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Floating domes in Valenje, Slovenia

Submitted by Elvis Halilović:

Self sufficient floating city full scale model was made back in 2012 in Slovenia in a town called Velenje on the Velenje lake. It was supposed to become a structure that would be sufficient in energy needs, sanitation, some basic food production (aquafarming and aquaponics + conventional greenhouse food production) clean water etc.

The Domes and platforms were made by me and my brother, father, and a friend. The initial idea behind the floating city was to host people from all walks of life to spend time in total isolation from the world without any external stimulus from the likes of media, radio, computers, phones all the things that distract us from our mind, and present these people with problems and see if there’s a change in thinking when you are not predisposed with certain patterns which undoubtedly affect our thinking patterns. Also, it served as a really nice gathering place for the general public since I did not want anyone to claim property of the project. 

Non-Supernatural TMA Episode Descriptions

I tried my hand writing brief descriptions of each of the episodes with all supernatural influences removed, and the results amused me.  They also made me realize that, sans the supernatural, the TMA universe is one where exterminators and mental health professionals have to be in HUGE demand.

Anyway, I posted my silly summaries here, for this is a trash post, and I am a trash poster.

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Headcannons for the Group Therapy fic thing cuz it was requested like twice that I continue this so. I might do a fic later, no promises.

This also includes stuff already mentioned in the fic ‘Group Therapy’ which I wrote :D

I know someone else made some headcannons that i kind of base some of these on ? but i read a lot of headcannons so i dont exactly know which are based and what theyre based on. Sorry.

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General Headcanons: The Isle

- The rate of complications in childbirth is very high - around 25%, 45% for first timers. This leads to a lot of perinatal death. And the infant mortality rate isn’t awesome either. Sanitation issues and lack of doctors or hospitals, plus a terrible diet will do that. This is why you don’t see Jay’s mom (or the Hook’s mom for that matter) running around. For comparison’s sake, the Isle is up to 5.5 times the rate of death in childbirth in Auradon.

- Between pirates and soldiers on the Isle? There’s a metric ton of swearing. You can bet the VKs have all picked up some ‘good words’. Out of the Core Four, Jay swears most often, Mal being in second (though, that being said, neither are huge swearers). Carlos only does when something goes REALLY wrong with an experiment. Evie considers it vulgar for a princess and her mother taught her it was something uncouth commoners or pirates did (and the Hook kids did NOT dissuade that impression). To this day, people have only heard her let it rip once - when some jerky prince wouldn’t stop bothering her and just acting like a dehumanizing pig in general, and she snapped when he ruined her makeup development notes and told her she was just a pretty face. She called him every name she could think of, every name she remembered from the Isle and by the time she was done everyone in the yard was staring at her. He didn’t bother her after that and she’s gone on like the elegant lady she is and Auradon Prep got a free vocabulary lesson in swearing, in a place where ‘sucks’ is considered a dirty word. 

- There is very little in the way of job creation on the Isle - most of the Isle is stagnated with little in the way of a future or hope. Most of the VKs figured they would take over where their parents left off, or do something similar. It’s not much of a living - people steal a lot for things like food or to sell or extort for money or goods or favours to live on.

- Related to that, a lot of people live above or in their businesses or find an abandoned building to stay in (which is also where a lot of older teen groups have their hideouts). Most pirates who’ve docked their ships just have their crews stay there rather than try to find or build dwellings.

- Food is easily the most common thing stolen. People get bullied out of food, get robbed by armed folks, and just plain have theirs stolen all the time. Uma can’t count how many times she’s come into the shop and found food or alcohol from the basement stolen. Money is the second. Food from Auradon’s leftovers rots quickly and the food that grows is weak and likewise rots easily. People are more likely to fill up on liquor. If you can’t steal, you probably can’t eat. Maleficent doesn’t get her guards or the goblins to stop any food riots until it’s near her neighbourhood or she wants to go to the area (and in the goblin’s case, near Goblin Cove). There’s enough available water for fishing and some smaller boats, but the water covers some rocks deep down that make sailing anything but a fishing boat hard.

- While they have basic sanitation and health supplies, they run out a lot and treating anything that can’t be done with herblore (which most the witches have an idea about) becomes dicey at best. 

- When love is considered a weakness, dates happen more as part of a group - inviting someone to join a group in gang activity and splitting off for solo activities within that (for example, inviting someone you like to join you and your crew to vandalize somewhere and then the two of you split off to spray paint). 

- A lot of folks on the Isle, when they’re being honest, are to the point. Nobody enjoys people who beat around the bush, especially when they’re trying to make a deal. 

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Could you write a drabble 19. “The paint’s supposed to go where?” and 24. “You’re the only one I trust to do this.” with Coric+Rex bromance, spiced with some rexsoka? :> Or Cody alternatively if Coric isn't familiar to you.

This sounds like a Starbucks order and I’m all about that life. This was also a harder prompt than I anticipated! I kind of failed on the bromance front, but I hope you like it regardless.

19. “The paint’s supposed to go where?”
24. “You’re the only one I trust to do this.”

There was a word for this, for the empty victory of knowing how the future unfolded, only to long for those discovered facts days, months, or years in the past. “Énouement;” it was a kind of vocabulary confined to the more privileged circles among Coruscanti elite. For as little as Captain Rex even heard the word used (for the record, once or twice by Senator Amidala), he certainly experienced it more than he cared to admit.

Today, for instance. Rex’s past self would’ve happily accepted today’s knowledge about a week ago when General Skywalker looked him in the eye and told him, “You’re the only one I trust to do this,” before handing off an upcoming mission.

It was a joint operation with Commander Cody to the moon of Sijden, coupled with the most uninformative brief Rex had ever received from a rather hassled midshipman. In retrospect, the barebones brief of the lunar environment seemed to fit their surprisingly smooth mission. Until today, when they returned to the 501st flagship. 

The rare feeling of an objective efficiently accomplished fled from Rex’s mind not two minutes into their mandatory post-mission physical in the medbay when Coric screamed, “Get off the beds! Now!” 

It was the loudest Rex heard the medic shout off a battlefield, and the most frightened he’d seen Coric look when not in immediate danger. Rex and Commander Cody, sitting on the medbed next to him, complied, jumping to their feet, mirroring Coric’s expression of fear. They stood frozen, awaiting orders, in their mismatched uniforms– painted lower plastoid armor and black bodysuit tops. 

“What? What’s wrong?” Rex’s voice sounded far from composed; keeping a level tone was impossible when the legion’s head medic barely got words past his own surprise. 

Coric zipped back into his adjoining office. Noises identical to spelunking crashed about as Coric apparently explored every drawer he owned. “You came into contact with the water?!”


Coric’s last statement not ten seconds earlier had been so nonchalant. He didn’t even ask how they felt; he just outright surmised their physicals would be simple due to no exposure to water. 

It seemed innocuous to negate. Rex just as nonchalantly admitted how he and Cody had fallen into a lake on Sijden. And that’s when Coric flipped out.

“Microscopic parasites run rampant in the water on Sijden!” Coric shouted from the next room over, his drawer-slamming matching his vehemence. 

“That was conveniently left out of our brief,” Cody intoned.

And it would’ve been great to know, in hindsight.

“Any exposure to water needs to be examined!” Coric once more bustled into the medbay wearing protective gloves up to his elbows, goggles, and a face mask. “But don’t worry, I’ve just called in the hazmat unit.”

The officers exchanged wide-eyed glances. 

“You what?!” Rex cried, but Coric was already barking orders over the protests.

“Take all your armor off! Stack it here!” The medic didn’t let the fact that he only had basic sanitation spray stop him– he practically hosed down the growing pile of discarded armor with every dispenser he could get his hands on by the time two clones in large yellow protective suits waddled into the medbay.

Specialty squads like the hazmat unit were still an enigma to Rex, and seeing them in full gear gave him pause. Cody seemed to share his hesitance as he observed the new clones with a stiffness mirroring Rex, but Coric enthusiastically waved them in and directed them to the dripping armor pile.

While one investigated the armor with a handheld scanner, the second approached the officers bearing two canisters in each hand.

“We don’t have the tech on this ship to safely scan for microscopic parasites on organics,” the clone said from behind a thin shield of transpariplast. It was just large enough to show his nondescript face inside his yellow hood. “But put this on your skin and it’ll help amplify the scanners we can use.”

The second hazmat soldier joined his brother around the armor, leaving Rex and Cody to exchange glances once more, followed by a mutual, bracing breath.

Rex opened his canister to stare at the potent green paste inside. He grabbed Coric’s arm as the medic passed, pulling him between two possibly contaminated clones. 

“The paint’s supposed to go where?”

“On everything your bodysuit’s touching.” Coric slipped straight out of Rex’s hold and sprayed his own armor with sanitizer. He continued on his way, cleaning every surface he came across.

Cody leveled a glare at the captain. “This is your fault,” he mumbled as they both pulled off their shirts.

“You would’ve told him about the lake yourself!” retorted Rex.

“And the reason we fell into the lake in the first place was your fault, too,” Cody reminded. “This is going in your next Officer’s Report.”

“The 212th doesn’t contribute to my OR.” 

“It will this time.”

Despite their griping, their clothes came off and the cold paint went on. Yes, the énouement was bitterly strong today.

Cody winced the further down he spread the paste. “Is it supposed to burn like this?”

“Burning means it’s working,” one yellow-suited clone responded. They both waved different types of scanning equipment across the armor pile. One, sleek and oblong, made frequent beeping sounds as it emitted a transparent red beam; the other, wired to an outdated box gauge hanging from one clone like a satchel, clicked sporadically. 

Coric donned a new pair of medical gloves for the third time. His cleaning rampage ended– just short of scorching the medbay with fire– in time to see Rex and Cody painted from their necks to their ankles. 

“This is the last time I’m volunteering for one of your missions,” Cody muttered, shifting from foot to foot. 

Rex stood a little more compacted than before. “This is the last time I’m accepting one of these missions.”

“Don’t worry,” the medic assured them, “green’s definitely your color.” 

The yellow-suited clones closed in on them, waving a third type of scanner, one that screeched, over the green paint. Rex couldn’t remember a time he’d felt more exposed– or a time his body burned in so many places at once. To the hazmat unit’s credit, they were very thorough. That just meant the scanning process took upwards of an hour, and for that whole time Rex and Cody stood there in coagulating green paint. 

At least it gave Coric the courage to approach them once more. 

After the hour-long scan, the hazmat clones declared the officers were safe, but temporarily confiscated all their gear. The bodysuits they intended to burn, while the armor they loaded into a cart brought by additional clones from their unit. They planned to decontaminate the pieces in their own bay where they had access to much more specialized equipment, assuring the officers their armor would be returned… soon. 

“In the meantime, a night in the medbay for observation is the best thing for you,” a hazmat clone advised before the unit exited. The only trace they were ever there was the green paint left on Rex and Cody. 

Coric rubbed his large sanitized gloves together. “Perfect timing. Kix is on duty tonight!”

Rex tried to move. Faint cracking noises sounded from the top layer of paint; everything underneath was still congealing and the texture alone convinced Rex to not move again.

“I need out of this now.”  

Coric pointed the way to the medbay ‘fresher, and unfortunately for Rex, Cody pulled rank for the privilege of using it first. 

Énouement brimming, Rex sat on the edge of a medbed covered in coagulating, cracking, flaking green paint, while Coric escaped to his office once more. The medic returned in his standard armor, all preventative accoutrements gone. 

“This physical went a little differently than I was expecting,” Rex grunted. As much as he wanted to fling all limbs wide, he suffered the repulsive squish he created by hunching over, and modestly crossed arms and legs to hide places covered in paint anyway. 

Coric gazed across the spotless medbay. “It hasn’t been clean like this in awhile, but it’s not exactly worth a parasite scare.”

Rex chuckled despite himself, and a fresh series of cracks responded. A moment later, the door opened for Ahsoka to dash in, panting from what could’ve only been a long run. She held a wad of black in her hands.

“Kid–!” Rex fought all programming that demanded he jump to attention– or just stand in acknowledgment of her presence– at that moment. He managed to curl up a little tighter on himself, cheeks suddenly ruddy. 

“Rex!” Two steps closer, Coric held out a halting hand.

“Commander, you should probably, ah, keep your distance.” He intercepted her and received her bundle– a black bodysuit. “Thanks for this, sir.” While he brought the suit back to a medbed to fold properly, Ahsoka took a faltering step, as if remembering a half a second too late she wasn’t supposed to advance.

“Rex, how are you feeling? I heard from Coric about the quarantine and I wanted to check in on you.” The sincerity in her voice hit him as hot as the ‘fresher he was missing out on. “Plus I had to bring over an extra suit.”

Rex leveled a glare on the medic. “You called the commander to have her bring a change of clothes?!”

“I did no such thing,” Coric responded, hands defensively high. “I told her the situation and she ran errands all on her own.” 

“It’s fine, Rex,” Ahsoka spoke up. “I would’ve come regardless. Had to make sure you were all right.” She was close enough to see the pity in her eyes as she looked over his green body.

Rex’s limbs crossed him a little tighter, and he tried not to cringe at that extra squish of paint. “Thanks for your concern, sir. I’m fine. I’ll feel better once I get showered and change…” If Cody ever relinquished the ‘fresher.

Ahsoka smirked. If she hadn’t picked up on his body language, his dark blush must’ve clued her in. “As you were, Captain.” She casually retreated to the door. “If you need any help, just call.”

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hi I wanted your opinion on this since you love history and youre studying anthropology?i was watching a video on ancient Egyptian there is agreat debate about therace of this civilization(SO FOGGY)one was arguing that they wereBeing whitwashed(LITERRALLY)being repainted on using lighter shade than what depicted themselves as it gotme ANGRYwhy would theyAllow this to happen do pple know this is happening WHY not stop this what ur opinion on this matter. Please reply pple need to know abt this.

It’s pretty well established that Ancient Egypt was whitewashed by racist scholars. And quite successfully. To this day some people still don’t know Egypt is in Africa. And the motivation for the whitewashing was that the civilization was one of the greatest to ever exist, so they didn’t wanna give black people credit for it. It was all about pushing the narrative of white supremacy and the myth of the white savior while basically portraying every non-white as “savages” whom noble whites “saved”.

In reality, it was black Africans who traversed the earth well before whites and taught them to settle into self governing communities as opposed to being nomadic hunter/gatherers. It was black Africans who taught whites about agriculture, irrigation, basic sanitation and medical care. Herodotus wrote about this and it’s usually not covered in history books even though he’s been named “the father of history”. 

If they couldn’t whitewash it, they ignored it. So people aren’t taught about the kingdoms of Mali, or Songhai, or Wolof or Ghana or the Bantu or Zulu nations. It goes on and on. They aren’t taught black women were warriors and ran kingdoms as well. The reason Timbuktu is still synonymous with “far away” is because people came from all over the world to study there (that’s the aforementioned Mali). They also came to Egypt to study and took that knowledge back home. Many Africa educated whites were later persecuted back home as practicing “witchcraft” because they knew how to consistently grow healthy crops and treat illnesses based on what they learned there. They also brought back African spirituality and mysticism, which was definitely not understood by the uneducated whites. But it persisted and is still incorporated into the rituals of the most elite secret societies including Freemasonry, Bohemian Grove, The Boule, Skull and Bones and they mysterious Illuminati.  But I digress…

The first dynasty of Ancient Egypt was established by a black man, Narmer aka Menes:

And the Egyptian people didn’t have a concept of “race” per se. But they certainly understood the difference (or similarity) between themselves and other outside cultures they encountered.

And obviously because Egypt became a great civilization, many people migrated there. So the people of Egypt became more mixed and diverse over time. But until the later dynasties, Egypt was primarily populated, ruled and governed by black Africans. It’s fascinating and in 2015 we should be embracing our common history. There’s so much even the average college educated person doesn’t know about world history and it’s a shame. Because it still informs the myth of white supremacy. And I can vouch for the fact that it’s a thing, even in this very fandom. Knowledge is power and the truth will set us all free.

Hey fellow FTMs and non binary friends

My name is hayden Lombardozzi and I’m a trans guy from Boston MA who goes to college full time.
I have a 8 inch biggins prosthetic (in the color Chey rea)
And a 5.5 inch rouge prosthetic in (mocha)
Both from freetom.
The rouge hasn’t been used once because it was purchased for someone who doesn’t want it anymore . And the biggins was used once for an STP and then sanitized.
Basically they aren’t really my style and money is tight now a days and I want to save up for freetoms new inflatable prosthetic coming this winter. If anyone wants pictures or wants to make an offer please feel free to come on over to my inbox !! I can email you pictures or grab your phone number from there!

- Hayden

* She means hydrophobic.

More on this will be explained later, BUT…

The reason Sancho (and most Edeneans, honestly) don’t like baths isn’t because they like being dirty, but because bathing can be dangerous.

Even though they are a Roman “protectorate” (read: vassal state), basic sanitation services such as aqueducts and sewers, are not provided in most of Edena. Only the bit of the capitol city where Roman officials live has these basic services. And because they don’t allow Halflings to go to school or apprentice as engineers, architects, doctors, etc., there are no Halflings to qualified to build the basic infrastructure needed. That means personal or communal wells, groundwater that is polluted by person and animal waste, and no system to clean or heat the water except in the hearth. And with the prices of fuel going up all the time, there was not enough to be wasted for boiling water for any but culinary means. Also, it’s cold in Edena. Even in summer, it gets chilly at night. So if you’ve got a husband and son who are always sickly, you don’t risk making them sicker by bathing them in cold, dirty water

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That post about how nobody in YA fiction ever has a period just crossed my dash again, and it got me to thinking: you rarely see YA fiction address basic sanitation of any sort, do you?

Paradoxically, it’s not a big issue in less detailed settings, as you can safely assume that it’s all handled “off camera”, but a lot of YA fiction goes on at great length about the setup of its awesome flying cities and secret bases and whatnot, laying everything out in such excruciating detail that the fact the layout of the place doesn’t make any provisions for waste management really jumps out at you.

Yeah, the whole “no periods” thing is a problem, but I keep coming back to a more basic question: how do these people even pee?

(Say what you will about Harry Potter, but at least Hogwarts has restrooms.)

“The Zaatari Refugee Camp is twelve kilometers from the Syrian border, and has become the fourth largest city in Jordan. At its peak last year, over 3,000 Syrians refugees were entering the camp every day. This was a biblical level of population movement. Over 400,000 people have lived in the camp at some point in the last two years. UNHCR has responded to their basic needs: sanitation, food, healthcare. But there’s a large gap between survival and livelihood. For lack of a better word, boredom has become a big problem. It’s too dangerous to return to Syria, and there are very limited ways to be productive inside the camp. But the adaptations have been amazing. This is unlike any other refugee camp in the world. The Syrians are coming from a middle class economy, so they are a very skilled population– they aren’t subsistence farmers. They’ve managed to build an economy inside the camp. Most of the tents have been upgraded to houses. The refugees trade with the Jordanians, and bring in supplies from the outside to start their own shops. One man even started a supermarket. It’s still a tough situation. But arriving with nothing, the Syrian refugees have managed to carve out their own dignity inside the camp. They aren’t just taking what is given to them. They’ve created choices for themselves." 

-Gavin White, UNHCR Jordan External Relations Officer


So “Desert Wolf” has been assumed to be a coyote.

But what if the desert wolf is a jackal? Especially since next season is supposedly going to revolve around Egyptian mythology? (I have only heard rumors of this, it has not been confirmed by anyone to my knowledge)

External image

The jackal is basically a coyote. They scavenge, they’re small, they’re fast, they’re loners, they have the same diet. There are three types of jackal, but the golden jackal is the one directly related to the coyote, Ethiopian wolf, and canis lupis (wolves).

Jackals are commonly associated with foxes and coyotes as being tricksters. And considering jackals are basically the closest species to having a wolf in the desert, I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to speculate that the Desert Wolf may be a jackal.

Let’s also look at the Egyptian myth of Anubis, the jackal god associated with mummification and the afterlife:

Anubis assumed different roles in various contexts. Depicted as a protector of graves as early as the First Dynasty (c. 3100 – c. 2890 BC), Anubis was also an embalmer. One of his prominent roles was as a god who ushered souls into the afterlife. He attended the weighing scale during the “Weighing of the Heart,” in which it was determined whether a soul would be allowed to enter the realm of the dead. 

This is interesting considering no one can find the Desert Wolf. What if she can access the afterlife, or some equivalent supernatural realm where the living cannot enter? Like a supernatural subconscious, bardo, or the “mirror world” that calicokat-teenwolf has delved into. Maybe even the Telluric Currents (which the Nemeton is tied to).

Since it has been confirmed by Peter that the Desert Wolf is an assassin or mercenary of some sort, it is again very fitting for her to be an animal associated with death.

External image

Some other interesting roles of Anubis:

  1. Protector of tombs - he is god of the desert necropolis (literally “city of the dead”) 
  2. Embalmer - associated with mummification. Embalming is basically the process of sanitizing and preserving the body before it is buried (some forms of embalming include disembowelment, so be careful if you want to further research this).
  3. Weighing of the Heart - Anubis was guardian of the scales, and would determine whether the dead person was worthy to enter the afterlife. He would weigh their heart against Ma'at - the truth - and if their heart were heavier they were devoured by Ammit, if their heart were lighter they would ascend into heaven. 
  4. Guide of Souls - guides dead people from the world of the living to the world of the afterlife.

Anubis also was originally the god of the dead, but Osiris eventually replaced him in that role.

Jackals are frequently used as a literary device to illustrate desolation, loneliness and abandonment, with reference to its habit of living in the ruins of former cities and other areas abandoned by humans. Interesting tie here to the word “Desert Wolf,” since “desert” can also mean “abandonment.”

Below the cut I’d like to tie this to my theory of Claudia being the Desert Wolf, and how Claudia and Stiles could be jackals. 

This gets insane when I start talking about mummification and hieroglyphs. So brace yourselves. And I’m sorry I’m kind of obsessed with this stuff.

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If you think about it, it’s no wonder that Finn was like “SOMEONE PLS HOLD ME” in the beginning of the movie. Because, all in the span of a day(?), he:

-has a then-fellow stormtrooper just fucking smear his blood covered hand on his helmet and just straight up die

-basically just worked in Sanitation before and now Kylo Ren was ordering them to shoot the innocent villagers on Jakku

-nopes the hell out of the First Order, suddenly deciding to go big or go home and also helps Poe escape

-literally leaves everything he HAS EVER known in his LIFE to save Poe, a Resistance fighter he doesn’t even know

-has to remind himself to keep calm when pretending to escort Poe to the hanger bay

-actually has no plan beyond getting Poe to a ship

-destroys like half of the hanger bay while they attempt to take off in TIE fighter

-gets an ACTUAL NAME, after Poe suggests ‘Finn’ instead of ‘FN-2187’

-ejects from the fighter after they’re hit by a missile

-goes looking for Poe and only manages to recover Poe’s jacket from the wreckage before it sinks and thinks Poe is dead


-carries on Poe’s mission and tries to find BB-8 on Jakku, even when all he wants to do is get far from the First Order

-does SO MUCH for a resistance pilot he thinks is dead

{Edit: I totally forgot to fix this post after I read the tie-in Star Wars book “Before the Awakening” a few days after I saw the movie for the first time. Finn, during his time with the First Order was, was THE exemplary Stormtrooper. Captain Phasma even singled him out among hundreds of Stormtroopers, pilots, instructors etc, to praise his skills. He was even told that he had great promise to become an officer in the First Order. So Finn obviously wasn’t just in sanitation, as he told Han in the movie. He probably only did cleanup duties when his cadet squad had that task rotated to them.}

Photo of the Week: To escape the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine, “Svetlana” and her baby son took refuge in a bomb shelter in the city of Donetsk, where they have stayed for several months. Over 1,000 children in Donetsk are staying in bomb shelters - often in unsanitary, crowded and freezing conditions - with little to no access to food, water, sanitation or basic hygiene supplies. We’re continuing to provide aid to families like Svetlana’s living in conflict-affected areas of Ukraine. ©UNICEF/NYHQ2014-3501/Volpi


Global progress in increasing access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation has been mixed, and progress in sub-Saharan Africa lags behind much of the world. The Millennium Villages Project has installed more than 330 miles of new pipes in Rwanda (pictured) and 9 other African countries that are bringing safe water to homes, schools and clinics. (Photos by Thomas Prior for MSNBC)

See more photos here.

katgraham: Tonight I will #GoCommando4ACause to help @Cottonelle raise awareness around global sanitation. Cottonelle is partnering with Water For People to raise funds and awareness around the lack of basic sanitation for families worldwide by asking individuals to #GoCommando4ACause. Kimberly-Clark Corporation will donate $1 to Water For People for every mention of the hashtag #GoCommando4ACause so please retweet!

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Are your lashes real mink fur?

Yes, they are basically sanitized sheddings, I buy them from a semi local farm I found and made a deal with. It’s a farm that has fancy “show” rabbits and like all sorts of exotic small critters, the minks are not killed for their fur, they simply just live and frolic around a fenced area made for them and their shedded fur is collected, then sanitized, and sold to me, and after I do my own secret thing with them:) they also sell like alpaca fur and stuff that they shave so people can knit sweaters and socks😂 I wonder if alpacas hair make nice lashes, I should give that a try😭
However, this is really the only humane method of mink lashes, and it limits quantity tremendously, if a big company is saying they are cruelty free they are lying because they can get away with saying that they technically are “cruelty free” because the company is not harming any animals, the fur factory is, they would need to keep and take care 100,000 minks just to meet their demands. You and I both know that’s unrealistic. I have a very small quantity, and the reason my lashes look nice and are good quality is because the animals fur is healthy, the minks weren’t trapped in a tiny cage all it’s life to be made into a coat and lashes😒
happy animals=shiny, silky, strong, and healthy coat :)