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Hey Chash! It would be really awesome in every which way if you could do a Bellarke fic in the universe of "Chuck" the tv show! Bellamy isn't quite as dorky as Chuck is in it but honestly whatever you make I know I will love, because I love everything you write. Thank you so much for fueling my happiness!

“Is this okay?”

Clarke glances up from her phone and feels her mouth go dry at the sight of Bellamy, awkward and uncomfortable in his tux.

Not that awkward and uncomfortable isn’t fairly standard for Bellamy, of course. In his element, he’s untouchable, confident and charming, easy, it’s just that he mostly doesn’t get a chance to be in his element. Which is a real shame, but not exactly shocking, given she’s not entirely sure what his element is.

“You didn’t tie your tie,” she says, because this is a job, and she’s a professional.

He rolls his eyes. “It’s a bow tie, Clarke. I’ve never worn a bow tie in my life. You’re going to need to help me out on this one. And I figured you’d have more feedback for me.”

“It’s a tailored suit. Of course it fits you. The CIA isn’t going to spring for a tux that doesn’t look good on you.”

“There we go,” he says, smirking. “I look good. Thanks. That’s what I was looking for.”

She rolls her eyes and puts her full attention on his tie. She used to do this for Wells all the time, and the motions are easy and second-nature, which isn’t really a plus. If this required any part of her brain, she wouldn’t be thinking about the smell of Bellamy’s cologne, the firmness of his chest under her hands, the way he’s just a few inches taller than she is, the perfect height to fold herself against his chest without having to strain her neck to kiss him.

It’s not the first time she’s had to fake a relationship for work. It’s annoyingly common, especially for female agents. The CIA’s official position is that same-sex couples draw more attention, which she knows from anecdotal personal evidence to be true, but it still annoys her. So she gets called in a lot, to be someone’s fake trophy girlfriend.

It’s not why she was sent to Bellamy. She was sent to figure out how he got the Intersect in his brain and how to get it out of there, and she’d assumed it would be fairly easy. He was clearly a threat to national security, and they needed to bring him in.

That would have been nice.

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How come it takes so long for you to update CTC, and when you do theyre always super short? Like it's really hard to be engaged in the story when you get one or two lines out of one character and then a few background shots and then you wait a month

ok… I’m pretty sure I’ve repeated this like 30 times but I’ll say it again. I’ve got carpal tunnel syndrome and if you don’t know what that is basically my hand’s fucked. I can’t hold my pen for 15 minutes straight without it hurting a shit ton. I’ve got to redraw all my lines like 20 times to get it looking right.

im a 16 year old kid at an art high school and im basically free 4 hours a day. I’ve got homework and believe it or not- a life. I’m literally working my ass off trying to churn out these panels FOR FREE and I’m paying the price by visiting a physical therapist weekly.

One panel takes me anywhere from 2 to 6 hours. Maybe more. I pour a lot of my heart, blood, and tears into my shitty webcomic. Those “background” shots take me 10+ drafts to finalize.

So, sorry if it’s hard to be engaged in my story. I’m trying hard here, but I can’t always win ‘em all. lol

Merthur AU

Merlin Emrys and Arthur Pendragon are a famous musical duo called “The Drago(o)ns of Albion”. 

They started out from nothing - Arthur loving to play his beloved guitar and Merlin seizing every opportunity to sing (with the voice of an angel, according to Arthur). They had been friends since secondary school and decided to form this small duo in the third year of their studies, playing in various minor clubs without actually getting paid. However, during one of their performances their talent had been spotted by a local artist manager - Gwaine Knightley. 

He did not hesitate to contact them straight away and that is, in fact, the reason how they ended up here, in the Avalon recording studio, five years after this incredible fluke happened, working on their third album “Just Hold Me (Only For You)”. Merlin and Arthur have noticeably grown as artists, nevertheless, they have also grown into lovers. Which is, of course, a closely guarded secret and no one knows about their relationship… except Gwaine, their friends, their family, their fans and basically everyone who witnesses their interactions. But as Merlin would say (or rather sing): “... only you can set my heart on fire”.

This is for my lovely friend Tracci ♥ I hope you’ll like it, dear =‘)

My heart breaks, each and every time I watch this. Not for Ed, nope. He got what was long over due. But for Carol. Jesus…just watch and listen to the scene. You hear her breaking down in the background, you watch as she physically crumbles as the scene unfolds in front of her. And I’ve read/heard people say in the past “But why did she run to him afterwards, saying she’s sorry?”

Well, if you’ve been a victim of domestic abuse…verbally or physically…you know if something happens to the abuser, you’re basically done for. They’ll take anything out on you; from having a bad day at work, dinner being over/undercooked, not performing enough in the bedroom…literally, anything that gets them a slightly bit riled, will be made known. Either through vicious words or actions. And after a while, you start to make sure NOTHING goes wrong. You start apologising for the slightest thing, just in the hope it doesn’t start something. Because you know, deep down, the worse a situation is, the worse your bruises/soul will be the next day. It’s just becomes the norm to apologise for every damn thing.

And in this scene, I genuinely believe Carol was thinking “Oh fuck…Shane stop, I’m the one that will have to endure the repercussions because of this…” And the most natural thing, she’s learned to do, is apologise. Hoping and praying, that even though they hadn’t helped before…maybe, just maybe, they would help her now.

I found this picture on google. All rights go to named in the picture.