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we could be happy: Harringrove

I had a little bit of a Harringrove muse and wrote something. Please check it out / let me know what you think. :)

Title: we could be happy

Summary / excerpt: “Relax man, I’m not here to start a fight. Although it really was fun to bash your pretty little face in.” He took another drag, smiling his goddamn smile, all flawless and white and entirely too smooth that it should have been off-putting.
“And yet you still call me pretty boy,” Steve countered while crossing his arms and leaning against his own car. His tone was relaxed, but his eyes challenging.
Billy cocked his head and smirked again. “A few bruises can never hide what’s underneath.”

A little addition to the season finale. Steve drives Billy home and they meet in the parking lot during the Snow Ball.


Blind Beauty [Matt Murdock x Reader]

Requested by anon: “How about the reader sees Matt [Murdock] without glasses for the first time (maybe he is telling them about his abilities?). Bonus: the reader says something about how pretty his eyes are (Charlie Cox’s eyes slay me they are so pretty.)“

A/N: I love Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock he’s perfect! Hope you love this <3


To say you were nervous was an understatement, even this being your fourth date with Matt it was still nerve wracking. He’s so handsome and you can’t help but feel so bleh sometimes.

“Why are you nervous?” he asked, sitting across from you. Snapping your head up to meet his shaded eyes. “How do you do that?” you laughed, he only smiled and shrugged. “Attorney’s intuition?” offering up an answer.

“Eh I don’t buy it” Chuckling as he reached across the table, signaling he wanted your hand. You complied meeting him halfway. “You’re beautiful” running his thumb over your knuckles.

“How can you know that?” A bashful smile gracing your face. It’s like he could sense that you were feeling insecure.

“I don’t need to see you to know you’re gorgeous” Feeling a feint blush spread to your cheeks. “How do you tell then?”

“The sound of your voice, the way your hand feels in mine. There are little tells that I can pick up on that allow me to form a mental image of you” His hand squeezed yours gently. “You’re sweet” smiling at him. “I have my moments”

After eating and talking about random things you both stood to head out. Him taking your arm with one hand and his cane in the other, leading him out of the restaurant.

You both laughed while walking the streets of Hell’s Kitchen, not a worry coming from either of you. Matt is really something else, so kind and caring. Even after everything he’s lost, his sight, his father. Everything and he’s still so amazing. How’d you get so lucky to have a guy like him?

“Yeah but we’re seriously discussing making t-shirts, ‘Nelson and Murdock Avocados at Law’“ he joked making you giggle beside him. “I’d wear it”

You both laughed before noticing three guys smoking outside a building. “Hey sweetheart” one of them eyed you as you walked by. You just ignored them, “Who was that?” Matt asked leaning toward you, even though he could hear the three heartbeats.

“Just some low lives” you whispered passing by them. He nodded in understanding. “Not worth an argument?” he chuckled making you laugh. “No, not really”

“We’re not worth your time huh?” They quickly cut you both off, making you tug Matt back some. “Look fellas we don’t want any trouble” Matt rested his hand on his cane.

“Well we’re looking for some trouble, teach you both some respect.” the man in the center growled, before his two buddies grabbed you and the middle one pushed Matt into an alley.

“MATT!” You yelled lurching forward but pulled back by the thugs. “Hey hold on their sweet cheeks we’ve got plans for you too” their hands roaming your body as they held you back. “Let me go!” Screaming and trying to get away.

You saw one of the thugs kick Matt to the ribs. “Leave him alone!” only leading the guy to punch him. You watched as Matt spit out some blood before adjusting his glasses and standing up.

Shocked to see him land a precise right hook to the mans jaw. Knocking him out. The other two dropped you before running at him. He swiftly dodged nearly every punch, getting clipped only once or twice. One of them he took out by throwing him against the wall and the other he pushed himself off the wall gaining more momentum in his punch to knock the man out.

He was panting heavily before coming toward you. Still in shock you only stared at him before his knees gave out. You caught him, wrapping his arm around your shoulders. Helping him to his nearby apartment.

Getting him inside you sat him down on his couch before running into his bathroom. Finding a first aid kit, warm water, and some washcloths. Returning to the couch he stayed silent. 

You took the warm washcloth and began to clean up the cuts on his face, starting with his busted lip. Pulling away to re-wet the cloth he spoke up, “[F/n] I’m sorry” You stopped in your movements, looking up at him. “I should’ve been more honest with you.”

“How did you do all of that?” asking as you returned to wringing out the cloth.

“I may not have my sight but all of my other senses are inhumanly heightened.” he answered. You hummed signalling you understood slightly, “Are you..?” trailing off, but picking up the unspoken though “The devil of hell’s kitchen? Daredevil?” Gently dabbing the rag to his scraped cheek.

He was silent for a moment. “I am”

A silence hung in the air between the both of you. He wasn’t sure what to expect from you, until he felt your hands on his glasses. He allowed you to remove the lenses, hearing your heart speed up. Probably looking at his eyes. “Your eyes they’re…. amazing” a smile tugged at the corners of his lips.

But it turned to a somber expression, “I understand if you don’t want to stay with me from now on. I haven’t exactly done the best things with my abilities. If you don’t want to be with me I won’t hold it to you. Do you want to leave?”

You stared at him, a bit astonished by his statement. You leaned forward so your lips were just ghosting over his, “Does this answer your question” whispering before closing the rest of the space. The kiss was soft but was filled with trust and love.

He pulled away, a smile forming on his lips “I’m glad you’re staying”

You giggled, “Thanks for having me” before he connected your lips again. Now learning that he’s not just kind and sweet, but also a hero.

Professor Moony and the Scarlet Minx

Request: “Hey can I please get a v smutty/teasey sub!remus x reader??? I know how he’s mostly portrayed as dom but I’d like to see one of my favourite writers write him as sub, please <3”

Pairing: Remus Lupin x Reader

Word Count: 2.3k

Warnings: Smut

A/n: this is in an AU Remus started teaching at Hogwarts in his mid-twenties thank qqqqq

Remus entered your shared apartment with a tired sigh, carrying his suitcase which had become filled with your owl-sent notes in amongst all the paperwork he had to finish marking tonight. He smiled at the thought of seeing your face after such a difficult day; a day he only got through because of your sweet little letters. It had started in the morning when Snape made a snide remark about Remus’ bad mood.

“That time of the month again, Lupin?” He scorned.

“I’m afraid so, but at least I know I’m not pregnant.” he replied with a purse of his lips. “Wait, we’re talking about my menstruation, right?”

Snape had given a distasteful huff, dramatically walking away.

I don’t think I’ll make it through today, he had written to you on his first lunch break, I want to punch everyone, and it’s not even reached third quarter moon.

His owl had then returned with a box of chocolates and a note attached: Thinking of you. Send for me if you need more motivation to survive the day. Love you xx

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Summary: When it’s announced that you won’t be attending prom, your friends are determined get you there anyway.

Paring: Isaac Lahey x Fem reader

Warnings: FLUFF!   

Notes: GIF is not mine.

You walked through the cafeteria towards your usual table where most of your friends already sat. You took a seat in between Stiles and Isaac in an attempt to stop their bickering and immediately started filling your face with food. “Y/N…” Lydia sung. You instantly froze and slowly looked up. You knew that tone of voice all too well. She sat in front of you smiling brightly with her phone held against her chest. “What?” you said with a mouthful of food. Lydia turned her phone so that screen faced you. It displayed a stunning red dress. It showed a fair amount of cleavage and had slit that exposed your leg all the way up to the thigh. Prom was coming up fast and the whole school was buzzing with excitement. “Lydia it’s gorgeous.”

“Then it’s yours.” You stabbed your food with your fork and gave a nervous laugh. You were flattered that Lydia wanted to buy you a dress, but you hadn’t actually planned on going to prom. “If you look at us and say that you aren’t going, I’m going to scream.” Kira said wide eyed. You chewed your lip anxiously. “Y/N you have to go.” Lydia whined “Even Malia is going and we all know how much she despises social gatherings.” Of course you wanted to go, hell you had been dreaming of prom for years. But now you weren’t so sure it was going to happen. “Why aren’t you going?” Scott asked. “I don’t have a date.” The fact that this was your reason for not going honestly embarrassed you.

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The College Years - Sophomore Year (Chapter 40) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The Jeep”

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Jordan Parrish, Mayor Chandler & Reader/OFC

Warnings: SMUT SMUT SMUT. and some language because smut smut smut. *sings* ROAD HEAD. *shimmies away*

Summary: The summer is over and Stiles goes to check on his girlfriend after she was attacked by the rabisu.

Chapter Thirty-Nine - Chapter Forty - Chapter Forty-One

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“Excuse me, could you tell me where Y/N Y/L/N is?”

“She is down the hall, second door on your left.”

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Yours - Cassian Andor x Reader

word count: 1.8k

Gentle breaths filled the room as two bodies were entangled on the bed, basking in the warmth the other provided. Cassian looked down at the body snuggled up against him, his hand glided down their cheek, smiling at the beautiful soul who found peace with him and his hectic life. If he could stop this moment in time he would, because right now there was no worries of the war against empire, no worries of future missions that may one day be his last, none of that applied right now, in this moment in time it was just Cassian and (Y/N), two souls in love in the mystery of life.

His thumb ran along your eyelids, hiding beautiful pools of (e/c) that paled the beauty of the galaxies that his visited throughout his time. Tracing down your cheek, that he loved to kiss when no one was looking because PDA wasn’t something they encouraged among the rebellion, not that he minded, because he didn’t want to share the bashful look on your face with anyone else. He traced over your lips, still seeing them plump from the kisses you shared throughout the night, your hot breath teasing Cassian to kiss them again, wanting to hear the soft moans that were music to his ears.

He continued to take in your beauty as you slept, wondering how lucky he was to end up with someone like you. He pressed a kiss onto your forehead, knowing that it wouldn’t stir you awake. You snuggled up against him, feeling your warm breath tease the skin of his neck, fanning over the marks that you left on his skin throughout the whole night. He pulled you closer, fitting you closer to his body, each curve and dip of your body fitting perfectly against his own, further proving that you were meant for each other.

Spending the night in each other’s arms was a given when he returned from missions. Anyone he landed back in the base, he would beeline straight towards you. Cassian never felt truly relieved till he saw you safe and well, wanting to see with his own eyes that no harm has come to you. Anytime he returns he quickly pulls you to your shared room, wanting to rememorize himself with you and your body, the only solace he finds in the star systems. You were the person that completed him on so many levels, truly one of a kind in the whole galaxy. However this time it was different.

He mind wandered to the events of the mission he just came back from. It was a simple recon mission, observe the base, take as much intel as possible and then leave, there wasn’t supposed to be any bloodshed, but unfortunately there was, costing him half of his men. That loss really made him question his title of captain.

From the moment you spotted him on the landing deck; you instinctively knew that he was breaking, seeing the dark sunken eyes, instead of the usual mirth when he spots you. This Cassian was hurting, breaking from the inside and out, that you had to pull him away, taking his rough hand in yours and pulling him to your shared room. Behind doors you were able to see both the physical damage as well the emotional ones. Soft hands treated the wounds across his body, allowing Cassian to melt the cold exterior that took over him as your hands worked magic on him.  Gentle sweet whispers ghosted over his body, each sentence being sealed with a kiss, wanting to assure him that what happened wasn’t his fault and that he did the best he could and that’s all they expected of him.  

Cassian lost himself in your body, returning your kisses with his own, mapping out your body with calloused hands and warm lips, reminding him that you were here, alive and well that he himself was alive. You brought him back from the dark depths of his mind, something that he will never fully be able to tell you how much that means to him. Whispers of love and admiration through gasped breaths and moans brought him back to reality. Showing each other’s love multiple times throughout the night eventually ending up with you both wrapped in the bedsheets and each other’s arms.

And it was in mornings like this that Cassian remembers why he puts himself through so much. He puts himself in so much danger for you; if fighting this war means a safer galaxy for you, then he will do it without a second thought, because he plans on one day starting a home with you, building the one thing that he lacked growing up, a family because he couldn’t imagine himself with anyone else but you.

“I love you so much,” he whispered, letting his lips ghost over your forehead before finally kissing your lips.

Your lips pressed against his, letting him bask in their softness for just a few moments before he felt you return his kiss. It was a soft kiss as you slowly started to wake up; your hands cupped his cheek, pulling him in closer feeling the smile that was etched on his lips, making you smile into the kiss as well.

Your eyes slowly opened, letting him loose himself in the galaxies in your eyes that softened when they met his, “I could get used to waking up like that every day,” you admitted as you stole another kiss.

Cassian let out a small laugh, hearing the hoarseness in your voice as you started to stretch, letting the sun’s rays hit your bare flesh before reaching over to grab something to wear, which always turned out being something of his and this morning it just happened to be one of his long-sleeved shirts. He laid back, seeing you move from one end of the room to the next, finding himself enthralled by even the most mundane things you do, always asking himself on how ended up so lucky to have you.

You turned to face Cassian, wondering why he wasn’t getting up, since usually in the mornings he liked getting a briefing of everything that occurred since he last left, but when looked over at him, you wondered what was on his mind to be looking at you that way.

“What?” you smiled, wondering if something was on your face.

“Nothing, I just love looking at you,” he said sitting up in bed, the same gentle loving look on his face.

“Well you better start getting ready before you miss the briefing,” you playfully said, reaching into his drawers to pick something out for him.

You were focused on finding something to wear that you didn’t notice Cassian get up, till you felt his arms around your front, pulling you close as his lips kissed the curves of your neck, already knowing your weak spots. You tilted your head, allowing him ore access, wanting to feel more of him, “how about we just stay in today?” each word punctuated with a kiss, tempting you to go back into bed in his arms.

You turned, wrapping your arms around his neck, leaning to give him a kiss, “Cass, what’s with you this morning?”

His arms landed on your hips, his strong classed fingers playing with the hem of his shirt, before dipping his fingers underneath, further tempting you. He kissed you, earning him a moan from your lips as you lost yourself in his kiss, your fingers now burying themselves in his hair. He slowly walked you over to the bed, sitting on the edge of the bed and pulling you with him. You straddled his lap, feeling his hand cup your buttocks, pulling you higher on his lap.

“Marry me,” he whispered, momentarily stopping your heart.

You pulled back, the color somewhat drained from your face, your heart now pounding in your chest, “what?”

“I think you heard me the first time,” that soft smile forming on his face, “marry me (Y/N), make me the happiest man and marry me. I want you to be the first and last thing I see, I want to build a lifetime with you, because no one compares to you, so let me have you, because you already have me,” he finished.

Your throat was dry; you couldn’t answer even if you wanted to. Your heart was pounding against your chest, your breath getting shallower and quicker, yet you still couldn’t get enough air into your lungs. Your hand covered your mouth, a tight feeling growing in your chest as tears started to pool in your eyes. His words kept repeating in your mind, making sure that your ears weren’t deceiving you.

An array of emotions crossed over you that you didn’t know exactly what you were feeling, but looking into his eyes, you could see that he wasn’t joking. He wasn’t just saying it as some part of post morning bliss or some desperation; he genuinely meant what he said. You were lost for words, still not being able to answer because you knew that if you even tried to speak it would just be incoherent sounds. You couldn’t hold in the tears feeling as they rolled down your cheeks with each blink that you made, further clouding up your vision.

Cassian’s face immediately shifted, scared that he may have done something completely wrong. He quickly brought up his hands to wipe the flowing tears that further made you cry at how caring and sweet this man was.

mi amor, I’m sorry, please just forget what I just said, just please smile for me,” Cassian wanting to make things right again, sacrificing a bit of his happiness if it means bringing yours back, “I’m sorry mi amor,” his voice cradling your face just wanting you to stop crying.

“yes,” a small whisper escaped your lips as you leaned into his hands, your eyes reminding him star clusters with the way they were glistening with tears and a happiness underneath, “I’ll marry you,” your voice cracking in the process.

This time it was Cassian who was lost for words, not expecting to feel so emotional either, as you brought him into a kiss. Salted tears had never tasted sweeter as they have now. His hand intertwined with your left one bringing it up to his chest, letting you feel the rapid heartbeat that was just as fast as yours. you pulled back seeing a bright smile on his face, to others it would be a rare sight, but behind doors with you this was the norm, behind these closed doors he was your to cherish an admire.

You two both skipped the morning meeting, spending that morning showing each other the love that you two had for one another. Whispers and moans filled the room, each of you glad knowing that he will one day be yours and you’ll be his.

You shuffle your cards, sending a dubious look at your unlikely customer while doing so. “So…what am I doing this for again?”

Sitting across from you with his chin nestled in the palm of his hand is Julian. Candlelight casts a soft orange glow on his clothes and hair, accentuating the best of his handsome features. The alluring glimmer of his eye. The more than flirty peek at his chest. Insufferable grin, included. Among those, however, you can’t help but notice…sweat. It beads on his brow, even threatening to make his loose shirt transparent. Why is he so sweaty? Despite that, he struggles to be the pure picture of nonchalance. His arm is thrown over the back of his chair, right leg crossed over the other. No, wait. The chair’s wood groaning under his weight, he switches legs. That would be the third time since five minutes ago.

“For nostalgia’s sake, my dear,” he replies, after an awkward silence. He attempts to discourage the suspicion bending your brow with the aforementioned grin. Unfortunately for him, this is what causes you to turn your simmering curiosity up to a boiling one. Studying his face reveals nothing, but his body is betraying him and to be quite honest, this contradiction unnerves you. What would be so nostalgic? If anything, he shouldn’t be too fond of your readings since the very first of many meetings between the both of you. Since that time, telling him his fortune isn’t a common event between the two of you since living together. It’s become his personal superstition in your home. It has you wondering. Is that why he’s so fidgety?  

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BTS Reaction ▾ Falling in love with a foreign actress/singer


When you were first introduced to all of the boys, Jin immediately felt a little reserved towards you. You came from a foreign country, much different than his, and even spoke another language. But not even a minute later of being introduce to one another, you spoke to him in fluent Korean when you told him how much you looked forward to working together. Albeit, your words were hesitant and your grammar a little broken, he was just glad he wouldn’t have to struggle because of a measly language barrier. 

And he was definitely glad after working with you because he was a hundred percent sure he’d fallen for you. Spending all that time with you working on this music video together had his a heart in a beating frenzy nowadays. He looked forward to spending more time with you at work, and outside. You spent your free time going to every restaurant he swore served the best food, right alongside him. The best part was, he very quickly realized how much of a happy person you were. Your smile could rival Hoseok’s and that, in itself, was an impressive feat. He only wished you felt the same about him.

Jungkook and Yoongi were the first ones to notice how he felt about you, and the other soon followed suit. They tried to get him to confess his feelings to you. But every time he would muster up enough courage, one look at your face and it would come crashing down. He really was in deep with this one and he had no idea how do get out.

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When your manager had contacted their’s at first about a collab, everyone was on board. They knew you had a large fan base and not only that, you were a well-reputed singer. Yoongi on the other hand didn’t really like it. It wasn’t necessarily that he didn’t like you, he just didn’t like collaborating with other artists because he always worried that they would somehow change the style of their music. But he didn’t want to go against what everyone wanted, so he stayed quiet. 

And he’s glad he did because here you were, in his studio, still recording this song even at five in the morning and his heart swelled at you voice. Your voice slurred into the microphone set in front of you as the light melody of the song played in the background. He can’t believe he had ever been skeptical about this collaboration because he couldn’t imagine this song being completed without yours. He wondered if it was shallow to fall in love with someone because of their voice but he realized he didn’t really care. He liked how you were around him. So shy and humble for someone as big as you. Especially around him. He knew of the crush you had on him, but never wanted to indulge on it. At least not until the song’s over and done with. After that, he would make sure you knew exactly how he felt.

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Hobi is quite sure that it was love at first sight. He doesn’t know why but as soon as you shook his hand and spoke to him, he felt his heart stop but at the same time he felt his blood pumping loud throughout his entire body. You’d only introduced yourself and smiled at him and he was already whipped. He wondered if you sang at all because your voice was sweet but you explained that you only acted. You were going to be in their next short movie project acting as Jin’s love interest. He’s not ever the one to feel jealous but he was envious of Jin. He really had taken an intense liking to you.

Soon, it didn’t matter who you were portrayed to be in love with on screen, because you spend a lot of your free time with him. Sometimes, he would show you around and take you to all the places he wanted you to see. Or sometimes, you would stay at their dorm and just watch some TV. Things already felt so domestic with you that he sometimes forgot that you were supposed to be just friends. And before shooting was even close to done, Hoseok finally asked you out. 

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The both of you knew each other before the idea of doing a song together even came about. You even considered each other close friends. Namjoon had known you for years and always harbored a crush on you but never acted on it for fear of losing you as a friend. Most of that changed when the two of you started to work on this song together. He knew you had a nice voice, being a singer in your own country and all. But he never realized how utterly and beautiful it sounded when you sang in Korean. He found himself entranced by your voice and maybe, this was the little push he needed to just haplessly fall in love with you. 

He suddenly became hyper aware of your every touch and his senses went into overdrive whenever you did touch him. Whereas before, he’d just wrap his arms around you without a second thought and pull you closer into him. It only took a late night recording session for him to finally give up on holding back and make his move by holding you in his arms, and dipping down for a deep kiss. Let’s just say, you felt exactly the same way.

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You weren’t necessarily a big actor in your country but you were good. And they only needed you for a short segment in their new music video so them hiring you wasn’t based on publicity. You just tried out, and got the part. As simple as that. You were pretty ecited to be woring with the band because you’d listened to their music and it wasn’t to insensible. It was actually pretty good. On top of that, the pay wasn’t too bad. 

The first time you actually met Jimin was on set. The director had vaguely introduced you to the boys and they’d all meekly exchanged greetings with you but didn’t pay you too much attention. Well, not all of them at least. Jimin couldn’t tear his eyes off you. He didn’t really know why. There was something about you that made him want to know more about you. So, without hesitation, Jimin walked up to you and properly introduced himself. When you smiled and you eyes brightened as you shook his hand, he swore time had just stopped. You looked so innocent that it shook him to the core. He wasn’t sure what this was, but he was adamant on keeping you around for as long as he could.

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Taehyung hadn’t even tried to hide that he was interested in you. He would constantly flirt with you in order to garner a reaction from you, but it seemed you felt nothing for him. Nonetheless, that didn’t deter him. He was adamant on Jungkook’s word who’d told him you were just shy around him because you liked him. Your bashful face and widened eyes made his stomach flip and he loved seeing you that way.

He doesn’t know if he let himself fall in love or he just did, but he’s glad it’s you. Who else could be better? You loved the same things he did and over the weeks, you’d finally warmed up to him enough to joke back an forth and to his surprise, flirt a little. Though, he was saddened when it was time for you to leave and go back to your country. You only were here to work on their song with them and he should’ve realized a little sooner that your days were numbered with him. 

Though, on the night before you were to leave, you should up at the dorm to speak to him. He had only just closed the door and turned around to face you when he felt your lips on his. You know those fireworks they talk about when you kiss someone you like? Well, he felt something like that, but they felt mellow and slow. Like they were blooming instead of bursting and he never wanted to not feel this way again. 

You still left the next day but promised him that you’d video call as much as you could and even visit the next it was possible for you too. You left him with the kiss and with your presence, the fireworks left too.

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It really was a lighthearted joke. You didn’t think that the boys would take it seriously. While they were on tour in the US, you had showed up at one of their concerts to finally meet them. You were really close friends with Namjoon and you were finally at the right place and the right time to meet the rest of the band. When they greeted you in all their post concert glory, you think you almost swooned at the youngest. He was breathing a little shallow but he maintained a small smile as Namjoon spoke for you. It wasn’t like you didn’t know Korean, it was just that you were kinda tongue tied right now. You had seen picture of Jungkook but they didn’t justify how he looked in real life at all. Though you tried to regain yourself and actually speak to them, which made Jungkook actually direct more of his attention to you because not only were you incredibly cute, you could actually speak to him.

Things led to another and soon, you had become close with Jungkook as well. But it was vastly different from what you were like with Namjoon. The both of you were often teased about each other and it wasn’t really a secret the two of you were attracted to one another. It was just a matter of time when one of you would cave and confess. And he was the one who did.

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A/N: I really hope you don’t mind the slight change in the request!! And my mediocre writing ((I don’t feel too well about this one.)) And ouch the late response but I was flocked with work

Skyrim Starter Pack
  1. “What is better, to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?”
  2. “My cousin is out fighting dragons. And what do i get? Guard duty.”
  3. “You reek of death my friend. I salute you.”
  4. “Let’s kill someone!”
  5. “You’re naked!”
  6. “If these ruins frighten you, take comfort from the knowledge that I am here.”
  7. “You know what is wrong with these days? Everyone is obsessed with death.”
  8. “I’m not a {person,} I’m a weapon in human form.”
  9. “I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee.”
  10. “Let me guess, somebody stole your sweet roll.”
  11. “May you die with a sword in your hand.”
  12. “I am sworn to carry your burdens.”
  13. “I should bash your face in after all you’ve done.”
  14. “You’re either the bravest person I’ve ever met… Or the biggest fool.”
  15. “I’m the older sibling, by barely five minutes. {They’re} worth barely a walk in my shadow.”

I forgot I made progression shots for this drawing! If anyone is interested, here you go!

Special thanks to the amazing @laur-rants [weeniesenpai] for the assist on the composition! Feed back is the best guys, be sure to ask for lots of it if you ever feel like bashing your face into your tablet! [I almost did this…]

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May I request reader gets sick the meds makes talk loose and makes admit they affection to 76. Then 76 cares for them ,reader try to wiggle out of blanket but fails. After reader get well 76 gets sick and reader shakes their head and take cares of him.

“You know”, you slurred, a hazy smile on your lips as you stared at Soldier: 76. The older man paused at your word, brow cocking up as he listened to more of your medicine muddled words. You had gone on several different rants about how odd it was there was a talking monkey (gorilla he corrected you) or disbelief over the fact the Shimadas were real ninjas or literal cowboys like Jesse still existed. You’d ramble for several moments before trailing off and dozing off again, the fever that had taken hold of your body demanding rest and recuperation.

“What do I know”, Jack teased back, his hands moving again as he wiped a cool cloth over your face. He earned a quiet, appreciative hum as he whisked away the gritty sweat that clung to your skin, the coolness heaven against your feverish skin. Your hands lifted sluggishly, wrapping around his wrist to hold him there, your bleary eyes fixing him with a stare.

“You are really fucking hot”, you said bluntly, a serious look crossing your face before turning into a wide grin. You couldn’t process the look of surprise that crossed Jack’s features, his blue eyes going wide before his brows scrunched up in confusion. You mirrored him, brow furrowing before you dissolved into a fit of giggle. “No no, really, you are super hot. And sweet. And rugged. And you know how to use a gun, like really well and that’s totally hot too. But you’re like…more than that y’know? You’re real. You don’t bullshit people and even if you try and act like you don’t care, y’care about everyone. Real standup guy.”

You nodded your head decidedly before your face went blank, your body telling you that you had to pee and deciding instantly that you would be able to get up yourself. Wiggling underneath the covers, your hands dragged away from Jack’s wrist, trying to push the blanket away so you could move.

“Hey hey relax”, Jack called out to you, lightly grabbing at your hands and fixing you with an admonishing stare. You shook your head hard, legs kicking weakly as you still tried to escape the impossibly heavy covers of your own bed. “You’re going to make yourself worst! What’s wrong?”

“Gotta pee”, you whined, only to feel Jack easily pull the covers back and away from your sweat drenched body. You released a sigh of pure relief as the cooler air rolled over your skin, allowing yourself to feel several moments of relaxation before attempting to move away from the bed.

It was like you were moving through molasses, your body not responding to your orders to actually move. You couldn’t even force yourself to actually sit up, your eyes seeking Jack’s out.

“Help please?”

Jack gave a short snort of laughter as his arms maneuvered under your body, lifting you up effortlessly. You curled into his touch, letting a slow sigh of appreciation out as you touched his chest lightly. If your head wasn’t so dizzy from sickness, you would have see the blush on Jack’s face as you massaged and groped at his chest. He was gentle as he placed your feet back on the ground, promising he would be there to help you back to bed when you were finished. He was true to his word, helping you back out of the bathroom and taking care of you when you for the rest of the time you were ill. As you regained your strength over the next several days Jack was there, blushing occasionally and avoiding your gaze for one reason or another. But as you grew better, Jack seemed to glean some of your sickness onto himself.

“Alright Jack go lay down”, you ordered, hands on your hips, finally able to walk around your place without the threat of randomly stumbling or fainting. “You took care of me so allow me to return the favor. Alright?”

The graying blonde tried to fight your words, opening his mouth to argue but you shot a warning glare at him. His cheeks were tinged pink and his baby blues were unfocused, there was no way you were going to allow him to walk all the way across the base back to his room. He could rest here until he felt better. He closed his mouth and sighed softly going to take a step before faltering, your arms wrapping tight around his torso to stop him from hitting the floor. A bashful blush burned at your face, holding tight to the object of your affection and tilting your head back to look up at him.

“Y-you alright”, you asked, shoulders tensing as he locked you with a genuine stare. Nervousness crept up your spine, a part of you wanting to dart away while the other part demanded you stay. “J-Jack?”

“I like you too”, he stated simply, giving a small lopsided grin.


PAIRING- reader x Pietro 


WARNING: slight angst and fluff 

Request from Anon - Hey doll! May I request Pietro Maximoff x reader oneshot based on Robbie Williams “Angels”?

My first Pietro imagine!  slight angst but with a happy and fluffy ending!! Enjoy x 


Originally posted by agetrortega

I sit and wait
Does an angel contemplate my fate.
And do they know

Pietro looked over at you from the living quarters of the Avengers Compound. You were both bruised and beaten from your latest mission, the silver haired man sighed. After you had joined the Avengers Pietro had unofficially taken up the mantel of your silent protector. Even though you were more than capable to look after yourself the young man couldn’t help himself, from the moment he first heard your laugh it was like an unexplainable power over him, it was a sound that he wanted to keep for himself forever. He tried not to let jealously consume him as you laughed at something Sam had said to cheer you up. I should be the one to make her laugh, not pigeon wings Pietro through bitterly as you laughed again.

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Roleplaying Races 3: Elves

We close off another special on races as we usually do, with another core race!

And with this entry, we complete the trifecta of non-human playable races directly derived from Tolkien’s work. For your consideration: Elves.

The exact specific origin of the idea of the elf is not known, but it does have Germanic roots, with tales of mysterious and magical forest people who can either help or harm humanity, depending on their mood (Almost entirely harm in most of the Germanic tales, though the Norse also have their stories of helpful elves.)

With a description like that, it only makes sense that they would be conflated with the Romance-derived concept of the fey, and often the terms are used interchangeably or categorically, with elves being classified as a physically human-like variety of fey. However, the term elf has also seen use in association with all sorts of descriptions, conflating them with traditional diminutive fey, such as brownies, sprites, pixies, and the like.

The modern high-fantasy concept of the elf comes, of course, from influential works like Tolkien’s, who returned to their Germanic roots when describing them, painting them as an aloof forest people with incredibly long lives that are distrustful and dismissive of other races, believing them to be violent and short-sighted.

It’s that characterization that has held for most every other fictional work they have been in, including many fantasy roleplaying games.

In fact, this has also led to a lot of stereotypes and oversimplifications on the part of writers and players, similar to how “Dwarves live underground and like gold” or “Orcs want to bash your face in” or “Halflings really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things unless your story revolves around being a thief who steals something important”. For elves, this means they are assumed to be elitist forest-dwellers that think they are better than everyone else”.

However, like all stereotypes, your elves don’t have to be that way. Do you think the local elf brewer is going to turn his nose up when a dwarf noble rides up with entourage and offers coin to sample and purchase his finest wares?

So what does being an elf in pathfinder mean? Well, unlike Tolkien’s work, elves are not immortal unless slain, but rather, simply have incredibly long lifespans. Furthermore, they are still very much creatures of the material plane, though, like gnomes, they may indeed have some past connection to the fey realms, however distant or close it may be.

Pathfinder elves are, however, not limited to forests, appearing in virtually every environment, their bodies subtly changing to reflect their surroundings over time. Indeed, an elf who lives in one location long enough may pick up traits from it, even if it is nothing like their original birthplace. Thus, while the long-eared, pale, lithe humanoid is a classic image, you can see elves in a variety of skin tones including and beyond the human range, as well as having the possibility of camouflage patterns, all sorts of hair colors, and beyond.

Attitude-wise, while many elves do indeed feel themselves to be the chosen children of the natural world, or at least feel wary around the more short-lived races, elves run the gamut of behaviors just like any other sapient race, they may be haughty or humble, fierce or gentle, depending on their life experiences.

In the Golarion setting in particular, elves fall under a few different categories of history. Some may have dwelled most of their lives in elven communities, being from or descended from those who returned to the planet from their colony on the neighboring planet of Castrovel. Others may have been part of the xenophobic shut-ins of the Mordant Spire having spent the long Age of Darkness preserving elven lore and civilization. Others, the Forlorn, have lived among humans nearly all of their life, and while the differences in rate of maturity and aging makes things difficult, they are perhaps the most understanding of human ways and plight.

Agile in both body and mind, elves are, however, somewhat frail.

They are, however, immune to magical sleep, and foes have trouble bewitching them with enchantment magic.

The magical nature of elven society means that even those with no spellcasting ability are at least familiar with many magical items, and their spellcasters are especially good at overcoming spell resistance.

Conversely, most elves also train to be familiar with a variety of cultural weapons, namely bows, longswords, and rapiers, and are at least passingly familiar with other elven weapons.

Of course, not all elves are alike, with several subsets and ethnicities, some of which warranting their own racial entries, such as Drow and Aquatic Elves. Others, such as Arctic Elves, Dusk Elves, Savage Elves, and Tower Elves, are simply variations of the core race.

Elves have one of the largest sets of alternate racial traits I have ever seen. Some may have adaptations suited for the environment they come from, or having special connection to their own magic, or to dragons or fey, and so on.

Elves are at once ageless beings, but at the same time, time itself is one of the major factors in their lives. Given how long they live, they have difficulty identifying with other races, who seem like children to them, yet find it startling how quickly they mature. Furthermore, their great age means that their race is slow to change culturally, so social growth that other races develop can seem like bizarre, dangerous thinking to older elves that spent most of their lives simply persisting as they are. However, at the same time, their long view of the world also means they have much to say about sustainability and the fleeting nature of certain social dynamics.

Elves can be found in most any class, though those with an association with nature, as well as arcane magic, are a strong contender for their power. They also make for agile and precise members of martial classes. However, they overall seem to have a preference for ranged combat over melee.

Elves can be so much more complex a choice than one would initially expect, but a good one nevertheless. Consider creating one, and delving into as much of the classic lore as you wish, or shaking things up with elves that defy expectations, like having body types other than slender, and so on.