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Top! Vanoss
Top! Delirious
Top! Mini Ladd
Top! Wildcat
Top! Nogla
Top! Basically I Do Wrk
Top! Lui
Top! Moo
Top! Terroriser
Top! Cartoonz
Top! Ohmwrecker
Top! Bryce
Bottom! Vanoss
Bottom! Delirious
Bottom! Mini Ladd
Bottom! Wildcat
Bottom! Nogla
Bottom! Basically I Do Wrk
Bottom! Lui
Bottom! Moo
Bottom! Terroriser
Bottom! Cartoonz
Bottom! Ohmwrecker
Bottom! Bryce
If you just don’t care who tops or bottoms.

  • Aomine Daiki 青峰 大輝 ⌋ & Kagami Taiga 火神 大我
    Team Vorpal Swords Double Ace 

“… The End.” William finished, closing the book.

“Read another one! Another one, Will!” the youngest boy pleaded eagerly.

His brother frowned, “Nigel, time for bed… Will needs some rest too, you know.”


“Why don’t I tuck you in, little Nigel?” Will smiled gently.

“B-but I’m not ti-tired…” he said, stifling a yawn.
William raised a brow.
“Fine… I guess I’m a little sleepy,” the child admitted as he snuggled into his blanket.

Soon enough the young Bottom was fast asleep. Nick gave his friend a grateful smile.
“Thanks Will.”

The young writer smiled in return.
“Anything for my Bottom brothers,” he said, planting a small kiss on Nigel’s forehead before leaving the room.

I’m still pretty okay with them doing this story about Aaron’s insecurities and I get that Rebecca is fueling them right now. I’m definitely curious about week three and how it’s all going to play out. I just think that I’m eager to get to the point and get to the part where all of these insecurities are properly addressed and there is some actual forward movement and not just Robert telling him “no one comes close” again. I mean I love when he says that because it’s clear he feels that way but it doesn’t seem to be doing a whole lot for Aaron.

I think the fact that we’ve known about these spoilers for a bit and we still haven’t even gotten to the big week where it all spirals is just making it seem like it’s dragging out even longer than it is.

I’m just ready for him to basically hit rock bottom with this particular storyline so we can start the resolution bit and get back on track for the wedding stuff. I definitely think it’s important to deal with…I’m just impatient.