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✉ [i know meme sunday's almost over and you can save it for next week if you want but !!!!!! i couldn't resist]

{ lkjsdgljkSDLK. AHHH— Sorry! I saw this when meme sunday was already over last week so i decided to save it until now. ;; Anywaaay, here you go! }

‘✉’ for an unsent letter from my character to yours.

[Set sometime after her recovery from the first stabbing and before her conversation with Hitsugaya.]


Why? I don’t understand. The Captain-Commander said you were the one behind all the murders of Central 46 and the advancement of Rukia-san’s execution. It couldn’t possibly be true, right? Are Ichimaru-taicho or someone else forcing you to do this?


…. If—

If you’re worried about my reaction from your “farewell”; it’s alright, I forgive you. I’m sure whomever was making you do all these things left you with no choice.

Just please come back.