basement city

South Georgia Gothic
  • There are four corners in this town: the church, the City Hall, the diner, and the graveyard.
  • The doors of the Baptist church are shut tightly, squeezed into their ill-formed doorframe. They say this is to keep the devil out. What you can’t see are the deep, desperate, clawing marks on the inside of the doors. You will never know what it is they are trying to keep in.
  • The City Hall houses the police station and the post office as well. An old woman sits behind a desk. You cannot remember a time when she was not here. Neither can she. A rattling metal fan pushes around the stale air. The woman does not draw breath. You swallow hard and hurriedly shove your postcard behind a creaking metal flap. It drags slowly down the rusty chute.
  • There are only five tables in this diner. One of them is taken by three elderly men who stare at you as you ask the waitress for an ice water. There is no ice in your glass. You drink the lukewarm water. The men do not blink.
  • You are on your way out of town. A young woman stands in the center of the graveyard. Her long dress and hair are blowing in the wind, but the air is still. The sun is weighing down heavily upon you. You gasp for air as the woman falls to the ground and claws her way into a newly dug grave. Don’t stay here.
  • In the late afternoon, the sun and full moon are on opposite sides of the sky. As they align, you are unable to tell them apart. You are on your way out of town. Which way were you going? Be sure to make up your mind before the sun falls below the horizon.
  • Your postcard rests between the bones of a long-dead animal in the basement of the City Hall. On one side, an ink drawing of endless green fields and blue skies. On the other, four stamps and two words: help me.

jay-david  asked:

You know, it occurs to me that whenever a Markarth guard says that it's "the safest city in the reach", we should really get the option to say "yeah, but that's only because it's the ONLY city in the reach". Just something I thought to myself when I was playing the game earlier.

I couldn’t agree more!


Mumford performing “Kansas City” from “The New Basement Tapes” album during “A Prairie Home Companion” show at The City Hall in NYC on 12/3/2016. I missed this during the live show so I am happy they post it.

Fic: Voices Carry ch. 11

We had a nice week of peace in the last chapter of this story but now we’re jumping back into the action. Enjoy!

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Two weeks after Sara returned from S.T.A.R. Labs, she was nearly fully recovered from the bullet wound to the stomach she’d received from Malcolm Merlyn. She was off of the pain medication and Leonard was spending less time at her apartment — Avery was confused about why he wasn’t there to make breakfast with her anymore.

The day Merlyn’s plan went into action was a Friday. Avery didn’t have preschool on Fridays, and Sara wasn’t back at work yet, so she was enjoying spending time with her daughter.

Sara was sitting on the couch with a book and Avery curled by her side. She was having a quick snack before dinner and watching a Disney cartoon while she ate. Sara had long since tuned out the TV show — she was pretty sure Avery had seen this episode at least four or five times already, not that she remembered.

Hello Central City.”

Sara jumped, startled by the gravelly voice that had interrupted a princess song about kindness and love.

“Avery, go to your room,” Sara demanded. Avery’s eyes furrowed in confusion.

“What about my show?” she asked.

“It’s a commercial,” she said. She lifted Avery up off the couch and stood her on the floor, nudging her towards her bedroom. Avery shrugged and obediently left the living room.

Sara turned her attention back to the TV to see not an animated princess in a red dress, but a dark, dimly lit room. The video was obviously being filmed with a phone, and not a good one, because the quality was grainy and the man, his face covered by a black mask and hood, was very close to the camera.

“I apologize for interrupting your scheduled programming, but I figured you’d appreciate a spoiler about what comes next,” the man said. The electronic sound to the voice along with the manner of speech confirmed Sara’s suspicions. This was Malcolm Merlyn hidden behind a mask and a voice modulator, “In just over two hours, your city is going to be subject to the wrath of what I like to call a Markov device. What’s a Markov device, you might ask? It is a machine that can trigger an earthquake so powerful it will level your entire city. You have two hours to get your affairs in order before your entire city is brought to the ground.”

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