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the amount of ignorant people in this world is disgusting. and it’s sad that it’s not possible to educate every single person. what i’m referring to rn is specifically people who keep making dog-eating jokes about asians and i’m SICK OF IT. they’re like “oh its just a joke.” like no, you’re an ignorant dumbass. the majority of china actually doesn’t agree with the dog festival happening. there’s actually a small population that eats dog on a daily basis. and it’s actually illegal to serve dog meat in hong kong and taiwan. and also, there are even other non-asian countries that have eaten dog in the past for survival and even farmers in those countries are still doing that TODAY. but no, everyone thinks that all asians eat dog. people think that theres going to secretly be dog meat at chinese restaurants in america. like no, you’re fucking ignorant. and if you think its just a joke, you don’t realize who you’re hurting. 

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What is bad with traxfm ?

It’s not Traxfm, per se, it’s that Louis has literally been visiting small radio stations across the UK for the past three days instead of going to big radio stations and the US to promote the single. All the radio stations he has been visiting, with a few exceptions, are small and in places where Louis is already known. I get that going to local radio station goes with the ‘laddy lad close to his roots’’- obnoxious -  image they are going with now, but it’s embarassing how small some of these radio stations are. Louis is famous. He is in one of the biggest band on earth. He can’t spend three days and counting travelling around the UK to promote Back To You in places where is already known. Who listens to Traxfm? People from Doncaster. That’s it.

It’s so frustrating how badly done this promo is. If they wanted to organise a tour around UK radio stations, they should have done so during the weekend so that Louis could have gone to the US and do at least one live performance to boost the sales during the first week. Instead, nothing happened on Saturday and Sunday - there were no interviews and little social media activity. That’s unbelievable. It’s now Wednesday and Back To You is charting at number 16. 

Everything in this promo season so far has been done in such a terrible way that it can’t not be on purpose. I mean. where the hell are the interviews with Bebe? She’s in the UK, too! And yet, nothing.

There is so much more to say, but I’ll stop now before this gets too long. I’m just shaking my head in disbelief. 

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Related to the work discussion, I'm so sick of the Dems pushing for full employment/more job training instead of something like UBI. Is "full participation in wage slavery!" really the best they can come up with to energize people?

I never really understand the economics involved, but personally I really like the idea of UBI.  It seems like our best option for transitioning to the glorious Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism future.  (Or at least the future where I get to go camping while a robot does all my work.)

I guess the big concerns people have about UBI are:

1. It would require getting really, really serious about taxing rich people and corporations.  Which America always finds scary because we’re all apparently terrified that we’ll suddenly become billionaires and then get taxed so much we’re just megamillionaires.

2. It’ll create an underclass of people living off UBI at a mediocre standard of living, as opposed to our current underclass of people living off minimum wage at a mediocre standard of living.  (Though under UBI, they’ll actually have free time to study or work on creative projects or hell, just enjoy not doing minimum wage work.)

3. There will still be some unpleasant jobs that humans have to do, and now we won’t be able to motivate people with the threat of starvation, so we’ll have to pay well for those jobs or something.

4. It’s too, y’know, futurey.  It’ll change society!  We prefer society to change at total random and without guidance, so that way we can pretend it’s not our fault.

This is probably not giving anti-UBI arguments a fair shake.

But we really do have to deal with the fact that self-driving trucks are coming, self-serve retail is already partway here, and “we’ll just teach all those unemployed truck drivers to do software development” really isn’t a sustainable solution.  To me, UBI seems like the likeliest candidate for a way out.

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  • <p> <b></b> *sees an amazing artist on tumblr*<p/><b>Me:</b> I want to compliment them about how much I love their art and tell them that they are a great and wonderful person! :D<p/><b>(Also me):</b> Remembers that I am a awkward person that is too shy to start up a conversation with people.<p/><b>Me:</b> D:<p/></p>
Coloring tutorial

My own take for this tutorial is pretty standard. Nothing too “special” but this is how I do it.

1) Base colors - I like to keep it saturated while maintaining a nice palette.

2) Details - Lineart coloring, hair, clothing patterns, blushes and etc.

3) Color Balance and Shading-  I use Multiply and Overlay layers on the characters or objects to pop the colors. This usually depends on the background though. For shading, I could either airbrush, cell shade, or just don’t.

4) Background - Go crazy, my dude.

5) Final tweaks - The Photoshop Magic

you know in interstellar when they reach a planet with so much gravity or whatever that time moves slower relative to time on earth? so when they come back to earth everyone they knew is either dead or really old????

imagine that but in voltron with the paladins and their families………


Learned how to do that pointy slide your shoes back & then squat move today! Thanks @b_sweet7 @ @bespun! #basics #polefit (at BeSpun)

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