basic editing


made some puppet prosthesis edits last year! my computer died since then so i could only find these grainy pics but. ya…not really a fan of the bandage arm

i still think abt my big hc of sakura & kankuro pioneering an affordable prosthetic practice together (following chiyo’s research for her own arm)

It’s ya girl!!

-Ready to fight anyone and everyone (but won’t actually because fight she’s soft)
-Will bake for you if you’re sad
-Cries a lot
-You will probably only see her outside at night tbh (unless it’s super important that she goes out during the day) 

(The hoodie on her waist is optional)


Oh yay, I finally have a place to put this fanvid I made! It’s a bit rough, too many cuts, too long, but I was using it to teach myself video editing. 

Basically when I watched the show I was struck by what an insane amount of imagery of surveillance and screens and voyeurism there was. It reminded me a lot of video art–which became a thing in the 80′s, not long before The X-Files started. Video art was super into surveillance and voyeurism and paranoia and the question of “what does watching and looking at things do to them, or do to the viewer.” So I wanted to explore that aesthetic, as well as the 80′s aesthetic of camp horror. I thought it was really interesting that the show is heir to two 80′s aesthetics having to do with dread, except those aesthetics have totally different tones. 


tv aesthetic → the office

I’m not superstitious, but… I am a little stitious.