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This paparazzo followed Jen and D for several city blocks.

This is not an easy task with snow all over NYC. Yet he knew where they were headed and was perfectly positioned to take their picture.

There are 40 pics that have been posted and despite Jen and D “hugging and kissing the whole time” this pap didn’t get any of those pics.

Just one awkward hello/goodbye hug.

And again E! has to bash Chris Martin about how high-profile that relationship was despite the fact that we never really saw them together and have seen Jen and her aging director in at least 5 different sets of pap pics.

Believe me, celebrities hide in NYC every day. It’s probably one of the easiest places to hide for a famous person. Yet we see Jen and Darren a lot. Too much. Way too much.

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Onision has been trying to get Andy to love him again ever since he made that video calling out Andy's stage anger and bashed Chris B. That video went out, then the Billie scandals started, and the only contact they've had since is Andy tweeting him that not everyone has to be vegan. Ever since, he's only defended Andy and increasingly Juliet. Onision just wants to be in Andy's good books again, only reason this has happened. Like, hello, pot? It's kettle. He doesn't want in your pants either.

^^^^This is why I wasn’t too offended with him bashing our blog. -N

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Random Ask Time!! What are your 5 favorite Chris Evans gifs??

Oh excellent question! Now let’s see if I can actually find them!

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Obviously, this one has to be included since I use it as part of my thank yous to people who read my stories!

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Oh god. This one. Ok… so I’m a passionate sports fan myself and I totally feel Chris’s excitement here… I was doing this same sort of thing myself in my living room… @clearlight33 can attest to that, granted I was not getting anywhere near the height in my jumps haha

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This gif has to be part of this… because…. the eyebrows, the smile, the fist pump, the bashfulness… this is just Chris in a nutshell.

There is a gif I love, but I won’t use because of the asshole who sold him out to make some money. So now on to find two more!

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Just a boy and his dog. This whole video is just adorable! And I love Chris and Dodger. They’re just too adorable!

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Ok so this is another goodie that just represents everything I love about Chris Evans. Plus it shows how when he really finds something funny his WHOLE body gets into it!

Thanks for the question @heather-lynn

Got a random question for me? Ask it!!

Ok, let’s talk about this

regarding my post about the before we go question, which to my surprise was linked in many forums/celebrity gossip blogs

The fans who came all the way from China just to see Chris and congratulate him on his first movie which was really the 2nd most downloaded movie in itunes in 2015 (according to the hollywood reporter) which is a really big deal if you think about it.

Even the fans who were there at the con were cheering for him and he looked flattered and thanked the fan (I mean to know that his fans from all over the world saw his first movie  I mean even in my country, his movie grossed over $124K, while in the USA , he only managed $37K)

So when they asked the question, they really thought that his co-stars(friends) saw the movie (and it turn out that they didn’t… and they didn’t hear the question at first and chris had to tell them which is why it was awkward at first).

And the russo did say at the beginning of the panel, that any question they didn’t know how to answer, they will give it to mackie and he did a good job answering it LOL.

I think we all like to believe that these actors are best friends and watch each other movies and so on….maybe or maybe not ( I remember Robert downey jr said he watched Snowpiercer just to see Evans..but then again RDJ just love chris lol)

Anyway, we all love Chris here and we want all the best for him and his career.

We know he loves being a director and he is thinking about his next project to direct..and that was only possible because of his fans :)

Everyone on Tumblr is getting ridiculous! Why do you think American Sniper is about racism? How the fuck would you know anything?! He calls them savages, because the people that he is killing are savages!! NOT THE WHOLE MUSLIM POPULATION!! GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELVES!!! Just because a soldier is doing his job, it does not mean he is a horrible person. Believe me, I know, I am dating one and I am proud as hell to be by his side in everything that he does. You know what he says and has said? “The Muslim religion and people are very peaceful and I have met some very kind people when I was on tour. Some enjoy that we are there, the others are the extremist who want to kill us and take over.” And now you people are bashing a man (Chris Kyle) for doing his job to protect all of you jackasses can talk shit about him. And the sad thing is, I think most of you who complain about every single thing that is supposedly offensive or oppressive to somebody else, just does it so you have something to complain about because you are bored and you feel like you are doing something right. But you aren’t, you are just annoying. Be more respectful to kids and his widowed wife who is still in trial against his killer. American soldiers are not the problem, it’s the people who do not stand by our troops and bash them. And yet here you are with the freedom of speech that they help protect, for you to turn you back to them. Go fuck yourself and get educated you uncultured swines. 

Last weekend Josh Borden and Chris Russell were out in Gilbert Country, Richmond, Virginia shredding the Lost Bowl’s Spot Supply backyard Bash. Chris got 2nd and Josh got 5th but both absolutely killed it. Watch the full video filmed and edited by Gil’s buddy, Will Rosenstock, here.

This footage by Gavin Denike.