Palestinians search for survivors amid rubble after Yarmouk, Syria’s largest Palestinian refugee camp, was again attacked with barrel bombs by Bashar al-Assad’s forces, Tuesday May 26, 2015.

According to a resident, “three barrel bombs fell near the electricity Foundation, while the others landed in the vicinity of Palestine Mosque in the area.” 

Accurate information about the number of casualties is not yet available due to the number of people still trapped under the ruins of residential buildings. 

(Photos: Moayad Zaghmout / Reuters)

But the fact that Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia are attempting to control the fate of the Syrian people does not mean that other foreign actors should also attempt to do so for their own benefit. The United States should not go to war to overthrow Assad. It should also not carry out “symbolic” military strikes, which would be undertaken purely to maintain its own credibility - but which would also tarnish Syrian revolutionaries as being proxies of Western powers. The only moral course of action is to return the power of self-determination to the Syrian people themselves, instead of continuing to use them as pawns in a broader geopolitical power struggle.
—  Don’t steal Syria’s revolution: It’s not too late to save Syria, but Western powers will not accomplish this by rushing into another ill-advised war. by Murtaza Hussain for Al Jazeera English

Obama Announces Plan To Engage In The Syrian War

September 10th, 2014

President Barack Obama plans to outline in an address to Americans an expanded military and political effort to combat Islamic militants in Syria and Iraq, and urge Congress to quickly give him authority to arm Syrian opposition forces.

But administration officials said Obama will press forward with other elements of his plan without formal authorization from lawmakers. That could include wide-ranging air strikes in Iraq and possibly in Syria. Other elements of Obama’s plan, which he was to lay out in a prime-time TV speech Wednesday at 9 p.m. Eastern, included increased support for Iraqi security forces, as well as military and diplomatic commitments from partners in Europe, the Middle East and elsewhere.

Among the president’s most urgent priorities will be seeking authorization from Congress to arm more moderate elements of the opposition fighting Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad. The president asked lawmakers earlier this year for a $500 million train-and-equip program, but the plan stalled in Congress.

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President Bashar Al Assad checking the damage done by extremists in Maaloula which was liberated few days before Easter. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Al Qalamoon front is now almost fully liberated and the borders with Lebanon are completely secured. This means no more fighters coming from Lebanon, and no more suicide attacks in both Syria, and Lebanon. Also, the western side of Damascus is now besieged and terrorists inside Ghouta (outskirts of Damascus) have no supply lines anymore. Thanks to Syrian Arab Army backed by the brave Hezbollah fighters.

If it was Maaoula on Easter, could it be Aleppo on Ramadan? Who knows. All we can say is inshalla.

The concept of “humanity” has long been utterly dead and buried, but the siege of Madaya finally exposed it for the stinking falsehood it really is.

Assad regime/Hezbollah forces have surrounded the town and refused to let food in; the population are told to “kneel or starve” in order to eat. People from all walks of life are starving to death; children are eating soup made from leaves and getting sick to stay alive.

But it isn’t a secret. Back in the 1940s, in the days of the siege of Leningrad, we didn’t see photographs of the horror as millions of Russians perished under the German siege. There was no Facebook, no Twitter, no internet to expose Hitler’s crimes.

Today we have pictures of suffering, emaciated men women and children pouring onto our feeds from all angles, and the response of the world (and especially world governments) is cold indifference.

We have tens of nations flinging bombs all over the place in Syria. Are you telling me that they couldn’t spend a little bit of effort to drop food to the suffering people, or tell the regime army to back off? Assad’s army is only good at killing civilians; a few menacing passes by RAF jets and they would be gone in minutes. They lost 90% of the country to men with old rifles, after all.

But no. Nothing. Ask yourselves this: if 40,000 cats were starving to death in an engineered famine, would the world care? Of course. But these are 40,000 Syrian (Muslim) human beings. Who cares, right? 

If anyone has half a heart, there are thankfully ways to help. This is an EXCELLENT charity that feeds the besieged people. Please lend it some support. Thank you: