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Why aren't people bashing Chris Pratt with the same intensity they are bashing Gal Gadot? Chris Pratt has openly supported the US military and has even gone to visit US military bases and the US military has done just as many crimes and massacres as the Israeli one. Why the double standard? You are either against all military crimes or none. You don't get to be selectively outraged just by one countrie's crimes

idk man, i guess it’s either because people are taught to see the us army as heroes (even though they also kill civilians and commit war crimes) or because they’re antisemitic, or both. either way i’m tired

"I don't like [celeb name]."



“Nonono!” 😂😍😂😍😂😍😂😍 CUTIE PIE!!!!!!!!!!


This paparazzo followed Jen and D for several city blocks.

This is not an easy task with snow all over NYC. Yet he knew where they were headed and was perfectly positioned to take their picture.

There are 40 pics that have been posted and despite Jen and D “hugging and kissing the whole time” this pap didn’t get any of those pics.

Just one awkward hello/goodbye hug.

And again E! has to bash Chris Martin about how high-profile that relationship was despite the fact that we never really saw them together and have seen Jen and her aging director in at least 5 different sets of pap pics.

Believe me, celebrities hide in NYC every day. It’s probably one of the easiest places to hide for a famous person. Yet we see Jen and Darren a lot. Too much. Way too much.

Like A Fool..

I hate it. I hate this so much. Loving a man who doesn’t really notice you and what you feel about him. The way you would do anything for him just to see him happy. “This is idiotic. This is stupid. ” I kept saying to myself as I was at a yet another party as a designated driver.

Like a fool I said yes to yet again sit around and watch him flirt with everything that moves. I watched as he put an arm around a women so beautiful it made my feel sick about myself. I wasn’t like they were. I wasn’t stick thin. My face wasn’t perfect. Nothing about me said perfect. But every entity about them screamed it. While sitting by the bar drinking my 5th water glass I saw one the girls look at me and ask him

“Who is that?” Chris looked at me and then back to the girl.

“Oh no one don’t worry about it.” That hurt.

He couldn’t even call me his friend. Why was I doing this to myself. Finally I felt it. I felt the anger. Felt myself get tired of all of this. So I did what I never thought I would ever do. I got up and walked out on him. I left him there and I didn’t feel regret. I did feel pain. Pain that I was wasting my time on a man that would never look at me the way he looked at all of the other girl. But this was good for me. This was a new beginning for me.

I had driven only few blocks when the actually reality of what was happening hit me. I felt my vision get blurry, so I stopped the car and cried. So many tears because of something so stupid, something I did to myself. The feeling of not enough air came  so as fast as possible got out off the car. The sound of waves and cold air hit my hot cheeks. A walk was what I needed but my legs couldn’t hold me for too long. It looked so sad. Sitting in sand by the sea a place that should be romantic and full of positive moments, but all i could feel was sadness and a bit of anger. I wasn’t long for too long. Footsteps were heard in the near distance. They sounded strong and marching with a set goal.

“What the hell (Y/N)?!” cursing to myself i realized it was Chris. “Why the fuck did you leave me there?” he came right up to me. I could feel the rage in him. For my own surprise I didn’t care. For the first time in a long time I didn’t care how he felt. Pulled all the energy left in my body, got up and without looking at him tried to walk away from him, but he stopped me and held me by my upper arm. Even if he was mad he didn’t hurt me. He would never do that, he was never like that. Still not looking at him I pulled my arm our of his hold and walked away, but he yelled after me

“What the hell if wrong with you?” for some reason that simple sentence just burned me from inside. It boiled my blood. With anger filled eyes I turned and finally looked at him.

“You what to know what’s wrong?” i asked but didn’t let him speak. Finally I was going to speak my mind. “I’m a fool that’s what’s wrong. I sat there at that bar watching you flirt with every moving thing in in. Watched you forget that I was even there. I had places to be you know. Places were people would talk to me or even call me a fucking friend when asked who I was. But no I decided to come and be your driver for the night.” Chris stood in front of me in shock.

“I’ve watched you go from one girl to another. I’ve sat and listened to you while you talk about all the great girls you’ve been with. And every time I would think to myself. Why not me? ” my last sentenced really shocked him. His anger disappointing.

“ Are you so stupid to not see that I love you? You have no idea how many times i’ve cried because of you and i hate myself for it. I sat there like fucking fool. So Chris just answer this question: Why not me?” I saw him searching for the right answer but it didn’t come. A sarcastic laugh came out of my lips. “ You know what. Don’t answer, it’s better if I don’t know the real answer. I’m just done Chris” i lifted my arms in the air and then dropped them by my hips. “I’m done being your shoulder to cry on or someone who will drive you to pick up girls. Go find some other fool. I’m done.” with that I walked to my car and drove away. It was a good feeling to finally let it all off my chest, but deep down I still felt like a peace of me was ripped out of my heart. Hopefully I will be able to fill better

P.S. In no means this is meant to make Chris a bad guy. He is not. I just felt writing a sad imagine. I also think about making a part two to this. So this is NOT a bash on Chris Evans. Just my emotions put in a story.


Buckle up kids it’s rant time.
Today’s topic; People who say his relationship with Chris is toxic and try to bash him for the way he treats Chris.

[If people will request, or if it’ll get too long, I’ll just put it under read more. But I intend for it to be short and to the point.
Also excuse me, English is not my first language and I also have speech problems.

*Clasping hands together, inhaling*

I know that Piers is being very harsh on Chris, trying to force memories on him, basically kidnapping him on a mission, scolding him when he has the chance and going as far as saying “It’s good that Finn isn’t around to see you like this”.
Chris is suffering from PTSD and survivor’s guilt, then picked up drinking. He lost his team which he counted as family, and at Chapter 3, beginning to lose his men one by one with “Ada” just waving with her presence. He doesn’t need Piers to yell and remind him that he is fucking up. Right.

But they don’t have time for that. They don’t have time to sit down and collect their thoughts, Chris can’t afford to have a breakdown in the middle of the mission, they need to act, they need to work, and Piers put his relationship with Chris at risk to make sure they do it.
You can’t always comfort a person. Sometimes a person doesn’t need comforting. Sometimes a person needs a good slap in the face with reality. It’s not a new concept. Hell, Chris ADMITTED that Piers was right after he cooled down for like half a chapter.
Piers didn’t play a “I told you” card or “I’m always right”. He moved on like an adult should do.

After Marco’s death, when Piers was “bashing” Chris for his behavior, no matter how angry Chris got, going as far as to almost raising his hand on the other, Piers didn’t show any fear and you know what?
It was easy to see how Chris realizes that Piers was right.
He couldn’t beat him, not only because he has [Some] self-control, but also because he was right. It’s also shown further when after each stare-down with Chris, Piers only allows himself to express his shock only after the point has been taken, and Chris isn’t watching.

Piers’ role in the game was to put Chris back on track after what happaned in Edonia. He’s supposed to be his moral compass, his sense of duty. As soon as they reached Chapter 5, where Chris begins acting more and more like his old self and their conflict is over, Piers realizes he’s not needed anymore and allows himself to stay behind after he did everything he could.

Piers would do anything for Chris, and that’s exactly what he did. People act like he wasn’t affected by any of the shit happened in Edonia, that he wasn’t affected by losing Alpha Team again, but the man was on a mission. He wasn’t as emotionally invested, but he did have to drag his unconcious Captain from B.O.Ws which were his F R I E N D S and T E A M, while Chris couldn’t even do that. He HAD to. He couldn’t hesitate because Chris would die. He dragged him out and likely put his friends out of their misery, and then he had another team for six months. A team that HE was their Captain, HE leaded them, for SIX MONTHS, until Chris came back and killed them on his first night.
After all that he still believed in Chris and put his own life in his hands, trying to set him back on the right path and going as far as to sacrifice his own life 

Also don’t say that Piers was flat out shit to him. He tried to approach him gently more than once but he saw that it isn’t working, that Chris is stubborn and that vengence is eating at him and that’s when you’ve gotta take the big guns.

Screencaps of this below the cut because it’s too long already and I’m sorry everyone for having this block on your dash. It just bothered me.

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