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Does…anybody else ship Farran and Cronan??

Or is it just me with a crack ship? I mean did you see how they acted towards each other when they first met? Farran was eager to please and Cronan was really soft the whole time (but that was probably just him putting on a facade)

I mean even if Cronan doesn’t feel that way towards Farran, Farran at least has a bit of a thing for him, right? Like “wow what a pretty stranger” type thing? because we all pretty much know Farran isn’t straight

Me for You PART 1

Bucky x Reader

A/N: Torture scenes

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Y/N had just finished crisping the bacon when she heard Bucky unlock the front door of her apartment and close it gently, he likely expected her to still be sleeping so when he smelt breakfast he poked his head into the kitchen and smiled, ‘I thought you were gonna lay in.’ His maroon, long sleeved top had darkened with sweat from his run and she wrinkled her nose slightly as he wrapped his arms around her middle for a hug, 'Bacon and eggs?’

'Hash browns too. Toast maybe,’ She kissed his stubbled cheek and pat his chest, 'Go shower off that manly musk and by then breakfast should be ready – you want some juice?’ Bucky nodded and kissed her forehead before heading for the shower. They had a good routine after three years being together, he shared his living space between the rehab centre, the Avengers Tower and her apartment, he hadn’t wanted to go to the Tower so soon after after the rehab in Wakanda – he was a little shaken by the last bout of treatment. His nightmares had come back this time and he said he could only sleep in her apartment with her in his arms, it had been difficult at first but it had been a month since his last bad dream and she wanted to give him a treat. He deserved it.
She was just serving up when he came back, his bare feet patting on the wooden floor with uncharacteristic lack of stealth, his white tank top had just fallen over his stomach when she looked up, 'Did Steve make you do an extra lap or was it squats?’

Bucky half collapsed into a chair at the little table, 'Both.’ He rubbed at his sore thigh muscles, tutting when his metal fingers caught the material of his lounge pants, the new arm was courtesy of Tony Stark – though their relationship was still a little strained – he didn’t like to complain of the limb’s weakness compared to the HYDRA arm or even that it caught on everything. It didn’t even move as smoothly but he was grateful for it none the less. 'Star spangled punk made me do both with him and then had the cheek to make me drive him home.’

'My poor Bucky,’ a glass of juice was placed beside his right hand and he felt her hand run through his short, damp hair, kissing his freshly shave cheek before she took a seat opposite him, 'Didn’t you say leg days were important? Something about “If you wanna sit on it -”’

“'You wanna be comfortable”. You weren’t supposed to hear me say that!’ Bucky licked his lip and shook his head with a bashful chuckle, 'Well, my secret is out now so I guess you’re gonna have to tell me how comfortable I am to sit on.’ The brunette returned her smile and dug into the breakfast she had made, she made his eggs just the way he liked and it somehow tasted better than anything he’d ever eaten before. He put down his knife and fork, barely halfway through the plate and just stared at her until she looked up.


He reached across the table and took Y/N’s hand, steely eyes holding her gaze, 'I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. You make me feel normal and loved and like nothing bad will ever happen again… You make me happy, Y/N.’ He kissed her knuckles and watched her blush, watched her shyly smile at him before returning to eating the food she had made for him.

'You are normal…’ Y/N threw a pinch of toast at him and laughed as it bounced off his arm, 'And I love you.’ They finished breakfast quietly, Bucky took the dishes and washed them up despite her complaining she was supposed to be treating him, he was still plenty old fashioned sometimes. He insisted on carrying anything remotely heavy, he washed up and took out the trash, he liked to spoil her and she enjoyed his attention. 'I gotta go to work soon so I’m not gonna see you til tomorrow morning right?’

Her arms wrapped around his middle as he dried the dishes and he smiled as he felt her cheek rest between his shoulder blades, he covered one of her hands in his, 'I don’t have to go.’

'Steve’s never going to be one hundred years old again, Bucky! You’re his best friend and you need to make sure he has a good party or that he at least doesn’t get tied to a lamp post in his briefs!’

Bucky turned in her hold and kissed her lightly, cupping her cheeks and rubbing their noses together, 'I’ll be the one pulling his pants down, babydoll.’ He pressed a kiss to her lips and they went about their morning in peaceful companionship until he dropped her off at work and promised to see her in the morning.

'Love you, Buck.’

'Love you more, Doe.’ Shaking her head at his personal joke of calling her a doe, a female deer, she blew him a kiss and watched him drive away.

There was no smell of bacon when Bucky came home the next morning, he walked into the apartment and frowned at the dim light filtering through the closed blinds, it was past ten and Y/N was usually up by then. 'Babydoll?’ He called and headed for the bedroom, 'Y/N? You still slee- ’ The brunette stopped dead as he saw the destruction of the bedroom, the window was smashed, the frame broken, furniture thrown over and the bed sheets in tatters on the floor…then there was blood. His heart grew heavy, seeming to drag him down to his knees and tear the breath from his lungs as he took in the destruction and the HYDRA insignia crudely painted on the wall.


They’d come in the night and stormed her bedroom whilst she slept, the sounds of the fourth of July fireworks drowning out the noise, she had fought tooth and nail. Bucky, over the years, had taught her to defend herself and he had stowed a knife away behind the headboard. Y/N stood no chance against five men ready for an all out assault, she had slashed at one of them and drawn blood before she felt a fist slam into her jaw, she had fallen against the dresser, concious enough to rip a draw out of the dresser and threw it bodily toward one of the men.
She had laid dazed on the floor for all of a second before someone grabbed her ankle and she had to scrabble for the leg of her make-up table, holding on for dear life. She screamed as her ankle was twisted sharply, the bone cracking and her grip coming loose from the table for her to be dragged across the floor.

Pain bloomed in the back of her skull and her world had gone black. She woke up in some sort of warehouse with a bright light shining down on her, blinding Y/N from the figures milling around her, she could hear voices and boots but her eyes couldn’t adjust. Her wrists were bound to what she thought was a chair, it dug into her skin and something about it made her hair stand on end and then the pain started to seep into her bones and muscles. Her left ankle was pure agony, tight and hot, the pain shooting up her leg near constantly, her lip was split and she felt how battered and bruised her body was from the short, pathetic fight she had put up.
It wasn’t a mystery why she was here, why she had been taken from her home, they wanted Bucky. He had always been terrified of this happening, she had calmed him down from nightmares about this very scenario and how often had he drilled her on their escape route from the apartment? She knew the risks of loving the man, she knew what these people would do to him if they ever caught him and they had thought – everyone had thought – that HYDRA would leave him alone.

'Where is the Asset?’ She jolted at the seemingly bodiless voice, squinting against the light to try and find them, to give shape to what was making her heart go crazy.

The woman grit her teeth and tightened her lips, she would give them nothing, all she wanted was for him to be safe and happy. She screamed as something squeezed around her broken ankle, the pain was blinding, it made her stomach roil and she choked on her own cry. 'The Asset. Where?’ It was a woman’s voice this time and it was on her left, 'We know the Asset was in your home, that it stayed there.’

'What are you talking about?!’ Y/N struggled against her restraints, 'I h-have nothing o-of yours! W-what asset?!’ She had practised this a hundred times with Bucky, she would deny she knew him, she would deny everything. It was harder than she ever thought it would be – she was terrified and she couldn’t think. 'Just let me go!’
They tore another pained cry from her, this time her fingers were the source of a sickening crack as they were snapped backwards. They asked no more questions as she sat in the chair sobbing, her head rolled to the side and her vision was still blinded from the bright lights and tears.

The man spoke this time, they were kneeling by her side with a soothing hand on her arm, 'The Asset lives with you for months at a time. We know you are heavily involved with it. Tell us where the Asset is and you can go with no further harm.’ The voice seemed gentle, almost fatherly and she felt sick at it, did they speak to Bucky like this? Coax him gently to fool him into believing they were the right side to fight for? She shook her head, closing her eyes as she continued to cry at the pain she was in, suddenly yelling out as something jabbed into her shoulder and electric ran through her nerves like lightning.
It felt like hours, days even, that they questioned her. Again and again they asked her where Bucky was and every time she refused to answer they shocked her. If they were not shocking her then they were hitting her, breaking another bone or stabbing her with something sharp – it made her bleed but never penetrated deep enough to truly injure her.

Gunfire interrupted the next barrage of the interrogation, yelling from outside accompanying the short bursts of shots – precise shooting that got closer and closer. Deep down Y/N knew who it was and she felt a new wave of anguish wash over her, Bucky was walking into their trap – this is what they wanted. They wanted Bucky back.
It was confirmed that the intruder was him, she expected the ones hurting her to order a team out but they were told to stand down, to let the Soldier in without a fight. They opened the door to the room and Y/N shook as they took the bright light off of her and let her see Bucky’s silhouette coming closer, a rifle ready in his hands and he stepped in, his blue eyes looked all about the room and finally he settle on her.

'B-Bucky…’ She choked out his name and his eyes softened as he looked at her, 'You idiot…you…’

Bucky’s body stiffened when one of the people next to her moved, his gun aiming for their head and his expression so severe it frightened her, 'Get her out of that thing.’ No one moved, 'I can kill all of you before you can get a shot off – Get her out of that chair. Now.’ They had strapped her down to the electro chair they used to wipe him, the pads were so close to her head he knew a press of a button would have them clamping around her skull. She was in it for his benefit – to frighten him – to remind him of what they could do.

'And whilst you’re killing us, her brain will be getting fried. How fast do you think I can push this button on the console, Soldier?’ It was the woman this time and she sounded smug as she turned a dial and Y/N gasped when static crackled just behind her head, 'This is set for you, Soldier, imagine what it would do to your girlfriend’s mind? I think her brain would burst and her organs would fail one by one.’ Bucky’s jaw clenched visibly, his finger hesitating on the trigger, 'She can go, we’ll even get her to a hospital. All you have to do is comply.’

'Bullshit.’ He spat out and stroked the trigger, ready to squeeze it, 'You want me and I want her safe. You kill her and I’ll kill myself – you lose.’ Bucky lowered the rifle and pulled open his jacket to reveal the explosives he’d strapped to his torso and the thumb of his right hand was holding down a detonator. Y/N called out to him and he smiled bitterly, 'It’s alright, babydoll… I’m gonna get you out of this.’ Even if he couldn’t get himself out. 'I’m the only one left with your botched serum, the only Winter Soldier you could ever control successfully. I will drag every one in this entire building down to hell with me if you hurt her anymore. You let her go, take her to my contact and I’ll comply.’

'Who says you won’t blow this base as soon as she’s safe?’

’…I have no reason to end my life if there’s a chance I can get back to her.’ He’d gotten out before and he knew he could do it again. He had friends to help him on the outside and he trusted them enough to run this risk – even if he lost himself they would find him again. 'What’s it gonna be?’


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City Watch Officers making elaborate codes about where to meet tonight.


City Watch Officers getting caught out by sympathetic, like minded Overseers.


City Watch Officers concerned about their fellow’s career opportunities.


City Watch Officers bonding over the Young Prince of Tyvia


City Watch Officers disguising their affection for a fellow officer in grudging, resigned comments about working with them again.



Sorry this took so long to get out. I had to re write it like 15 times before I was satisfied with it. Anyways rlease review it, and Enjoy!
(WARNING : it gets a bit spicy) ;););)

To the rest of the losers Ben and Bev were, for lack of a better term sickeningly sweet. All the bashful glances, and “secret” hand holding evident as they tip toed around this new Idea of a relationship. Richie said it best when they swimming once.

“Look at em, its like some sappy Disney movie over there.” Richie joked in mock disgust as Ben, and Bev strolled along the lake shore in blissful silence. But as the years pass they unknowingly grow bolder, their pure attraction to each other becoming more evident. Once comforting words became flirtatious remarks. Those shy glances, are now piercing stares with clouded eyes. The underlying tension building with time.


It’s March, and the winter chills still have hold over the town of Derry. The group was supposed to come over to Ben’s for a movie night, but no one had showed up yet, so Ben sat in his room, and waited for them. His pen jotting down whatever words came to his mind. He was just finishing a poem when his thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door.

“Come In!!” Ben said looking up to see who it was. Beverly walks in, the barest hints of snow covering her as she shakes it off. She takes off her jacket, and plops down on the bed next to him. They share a seemingly chaste kiss before she cuddles up next to him, allowing him to warm her up. She attempts to get a glimpse at his note book but he hides it before she can read it. Though, it’s not as if he’s hiding something, he’s just worried she’ll find it a bit creepy that there’s an entire chapter dedicated to her. Bev’s determined to see it though, so she feigns being parched to get Ben out of the room.

“Want anything else?” Ben inquired as he reached the door.

“Just the water.” She replies with an overly innocent smile, clearly planning something. Ben gave her a slightly suspicious look before leaving the room, and as soon as he’s gone, she reaches for the notebook. Its blue with neat scrawls reading ‘Ben Hanscom’. She quickly opens it, flipping from page to page until she comes across a page titled ‘Beverly’…..

Ben returns a short time later to find Bev reading through his notebook causing him to pause at the door. She looks up at him practically beaming with joy.

“So I take it you’ve had a look.” Ben said smirking as he set the cup down on a nearby table. Beverly laughs a little before holding the book to her chest.

“Yep, and I’m not giving it back either.” She shot back, daring him to take it. Ben took the bait lunging to grab her, and hysterics ensue as this playful wrestling match escalates.He’s almost got her when she dodges out of the way, causing him to land on his back, and she straddles him effectively imobilizing him. They’re laughing almost hysterically, the book becoming irrelevant as they realize the silliness of it all.

But the laughing stops gradually as the reality of their position kicks in. The sudden tension reaching its peak, putting them both on edge. Bev slowly leans forward, and this slow kiss quickly becomes this urgent need for closeness. All lines are instantly crossed as the space between them fades almost into non existance. They’ve kissed before, but never like this. Never with such an intensity that it burned them to the core. Bev using her knees as leverage, pushed herself further into Ben’s chubby frame. So he responds by pulling her into him, so close that it’s as if they’ve melted into one another. Their lips moving in sync. Its a constant push, and pull like an addiction they can’t escape from, the more one gives the more the other has to take to release, and rebuild the growing tension. Pulling apart is almost painful, the short shallow breaths taunting them before they’re connected again. The longer they continued, the more their self control slips. Buttons come undone as she sneaks a hand under his shirt reveling in the feeling of his skin, while he cups her face, the slightest of sounds escaping her….

“Hey Ben- oh…” The sound of mikes voice brought them back to reality in a sudden rush. The pair stared at him awkwardly, what would one say in a situation like this.

“Give us five minutes.” Bev said after calming down a little, Mike’s still a bit shocked as he leaves, taking the forgotten cup of water with him.

Bens face goes red as he tries to avoid eye contact with Beverly. She climbs off of him, and they just sit there the only sounds coming from their heavy breathing.

“That was..-intense” Ben finishes, he can’t begin to describe what came over him, but part of him is now bound to it, clinging to the rush of emotions they just felt. Bev looks over to Ben with the slightest of smirks, and says, “Yeah, intense.”


I’m still not satisfied with this, but I promised it days ago. Once again if anything please tell me what you thought of it, I can take it. I also plan on doing a drawing or two, depending on if this goes well.

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Imagine going to Dante's birthday party as Cisco's fake date, only you're actually secretly really into him

Title: Birthday Bash

Word count: 2581

Pairing: Cisco Ramon x Reader

“I’m sorry Cisco, you want me to what?” I stopped in the middle of Jitters, my mind racing at what Cisco Ramon, engineer and guy I had a major crush on, just said to me. He had kept walking a couple steps and with a big sigh, he turned back to face me.

“OK look, Y/N, don’t make this weird, alright. I just need you to go to a secret birthday bash with me as my fake super hot date.” He pursed his lips at me and looked at me expectantly.

“And this is for your brother?” I asked incredulously, my feet finally starting to move again. Although he caught you off guard with asking to be his date–and did he really say super hot??–you both had to get to work, and standing where everyone could bump into us wasn’t exactly helpful. Making it to the door first, I opened it for him.

“Yes.” Cisco’s tone was clipped as he brushed past me, and for a second, the dread was obvious on his face. I put a hand on his shoulder, and his eyes flicked to mine, and we smiled at one another. After a few moments, Cisco said in a sincere tone, “C’mon, Y/N. I’ll owe you big time for this.”

“Hmmm.” I tilted my head as we stood outside. I took a sip of my espresso. “Hmmmm.” Another big gulp. “Hm.” Cisco shuffled his feet and was looking at me with his big brown eyes and I couldn’t take it anymore. “Okay, fine.”

“Yes!! That’s what I’m talking about! Okay, now you’re going to have to wear something super sexy, like, I don’t know, a sequins cut out dress…? Maybe see through all together.” He jokingly mused. With a big laugh, I punched him in the shoulder.

“Okay, no need to get ahead of ourselves here. I’m just going so I can maybe see your baby pictures. Short haired Cisco was a thing right?” I teased. He looked at me in horror as I sipped my coffee and went off to work.

I’m going to be his fake date. I’m… going to be Cisco’s fake date. Huh. Can’t wait for this to blow up in my face.

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Mary: The moment we are married, you will be the King of Scotland. And not long after that, the King of France. You will have hundreds more enemies. Far more than you have now. People endlessly seeking your vulnerabilities. 

Bash: My family’s secrets you mean.

I’m no fan of Hillary Clinton but it really is unbelievable that people who are bashing her for leaking secret emails are praising Wikileaks for for not only doing the exact same thing, but also leaking the private financial information of her donors.

Have we honestly fucking reached a point where identity theft is considered acceptable in the name of exposing corruption? Fuck Wikileaks and fuck anyone defending them.

Meanwhile, most newlyweds make do with a first dance at the reception, but Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch is determined to go one better than that.

I’m told the 38-year-old has been having piano lessons so he can serenade his beautiful bride, theatre director Sophie Hunter.

Classical pianist James Rhodes, an old friend of the actor from Harrow School, has been helping him practise.

‘Benedict is good already, but with James’s help he is becoming brilliant,’ says a pal.

what about tattoo artist/florist kaisoo au tho…like jongin opening his tattoo parlor next to soo’s flower shop and always smiling and waving at neighbor kyungsoo and just generally being a puppy and kyungsoo just nods and sometimes smiles and they finally formally meet when monggu tramples over one of kyungsoo’s bucket of flowers and jongin tries to make up for it by buying kyungsoo coffee or smth…and over coffee they just click and be dorks and then suddenly kyungsoo challenges jongin’s artistic ability and jongin just cheekily doodles on soo’s arm with a pen and draws random things like bears and dogs and smiley faces and kyungsoo is trying not to smile bc of all the things jongin could draw it was doodles lmao outside he’s playfully glaring but inside he’s smitten with the overgrown puppy in front of him who’s drinking hot chocolate because coffee makes him more sleepy and kyungsoo is 105% done for bc honestly jongin is like the sun, everyone’s just planets orbiting around him, and he lights up their days with his bright smile and he sets at dusk when he lazily smiles at kyungsoo with those half-lidded eyes whenever they both close shop at the same time and ohhhh kyungsoo just quietly pines for jongin, slowly learning everything there is to love about jongin, his dogs, his passion for dancing, his graceful form, his charming laugh, his soft hands that links with his when he pulls and -“Hyung look at this! Isn’t it cute?” “Hyung what do these flowers mean?” “Hyung please buy me chickennn” hyung hyung hyung - until one day kyungsoo finally snaps and goes for it and there he is, behind that wooden counter that’s stained with hot chocolate and ink and more absurdly cute drawings that’s just so jongin, and he greets kyungsoo with one of those lethargic smiles that gives kyungsoo that feeling of comfort, that warmth he feels inside his chest, the one that makes him feel like he is a compendium of poets and he is Keats and he is full of suddenly feeling very much alive and kyungsoo just steps in front of him and reaches up and lays a wreath of baby’s breath, pink peonies and gardenias - innocence, bashfulness, secret love he thinks - and soft plump lips slowly graze jongin’s cheek, jaw, the corner of his mouth…and kyungsoo pulls back, a blush creeping at his neck, staring back at an equally red jongin pointing at his lips, mouthing red tulips with a smile tugging at the corners, and for once, kyungsoo feels at home

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So I have a new love interest, his name is Cory, he is so fucking great. Im having a fantastic week because of him. but hey check out this pretty picture I took! fat legs I know blah blah.  

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