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How they treat there s/o after kidnapping them

America: he treats them like a regular s/o, but way more controlling and dosnt let them out of the house, and if they try then that is when he gets mad and puts them in the cage

England: they treat them like trash, only letting them out of the cage to clean or cook for him, may let them out if they become submissive towards him out of fear, always keeps a shock color around them just in case they speak when not spoken to

France: treats them like royalty, gives them anything they wants, he just wants to make them happy in life and for them to feel loved

Russia: So clingy, never leaves there side, keep a chain around them at all time, may go out for a walk with them at night, if they have been good but other wise they re locked  in the room with only him

China: most normal you can get around here, the most he will do is lock them up in a room and go from five meal a day to three

Canada: always besides them, usually holding there hand, want to be with them at all times, is the the most gentle unless you make him snap then please remove all sharp objects out of square meter

Italy: So cheerful that they are finally with them, and hyper gives them all the attention in the worlds, hates punishing them, so wont do it unless they tried to kill him or something

Germany: confused all the time 1000% what is a hand holding, and yes this is normal right, to like someone right????

Japan: treats them like a housewife/husband, they will cook, clean maybe look after a kid if they have one

Romano: like his brother on the inside but cold outside “FINE YOU DON’T LIKE IT HERE THEN JUST GO!” “I WOULD BUT YOU PUT A CHAIN AROUND MY LEG!!!”

Prussia: won’t let them lift a finger, just want them to be in bed all day to there leisure, he will be there tho since he lives in the basement with you.

Anonymous asked:

Hii I really like your blog! :D And I was wondering if you could do a scencerio if what would yandere 1p and 2p America and Canada do when their s/o told them he/she wanted to get a divorce. Thank you so much and keep up the good work!

2p America & 2p Canada:

Originally posted by hanatollas

He would be shocked and he would be trembling a bit and he  would try to reassure them of what they were saying , “(s/o) are you joking around babe , please…”, he would try to hug them by the waist but (s/o) will push him away , he would start crying a bit but he will stop for a while and look at (s/o) , “you can’t leave me babe”, he would grab them by the wrist and throw them to the wall , making (s/o) wince and fall to the ground , he will start giggling as he walks slowly to them , “(s/o)` Why do you want to leave ~ we’re a happy couple ~ no one can treat you better than me ~ I know I’m been rough right now but your misbehaving , now , now , don’t start crying and blame it at me , you started it ~ “, he will grab them by the hair and drag them to the basement and the last thing that we can hear are (s/o)’s screams as he closes the door behind him . We can say that (s/o) will be deserving a punishment.:2p America & 2p Canada

1p America & 1p Canada:

Originally posted by redmist36

He would already be crying , he wouldn’t let  go of (s/o)′s leg  , he would be pleading at them to not leave , “I’ll buy you anything you want , I can change as however you want me to change , just please stay !”, he wouldn’t let go even if (s/o) try to push them of their leg , “PLEASE!BABE! I LOVE Y-”, he was cut of by a slap in the face that (s/o) gave them , he would be staring at the ground shock , “You’re such a creep!”, (s/o) would be yelling at him , but he wouldn’t pay attention to their insults , he knew they loved him , they just , they just need to stay here with him , forever, he got up and all of sudden grab their hair and slam their head to the wall , not hard enough to kill them but hard enough to make them pass out , he smiled as he looked at  them fall to the ground and pass out , he smiled more as he picked them up and carried them bridal style to the basement,”Forever .”:1p America & 1p Canada


When in preproduction on “The Galileo Seven,” Robert Justman realized they had a problem: a full-sized version of the titular shuttlecraft was going to be a significant expense, one that the budgetarily-strapped show could ill afford, especially after previously-made episodes had all come in with significant deficits in their wake. However, there was a solution from a very unusual, if logical, source: AMT Corporation, a model kit manufacturer.

AMT executives had seen the previews for Star Trek and wanted to make tiny versions of the ship featured in them for bedrooms, basements and garages across America. They met with Ed Perlstein of Desilu and sealed a deal where they would get exclusive model rights for the Enterprise in exchange for two full-sized versions of the ship (one for exteriors and a second for interior photography) and a miniature for special effects purposes.

This headcanon was brought to you by the influence of several Stucky fan fictions that have declared that the Winter Soldier shares much in common with a feral cat.

The Blanket Fort therefore would like to add that Bucky Barnes is definitely a Basement Cat. Who loves Kitten America very much.


Today, America woke up from a nightmare about England- well, not literally a nightmare but dreaming about him is unusual. It feels like he’s forgetting something until his twin brother, Canada, sent him a message about… Valentine’s Day.

“What’s your plan for this Feb. 14? Don’t tell me you’re going to hide in the basement again?” - Canada

With a huff, America deletes the message and then prep up for work. He’s a busy man, he doesn’t have time for such..

ask-the-other-prussian-merman-d  asked:

((Gaaaah I love your art style and how you draw these two rascals, especially 2p Prussia! Anyways, what are your relationships with the other 2ps?))

Roland’s relationships with the other 2p’s:

2p Italy: (Acquaintance) “A little ball of anger management issues. We never really talk.”

2p Germany: (Friends) “We aren’t close, but we’ll go to concerts together and go drinking now and then. It’s rare that we hang out for reasons other than those though.”

2p Japan: (Friends) “He’s my horror movie pal~ He has an honorable aura to him, with valor almost comparable to my own. ALMOST.”

2p Romano: (BFF’s) “We spend a lot of time together. We always seem to have something to talk about, and his high class standards meet my own. We also talk sh*t about people behind their back together.”

2p Spain: (No relation) “Who?”

2p Hungary: (ENEMIES) “There needs to be a minimum of ten miles between the two of us.”

2p America: (Acquaintance) “Him? I very rarely talk to him. He doesn’t interest me in the least.”

2p England: (Friends) “He’s so adorable, a sweetly charming boy~ He’s a great cook as well. I wish he could teach me the ways of the kitchen….*dramatic sigh*” ((Roland can’t even made a toasted cheese sandwich right-))

2p Canada: (No relation) “I don’t talk to him.”

2p France: (No relation) “I don’t talk to him.”

2p China: (No relation) “We’ve never really talked.”

2p Russia: (No relation) “The only time he as ever spoken to me is when he scolded me for nearly burning down the World Conference with a candle.”

2p Prussia: (BFF’s) “LUV ME SENPAI~ We do almost everything together…mostly because I make him~ I trust him with all of my soul, and he’s an absolute delight to be around~”

Gilen’s relationships with the other 2p’s:

2p Italy: (Acquaintance) “Roland never lets me around him, so I don’t really know much about him. He’s very intimidating though….Q V Q”

2p Germany: (Okay Friends) “I’ll see him when he and Roland hang out. We talk, but not as much as you might think.”

2p Japan: (Good Friends) “We play video games together a lot, whether we’re actually together, or if it’s over the console or internet. Every once and a while we’ll get together and just sit in silence on our phones or something. He’s intimidating to look at, but once you get to know him a bit, he’s not that bad.”

2p Romano: (Good Friends) “I’m not as close to him as Roland, but he is one of my go-to people whenever I’m lonely or something like that.”

2p Spain: (No relation) “I met him once at Flavio’s…he scares me.”

2p Hungary: (Enemies, according to Roland) “Roland has banned me from speaking to her…I had to take an oath…at a ceremony…that he set up in the basement.”

2p America: (Acquaintance) “He’s kinda chill, but also kinda intimidating to me…I think we talked once? Maybe?”

2p England: (Friends) “He’s really cute, and a great cook. He likes to talk a lot, so whenever I see him, it’s pretty much just me listening to commentary the whole time.”

2p Canada: (No relation) “We’ve never spoken, but he is very intimidating to look at…”

2p France: (No relation) “I’ve never talked to him.”

2p China: (Acquaintance) “We’ve talked maybe once or twice. I don’t know anything about him really though.”

2p Russia: (Acquaintance) “We don’t really talk, but I guess we may have had a good conversation maybe once or twice…”

2p Austria: (BFF’s) “He is always near me, like he is Gorilla-glued to my hip. We do a lot together. He’s one of the only people I feel that I can trust with all of me, and he knows more that I would ever let on to most.” ((THEY’RE PRACTICALLY MARRIED GUYS.DON’T EVEN TELL ME THEY AREN’T.)) 



weirdocreep3874-deactivated2016  asked:

What are the personalities of your Allies like? Since it's different for every blog I wanna know what's yours :P

((I don’t like to portray them as killers who store organs in their basements.))

2p America:  Huge nerd, obsessed with space, is really fucking gay.

2p England:  Looks like a cinnamon roll but could kill you. might be an actual ray of sunshine.

2p France:  lazy son of a bitch, really doesn’t give a fuck, is honestly too nice to some people.

2p Russia:  Is a ray of sunshine, is also obsessed with space, is probs scared of ghosts.

2p China:  Chillest person ever, huge fucking dork, kinky af, is the person who goes into public places and does fart noises. Might be an actual 12 year old.

2p Canada:  He really just wants to be alone, he is suffering, probs goes out and protests for feminism with his brother.

One Step Closer Chapter 1

This was originally going to be something else but I postponed that so I could get some more practice and do it properly. Sorry for my absence. I got a job and school is starting soon. Give me some feedback about this story. I already have the second chapter written but if people don’t like it i will not post it. Let me know if there are any grammar or spelling mistakes.

Words: 700+

Warnings: None

You opened your eyes when someone bumped you. You had been asleep, but thanks to the idiot to your left that decided he needed to pee on the flight, you were now awake. Wait, the man is running. Why is everyone gathered around the front of the plane? You took out your ear buds and heard screaming.

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In the autumn of 2012 we made a decision as a band to put things on hold, as many of us had other commitments in our lives that needed to take priority. Almost two years on, for the most part now settled in where we want to be, it feels like there is space for change. When we put out the hiatus statement, we genuinely thought we were going to be away for quite a while, and we didn’t see any chance of having free time to do anything other than focus on our professional lives. We’re glad that this is not the case. We are really excited to say that Basement will be playing shows this summer, and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Thank you so much for your continued support.

Alex, Andrew, Duncan, James and Ronan.
- Basement