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Love is War pt 3

Here y’all go! It’s part three fo the EXO vs BTS Gang AU! Took me a bit to write this, but I’ll try my best to have the next part out by the end of the week hopefully. 


Suho lead you down the hall to your room with his hand lightly resting on your elbow. It was strange, to you, how nice he was being. If he was Namjoon then you would be left in a basement covered in bruises and cuts by now. It was a change.

“This will be your room.” He opened the door to a room that seemed to be for anything but holding a hostage.The walls were a pale gold tint, black hardwood floor, a large bed, plus a large bathroom to go with it. Decadent furniture decorated the room, and everything seemed more like it was made for an aristocrat to stay in. “Not what you expected?” Your face must’ve given away your surprise.

“N-no… not really…” You mumbled, walking around to explore the room. The bed sheets were a black and white satin, and the chair you started to sit in was the most comfortable seat you had ever sat in.

“Now your stay here will hopefully be short so you won’t be here long.” You turned to look at Suho, wishing that these were different circumstances so you could live here. This was a hell of a lot nicer than your room back at Bangtan HQ. Namjoon’s was probably the nicest there and it didn’t even compare to this room. “If you answer all of our questions without causing any trouble then you’ll be out of here soon.”

“What could you possibly want to know from me?” You scoffed at him. “I know nothing about Bangtan’s plans, honestly.”

“Then I’ll ask you some different questions. Starting with something simple. What’s your name?” As Suho asked you this he closed the door to the room and untied your hands from behind your back.

“It’s Eun.” You lied. “Kim Eun.”

“Now, you and I both know that’s not your real name.”

“How did you…?”

“You answered too fast. You obviously don’t completely trust me so why would you trust me with your name. If that was your real name then you would’ve hesitated at least.” Suho smiled sweetly at what must’ve been a dumbfounded look of confusion on your face. “So then. What’s your real name?”

“It’s… Y/N. Kim Y/N.”

“Now then, Y/N, that’s better. Next question. Is your only relation to Bangtan by blood? Or is there more?”

“Blood. Kim Seokjin, as you already figured out from Chanyeol, is my older brother. But…” You hesitated on the last part. Should you tell him that your hand was promised to Namjoon? You could and use it as a tactic to get you out of this situation sooner.

“But…? But what?”

“I’m promised to Namjoon. He was supposed to meet me and Jin on that hill.” Your voice trailed off at the end of your sentence as you lost yourself in thought. Why wasn’t Namjoon there at the meeting spot? If he had been there, would you be here right now?

“Aaah.” Suho nodded and smiled slightly to himself. “I’m sorry for you.”

“Excuse me?”

“For being promised to someone like him. He’s a cruel beast. All he seems to care about is the power that he can’t get. He’s constantly pushing men at our borders and trying to take our land.” Suho sat across from you and leaned over towards you. “That’s part of the reason why we took you like that. He took some of our best men less than a week ago, and some of our land along with them.”

“What do you mean? If he had done something like that, then all of the boys would’ve been talking about it.”

“But what if he didn’t tell the others?”

“That could be possible…” You drifted off into thought. Could he have done that? But what would’ve been the point of it? EXO and BTS had coexisted in peace for the last few years. Sure it was because Bangtan had lost a battle a few years ago, but after the first few months Namjoon hadn’t said anything about the defeat.

“I’ll leave you to think about it. We’ll contact your brother and lover about getting you back. Hopefully they’ll come for you sooner than later.” Suho said, standing up and walking to the door. “Someone will come soon with something to drink and eat. Make yourself comfortable.”

Suho let himself out and you immediately sat up and walked over to the windows. You wanted a way out and back to your brother. Throwing back the curtains you found that the windows were covered in Iron bars, not allowing you to get out but still giving you an amazing night time view of Seoul. Standing there for a moment you took in the amazing view. From the position of the building you were in, which must’ve been a hotel, you had a perfect view of the Seoul Tower sitting on Namsan Mountain.

“Beautiful view isn’t it?” A voice said from behind you, making you jump. Turning you saw who the voice belonged to. It was a man with bright blonde hair, soft deerlike eyes, and a smile smile on his lips. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. I’m Lay.”

You nodded at him, choosing to stay silent around him. He had an unusually shy and calm aura about him.

“I brought you food.” He says with an upbeat tone, moving out of the way so you could see the food cart he had rolled in. It was covered in multiple silver platters filled with food that you couldn’t see but you could smell. You could smell Kimchii, Jajangmyeon, and Galbi for the most part and your mouth started to water. “Enjoy.” Lay gave you a slight nod and left the room.

Standing, you cautiously make your way over to the food and pick up the chopsticks. Uncovering the Galbi you took in a deep breath. As your stomach rumbled you realized just how hungry you were, but, you didn’t feel like eating. All you wanted was to be with your brother again. Ever since the world had gone to hell he was the only family you had left. Sure the boys in Bangtan were like family, especially Taehyung since he was about your age, but you still felt like an outsider around them. You would always watch from a distance as they made plans, or went out for joy rides on their bikes. Occasionally you would go with them, clinging either to Jin or Taehyung’s back as they sped through the city on their bikes.

You allowed a piece of the grilled meat to touch your lips before putting it back down and walking over to the bed. An empty feeling took over you as the covers covered you, swallowing you whole. Being here felt anything but right, and it was all because of a stupid decision on Namjoon’s part. Why had he been so stupid as to mess with EXO? Did he think he could go up against them and win? Now you were stuck here until Jin told Namjoon and they came after you.

But will Namjoon even meet EXO’s terms? Namjoon was the stubborn type, and as far as you could tell he wasn’t even really interested in you. All he was interested in was power. You could just imagine it. Namjoon not wanting to meet to EXO’s terms and leaving you here to rot, despite the others protests.

A sobbing noise came out from the silence of the room, pulling you from your thoughts. It took you a second but, you realized the sobbing was coming from you. All the loneliness, emptiness, and exhaustion had finally taken over you and came over in waves.

“Why me?” You whispered in between sobs. “Why did it have to be me?”

Suho POV

Suho’s hand hovered over the handle as he listened to you shuffle around the room. He debated on whether he should go in and check on you or just leave you. Sure you were a captive, but you were still a woman, probably 20 Suho guessed, and you had just been taken from the people that you knew and loved. It had to be hard on you and as Chanyeol had said, no one planned on hurting you. In fact, they had planned on taking Jin at first, but when they saw you plans changed. Suho believed that by taking you, Bangtan would be more likely to come for you and would make a deal easier.

But now that Suho saw you here and how miserable you looked, he felt bad about it. EXO really aren’t bad guys, they’re nice and kind once you get to know them. But the fact that you were in a rival gang sets you up for thinking otherwise.

Suho made up his mind and started to open the door to your room. Stepping in Suho heard light sobs coming from the bed. He stopped halfway in the door and just stared at you. The outline of your lower body could be seen through the covers, and your upper body was uncovered and shaking. You had your head buried in a pillow and didn’t see Suho standing at the door, jaw ajar at the sight of you crying.

Deciding this wasn’t a good time Suho stepped back to exit your room and softly closed the door. “I’m so sorry Y/N. We didn’t want this for you… Honestly…”

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