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How would Crowley Ferid Mika rene and lacus feel about an s/o who is from the islands (Fiji, Hawaii) and is really proud of her culture a even wears a tropical flower in her hair and loves speaking her native language and even doing traditional dances when alone. (Sorry if that's a lot I'm just obsessed with these five)

I’m so sorry for the long wait!! I don’t blame you for being obsessed, and don’t fret the amount is perfect!


  • He would be extremely respectful of her culture
  • He would incorporate it in everyday life so she won’t feel deprived
  • I feel like he would at least have basic knowledge of the culture


  • Definitely knows if not every, almost every aspect
  • Expect some cheesy nick name like “my precious hibiscus” 
  • Knows the basics of the island’s native language


  • Doesn’t like Ferid but knows he’s old and wants to know more about the island’s language
  • If he catches her dancing he will only watch because he is afraid of messing it up
  • Gathers flowers for her to put in her hair


  • Would read up on whatever he can to be more familiar with everything
  • He would love to listen to her talk about tales that are told on her island
  • Constantly asks her to describe her favorite places, because he hopes one day to take her there


  • If he hears her singing traditional songs, you better believe he will horribly sing along until he learns the lyrics
  • Likes to cook their favorite foods
  • Likes when she talks about the flora and fauna of the island
LotF Mean Girls AU
  • “Get in, loser. We’re going hunting.” -jack, upon seeing ralph staring at some other guy during soccer practice, promptly getting jealous, and trying to turn ralph’s attention on him.
  • “Raise your hands if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by jack merridew.” (everybody including the entire choir stands up.)
  • “That’s why his hair is so red. It’s full of anger.”
  • “On wednesdays we wear war paint”
  • “I don’t hate you because you’re fat, you’re fat because I hate you” -jack to piggy
  • “I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school. I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy.” -simon probably
  • “Bill once caught making out with a hot dog.” “Oh my God, that was one time!”
  • “Samneric both hooked up with Coach Carr?!”
Hamilsquad's favourite TV shows & movies


  • Watches the news, obviously, every day and is very passionate about current affairs
  • His favourite movie is 12 angry men (Literally two hours of men arguing, yay!)
  • Huge fan of Sherlock, mainly because he somewhat identifies with the main character 
  • He quotes it a lot: ‘stop talking you re lowering the iq of the whole street’ is his favourite insult 
  • Loves the fact that he shares the same name with Alex from A Clockwork Orange
  • Huge fan of SNL, especially the political sketches


  • Watches a lot BBC documentaries
  • Like, a lot
  • Especially the ones about animals (his favourite one so far was about the Galapagos islands)
  • Basically seen every episode of Friends at least three times
  • His favourite character is Phoebe
  • Secretly really into chick flicks


  • Tarantino movies!
  • He knows every line from Pulp Fiction
  • Watches all the popular sitcoms, like HIMYM and The Big Bang Theory
  • He always sings the intro song of TBBT
  • Tells everyone his favourite movie is Citizen Kane
  • But it’s actually Devil wears Prada


  • Always obsessed with one TV show at a time
  • Currently it’s Game of Thrones
  • Always has the most complicated/insane theories about those shows
  • He’s usually right tho
  • Also James Bond films! 
  • When ordering a drink, he always says ‘shaken, not stirred’
coming of age

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“Come back soon!” Her mom says.

She is by the doorway, finishing tying her sport shoes.

She nods and then takes off.

“Are you Moon?”

“Yes,” she replies and smiles at the man behind the desk, not yet tired of this routine. She clutches a few Pokedollars in her hand, looking to buy some revives.

“Wow!” He says, breathless and hands shaking as he bends down to unlock the cabinet. “That means that you can purchase even more items. You’re the first ever Alola champion, after all!”

The smile doesn’t leave her face but something hurts a bit more.

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For me, the comparison to water… it’s such a beautiful thing, right? It can be so destructive but so peaceful at the same time. Montreal’s an island, so basically we’re surrounded by water anyways, I kind of grew up with that feeling: being stuck on an island in a certain sense. I love the fact that the movement of water defines who we are as well. It’s something continuous and always inside of us. - Béatrice Martin (Cœur de pirate)

“Being the first Chinese player, there’s a lot of pressure from people back home. Good pressure. I hope that’ll motivate me to become a better player and hopefully I’ll make them proud” - Andong Song, the first Chinese-born player drafted in the NHL (Selected 172nd overall by the New York Islanders)


Top of the Empire State Building barely peaks out from above the cloud deck, viewed from the Observation Deck of One World Trade Center. This view is basically “the island of Manhattan” during a day where the clouds are low.


People I just got an idea for a g/t story and stuff.

Basically, there’s a village isolated on a very small island.
There’s one problem though; a giant sea monster lives in an underwater cave, under the island.
The giant monster and the villagers HATE each other; the villagers shoot arrows and throw spears at the monster everytime he comes on the island to bathe in sunlight, and the giant sea monster loves to sing- but his voice is so loud that it simply scares the villagers!
It’s like those angry neighbors where one is being agressive and doesn’t want you to touch his lawn and the other being super noisy and playing loud music day and night.

Anyway. One day, a stranger comes to the island, basically an adventurer, who’s boat gets accidentally broken by the curious giant monster.
Frightened, the adventurer swims to the island to seek help. But the villagers don’t like this stranger… If the monster damaged the stranger’s boat, it must be because he wants this stranger dead!

So the villagers decide to offer the adventurer to the giant monster as a human sacrifice to appease its anger!

But the giant monster doesn’t care about the stranger’s life?? In fact, he feels bad for the stranger, because it’s his fault he ended up in this situation. He wants to help him out of this mess.

So the giant sea monster emerges, menacingly, glaring at the villagers, then grabs the terrified adventurer and dives underwater… and takes the bean to an air pocket in his underwater cave.

The stranger is terrified, but after a while of trying to calm him down, explaining he doesn’t want to eat him or something horrible like that, the monster manages to get the stranger to listen to him, and offers him to take him back wherever he comes from, to excuse himself of breaking the boat.

So they are off on an adventure. The adventurer riding on the giant sea being’s head as he swims in the direction given by the small new friend. The monster also gets to sing, and is delighted to see the adventurer enjoying its voice.


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5 things you’ll find in my bag:
1. keys
2. wallet
3. chapstick
4. sunglasses
5. pen

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:
1. a collection of hq figures
2. two rooster teeth posters
3. plates and cups
4. too many fucking shoes
5. shirts and clothes hung on chairs

5 things I’m currently into:
1. haikyuu
2. voltron (i’m not involved in the fandom, i just really like the show)
3. free (i just got into it and i love it. i’m not involved in this fandom either)
4. harry potter
5. ahhh that’s it p much??

5 things on my to-do list:
1. Go to Japan or Canada (I wanna get and see hq stuff, and i wanna see snow for the first time
2. go to a con
3. see my international friends ;0;
4. basically get off this island and go places…..
5. can’t think of anything else

5 things people may not know about me:
1. i was in 3 musicals in high school. 3 mistakes i’ll never make again.
2. i had to repeat year 6 when i transferred to a different school bc i failed the test to get into the high school
3. ehhh this is probably not interesting but me and a bunch of other people walked around this island twice and got an award for it.. yippie
4. yall probably know already but i have 1 younger sister
5. uhhh idk anything else?? or i just can’t remember anything

whoever wants to do this can go ahead :00

Random Card of the Day #12

Whelp. I never thought I would’ve got this card. Basic Island. Arguably one of the most powerful cards in magic. This card is fantastic. It lets you play all your other cards. This card has been printed over and over again for over 20 years, and has stood the test of time. Strictly better than nonbasics because you can play around wasteland. Notable combos: Literally every blue card. Gotta cast our spells.