Reign Writers:

*spins wheels* Greer gets pregnant with *throws dart at board* pirate kings baby while Kenna *pulls paper out of hat* is in Russia with *rolls dice* a prince but she’s actually sleeping with *flips a coin* his uncles cousins half-brother while Bash is *picks card from deck* chasing a *uses Googles I’m feeling lucky* an actual werewolf.


Mary: You have my permission, you know.

She said, watching along with him as you ran with the children in the palace gardens.

Bash: Pardon?

Mary: To court Y/N. I see the way you look at her. She would be delighted if you asked.


Francis: Speaking with Mary, one of
Y/N’s problems is that she is too insecure to approach anyone. So you must approach her. Ask her to dance. Go on, don’t just leave her standing there, go and get your love.