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Akira sees Ryuji’s DAN DLC outfit and has to fight himself not to stare, but he keeps getting distracted anytime Ryuji does something in battle. It gets to the point where he pulls Ryuji aside and tells the others that he needs to talk to him privately. While the others leave, Akira then proceeds to harshly kiss Ryuji, surprising him until he returns the kiss. They return to the group 30 minutes later and Ryuji’s face is still red.

Reign Writers:

*spins wheels* Greer gets pregnant with *throws dart at board* pirate kings baby while Kenna *pulls paper out of hat* is in Russia with *rolls dice* a prince but she’s actually sleeping with *flips a coin* his uncles cousins half-brother while Bash is *picks card from deck* chasing a *uses Googles I’m feeling lucky* an actual werewolf.


Okay, but Mustafa Ali and Ariya Daivari as Muslim bash brothers is my new favorite thing, like the two of them communicate regularly on Twitter (Ali stans Ariya, Ariya teases Ali), and they’re perfect foils to one another. 
Ali’s the calm, collected former officer of the law who has his shit in order, calculates strategies and relies on kicks/his legs to get the job done.
Ariya’s the hotheaded, swaggering Prince Zuko sort who’s kind of a mess and raring to throw down with anyone who crosses him and relies a lot on brute strength/fists to wear an opponent down. 

Ali’s the moon to Ariya’s sun. 

Bonus edition headcanon: Ali’s nickname for Ariya is ‘Sher’ (Lion in Urdu) for obvious reasons, while Ariya’s for Ali is ‘Khargoosh/Khargush’ (Rabbit in Farsi) because Ali’s a bouncy, flippy little shit with bunny teeth. 
That’s right, they’re kindasorta Tiger and Bunny for anyone who watches the anime :’B 

Of course, being road wives with Ariya entails ensuring that he doesn’t launch himself into eight simultaneous fistfight without giving those eight the chance to run first. Ali’s diplomatic like that. 

Also the second piece is a little more peaceful and personal. 
I’ve never actually drawn people doing the Salah before, so I like to imagine these two finding a quiet spot backstage somewhere among the noise and the activity to lay their bearings down for ten minutes to talk to God before they suit up for work. 

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I think dark skinnned girls are too sensitive when guys make jokes about them. It's a joke tf. My little sister is darkskinned and I'm going to teach her how to have a sense of humor and not get offended at every damn joke said about her.

You know what? You’re right.

When kids at her school call her “a gorilla, ape” and compare her to being as dark as charcoal tell her to not get offended.

When the lights go off in class and one of her peers say, “hey where did ___(insert your sisters name here)__ go?” Tell her that’s a quality joke and she needs to learn to appreciate it.

When the first boy she likes tells her or gives her the impression that he only dates light skin girls tell her she needs to get over it.

When she goes on social media and sees that the only pictures being retweeted by boys her age are light skin girls with straight or curly hair, tell her to grow up.

When she sees that her big brother bashes girls that look just like her for a laugh tell her it’s “just a joke, nothing personal”

When her self esteem drops to an all time low because her skin color makes her feel inadequate and ugly, look your at your little sister dead in the eye and tell her she’s being too sensitive and that they were “just jokes tf”

I Saw It!

I saw TF5 and I thought it was awesome if a tiny bit confusing because my shit of a cinema has terrible sound systems. The music was loud and I could scarely hear the dialogue. Gonna have to hear it a second time without hearing so much background noise.

My headcanon for Bumblebee and Hot Rod being brothers-in-arms or best friends has come true! I’ve always had them as bash brothers, or basically best friends who do shit together and always watch each other’s backs like true brothers. Seriously! I was so happy!

Before Hot Rod was an apple in Michael Bay’s eye in TLK, I had him as the main character in my own sequel to DOTM instead of AOE and TLK. It was cool that he turned into a Lambo, but I had him as a Ford GT40 with flames and no French accent (even Roddy himself hated that!). Seriously. Yuck. So glad that they at least made one thing canon though.

Oh happy days!

Silly Thought

So, I see Palucina has become a thing, and a lot of it is kissing or looking into each other’s eyes. And that’s fine, but I must ask…

Where are the shenanigans?

Where is Palutena introducing Lucina to the gods and Lucina trying to be as formal as possible but dropping it as Viridi keeps acting like a brat and Hades keeps acting like an asshole until the only people she talks to are Pit and Arlon (and maybe Medusa and Cragalanche).

Where are the two of them going out to a dinner date and Palutena orders EVERYTHING on the menu but says “don’t worry I’ve got this.” Then when the bill comes Palutena pays in hearts and the restaurant doesn’t take hearts so Palutena has to start up a “I need to pay for my own food” Tithe.

Where is Palutena dressing up as Naga to mess with Lucina (or maybe it’s Lucina’s secret fetish I dunno whatever floats your boat).

Where is Lucina introducing Palutena to Naga and Palutena, not knowing the limits of Naga’s power, heavily implying that Naga could have handled everything, thus leading to Lucina just flipping off the sky the whole night.

Where are the shenanigans?


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Regulus tries to cope with the aftermath of Sirius running away from home. He finds solace in a certain black leather jacket

He shouldn’t have kept it.

Regulus doesn’t know how but that stupid, fancy, heavy black leather jacket that Sirius adores so much somehow got left behind in 12 Grimmauld Place the night Sirius ran away.

Though in hindsight, Regulus supposes that Sirius didn’t really have much time to pack.

But when their mother waltzed into Regulus’s room the evening after Sirius left home and asked if he had any of Sirius’s belongings, Regulus had to make a split second decision.

“No” Regulus stated calmly, subtly kicking the jacket sleeve further underneath the bed, “I don’t have anything of his.”  

Walburga smirked, patted him a little too harshly on the cheek then turned sharply, leaving the door open as always.

That night, Regulus watched ashen-faced as his father burned every last one of Sirius’s possessions left behind from his old room.

Regulus’s heart ached as he stared at the darkening edges of Sirius’s favourite muggle records, the rotting wrappers of old Honeydukes’ sweets, a beloved Gryffindor scar once the vibrant colours of gold and maroon, now just multicoloured shades of grey and of course the beaming faces of James Potter, Peter Pettigrew and Remus Lupin from a photograph that was already turning to ash.

Thankfully Walburga had been too busy cackling with joy to notice the unshed tears in her new heir’s eyes.

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