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               Pioneer of interactive film and major art contributor Elisabeth Charlotte “Pipilotti” Rist has a new art exhibit due October 2016 through January 2017. Her work often consists of dramatic shots, vibrant color palates and often provocative, unprecedented content displayed brilliantly through multiple projectors casting her work on the surrounding walls of the viewers, placing the spectator in the middle of every scene. While she may not be a house hold name to the ordinary citizen, Pipilotti’s influence is undeniable. Beyoncé, Khalil Joseph, Melina Matsoukas, Todd Tourso, Dikayl Rimmasch, Josh Akerland and Mark Romanek referenced Pipilotti’s short film Ever is Over All (shot and released in 1997) recently in the 60-minute accompanying visual to Beyoncé’s newest album release Lemonade showcased on HBO April 23rd 2016.

               In Pipilotti’s newest showcase “Pipilotti Rist: Pixel Forest” a film comprised of her entire career (1997- ) will be shown. The film is expected to show her earliest films exploring the portrayal of the female body to her latest films focusing on our surroundings and dreamlike environments backed by a mesmerizing compositions for both critics and spectators alike. The parallels of Pipilotti’s art to the everlasting evolution of modern technology will be a contributing undertone to the event. This exhibit will showcase how Pipilotti has used technology to always provide original, unprecedented art through an always fresh and innovative delivery.

               Elisabeth “Pipilotti” Rist was born in Grabs in the Rhine Valley, Switzerland, and currently lives and works in Zurich. At the University of Applied Arts is where she studied and created graphic designs, illustrations, and photography. The Basel School of Design however is where she studied audiovisual communications and videography; perhaps the greatest learning experience she encountered. From 1988 through 1994 she was member of the all-female Swiss band and performance group Les Reines Prochaines. The band tends to provide minimalistic sounds, evolving arrangements and poetic, political, and quite often provocative messages. When not preforming with the band she was creating super 8 short films dedicated to feminism, sex, and portrayals of the human body.

               When NY Times wrote about the world’s most colorful video artists they wrote how Pipilotti “brings the world right up to your nose, radically, uncomfortably close, in a boldly feminist way that upends conventions of beauty and body image, but doing so while inviting you to relax, stretch out, put your feet up and not feel preached to or even particularly confronted”. When asked about her stance on art Pipilotti stated “Arts task is to contribute to evolution, to encourage the mind, to guarantee a detached view of social changes, to conjure up positive energies, to create sensuousness, to reconcile reason and instinct, to research possibilities and to destroy clichés and prejudices” and with her newest exhibition this will be present start to finish.

               To view the exhibit for yourself, it will be available for viewing October 26th through January 15th at the New Museum located in Manhattan, New York.


US Dollars re-imagined

As part of his master’s thesis design project at the Basel School of Design in Switzerland, Travis Purrington has re-imagined the American currency. 


American artist Travis Purrington gave U.S dollar bills the much needed facelift they deserve. Because, let’s face it, they’ve been long over due for one.

The designs are all part of his thesis at the Basel School of Design in Switzerland, Purrington said he left a few subtle nods to American traditionalism beneath the shiny coat of modernity.

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