basement and america


Today, America woke up from a nightmare about England- well, not literally a nightmare but dreaming about him is unusual. It feels like he’s forgetting something until his twin brother, Canada, sent him a message about… Valentine’s Day.

“What’s your plan for this Feb. 14? Don’t tell me you’re going to hide in the basement again?” - Canada

With a huff, America deletes the message and then prep up for work. He’s a busy man, he doesn’t have time for such..


When in preproduction on “The Galileo Seven,” Robert Justman realized they had a problem: a full-sized version of the titular shuttlecraft was going to be a significant expense, one that the budgetarily-strapped show could ill afford, especially after previously-made episodes had all come in with significant deficits in their wake. However, there was a solution from a very unusual, if logical, source: AMT Corporation, a model kit manufacturer.

AMT executives had seen the previews for Star Trek and wanted to make tiny versions of the ship featured in them for bedrooms, basements and garages across America. They met with Ed Perlstein of Desilu and sealed a deal where they would get exclusive model rights for the Enterprise in exchange for two full-sized versions of the ship (one for exteriors and a second for interior photography) and a miniature for special effects purposes.