I was in the mood for some Bashdil and I kept thinking about how hilarious Pewface was so I combined the two and here is the finished result. Enjoy~ Darky out~


Meeting Pewface


“Are you sure you want to do this?”  Bashur asked, pausing outside his front door. “He isn’t the most polite of company.”

“It’ll be fine.” Bodil assured, grinning slightly. “I want to meet the famous Pewface that you rant about on nearly every single one of our dates.” He teased.  Bashur felt colour rise to his cheeks and he rubbed the back of his head awkwardly.

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Fic about this song please. I need it!


Haters! We ship the Minecraft Characters. OKAY? Not the IRL peoples.

We love this ship like the White Star Line loved the Titanic. THIS SHIP WILL NOT SINK. AND I WILL DRAW THAT LATER TO PROVE IT.

I am sorry that some people hate us for shipping it, hell, TY. He doesn’t like it either, but we can’t just sto shipping something just like that!!

I’m sorry but I will keep shipping, both privately and publicly. Merome, Skylox, Bashdil, Pewbuscus and Pewdiecry. We will stand by you forever.

Minecraftia: Aether, Nether, End- Chap. 1

            “So it’s an agreement.”

            “We’ll share the Overworld for one thousand years in truce. After that, we’ll see who’s the real ruler of this land.”


            “Then we shall part ways. The Aether will not be taken down so easily.”

            “Nor shall the Nether.”

            “Same here from the End.”

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Bashdil 3

I stared at the doctor in horror. 
“What! That’s impossible! Men can’t get pregnant! What the balls man! Did Pewface put you up to this?” I asked scared. 
The doctor chuckled. 
“No Pewface did not put me up to this. And Bashur might I remind you that it’s also impossible that you are even moving and speaking?" 
I sighed and put my face in my hands. 
"What do I tell Bodil?” I asked. 
“Just tell him the truth." 


"Hey Bodil there’s something I have to tell you." 
"Yeah? What is it Bashur?" 
"I’m pregnant.” I blurted. 
Bodil looked at me curiously then curled me. He placed a hand on my belly. 
“How long?” He asked. 
“Two weeks. I found out the other day and I thought you would be mad so I didn’t want to tell you but then I felt guilty about not keeping a secret an-” Bodil cut off my rambling by pulling me into a kiss. 
“Bashur. I could never hate you. I love you and our unborn baby. Have you told anyone else?" 
I shook my head stunned. 
"Well then lets go tell them.” I let him pull me over to the car when I finally dug my heels in. 
“Calm your Bulgarian butt down." 
"My Bulgarian butt will not calm down now let me text the others cos baby you are having a party.” He spoke all while tapping away on his phone, he shove it in his pocket then unlocked the car. 


We pulled up at the fountain where everyone was waiting. Great. I sighed and let myself be dragged over to everybody. 
“Guise I have an announcement to make!” Bodil yelled jumping up and down. 
Everybody looked at us expectantly. 
“I’m pregnant.” I said softly. 
Sky burst out laughing. 
“Jason you owe me big time.” He managed in between laughter, Jason grudgingly gave him 20 bucks. 
“Wait, what?” Ty turned to Jason confused. 
“Wait, who?" 
"Wait, where?" 
I rolled my eyes. 
"So what you’re saying is, we’re all going to be uncles?” Ian inquired. 
I nodded and Ian, Quentin, Seto, Mitch, and Jerome began dancing in a circle. 
“Guise what are you doing?” Bodil questioned confused as me, I just kissed his cheek and giggled. 
“I’m just as confused babe." 


I watched as Bodil lead Mitch, Jerome, and Mat up the stairs. I was slightly suspicious but I also wanted some fish cookies so I brushed it off. 

Bodil lead me up the stairs to the empty room next to ours. 
"Keep your eyes closed Bashur.” He whispered. 
I obliged and closed my eyes letting him lead me. 
“And open!” I let my eyes fly open. The room was decorated perfectly. I think I could tell him the whole thing. 
“Martin.” I spoke softly. 
"I’m pregnant with twins." 
He looked at me then the room. Then back at me again. 
"I’ll go call Mitch, Jerome, and Mat.” He sighed and walked back downstairs. I followed him and grabbed the phone. 
“Let me call this time.” I giggled and grabbed the phone. 


“WHAT THE BALLS?! YOU DIDN’T EVER SAY IT WAS GOING TO BE THIS HARD!” I screeched at the top of my lungs clutching Bodil’s hand for dear life. 
The simultaneous sound of babies crying made me stop. 
“They’re perfectly healthy. A boy and a girl.” The nurse handed me the boy, and Bodil the girl. 
I cooed softly at the little blue eyed boy. 
“So what do we name them?” Bodil asked. 
“Let’s name him Andrew.” I picked a random name. 
“Can we name her Barbie?” Bodil asked jumping up and down. 
“We can get her a pink crafting bench! And pink doors and a pink house!” I mentally facepalmed and smiled up at him. 
“I love you." 
I know, I know I’m poop for not getting this up before. But so yeah, mpreg!Bashur! I couldn’t resist just don’t ask me to explain it(did you know that 5% of men in the world can give birth. 2.5% are transgenders(born a girl) and 2.5% have lady parts) So now you know the drill by now! Slap da sexy li'l thing called the like button and message me what pairing you want to see or a prompt that you want me to use! I’ll take any(except for skylox at the moment). Boop!