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when NCT Night Night is running short of time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 


they refilmed that part

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No, it's not a well known one. Basically Capital FM (the leading commercial station in the UK) have their annual Balls at Wembley which are well established & attract top pop names - including international acts. Key 103 is trying to leverage this type of popularity for a local event in the North West. But as you can see from the calibre of the acts - with only Louis and Rita having truly international fame - it's a pretty provincial affair. Very Syco heavy too. Glad he's getting promo though.

Thank you, anon 💕
At least a little bit of promo. Guess we ought to be thankful he isn’t doing pub tours all over England.

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I was talking about the bathroom Joosh. But yeah Josh was like perfect in every scene of FM basically lol

Okay, I’ll let you know when I’ve seen that scene. I’m trying to prepare myself for it, even though I’ve already seen the gifs and screencaps but uh, yeah, I was thinking the same thing yesterday, how legitimately gorgeous he looks in this show. Some of the shots they get of his eyes and his face….I’m like GUH.

AP_10 (Unknown Title)
AP_10 (Unknown Title)

Ballade For Maria (PC-98), 1995

Oh, oh, oh! ♥ What a great lead patch! It is not actually all that complicated, but often great synthesis is just fine tuning something until it is perfect. That wonderful formant-y sound is the result of getting the attack and decay just so, and also the fake delay imparting an almost chorus-like effect. It is further enhanced by the melody itself: the patch just sounds good with glissando because it is so dynamic!

I love, too, how bold the composer was to use up one of the precious three FM channels in the YM2203 for fake delay, an even bigger deal than on the Famicom because of how much more limited the SSG is compared to FM. The song still sounds really BIG because of that expertly programmed bass. Most people are familiar with the ubiquitous fake delay technique where an instrument is doubled at a lower volume and shifted forward, usually on a second channel. What the programmer has done here, however, is create single-channel fake reverb on the staccato sections by repeating and sustaining the last note in a phrase, but at a much lower volume. It’s subtle, but it really fills out the mix. You can simulate almost any basic outboard effect with FM if you know how. Delay, reverb, chorus, phasers, compressors, even high-pass filters. And yet, contemporary musicians seem to limit themselves to fake delay only. Chip artists: keep an open mind and study, study, study!

This compositional style reminds me a lot of Naoki Kodaka’s work on Journey To Silius, where it almost seems like he is showing off. “Huh? Three channels? Nah. Bass and lead are all I need. That other thing can just be fake delay. *blows ur mind*”

I would really like to know if this song has a name, but Japanese computer games from this era are often poorly documented and never had their soundtracks released. If there isn’t a sound test with song names, you’re kinda SOL.