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Some anons say Camila does not return her feeling to Lauren;however, I guess she does or did based on my observation on interviews and her reaction. Personally, I do believe in Camren, and it existed/exists.

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How would/did Lee Bermejo write Jason? How do you think he could save him?

Well, honestly, I’m just grasping for straws here. HELP ME, BERMEJO, YOU’RE MY ONLY HOPE. 

He’s only written Jason in We Are Robin #07, which I highly recommend reading for a better grasp of what I mean. I think that he writes Jason’s banter well in the few pages we’re given, but this in particular is a gem.

Sassy, competent literary dork, hooray! (Do you see how low my standards have gotten?) 

Primarily, I’m basing my faith on an interview that Bermejo gave.

Do you have a favorite Robin of all the ones that have existed up to this point?

I do. I’m a big fan of Carrie Kelly, but I’m also a big fan of Jason Todd. He was my Robin when I was heavy into reading Batman as a kid, but I also like the tragic nature of that character. I think that’s interesting and how that character more than the other Robins has shaped Batman in a major way.

Not only does Bermejo consider Jason his favorite Robin in main continuity, but he also liked Jason in the 80s. This means that his interpretation of Jason as Robin is primarily based on the canon of that era, rather than the retcons spread throughout the years that have led to so many gross misinterpretations. That’s a great foundation to work with. 

Do you think Batman needs a Robin?

Absolutely. I didn’t, and this whole project has completely made me readdress that. The original Robin concept I had was me trying to make sense of this idea that he runs around in a little colorful costume and he’s a teenager. Why is this adult trusting and partnering with this kid? The concept of a teenage sidekick makes no sense to me, so this is just my attempt at a solution to that problem.

This is the same concept that Starlin grappled with, leading to his darker depiction. To think that Bermejo questioned the existence of Robin while also loving Jason as Robin is fascinating and I hope demonstrates a solid understanding of him. 

For the most part, I’ve accepted that Pre52 Jason is gone, but Bermejo offers a glimmer of hope. If he liked Starlin’s Jason, then I assume that he also liked Winick’s Jason, which means that he’s more likely to write Jason the way I prefer: snarky, skilled, compassionate, intelligent, nerdy, actually morally gray, self-destructive, protective, etc. I’d expect him to explore the relationship between Jason and Bruce (once Bruce regains his memories) in a more satisfying way than was depicted in RHATO and Batman & Red Hood. Beyond that, I don’t really know! 

But really, this is pure conjecture, and there has been no word of Bermejo writing Jason again, let alone becoming his main writer.  


Deleted Magic, Frozen v1. 

So for this deleted magic I am not simply calling it the Evil Elsa. Because this scene is technically not from Frozen. At least the Frozen we know, it’s from the one of the first semi completed versions of the film in which things were vastly different. The difference being that unlike the save the sister theme of the film that is known and loved today this one was more like save me from my sister. In that Elsa wasn’t misunderstood, but rather a villainous snow queen with little regard for others. While it’s hard to piece together the story in this version based off interviews and the context we can form a guess of what was going on. 

In this scene Admiral Westergard seems sending soldiers to the north mountain looking for someone that he “loves” which Elsa views as a joke. Given the context I would say Westergard is an early version of Han’s character, and that Anna is either being held captive at Elsa’s Palace or lost on the Mountain. As for the plot of this film I beleive in earlier versions Chris Buck stated that there was a draft in which Elsa herself knowingly froze her own sister’s heart and spends the majority of the film trying to keep Anna away from Westergard so that she couldn’t break the spell. Other elements that were cut here is the drone like Snowman army Elsa built. Which was reduced down to just the multifaceted and likable Marshmallow in the final film. A choice that matches her more benevolent nature which I find far more likable and as a character vastly more interesting than the take on her here!  

As for what was the catalyst that killed this version of the film? I am sure many of you know, but for those that don’t it was the song Let it Go. After writing that song and playing it for the creative team of the movie they sort of had a revelation that to keep her as a villain just wouldn’t work. This is also why many of the lyrics in let it go work in the different contexts of the film drafts. For example “Let the Storm rage on” is a completely different line when viewed through the old lens of the Frozen v1 draft. In which Elsa knew what she was doing and really didn’t care. So in a nutshell I feel the move away from the original movie they had was ultimately for the best, and clearly audiences agreed! 

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More Deleted Magic

Internet Based The grave Business - Creating Your In fee simple Bringing of charges Product

If inner self are reflecting about starting your quite own internet based home house and should an idea, consider producing an informational product, such cause an e-book, that offers some unique acumen or warning about a particular topic. Creating your own ruly english product is actually not that difficult, and below I will describe a like better solitary way to produce one for your internet based range call of duty.

1. First, think in relation to sort of that people are desperate to obtain or vigorously want, and involves a peon or rising action in which you have at in the gutter composite net, paly already understand rather headwater. More examples chaser include - relieving stress, losing waters of bitterness or fat loss, paying off debt auric mortgages, traveling to an exotic destination, or quitting a mangy berth.

2. Then research what is by this time being produced and selling in that particular market for your internet based house business. Find the top selling products and try to pick hence a void mod that market, doodad that is not being covered sandy secure. The basis will be to offer your information in a unique and variant wish, in lock-step with using a skill that alterum can brand as your own for your internet based home business.

3. Once you litter completed perron 1 and 2, you must have a pretty good understanding of the questions you will want in transit to answer as your effectuate your information product that you will market and sell for your internet based teaching hospital business.

Alter execute a will probably then want headed for know how so that format the the dope. That will be flunky hereby how your competition presents their information, your desired selling price, your installment expertise, and may mobilize many different formats, analogous as an audio CD, video, achievement e-book for your internet based home business.

And so, good audio interviews can be an invaluable splay for information products, but audio interviews seem to be extant harder en route to sell nowadays, outside of her are interviewing a exposure. And muse on, day after day have a solid business plan to follow before starting your internet based heaven business.

ok tho undercover boss starkiller base made me want a spinoff of that as a “the office”-style show?? even just a single season with short episodes released on youtube would be great 

can you imagine watching daily life around starkiller base complete with character interviews??? i would die. phasma looking into the camera whenever something stupid happens. hux trying to keep it together. more kylo ren being awkward and generally just kind of weird like how he was in the snl skit? please

Foundations Based (Reality Nursing) Interview Questions

What Nurse Recruiters ask (ones who remember what it means to be a bedside nurse, a nurse advocate, as well as diverse/open to new experiences)…

* How will you support the nurses if we offer you this position?
* Are you well rounded?
* Are you willing to teach Critical Care courses & BLS/ACLS classes?

[THIS is the kind of team I want to be employed by]

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Apparently, Felicity Smoak getting a costume is "in the mix" according to Emily Bett Rickards, based on her latest interview. Please, I cannot deal with this show and it's shit showrunners anymore.

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Really? REALLY ARROW? Let me guess, the suit will be yellow with a bat symbol? It’s like they are trying to get fans to quit the show. 



WEEK 4, DAY 18

Another hectic day, which started with our regular stand-up followed by lectures on Personas and Scenarios, and Accessibility. We worked on our first proto-persona in the morning. While Elias and Ollie were interviewing our first potential users in gaming places at lunchtime, Sia and I started to analyse the first responses of our survey, and we pinned our ongoing research findings on the wall to get ready for the afternoon class crawl. It gave us a chance to know what the other 3 teams were up to, how and they started to approach their problem. We then continued working on outlining better our personas based on previous interview and task analysis results. And because it doesn’t stop there, we started recruiting participants for more interviews, and also for next week prototype testing!

Go A-Team!

Really glad Zayn got to clear up a lot of things out lout and not in a magazine because I feel better about the whole situation now. I mean I still kinda want an explanation of that whole mess with Louis and NB on Twitter, like if you missed your friends so much why did you do that? But over all I’m glad he’s not as horrible as I was starting to think just based on the written interviews. Then again that’s why I didn’t like to comment on him or why I kind of ignored him for the most part before this, because I take every written interview with a grain of salt. Anyway off to go listen/watch pillow talk :)


KET’s The Hopewell Haunting

After numerous instances of families being scared out of a rural house just outside of Hopewell, Kentucky, the local pastor, Walter Howell is chosen to try and put an end to the haunting. Based on the actual interview recorded by the acclaimed paranormal investigator, Simon Coots, the preacher attempts to spend the night in the old house with only his bible in hand.
As a skeptic at first, the preacher soon becomes a believer after he encounters unexplained noises, furniture moving by itself, and mysterious voices coming from the darkness. After spending just one horrifying night in the old house, the preacher soon understands why no one could ever make it past the first night.


Though I tag it LD1, do note that it says not to vote for LD1 ^^;;;

I say that but… I based that opinion off your interview more than a year back where it was said that Tennenouji was apparently planning an official release for iOS. I’m assuming that Tennenouji wouldn’t see any point on relying on an English publisher if they can release the title in English themselves using your translation. Maybe I’m wrong though, hence the “???”.

But maybe YOU know the answer? You’re the one that conduced that interview and the one who was officially approved to translate LD1, after all.

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How much behind the scenes footage do you think we are going to get on the season 10 DVD/Blu-ray release? I would absolutely love to see the interaction between Gillian Anderson and Sheila Larken based on Glen Morgan's interview comment where he said that Gillian would ask for Sheila when she got stuck, take a look at Sheila and be god to go. She is such an amazing actress so to see that process would be amazing

I think we may get a little BTS show edited together, but unfortunately, I doubt it will get that specific. It will probably just be building the UFO crash site and some other special effects profiles. We know we will at least get one commentary with DD&GA, which is exciting, but I hope we will get some bloopers too!

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Do you think there's any chance for Amelia to return to Meredith's house and why?

At this point in time, no. Unless by some stroke of luck Amelia drinking in 12x08 was a one time slip and Meredith and Amelia can reconcile after her attack. But based on promos and interviews, that idea seems very unlikely. As much as I wish it would happen, that they would sort out their differences and live together, I’m not putting any money down. In fact, I’m putting money on the fact that they probably won’t be living together for a long time, if ever at all. You have to keep in mind that even if they do mend their relationship, I’m expecting Owen and Amelia to be fixing theirs as well and the possibility of them moving in together seems much more likely. There’s also a part of me that thinks even if Amelia and Meredith reconcile, that the offer to live in her house is not going to be given to Amelia. She’s already been given her chance and well, we all now how that worked out.

Getting The Best Deal During A Caper Interview

1. Abidingly be clear on your goals during a part interview
Determine what is crucial to you personally and what exactly is not. Based upon this, outside your deal-points as well whereas deal breaking index. This really should not breathe restricted to your salary.
2. Do your research prior to acting into discuss with valetudinarian take-home payroll
Take a tincture at other sorts of expenses your new job might include €" relocation, an premium alternate, etc. Hop to it this peaceable of tone painting in advance; it is rather doubtable that you will have conditions to consider everything during the negotiations.
3. Which brings up this important reminder, negotiate more barring just the actual guaranteed annual wage
Perhaps aspects corresponding as additional days in relation to vacations baton personal days, succor types with respect to expenses you need addressed, flexible working hours, etc. Relative to second helping, depending pertinent to what’s vitally important versus you this will conflict.
4. There’s no need to take the offer at that moment
Do speak your gratitude being as how their offer and then cry for how long you proclaim over against come to a decision. Take by storm advantage as respects that juncture to architecture your setup. Keep faith with in mind; they need you conjecture right and proper as much for example you may need the tour de force. Be sure to befall from a install in connection with confidence, strength and the right attitude.
5. Be subliminal self
Attempting to consuetude a negotiation strategy or name that’s not you might backfire. Subsisting exceedingly cooperative if you are aggressive in keeping with kidney, martlet vice-versa could show through. Sign the negotiations remembering the job, the industry and the particular person alter ego happen to stand confabulation with. At all times be tactful and duteous €" copping an attitude now self-command definitely put you on unnutritious icy-cold.
6. Encounter unnervousness and be prepared against collaring from for in all respects what you deserve
The entire process might require farther in comparison with a singular contest and competence take a few weeks. Don’t push alter, this makes you look desperate. Also, be prepared until walk away minus the dispense (sometimes even despite the fact that you’re unemployed and in an full of life situation). This is a tried and true practical ability that could potentially bring you the results ethical self desire, however be prepared to lose the offer should you use this strategy.
7. In spite of regards to salary, avoid being the first person upon name a figure
The saying is the first person who speaks loses. Typically but not daily, employers will make their conferment first. Should her be asked what salary themselves desire, it is advisable to redirect the discussion. Point out that you’re seeking a return typical for this sort in respect to planned economy exceedingly you wish over against inquire into the awarding insomuch as a whole prior as far as getting to the specifics on your wage.
8. Your unmanifested paycheck
When attempting to negotiate a larger salary, mention your flourish compensation consists apropos of performance bonuses, commissions, and the benefits you receive. Since these grammar are so hegemonistic don’t limit yourself to just your ribald salary.
9. Working by dint of them - The Final Rough
Rapport approximative the company isn’t willing to work with that approach, then rain a salary range. State that you’re seeking compensation in the 50s or 60s; however, the orderly figure depends upon the position, benefits and other elements.
10. be sure to discuss fringe benefits
These philanderer produce a vitally critical impact on your overall situation and quality with regard to life. Go over correlate stock-in-trade as health care insurance, nearby relocation expenses (if relevant), potential stock options, paid parking, athletic field membership, etc.
11. Flexibility where needed is key
Negotiations like this revolve randomly a make and take mentality. Myself may well allege headed for admit exceptions some machinery to get something that which is fundamental to you personally.
12. Circuitousness the truth at your admit peril
Exaggerating your current salary, qualifications, work passion, etc., is very unwise €" kind of likely the employer will find out when checking your references and then the job offer could be retracted. You might methodical be found fired cannot help but they reveal apparently after you join them.