basement garage

iko notices the way kai looks at cinder when she does something he doesn’t quite understand. like when she says that she isn’t hungry even though it’s been hours since she last ate, or when she falls asleep at her desk and wakes up like she’s fully rested in bed. iko notices the way kai tries to coax her into eating or sleeping in their bed, or anything to make her see that what she’s doing isn’t healthy. iko notices, and let’s it slide. this was something for cinder to explain. 

it isn’t until kai comes to her that she says anything. he frantically runs his hand through his hair and tells her about how cinder sleeps. how she’s always tucked into the corner of their bed and how she wakes up in the middle of the night, plagued with nightmares. he says that he’s scared for her. he pours his heart out to her and all she can do is wait. when he’s finished, he looks at her like she has the perfect answer. iko stares at him. it’s obvious kai would do anything to help cinder, to fix her. it reminds her of how cinder once looked at peony, and for a second, iko is scared for the both of them. 

then she shakes it off and tells kai to follow her. she takes him to the linh household, tells him how adri left it for some mansion because of all that money cinder ungraciously gave her, and remarks on how all of cinder’s stuff was probably left behind. kai, now wrapped in a hoodie, follows her quickly as they walk down the street. this is the first clue, iko thinks. “cinder had to walk everywhere,” he says. she nods. cinder must’ve said something like it before.

finally at the house, iko breaks a door open and is met with no alarm. adri could care less about her past. she and kai make their way through quietly, and just as expected, it is entirely empty save for cinder’s room. iko swipes open the door and it is instantly smaller than how she remembers it. maybe it’s because she’s in a much larger body. or maybe it’s always been this small. she can tell it’s the latter because of the look on kai’s face. the ceiling is barely high enough for him to walk inside, and he has to duck to get in. iko lets him look around, but doesn’t go after him. this is the second clue. 

kai leaves a moment later. he looks at her and says, “how did she do it?” iko then leads him to the basement. it’s just how they left it, and it’s a wonder how adri didn’t get in trouble for it. she must’ve paid off the landlord. iko sits at cinder’s old desk and pretends to be asleep. this is clue number three. kai understands, and takes a minute to look around. even this room looks smaller, thinks iko, and she’s glad cinder is out of it for good. 

they walk home slowly, and iko does something she probably shouldn’t have. she says, “adri didn’t like her at all. she blamed her for everything - garan, peony, everything. she yelled at her a lot, and sometimes, she hit her. cinder tried to make herself as small as possible. cinder tried really hard.” kai doesn’t say anything, but she can feel his sadness in the air. the rest of the walk is quiet. 

when they get back to the palace, kai is still quiet. cinder is there, and iko is happy knowing kai feels the same adoration as her when cinder shows up with a smile on her face as if nothing bad has ever happened to her ever. kai starts to tear up and cinder looks at iko confused, but iko shakes her head. she walks away. she’d already done more than she should’ve; the rest was cinder’s. 

I’m pretty sure Cutthroat Kitchen takes place in Alton’s basement. Think about it. No one ever enters except from down a flight of stairs and no one ever leaves the contest area except from a little hallway to the side. So he’s got one of those little houses on the hill where the basement becomes a garage and then spits the car out into the driveway. Okay so there’s reason to believe that it’s in his basement BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE.

Notice how Alton always says “My” or “My old” or any other variations of possessive when referring to the sabotages. Like “my old phone from the nineties.” He does this so much and he cares so much (and yet so little) about these things that he’s auctioning off are actually things he’s trying to get rid of somehow. So okay there’s a little bit more to me believing that Cutthroat Kitchen is really in Alton’s basement.

And notice all of the leftover bullshit they are forced to use in the show? He probably just like cooked stuff upstairs and it’s HIS ACTUAL FUCKING LEFTOVERS from the night before.



All of the judges are greeted by Alton like they’re a surprise, like he doesn’t actually know which one is going to show up. If it were an actual show, he would know who it was before they showed up, but this is more like he just sent out a group text to be like “hey whoever wants to judge tonight just show up lol.”

So basically I think Alton Brown has this huge basement with a camera crew and grips and each week he selects chefs to come into his basement and fucking slash each other’s throats over <$25,000, (so he will only ever spend a maximum of $25,000 each week on this) and he invites his celebrity chef friends over every week to shit on these poor chef’s attempts to cook with golf clubs and his leftovers and also sell off his old stuff because he is a sick sadistic fuck.

a masterlist of secret ideas ( somewhat inspired by pretty little liars )

under the cut you’ll find #33 secret ideas. i’ve been watching pretty little liars lately and thought that it was a goldmine of plot ideas. i tried to make them different/out of the norm of secrets. use these as you see fit, mold them to fit your characters however you wish. please reblog/like if you found this helpful or if you’re an rph !

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Hello! I’m Flora, and this is my first ‘studyblr’-ish post, which are basically tips on how I started to learn new habits and make new healthy routines and just became more productive, in general.

But please remember that this guide and these tips are not guaranteed to work for everyone, so skim through them and see which would best suit you, your schedule and what interests you!

(These are all only based on my experiences.)

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I just had the dumbest idea about @drawfee.

So we all know the recording room is either one of their mother’s basements, a garage, or a tree-house with sound proof walls. 

But what if they have like a magic door; you can only enter if you have the will to make something so awful it becomes great.

It’s no secret I’m a fan and advocate of masculinity in men. The demonization of which has left men satisfied with scraps and counterfeits for a while now. Whether it’s the fake masculinity of talking about how much you love bacon and plaid or the patronizing and sanitized “for men” content we find in entertainment. 

Like anyone remember the show Manswers, I remember finding it so infantilizing like a parody of masculinity more than anything else. Well I just listened to a guy who worked on the show explain that it was actually created by a really effeminate hyper sensitive liberal gay man who based it on what he thought other men were like. 

I have a single buddy who just bought a home and was telling me how we was going to use and decorate each of the rooms. And I’m so used to hearing married men talk about their homes I caught myself wondering how he thought he’d get away with putting all this cool guy shit in primary rooms of the house. Then I immediately was like wait it’s his fucking house he doesn’t have to relegate himself to one basement room like most men these days who brag about their man caves in basements and garages like it’s not pathetic. 

We try to stamp masculinity out of men from a young age then offer them masculinity prosthetics when they grow up and discover their society no longer wants them to be a part of it anymore. Like I have a kid in my family that from birth was such a typical boy and all I see is these women trying to stamp it out. He’s constantly getting in trouble at school for behaving like a typical boy. These fucking teachers are sending notes home saying he’s not sitting properly cross legged and still. No shit he wants to go run around, do stuff with his hands not sit politely and listen to some babysitter read a book about sharing. 

The other day he punched a kid and all the moms in my family were immediately on his case scolding and punishing him. I asked why did he punch the other kid? They had no idea, they didn’t even bother to ask if this other kid deserved it. Was he defending himself or someone else? For all we know a punch in the face could have been the exact correct response, and maybe this other kid learned a valuable lesson. But no, violence is never the answer and before we even know what happened it must be condemned, there has to be punishments and apology letters written. Fuck off, yeah maybe he was just being a bully himself and should be punished…but it also could have been totally justified.

Then on top of all that, on top of getting in trouble for being masculine and teaching them that it’s “toxic” they also teach them that you can choose your gender. I have 5 year old family members that came home saying they had an assembly where they told them they could be girls if they wanted to. And then these academics sit around and wonder why so many more males than females end up transgender and why it’s on the rise.

Listen I have no problem with people who don’t fit the mold, there are always exceptions and people can do what they want. What I have a problem with is when it’s manufactured by ideologues who want to make the world match the fantastical bullshit they had pressed into their soft heads by radicals who believe destroying norms is good no matter the cost to the person or society. 

There are countries that literally cannot pay men to get married or have kids because they stacked the deck so against them. Men are disappearing from academia and the workforce and these idiots in charge are like…oh shit what do we do how could this have happened. You have feminists who leave their blogs where they just argued men were toxic and evil and go over to their dating profile and wonder where all the good men went. Look at Laci Green she made a career out of it, you think she was fucking any of the feminized beta males who listened to her…no she was trolling the internet to cam with buff masculine dudes she shit talked in her videos and then ended up with an antifeminist dude. 

For men and for women we need to get traditional masculinity back, and not this phony sanitized bullshit we call manliness now.

la maison

- bedroom : la chambre / kitchen : la cuisine

- bathroom : la salle de bains / restroom : les toilettes

- office : le bureau / hallway : le couloir

- living-room : le salon / dining-room : la salle à manger

- garage : le garage / basement : le sous-sol

- attic : le grenier / cellar : la cave / garden : le jardin 

- first floor : le premier étage / stairs : les escaliers

- floor : le sol / roof : le toit / ceiling : le plafond

- door : la porte / window : la fenêtre / wall : le mur

- plug : la prise / light switch : l’interrupteur (m) / door knob : la poignée

la cuisine :

- fridge : le réfrigérateur / freezer : le congélateur

- sink : l’évier (m) / oven : le four / bin : la poubelle

- micro-wave : le micro-ondes / dishwasher : le lave-vaisselle 

- plate : l’assiette (f) / knife : le couteau / fork : la fourchette / spoon : la cuillère

- tray : le plateau / dish towel : le torchon / sponge : l’éponge (f)

- saucepan : la casserole / pan : la poêle

- coffee pot : la cafetière / tea pot : la théière / pantry : le garde-manger

la salle de bain :

- shower : la douche / bath : la baignoire / washbasin : le lavabo 

- bath towel : la serviette de bains / wash glove : le gant de toilette

- shampoo : le shampoing / conditioner : l’après-shampoing

- body wash : le savon / le gel douche / soap : le savon

- hairbrush : la brosse (à cheveux) / comb : le peigne

- hairdryer : le sèche-cheveux

la chambre :

- bed : le lit / bedside table : la table de chevet

- closet : la penderie / chest of drawers : la commode

- pillow : l’oreiller (m) / blanket : la couverture / sheet : le drap

- bed set : la parure de lit / mattress : le matelas

le bureau :

- desk : le bureau

- office chair : la chaise de bureau

- computer : l’ordinateur (m)

- files : les dossiers (m)

le salon :

- couch : le canapé / armchair : le fauteuil

- coffee table : la table basse / trinket : le bibelot / clock : l’horloge (f)

- TV : la télévision / DVD player : le lecteur DVD

- houseplant : la plante verte / rug : le tapis / vase : le vase

- shelf : l’étagère (f) / books : les livres (m) / bookshelf : la bibliothèque

la buanderie :  

- washing machine : la machine à laver / drying machine : le sèche-linge / dirty laundry : le linge sale

- detergent : la lessive / fabric softener : l’adoucissant

- laundry basket : le panier à linge / clothes pegs : les pinces à linge (f) / drying rack : l’étendoir à linge (m)

- ironing board : la table à repasser / iron : le fer à repasser

- vacuum cleaner : l’aspirateur (m) / broom : le balai / dust trap : le ramasse-poussière / floor cloth : la serpillère

As of today we have a home. We have an actual home that’s 100% all ours. It’s got three bedrooms, a foyer, a dining room, a living room, a sun room, a kitchen the size of Texas, a live in basement, a garage with a workshop, a little backyard, and it’s right next to one of my favorite parks in the world. This happened super fast and I’m still rolling through waves of surprise, relief, excitement, a little terror, more excitement, and the added stress of how quickly this is happening because we have two weeks to pack up and head out.

Excuse me while I go scream about the fact that this is really happening.

Kim x Trini Drabble

This one isn’t nearly as long as I’d like it to be but I ran out of steam (two jobs will do that to you) but I hope you guys enjoy this little drabble. I do plan to write more Trini x Kim fics sometime soon. 

All mistakes are my own

Honest to god, Kimberly doesn’t know when she’d started feeling like this. Looking back she thinks it might have been sometime around their coffee stop or maybe one of those long evenings of training. She wants to figure it out just so can have a mental picture of when exactly she fell for Trini.

It must of been during the coffee shop. Kimberly dreams of that day sometimes. And she remembers it often.

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Let's live! PSA! This is very important! This is not a drill!!

See this post? Great!! To people around this world :

A. Please plant daisies, sunflowers, bamboo(I don’t know if water bamboo help), amaranthus, cockcomb, field mustard, marijuana(rumored to be eating away nuclear waste), ocimum sanctum, adiantum, aloe vera, rubber plant, asparagus, ivy, cactus, chlorophytum, clivia, monstera, pachira, snake plant, cactus, narcisscuss, spider plant. For water or river please plants or farms : Water Hyacinth, grass, reeds, sorghum, irises, willow, grass type shoreline plants, water lilies, etc (maybe your native plants help!).

Those plants can absorb radiation, nuclear radiation(from sunflowers-pachira), phone radiation, absorb carbondioxide and release oxygens and keep water under the ground, filter soil, air and water ofc. I really recommend all of you to plant as much as you can in open green space (example: Forest, street park, park, etc), indoors, outdoors, house garden. It is for your own benefits and others also living things. You can give these plants recommendation for ‘decorated parks for tourism and city aesthetic’ thing.

B. If you have house in the city or suburbs. Please dig hole for bunkers or hiding place. Observe the soil advantages and disadvantages, law (make legal proposal or organized movement to urge mayor to make some in your area), completely covered thick wall (52 inch or more). Make it as mold and leak free as you can. This is my own idea If it is possible dig lowerer ground for making designed water turbine underground room and with pipes that will make water run between turbines to keep electricity on.

Please don’t forget to store water bottles or tanks/huge container enough for all , food like snacks or canned food, can openers, plants seeds to be planted once the soil is all healed or already grown plants are more than ok, ph meter, iodine, DIY or purchased water and air filter, flash light, AA/AAA batteries, oxygen tanks, knife, guns+bullets, crossbow, rope, anti radiation mask, aspirin, basic medicine kit, bandages, honey, penicillin, packed tents for all people or atleast 4 people each to live outside, inflatable boats for escape, hiking kits, baby milk (if there are babies ofc), helmet for protection. Bunk beds made from iron or steel structure(not the bed ofc) also what I think as necessary for if the roof crashed down there are plenty room under the 2nd or and 3rd bunk beds. Keep 4-5 huge capacity powerbanks for phone, accu or generator if you can. Electricity is vital. Bring matchsticks and candles too. Glow and the dark stick and paint is good for keeping things viewable if all electricity is failing or to make tracks for escape so others can follow. We all human here and we just want to survive.

Also yeah make other room for eatable or non eatable animals too. For avoid extinction.

Once again, this is just my idea as unexperienced person. If possible, Make route for underground well shuttered garage or basement for cars or motorcycle, don’t forget to keep mechanics tools, type of fuels. It will be easier to relocate everyone to somewhere else safe. School bus might be good too..since it fits lots of people. Just modified the cars ok, you all smarter than me. Keep vehicles few by few each day before ultimatum or types of declaration of war into underground to avoid sudden traffic and mass death on nuclear outbreak day or months.

For more eco friendly type solution, make water catcher, biopori, worm compost, organic compost to fertilized and enriching soil to make plants growth even faster! If you live in cold area just make green house!! Or underground farm! Keep updated with plants technology to make things more efficient and fast!

We, the ordinary citizen of the world can only do this much for helping humanity to keep on living. (I know this from various sites (still on 1st google page anyway)). I am as inexperienced as some of you are.

I hope all of us the good non radical/extremist thoughts people in this world can survive and invent new moral based ideologies and countries types that improve humanity and united us all, new practice, new culture, countries from aircraft carrier, artificial land or empty lands, etc. I believe countries should stand to protect the people, not the reverse. If the people change so is the country have to, everything keep changing and we should break old no longer fits for society kind agreements and make new agreements, treaties, alliances and many else.

“Bury down history’s ego , make the best in present time, hope and suit ourselves for the future. ”

I am a bit of anxious like stay alert without my will most of my time and I might overdid this please forgive me. Go ahead improve this post, print it, make it as proposal content, just anything really.

One’s Promised (Part 5/5)

A/N: So I’m sorry for going on an unannounced hiatus. But I hope I made up for it with this long ass chapter/part whatever.  

Description: Living a double life was not a choice when one was the daughter of Alexander Pierce. Y/N was the youngest agents of SHIELD and one of the most respected threats within Hydra’s empire. No matter her allegiance, she was feared by both. Y/N Pierce would’ve tried to escape it all… if it hadn’t been for The Winter Soldier.

Pairing: Bucky x Fem/Reader

Word Count: 8,842

Y/N was sat the edge of her bed, fully dressed in her tactical gear. Her eyes were dry and bloodshot from the tears, her lips cracked. She loaded bullet after bullet into multiple guns, sharpened half a dozen knives that would be hidden across her body, and cleared her mind of every distraction. The apartment was so quiet that all Y/N’s ear could hear was the ticking of the clock in her kitchen.

Suddenly her burner phone was buzzing on her nightstand. She picked it up without saying anything.

“Infiltration is a go. The helicarriers will be up in an hour. Meet us at SHIELD’s base.”

Y/N said nothing. She didn’t need to. Hanging up the phone, she left her apartment and made her way to her Triumph in the basement garage.

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Collapse - Chapter Five

Results Matter

Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

Izuku fidgeted with his wallet, turning it over in his hands and examining every stitch. A flash of light reflected across his face, and he blinked. Izuku glanced outside Detective Tsukauchi’s car window and watched the lightposts pass by - their yellow light dancing along the shape of the seats.  

Detective Tsukauchi drove in near silence, occasionally casting glances in Izuku’s direction.  

“Here we are,” Tsukauchi sighed with a smile, quietly pulling up to the visitor’s gate.  

Reaching up, he pressed a button clipped to his visor. It flashed once, and the U.A. gate slid open. Pulling in slowly, Detective Tsukauchi showed his ID to the robotic gatekeeper and rolled into the parking spot closest to the campus sidewalk.

The lights passed over a dark figure on the far side of the lot.

Standing on the sidewalk, arms crossed and wearing a serious frown, was Aizawa.  

Izuku gulped and returned to staring at his wallet.  

“Eraserhead is already aware of what happened today,” the detective said, waving to the pro hero.

“About All Might too?” Izuku asked.

“Hm?” Tsukauchi hummed, then nodded, “Yes, he knows All Might is still at the station and will likely return tomorrow.”

“No, I mean…” Izuku frowned seriously, head bowing, “The imprint.”

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1920’s Chinese copy of a “Thampson” submachine gun

The Warlord Era of Chinese history lasted from the 1920’s up to the early or mid 1930’s.  During this period, China was divided between a number of warlords who ruled over their own personal Chinese fiefdoms, the Chinese National Government, Japanese occupation forces, and Chinese Communist Revolutionaries.  With China embroiled in a free for all between multiple factions, there was an insatiable need for arms, especially due to an arms embargo enacted by the League of Nations.  Thus, during the Warlord Era, many domestic arms makers produced weapons for warlord armies.  Most of these weapons were copies of European and other foreign designs. One of the most popular was the American Thompson Submachine gun.  Examples of copies can be found not only in .45 ACP, but also 9mm Luger, 7.62x25 Tokarev, and 7.63x25 Mauser.  Almost every warlord established his own armory, one of the most prolific Thompson SMG producers was the Taiyuan Arsenal serving the Shanxi warlord Gen. Yan Xishan.

Some of the more interesting Chinese copies were not those produced by warlord factories, but those produced by China’s cottage industry.  During the Warlord Era, many thousands of firearms were produced by small time gunmakers working in small shops, private homes, garages, basements, and attics, built by hand with whatever materials were available. One such example is the Thompson SMG pictured above, on display at the Imperial War Museum in London.  Many of these home gunmakers would often mark their pieces with Roman Alphabet trade names and other markings, often to trick clients into believing that they were buying a genuine foreign import, not a handmade copy built in some guy’s kitchen from low quality materials.  Often these stampings and markings have interesting misspellings.  Many are contradictory, for example a handmade pistol with both “Mauser” and “Fabrique Nationale” trade markings.  Some are a completely nonsensical.

In regards to the Thompson SMG above, the weapon has no markings with the exception of “THAMPSON SUB-MACHINE GUN” on the right hand side of the receiver.