles or branches to a bath. Soak in vodka for a cleansing tonic you can use on objects. Hang around a pine tree and ask it to take negative energies away from you. Burn pine incense.
  • Rosemary My oldest plant ally, rosemary functions dually as a strong cleanser and a strong protector. Use rosemary when your shields have been cracked or when something needs extra protection.
  • Rue This is a very powerful hex breaker. Take a bath in rue and ask it to break any negativity upon you. This herb is not for use for any pregnant or nursing people.
  • Sage Sage works. It’s not over-rated.
  • Valerian It smells terrible, but it is a guard dog of cleansers. DON’T burn it or drink it, but if you need a hardy cleansing and it’s all you have, add it to a nice scrub or bath and it will work wonders.
  • Yarrow A gentle but strong cleanser. Use it when there are a lot of tangled up energies that need to be cleaned out.
  • Fans of Yuri on Ice: Oh no, Victor's going to leave him, he's just using Yuuri, Victor's dying! DO YOU SEE THIS PROOF? CONSPIRACY THEORIES EVERYWHERE,As you can see by this evidence in 20:30 minutes on episode 4, This scene is foreshadowing death, can you feel it? ANGSTANGSTANGSTANGSTANSGTANSGT

Ok so, I saw this theory basically saying that Marty, Greg’s former manager, is actually his cousin, comparing Marty and Andy Demayo, Greg’s cousin (can’t find the link at the moment, will update as soon as I find it).

Note similar hairstyle, wrinkles. It was said that the Crewniverse probably did it on purpose so we notice.

SO. I noticed an error: this one theory said that that would make Steven a distant family member of Sour Cream and Onion. But Onion’s dad isn’t Marty, as he’s Yellowtail’s son. Onion is Sour Cream’s half brother.

But that would mean that Greg is Sour Cream’s uncle. And he knows that. So I remember than in Greg, The Babysitter, he does call himself “uncle Greg”. The thing goes kinda like this:

Greg: “So, how about it, Sour Cream? You ready to spend the day with your rad uncle Greg?”

Baby Sour Cream: “Meh”

Greg: “You really are Vidalia’s son, aren’t you?”

I always thought that was because they were pretty close at that time, like Vidalia and Ametheyst confirmed in Onion Friend. But when you think about it, it does make sense that they are blood-related. That could be interesting, not only Steven suddenly finding out about new human family that he never knew about, but now Sour Cream is his cousin too! Imagine Buck and Kiki finding out!



At the end of Greg, The Babysitter, he says that he doesn’t actually know how’s Sour Cream nowdays. That could be because he stopped hanging with Vidalia (until lately, that them and Barb are hanging again, as confirmed in Last One Out of Beach City). Greg hasn’t seen Sour Cream since he was little and it is clear that he doesn’t recognize him now. That may be the reason he never told Steven about him.

If my earlier Sherlock theory is right, it’ll prove a mirror for the dead boy in the car.

This morning I wrote a really long theory, basically claiming there are two threads of time being played at once in all of BBC Sherlock – one that’s real and one that’s Sherlock’s imagination – The Six Thatchers being the one where the two layers start to overlap and confuse the audience because pieces of the imaginary timeline are presented as fact a few times too often. Give it a read if you love pain. 

However, one of the main claims of that meta is John’s daughter was stillborn, just like Rachel Wilson in episode one. The scene with Sherlock in the car while Mary gives birth is 99% real – the only part that didn’t happen was Sherlock joining them. John drove Mary to the hospital and she gave birth behind the driver’s seat to a stillborn baby. Sherlock imagined himself part of the family because he badly wants to be in one. “Happy families” are something he claims he does not know later in this episode. But he wasn’t there to see the actual events.

So here’s the mirror: John’s daughter is found dead in the car a week after she died (in the womb), exactly like the boy with the Power Ranger tied to his car. This is why John looks/dresses like the Thatcher Man who lost his son. This is why Sherlock said “I’m sorry about your daughter” and John corrected him to “son”. In The Abominable Bride, Sherlock asks “how could he survive?” and John corrects “she”. They both died. Both in two places at once. How is that possible? How could the boy die in the car but be in Tibet? Because he lied about where he actually was. How can the baby die in the car but go home from the hospital with Mary? Because they lied about where the baby actually was. I wrote this theory a few weeks ago that supports the “two baby Watsons” reading. Again, read only if you love pain. 

Place your bets, people. 


So we’ve got John and Mycroft hovering over Sherlock’s shoulders.  

This is reminiscent of the devil/angel dichotomy you commonly see in media, such as the one below.

My point is that this suggests John is good and Mycroft is bad by their positioning.  It is perhaps a hint that John is the good or intended choice and Mycroft the bad choice.  It also allows us to predict Mycroft’s more sinister actions or intentions ( supported by Mrs. Hudson’s “You reptile!” and the explanation of Mycroft’s actions through M-Theory – basically a lot of bad things for Moriarty to keep Sherlock safe).

‘fuck theory’ is basically posturing

like you can’t have decent theory without praxis, but you also can’t have decent praxis without theory

‘if you know shit fuck you’ is never going to be a revolutionary position like sorry

12x10 Speculation

What does everyone think about the synopsis? Lily Sunder is seeking revenge on the angels that killed her family. Which possibly includes Cas?

I was thinking about this the other day, and the only way I can imagine that a band of angels would have reason to murder some human woman’s family was if that family was a fallen angel and a Nephilim.

Think about it, we are at the start of a story involving a Nephilim which happens to be Lucifer’s unborn child. We know that angels think Nephilim are abominations. We also know that aside from the Nephilim murdered in 8x22 that there are no Nephilim left on earth. Castiel simply said that he “thought that wasn’t allowed”. If it wasn’t allowed, chances are someone like Zachariah or Naomi ordered the murder of any Nephilim born to humanity. Its not much of a stretch really. Although I would then wonder how the Nephilim from 8x22 slipped through their grasps for so long.

What a poetic and awesome story this could be though? An unknown angel falls in love with a human woman, abandons his kin and stays with her, they marry, and she bears him a child. But the angels find out and order a party of angels to go to earth and slaughter the angel and his Nephilim child. Imagine that Castiel was one of those angels? Imagine that he watched the scene play out, watched this poor woman begging the angels for mercy. to spare her child, but they followed orders. She was spared only because angels don’t care about human lives. They only care about cleaning up the mess of their own. Castiel didn’t like this. He had doubts. So Naomi wiped his memory.

Now imagine that woman, Lily Sunder, drowning in her own sorrow, vowing revenge on every angel who stole her family from her. The angel she loved and her child both dead at their hands. She turns to witchcraft, blood magic, and bides her time…

Imagine then, that Castiel and Dean and Sam have to talk her down, convince her to let go of her anger and hatred and thirst for revenge, and somehow convince her that Castiel isn’t the angel he once was? How would they do that? Well, Castiel has got an awful lot in common with the angel she fell in love with…

I mean yeah okay its only a theory but I think it would tie nicely into the current plot line of the show and the subtextual plot line of the show as well *cough*destiel*cough*.

Anyway, that was where my brain went immediately on reading the synopsis the other day. I just wanted to share that with you all. 

If I am way off the mark here someone please write that fanfic?