bash as chris


You sat at the table, interviewing Chris for his new movie, Thor Rognarok.

This was your first time interviewing anyone, and let’s just say you were kind of freaking out. Didn’t help that you had a massive crush on Chris.

The moment he sat across from you, your heart beat rapidly. It felt like it could jump out of your chest at any second.

And your palms were sweaty from the nerves. You couldn’t even look at him for too long without becoming a bashful mess.

But Chris was so chill. He had a carefree attitude, with such a big heart. He made you laugh almost the entire time.

“Well, I know a lot of fans are super excited for this film, myself included.” You said, getting ready to ask questions you got from the fans on twitter.

“I’m excited for you to watch it.” He said, with a cheeky grin. “It’s probably one of my best work, I look good too.”

He flashed you a wink, making you giggle once again.

But he didn’t mind the way you flustered in front of him. He actually thought it was cute.

Which was the reason he kept flirting with you.

He liked to see you smile.

“So I have some questions from your fans on twitter.” You said, trying to focus on the interview.

Chris leaned on his elbows, raising his brows, and nodded. “Ah, the one with the blue bird.” He stated. “Alright, let’s get to it.”

You looked down at your phone and randomly picked one of the tweets.

“This one is from dancergirl2419–” you said, looking up to meet his perfectly deep blue eyes. “Are there any other avengers in this movie that isn’t on the trailer.”

Chris smirked, crossing his arms over his chest as he leaned back in to his chair.

“Well Dancergirl2419–” he muttered. “You’re just going to have to wait and see. Can’t give too much away, now can I?”

You nodded, nervously biting on your lower lip as you scrolled the newsfeed for another question.

“Okay, this is from tinytim1987.” You exhaled. “How did the Hulk end up on the planet with you if he was last seen with Natasha?”

Chris let out a long sigh, holding your gaze. His lips twitches into a thin line as his finger pointed at you.

“You’re trying to get me in trouble with these questions, aren’t you!” He teased.

Letting out a chuckle, you shrugged your shoulders.


He liked that sassy response, which made drew him in even more. There was something about you that just mesmerized him. And he didn’t mind it, not one bit.

One of The workers tapped Chris’ shoulder.

“Okay, times up. We need you for photo ops.” She said.

Chris’ smile fell and he nodded, getting up to his feet.

“Well it was a pleasure to meet you, Y/N.” he muttered, pushing his chair in and meeting your gaze. “It was by far one of my favorite interviews.”

“Yeah, you’re not so bad yourself.” You said, turning off the camera.

Chris didn’t want to leave. He enjoyed hanging out with you, even if it was for an article.

He liked hearing you laugh and cracking jokes with you. If he could, he would stay there all day.

And just before he was about to walk away, he decided to write something down onto his napkin.

You watched him scribble some words over it until he finished and handed it to you. His smile never fading.

“See you around, beautiful.” He winked.

You took the napkin and looked at the words. Your stomach fluttered like crazy when you saw the phone number under “lets get some coffee?”

Your eyes darted up, but he was already gone.

But you had one rule that you stuck by since you started working for that magazine, which was to NEVER date a celebrity.

So the question is…

Is Chris worth breaking your rule?

see this is the problem with s3 stans: they couldn’t be bothered to go back and watch the first two seasons and so they dont have any background knowledge of the characters except what isak has told them. theyve only seen jonas in the best friend role (which he excelled in) and not as the terrible boyfriend to eva in s1. jonas discarded eva’s wants and treated her horribly when she started to rebel (probably wrong word - she was beginning to find her voice and wasn’t having any of his shit) against him. he ignored her fears and trust issues and time after time denied her any viable answer to his whereabouts and constantly had her worrying about herself and what was wrong with her when eva thought he was cheating. eva had an extremely good reason to be worried abt this as she was the other woman in jonas’ first relationship (i havent seen anyone really mention this at all ever??) and yet all the s3 stans still feel the need to downgrade chris and eva bc ‘eva deserves better’ and ‘should still be with jonas’ or some shit. yes, eva deserves the world. and she deserves better than jonas. 

in that 5min clip we saw a complete opposite of eva’s bed scene in 1.04. chris was the one fawning over eva, he was stroking her face, looking at her Like That™, he was dreaming about being in an exclusive relationship with eva (unlike jonas in the prev situation - he was having a nightmare about his girlfriend being,, a,,, whore,,,, nice), chris was being called out on his shit and eva was!!! in!!! control!!! the!!! entire!!!! time!!! finally eva is so sure of herself that she can talk shit to the guy shes sleeping with to his face while hes naked next to her at 10am on a sunday morning and telling her he wants a relationship with her!!! and chris has no shame about being with her and wants her for her and appreciates her and eva has nothing to fear from him. she knows him so fucking well. and he loves her dont even try to tell me otherwise. so before you go bashing chris or his relationship with eva, maybe go and actually watch the show you’re so obsessed with and get another point of view other than a guy who tried to ruin his best friends’ relationship for his own personal gain :)

"I don't like [celeb name]."


Lmao, why oh why do ppl think that just bc I don’t care for/am impartial to Mon-El or k@ramel that I’m okay with them shit-talking Chris? I have “Bonkai shipper” as part of my description. Catch a fucking clue. 😒


“Nonono!” 😂😍😂😍😂😍😂😍 CUTIE PIE!!!!!!!!!!