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1. The first time I kissed you, it was barely a peck. You made me nervous but in a good way like no one had before. You laughed and told me it was cute.
2. I tried to sleep over at your house but your mom caught us at 2am and sent me home. She never liked me much after that.
3. The waiteress at Olive Garden shot us snobby looks when we both only ordered chicken gnocchi and water.
4. We drove around town blaring an old Drake album and belted our hearts to the second verse of track two. We must have played it a thousand times.
5. I went down on you for the first time in the basement bathroom with our friends in the next room.
6. You left town for two days and I swear I have never missed a person so much. I could feel it in my bones.
7. You snuck out your bedroom window to meet me in the jeep. We parked and I should’ve been scared of getting caught but you always had a strange way of calming me.
8. You started spending so much time at my house we had to buy groceries for you.
9. We skipped class to have sex and when we came back I swear everyone saw it on our faces. You got me my first detention that day, but it was worth it.
10. We went to a water park and you screamed like a little kid on all the slides. I had to hold your hand.
11. We took a three day trip and shared a hotel bed with dingy white sheets. I fell in love with you there in that poorly lit room.
—  11 things we did when we were 18

My own theory about where Saturnz Barz fits into the narrative is, assuming that Wobble Street was actually real, the band was evicted as foreshadowed in Do Ya Thing and now they’re looking for a new place to live but this time, in America for reasons yet to be explained. Unfortunately, Murdoc is incompetent at finding actual legitimate open houses that aren’t haunted (see also: how he found Kong Studios) and also unfortunately- they all still trust him as the band leader for the same reason that they still let him drive. As a result, Murdoc is able to take them on an aimless road trip through the Midwest on a house-hunting tour from one sketchy Craiglist ad to another. This is why when the band splits up in the video, we see them assessing different parts of the house in their own way- Russel tries out the bed, Noodle explores the basement, Murdoc tests the bathroom. Idk why 2D goes in the fridge.

raoul here, reporting for sweeping christine off of her feet. One love, one lifetime didn’t cover everything that i want in our lifetime. @littlclctte

if I ever buy my own house I hope it has a basement bathroom. That way I can do the main floor bathroom in a typical sea/beach theme and the basement one in a deep sea theme with anglerfish fish and and other deep sea horrors.

If anyone says you can’t, you can. 18 months of inconsistency in the right direction. 5'11", 195lb before, no idea now, but honestly probably 180ish. F a scale 💪I’ve realized I’m much like Chris in Parks and Rec, trying to health away a chronic illness. BUT I don’t want to get to a point in my life where something happens and I’m told “if you’d taken better care of your body this wouldn’t have happened” or “this wouldn’t have happened yet”. There are so many inevitables, I want to make sure this machine is running as well as it can! Still have a ways to go but I feel good. Blessed to have a body. Period. (Sorry the pictures are so dark, dang basement bathroom lighting 😂)

breathe. the school year is almost over. you can do this. take some time to study and do homework but also take some time for yourself. take study breaks by going for a walk. walk in nature without your phone and appreciate what mother nature has given us. don’t work yourself up too much or you’ll stress and feel less confident in yourself. if you feel like you’re stressing then find a new place to study. whether it’s in the bathroom, the basement, outside, etc. find a place that really works for you and study your little butt off. however, always remember that you can take mental breaks if you need them. you’re gonna do great and i am proud of you no matter what.

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Psychics , magic , spirits , Jinn and the spirit world are all originated from Arab countries. Even though most of us are believers we avoid it because it tampers with fate and will get us into something that we shouldnt play with. It is very dangerous , a different dimension will open called barzakh where those mystical entities reside.

Another random fact since you love them. Okay, so the reason Hindus cremate their dead is because they believe that the soul has such an affinity to its physical body that once any part of the body remains on earth, the soul won’t be able to reincarnate and pass over. So yeah, like you, I do believe that there may be legit people who have a second sense and can communicate with these spirits even though I can’t. Also, there’s no way in hell I was EVER using that basement bathroom, haha. Scary 👻

Thank you anons for sending these facts (:  They’re very interesting!

“many declawed cats are in constant pain (we had one declawed cat at the shelter that needed a special ultra-fine litter because the coarse litter was enough to cause pain in his paws)”

i wonder if this is why prissy pees outside the litter box so often?? i need to remember to talk to my mom about this. i should try this. she uses the litter box but she pees in this spot in the basement idk she has bathroom issues

i get soo mad when i think about her being declawed ugh and whoever declawed her either threw her outside in the winter and/or let her out but she didnt even have a  chip in her like!! good going way to lose ur cat

i sometimes wonder about her family but w/e i’ll never know so. shes mine now. muahaha 

sadness has a different way of haunting me
for every season
and i always forget how hopeless
summer emptiness can be;
it hangs heavy outside your window,
it blows in through the screen door,
it traps you in the hallway between your bedroom,
bathroom, kitchen, basement
over and over until you forget
what month it is.

let it be known
that this
is not an absolution of winter
for what it does to me.  
this is only an acknowledgement
of the way august kisses my neck
until i’m bruised.

—  bruised, maria santone

Sims 4 Hannibal’s House Update

The build its done so is the flooring and wallpaper placement on most of the house. 

Here we see Will modeling and testing Hannibal’s bedroom and closet: all done. I know it’s not a perfect replica but I did what I could with no CC at all.

The foyer and the upstairs bathroom are also done and ready to use. The Kitchen had a few problems I’ve corrected and as you can see it’s now fully functional. Ham’s is making a cheese sandwich to prove it :D

Love to @you-dropped-your-forgiveness who started this whole thing :D
As soon as I finish decorating the guest rooms, the office, the studio, the living room, the murder basement and the downstair bathroom I`ll set it up for grabs in the gallery. The lot is now around 150 000 simoleons.