ARTIST OF THE DAY: Sarahostervig

Sarahostervig is an amazingly talented and sweet artist. Her original style is distinct and her basework is clean. She makes a lot of wonderfully unique pony adopts in addition to drawing her own OCs and gifts for her friends. Sarah is loyal and isn’t afraid to stand up for her friends, but she’s also approachable and tries her best to answer all comments she gets. Check her out!


ARTIST OF THE DAY: sakuravera

James is an amazing artist with a ton of talent. I’ve been one of his watchers since he was thirteen: he was talented then, but his skills have only gotten better over time. His basework is always inventive and detailed and I adore his pony style! I’m only showcasing his pony work since this is a pony blog, but he also does a lot of cool Homestuck art! Check him out!

anonymous asked:

Thoughts on Soundings-MLP? She's 13, so please remember that, and can actually draw ponies [Although her only piece submitted of non-basework is in storage ;;]

okay, i love her dolling skills.  they are aMAZing and i’m just blown away by it,,, like w o W,,,,,,,

she’s very sweet too!!!  i’d love to get to know her more


This little gem caught my eye and I thought that this could be a good start for me. The info on her is a bit too short and sweet. The oc belongs to Greeny-Star on deviantart. They give credit for basework so that made me happy, considering how people sometimes don’t credit the base artist. But that blood though.

If you know about the Pokepasta ‘Lavender town syndrome’, you will understand.

I can’t really see why an OC would be made for Lavender Town Syndrome. It’s pretty much just the high frequencies in the music that causes the kids to commit suicide, not necesarily an actual being.

Name: Ivy

No last name? Darn

Age: 17

Hair: White

Eyes: Red

For some reason she strikes me as a female Lost Silver. The bleeding eyes especially.

Likes: Pranking, killing, friends, her big foster brother, videogames, Pokemon, music, chocolate, blood, her cleaver.

Woah, woah woah. What friends? What foster brother? There’s literally no other information about these people

Dislikes: Rodents, salt water, drug attics, Jane the Killer, her old personality.

Old personality? Please go into further detail about this. Was she and actual person and somehow all these changes happened? Or is she a part of the game and the music drove her crazy or something? Just tossing out some ideas. Plus, why does she dislike Jane? (So many people don’t like Jane) Does this mean she can leave the game? (If she’s even in there in the first place) There is obviously a lot of stuff missing, such as why drug addicts?

Extra facts: -She has a large cleaver, but that is not how she kills her usual victims. She will play tricks with their minds by showing up at the edge of their vision, talking to them in their mind, showing up in their dreams, telling them they will look like her one day. That causes them to tape a suicide note to themselves then jump off of something.

I will admit, that’s interesting. But then why have the cleaver at all?

-She has a sexual fetish of blood and cutting. If someone cuts her to the point were she bleeds she will get extremely arroused. Just thought I would add that.XD

That definitely wasn’t necessary to add at all. Anyways, the OC could use a big fix up but I can see some potential?