..Then it kind of solidified itself in this group that call them selves ‘The Basement People’, after the lyric in Undercover Martyn, which I think is, so sweet, and so so amazing and they kind of just, run around like little Two Door Cinema Club evangelists, you know telling everyone about our band and they will do stuff online and they’ll do stuff like get together and have meeting and discuss the music and all of this stuff.They recruit new members and it’s kind of cool because it had nothing to do with us, we didn’t set it up, we didn’t even give an idea that you know this is our idea and they took it soon them selves and people have made friends for life through that and through our band, and I find that unbelievable, and to this day they are still spreading the word and getting more people into our music which is awesome.
—  Alex Trimble
(talking about fans)

listen to tssf with me and angrily finger point

listen to real friends and we’ll cry together

listen to Vanna and we’ll mosh together

listen to blink-182 with me and we’ll make jokes about sex and dicks

listen to modern baseball with me and we’ll reminisce about our high school days

idk just listen to music with me and I’ll be happy

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…please don’t steal the children’s toys

Basement Blues // Belladonna

Can’t see the world from the basement windows but the sun that shines past the weeds.
Alone in the dark, chained up to the bed, I don’t know what he’s gonna do to me.

Can’t see the world from the basement windows, but my 10 day old, vomit soaked bed sheets.
Hanging on the line with my pink babydolls, while I’m violently fucked on the love seat.

My basement flooded. And we have people living down there so we spent the last hour helping them clean the water up and then I had to shower after.

I missed my beetle farming in Animal Crossing :(

anonymous asked:

hai! do have any prompts / au ideas on a fantasy pastry shop with potions and magic? 🌸

I don’t right now, but dear friend, because you sent me a flower i shall bestow some upon you!

Person A runs a magical Pasty shop and person B gets a job there and on their first day mislabels one of the potions 

Person A is in search of a particular potion and has to go to the other side of the world to get it from person B’s shop

Person A crafts potions and has been selling them out of their house/garage/basement/etc until person B hears and tries to convince A to open a store with them 

I hope these are what you had in mind!! If not message me again and i can come up with something else!! 

Much love!


Levi was impressed with the house.  It was obvious the place needed work.  There were rooms upstairs that were unfinished, and there was definitely some landscaping to be done.  Overall, though, he could see it had plenty of potential.  Mostly, he’d fallen in love with the kitchen, as Carolina predicted he would, but he also liked the balcony that offered an amazing view of the mountains, and he liked that the basement had a full bathroom and a bedroom.  If Sam decided to move with them, Levi could easily picture the basement being Sam’s personal domain. 

He wanted to laugh when he realized he was already thinking in terms of when they moved, and not if.  The house really did seem perfect.  It might be a bit big for them now, but Levi was sure their family would grow once he and Carolina were married, and then they’d happily fill up the space. 

Levi: This place is great!  You said it’s been for sale for six months now?  How have we never noticed it before?

Gabriel: Yeah, a little over six months.  It’s been listed, but if you weren’t looking for a house, then I guess you wouldn’t have noticed.

Levi: I’m surprised nobody’s bought it already. The price is certainly reasonable.

Gabriel: The price is lower because of all the work that’s needed.  A lot of people don’t find that particularly attractive.

Levi: We don’t mind that, do we, ‘Lina?

Carolina: If this is going to be our forever home, we’ll have lots of time to fix it up. And Levi has plenty of energy for projects. Don’t you?

Levi: I have plenty of energy for everything, as you’re always pointing out. But yeah, I like the idea of putting something of ourselves into the place, you know?  Really making it ours.