30 Seconds To Mars - Up In The Air (One man band version) (by BasementAlchemy)

That is AMAZING and I LOVE it!!! (not the original one, sorry Jared)

Could you imagine that version of the song with Jared’s voice? BTW, I like the voice of the guy too.


Mod Release: Ebonheart Home Seeblick 1.1 By Jan Heuser


Ebonheart Seeblick is a beautiful Imperial-style estate located on the outskirts of Ebonheart and features some absolutely lovely hand-detailed interiors. Far from just a scenic locale to visit, there’s something of a dark and sinister mystery to this beautiful home, buried just beneath the surface. Secrets abound, and many curious treasures await to be discovered in this lovely estate by the sea.

I really can’t recommend this mod enough, it’s such a beautifully crafted home and contains some great writing and story-building, not to mention a quest that’ll reward you with some hidden surprises and unexpected rewards. You can find the author’s full feature list below to get a pretty good idea of how much content there is here, and you should definitely check it out if you’re looking for a new player house or just a scenic locale to visit.


  1. Over 2600 placed objects/references
  2. Unique Items
  3. Your own NPC’s: A smith, a guard, A bartender/cook, a farmer and a boat captain. All with services.
  4. Estate like building: A manor, fields, a dock with boats, staff quarter building
  5. Many many hidden things (35 hidden loot chests, hidden rooms, grotto, gems, and documents)
  6. Lots of lore and flavourtexts in forms of journals and notes scattered in and around the house
  7. Scripted events (nothing fancy. Only messageboxes, buttons and area effects)
  8. A quest that involves a “boss fight” and some rather valuable rewards.
  9. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-like story with lots of quotes and parts of the original story scattered around
  10. Intertwined Npc stories
  11. Lots of Sorted storage space


  1. Lobby/Dining
  2. Master Bedroom
  3. Storage Basement
  4. Alchemy Lab
  5. Veranda in Beegarden Style
  6. Rooftop Laboratory
  7. Staff Quarters

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