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Hi. I read your Jin fic reblog where you said you thought Jin wasn't valued enough. Do you know why? Because people like you keep praising only Jimin, Jungkook and Taehyung. The other 4 are just there for decor. Who cares about Jin when we have Jimin's thighs? Who cares about Hobi when you have V's face? Jimin isn't even that good. He's getting fatter and sings badly. You only like Jimin because he's hot. You write dirty fics because you are only in this for the smut. Have a good day.

Wow. I never expected to read something like this today. You coming after my writing is one thing, but going after Jimin, Tae and Kook (who can’t even defend themselves) is just low. Also, attacking Jimin knowing fully well his weight insecurities is another low blow. Ridiculous. You may like Jin better (for whatever reason) but you don’t have to bash Jimin (or any other member) only to make a point. It’s because of people like YOU that these stupid wars start. 

First, EVERY member of the band is important. Yes, I do agree some get the spotlight more often, but that does not mean no one values the others. That’s just the way things are with bands like this. I do really like Jimin, yes. But not only for his appearance (really? Who’s still this shallow?). The more videos I watch from the guys, the more I fall in love with every single one of them for different reasons.

I’ll even go ahead and tell you what I mean in a few words (lol):

Yoongi: It took me longer to warm up to him because he always seemed so… static (?) in the videos I watched. He’d sometimes look very bored as if he’d rather be doing something else than hanging out with them. It’s just the way he is, and when you get to crack that exterior shell, Yoongi is adorable and funny (even if he didn’t intend to). Looks-wise? He’s pretty decent, but it’s his savage personality I enjoy the most! Not to mention his compising skills and raspy, low voice!

Namjoon: His voice is so unique that it was the first one I got to recognize in every song when I first started listening to BTS. Also, he’s very intelligent and has the responsibility of being the group leader, which isn’t easy. He has played an important role in BTS’s formation and guiding the group ever since. Sure, he’s not my favorite when it comes to looks, but who cares?? It’s only a matter of preference, anyway. And I always find that looks matter less once you get to know someone really interesting just like Rap Mon.

Taehyung: The person who got me into BTS is completely Tae biased. She’d show me pictures of him, and I really didn’t think he was that attractive and even thought there was something wrong with me since sooo many people adored him. Then, I started watching American Hustle and other videos, and he was just so awkwardly cute… the faces he’ll pull in serious moments are just priceless. Also, his husky voice is so soothing… an amazing addition to the vocal line. I seriously can’t look at Tae as more than a cute guy, though (when it comes to looks, of course).

Hoseok: He is my eternal ray of sunshine. While some comment he often overreacts and acts fake when he laughs and yells, I love him for being so hyper. I see much of myself in him, actually. Some people will mock me for speaking loud and jumping around and laughing at anything, but that is who I am. Always trying to bring in some comic relief. I do not find him physically attractive (again: matter of personal preference), but he’s that one guy that will brighten my day when he starts dancing around. Hoseok is definitely my favorite member when it comes to having a laugh.

Jungkook: He was the first one I thought was attractive (but then I’d go ahead and mistake him for Tae or Jin. LOL) and I was convinced he was the ONLY appealing one in the beginning. However, his teasing personality (especially when it comes to Jimin or Tae) was what did it for me. Sure, he’s very attractive, but if it hadn’t been fore his wide voice range and personality, he’d just be some regular pretty dude in a band. 

Jimin: Fun fact: I thought he looked so weird in Blood, Sweat and Tears to the point of finding him too girly. I was just starting listening to BTS, so it was normal I’d notice their physical appearance more when watching the MV’s. Honestly, between his cute reactions and smiles to learning about how hard he worked to achieve his goals, I cannot chose one thing that I adore the most about Jimin. He has such a big heart, and then people like you take advantage of his insecurities regarding his weight and abilities. Go watch his vlog from September 19th, 2016. Tell me that doesn’t break your heart when he’s clearly holding back his tears. He’s the one to make me smile stupidly at my computer screen, or make my heart clench when I see him self doubting his achievements. And yes, I do find him extremely attractive. Sue me.

Jin: I live and breathe for Jin’s laugh (seriously, if that doesn’t make you fall instantly in love with him, I don’t know what will). Even though he’s the oldest member, he is so laid back. He’ll be there to tease everyone only to then start laughing hysterically. Oh, and don’t even get me started on his jokes. And his voice…. oh, his voice. Awake is such an incredible song that shows everyone just what he can do if given the opportunity. I do wish he had more lines, truly. Jin has so much potential… 

Secondly, you are entitled to your opinion, of course. However, if you truly support BTS, you’ll stop seeing conspiracy theories everywhere.

Lastly, the gif below.

Have a nice day!

The fact that a bunch of mums sit around and promote the bullying of other mums is quite disgusting. If it was your child bringing other people down, encouraging others to also be a bullies would you be proud?
Good bunch of role models.
This is my personal blog.
I am entitled to vent on here. If you dont want to see me whinge or if you dont like me, simply unfollow. Problem solved. My life choices (my situation with my partner) are none of your business. I vent on here for my own sanity. Its a release for me.
You do not know what I do with my son.
Claiming I give him no tummy time is ridiculous because the amount of tummy time he gets is fine. Some babies are more prone to flat spots. Just because your baby hasnt got a flat spot doesnt mean my baby is the same as yours.
All babies are different. Something that im 100% you have been told.
Stop bashing other mums. We are all just out here doing the fucking best we can.

i dont really know how to explain how nice is being part of the monsta x fandom,. monbebes are truly nice people trying to make the boys proud of themselves and their hard work. i dont think we can consider ourselves a small fandom but i know we are not really large yet, but monbebes work really hard for the boys, we support them in the way we can. you will never see monbebes bashing other groups, cause we are only here to make our boys happy, because we dont want to see them feeling guilty for not achiving high goals. we are slowly getting there, things just get better. even tho its been almost two years since their debut they improved so much, some members feel more comfortable talking on variety shows, other members are appearing on commercials and dramas, other members are composing and producing their own songs. i hope that with every comeback monsta x gains new fans. i promise you its worth it.


Audrey Jensen + weapons

Common courtesy among witches

Here are some key points we should all note when dealing with other witches. 

  • Their path is not your path, don’t act like it is. 
  • Don’t demand or feel entitled to others’ knowledge. Do your own research first before asking.
  • Don’t bash other witches paths. You don’t agree with what they follow? Don’t follow that path yourself. 
  • We’ve all dealt with spells backfiring or not working, don’t sit there and make someone feel like crap because their spell didn’t work.
  • Don’t bash other witches because you disagree with their morals behind certain spellwork. They want to hex someone? Unless they’re hexing you, leave them to it. 
  • Don’t bash witches who practice “dark” magic, there’s light and dark in everything. It’s all about balance. 
  • Most of all, be helpful, courteous and friendly. We’re all going through this path together and we’re all brothers and sisters of the craft who need friends alike. 

imagine: an article praising harry’s solo potential without bashing the other boys, all of whom already have music out or are actively talking about it

Ravenclaws are often perceived as “boring” by other houses…but it’s really just that their passions are narrow and incredibly deep. If it’s a certain genre they’re into, for example, or a branch of science, or even a particular fashion trend, you’d better believe they know e v e r y t h i n g about the thing they love. 

Their minds are always full and bright with new ideas, connections and areas of interest. 

If they seem boring, it’s because their worlds are internal and the joy they derive from the simplest of things might seem like academia to those whose heads aren’t in the same place. 

You know whats fun?


You know what makes people happy?


You know what brings people together?


You know whats not fun?

Bashing other peoples ships.

So don’t do it!

things I hate: those videos that self-loathing millennials make bashing other 20 yr olds and apologizing to older generations for their generation’s behavior and ‘entitlement’ and then baby boomers all over facebook rejoice and share it thousands of times because they’ve finally found another person who hates young people as much as they do

Social media's view of justice:
  • Amber Heard: 'accuses Johnny Depp of abusing her*
  • social media: OMG he's an asshole!
  • Johnny Depp: *denies claims*
  • social media: OMG he's an asshole!
  • Amber Heard: *leaks text messages and various photos to the press, but doesn't submit them all to court*
  • *social media: OMG he's an asshole!
  • Amber Heard: *has witnesses who claim they saw the aftermath of his abuse*
  • social media: OMG he's an asshole!
  • Johnny Depp's friends and family: He didn't do it, we've been living with him for years! He's not like this!
  • social media: OMG he's an asshole!
  • *Police can confirm Amber was abusive in the past*
  • social media: OMG he's an asshole!
  • *Police can't confirm he was abusive*
  • social media: OMG he's an asshole!
  • Johnny Depp's friends and family: She was abusive towards him!
  • social media: OMG he's an asshole!
  • Johnny Depp's ex-girls: He was never that way towards us!
  • social media: OMG he's an asshole!
  • Johnny Depp: *submits photos and text messages proving his innocence to the court and refuses to make them public*
  • social media: OMG he's an asshole!
  • *video get sold by Amber's side in which we see him have a meltdown*
  • social media: OMG he's an asshole!
  • Amber Heard: No this isn't what you think, this video is highly edited. I never approved of this.
  • social media: OMG he's an asshole!
  • Johnny Depp's friends: We saw her being abusive towards him
  • social media: OMG he's an asshole!
  • Amber Heard: *drops charges*
  • social media: OMG he's an asshole!
  • Amber Heard: *breaks settlement*
  • social media: OMG he's an asshole!
  • Johnny Depp: *refuses to pay her the money he owned her, because they were married, because she broke the settlement*
  • social media: OMG he's an asshole!
Views on this election

I don’t normal get political and I promise to keep it that way after this. I would of posted sooner about this but honestly I’ve just been working every day from morning till the early in the morning.

I have a platform a lot of younger people look up to and it would be foolish to stay silent forever. Let’s try and keep the responses relatively positive I think we have all had enough negativity this election year. This is a very neutral post. 😊👌

First off my preferred candidate lost in the primaries. I’m not bitter about it, that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

I’ve seen a few elections in my time to know that election was not normal. Each candidate bashed each other so much that there was so little to even like after. Even in the primaries it was just brutal bashing. I was so hopeful and excited at the beginning for a candidate on either side to inspire my country. I’ve read about these presidents in American history books who’s words still captivate me. The word I would use to describe how I feel about that election / our government….fatigued.

With that being said through thick and thin I will ALWAYS stay in the USA. Even if I never get my preferred president choice in my whole life I’ll be here. Why? This is my home. It’s sad to see so many celebs in general willing to cut and run. Just using their platform to show people if you don’t get your way you run. Don’t run! Fight your rights! Fight for your home! It’s ok to voice displeasure in something it’s called free speech. I had a terrible Chipotle burrito last night! Boom! Free Speech. Eat that overly salted burn Chipotle! Just kidding Chipotle I still love you. ❤️

People are going to be frustrated this is a country not a value meal at McDonalds. And that ultimately comes from a place that each side wants this country to be the best it can be. If things would of went the other way on Election Day there would still be protests.

The USA is not perfect. Our history is full of grave errors and some amazing achievements. We still have ugly problems rooted in history that are still effecting us. And there is no magic elder wand to make any of this go away instantly. But I believe and I hope it’s in my life time that we push past it to Star Fleet like levels.

The moment people stop fighting for their home that’s when we know all hope is lost. I say let people voice their frustration it’s their right as Americans but also it means one crucial thing that they still care. And if they still care there is still a flicker of hope in them. I’m frustrated! But I won’t give up on this old girl! Last thing I’ll say in the 1992 motion picture The Mighty Ducks, the Ducks couldn’t perform the Flying V without the whole team. We just need a Emilio Estevez to lead us so we can do cool crap like that as a team. 😊👌

That’s my two cents. Also forgive and grammars errors I didn’t have time to proof read throughly before I had to run off to work.

The MAMAs are here and I feel like fans need to be reminded that no one deserves an award more than anyone; everyone nominated deserves to win and they all worked hard to get where they are. At the end of the day you should appreciate your faves regardless of if they win or not. Vote, don’t vote, just don’t bash other groups.

And the award for the best fandom goes to...

After most people now have seen DSOD, I once again realized why the Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom is the best fandom.

As a Puzzleshipper myself, just like any other ship supporting shipper out there, I can admit that DSOD definitely was one hell of a Prideshipping ride, even if I don’t necessarily support it.

Prideshippers on the other hand, who of course are happy asf about the movie and I can only congratulate them, still see the deep moments Puzzleshipping had, even if only a few. What’s most important though, they still respect other ships and their shippers. They don’t act like assholes about their ship and don’t bash other ships.

Because that’s what would have happened in EVERY other fandom where a movie gives especially one ship a lot of attention. The shippers of the movie present ship turn into arrogant asses, who bash other ships. The others turn salty and hate on the movie’s ship.

But not with our lovely Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom.

And that’s why this fandom and its members is a blessing.

Bless you all

Mama 2016

As we’re going into December soon and MAMA 2016 is getting closer, I’d just like to remind everyone that even though we’re all trying our best for our favs to win, that doesn’t mean we should start tearing down other groups and bashing each other. Your faves don’t hate each other so why should you.

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Be a Seungri everyone