Seventeen's Ideal Type

Note : please know that these are all based on some interviews and my own opinion! so there’s that, i hope you guys enjoy reading this!

; vienne


He once said that his ideal type is someone who can cook and eat a lot, so based on that, I think he would most probably like someone who’s not shy about showing their appetite! Knowing how to cook is a big point too!


Jeonghan once said that his ideal type changes from time to time, he also said that he likes someone who loves and buys their albums (doesn’t that make every Carat his ideal type?). Nevertheless, I think this guy wouldn’t mind it at all if the person he likes doesn’t fit his ideal type!


Out of all interviews, this boy always answered “someone kind and cute.” So there you have it! I think he’d love it when that person is also easy-going, most preferably someone who would go along with his random and out of nowhere jokes.


You know how Junhui is; he’d even date himself if he wanted to. “Sexy girls who look pure.” That’s what he said, anyways. So basically, I think he likes those people we call “bagels.” Bagels are people who have nice, curvy, sexy body and a baby face!


This boy doesn’t have any ideal, really. He just wants that person to seem homely so that they can both click and understand each other easily. But then he did kind of mention that he likes someone who’s fragrant…


Now this boy, as time passes, he keeps adding things to ideal type. He said he likes girls who read books, then after some time he said he likes girls who read books by the window. I have no idea but I think he just wants someone who he can share his interests with, someone who’s kind and approachable too.


Someone who is bright and friendly, a kind person who is willing to be patient with him since he’s always working. He’d absolutely love it if she doesn’t mind listening him rant out his problems and get comforted right after. He needs lots of love and support since he’s been given a big role in producing their music.  


Someone who will treat everyone sincerely and look kind when you look at her eyes. He also said that his ideal type is someone who’s like/similar to him, so we all know he’d like it if she’s very cheerful and smiley.


Someone who’s tall, kind, approachable and easy-going. Also someone who is like a mother, so he would like it very much if that person takes care of him a lot.


He was once asked about his ideal type and he answered that he still haven’t thought about it yet since he’s still young. But when asked again after some time, he said he likes someone who is cute and kind.


Seungkwan would like someone who is very easy-going and is like a friend to him. Probably because he would want to dork around with her a lot, and he would appreciate it so much if she rides along with his jokes.


“I don’t have one!” Says this punk. But at another interview he said he likes someone with a unique charm, so I think he wants someone who is kind of different from everybody else. Someone who can make him laugh and go around dorking with.  


This boy is still so young, so I think he would like it very much when that someone is willing to understand him and his problems. He also said once that he likes a girl with lots of aegyo!

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So based from the Japan interview Mark left maknaes' room so he can play with youngjae. Jaebum plays as well so, so my logic tells me that jaebum gets jealous of markjae that he goes to their room to interfere their games. And lol jaebum was so proud that he shared a room with youngjae in Japan. OMG imagine the 3 of them in youngjae's room!!!!

okay but imagine this~ what about ot7? :^D


A comic I created this week, based on an interview with my great and tallented friend Mathilde (check out her work, by clicking on her name). I hope you’ll enjoy this small sweet story about Mathildes grandmother and her friend, the magpie Fifi. I definitely enjoyed drawing and telling this story. Have a great weekend.

Warning: nerd stuff

So i had a conversation with a Google recruiter yesterday that kinda served as a mini-epiphany. I’m not actively looking for a new job but he contacted me and I thought it wouldn’t hurt just to establish a line of communication with the guy because you never know. Towards the end of the conversation I let him know that I wasn’t ready to go into the interview process(6-8 weeks!) with them because my family’s future is a bit cloudy based on current events that need to be sorted out first. He understood and said that he’d check back with me in a while but in the meantime he sent me some resources on what it takes to get through their academic-based interviews for software engineers. 

In this email there were links to some really helpful articles and books but the thing that hit me the hardest was my realization that I truly don’t have a deep understanding of algorithms and data structures themselves. Yeah I know a good number of languages, coding methods, and development frameworks/APIs but from what I’ve seen Google, and probably most major tech companies, really want programmers who are very knowledgeable and who truly understand the nitty gritty of algorithms and data structures at it’s most essential levels. This isn’t a slight against my schooling but we honestly didn’t spend that much time in our classes going over those things in detail. It was more just learning how to program and get shit working and if you wanted you could chose some elective to go deeper into the other stuff.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a natural programmer (even though I’ve grown to like it) so I don’t really gravitate towards reading and researching coding stuff if it’s not directly related to work. After speaking with the google rep I’ve decided to start cutting slots out during my free time to become a more knowledgeable programmer. I’ve already got a couple of books lined up to dive into (Introduction to Algorithms & The Algorithm Design Manual), I’ve been learning the basics of some new languages/frameworks(python & AngularJS) with codeacademy, and I’m going to check out sometime soon (suggested by recruiter). So even if I never end up working for google at least they helped me realize that I needed to get my shit together lol

United v. Schism

Based on an interview that David Ramsey did (see below) and tonight’s episode, I’m speculating that the schism in the finale is going to apply, in at least part, to Team Arrow. 

“What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. That’s the big theme. You are going to see a team that’s more fractured than it ever has been. The elements that remain of that team, ultimately, in Season 5, will be the strongest of the strong. I’m excited, because you are going to see a team stronger than it has been.”


It’s generally understood that Arrow premieres and finales mirror each other thematically and I think that’s what going to happen. And tonight’s episode, particularly the limo scene at the end, laid some of the groundwork for that. 

I think that Oliver and Felicity will be united as Team Arrow at the end of season 4 (and hopefully they’re united romantically as well). They’re going to be the strong elements that David is referring to. However, Thea and Diggle might be the ones still reeling in the aftermath of Laurel’s death and whatever else happens in the next 4 episodes.

It’s directly opposite of the premiere. In 4x01 Oliver and Felicity were the ones separate from the team and unsure of their place. Unsure whether they wanted to return. Now in the finale, I think they will be the ones firmly on Team Arrow.

Diggle and Thea, who were leading the charge at the beginning of the season, are now going to be the ones questioning their paths.

Worth The Drive – A Carrison Fanfiction / One-Shot

New Carrison one-shot!! This one is loosely based off of this interview, so you can check it out before reading this if you want. Disclaimer: this is a real person fan fiction, so it all definitely came from my imagination and I’m not trying to offend anyone (you know the drill). Shout-out to Erin ( @hewouldve ) for being an amazing beta-reader and super enthusiastic about Carrie speaking in French. Also, to my homies over at the Han and Leia Slack group for adopting French Carrie and for being super supportive! (also, happy early birthday Dee ( @thecarrisonfiles ), this one’s for you too!)

Thanks to everyone for your kind words and never stop giving me your feedback, I love it! Now, on with the one-shot! 

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Hi Techblr!

I just finished my first year at my college’s theatre program, and scored an interview for a technical position at a local theatre company but I’ve honestly never had a theatre based interview. I have a lot of experience doing community theatre and a decent amount of knowledge of the different facets of the art, but I have a tendency to do terrible at interviews just out of nerves and general anxiety.

Is there any kind of advice someone could maybe offer that might help when it comes to technician interviews?

Thank you! ❤

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(based on the interview where Melissa says she's afraid of sharks and that by extension Kara would be terrified of them too) Cat finds out about Kara's phobia and begins inserting sharks into every situation imaginable. First it's simple name dropping, telling her useless facts about the animals. Then one day there is an adorable shark plush on Kara's desk. How far will she take this game?

It had been during a conversation with the Superfriends plus Cat regarding a possible vacation, when someone mentioned snorkeling in the ocean. Lucy had brought up the chance to be around sharks and I, quite literally, hit the ceiling. One second I’m standing in front of my desk in my new office and the next, I’ve put a whole in the ceiling with my head. Thankfully, there’s a good ten feet between floors so I didn’t break through to the floor above us.

That’s when they all found out about my fear of sharks. Any sharks, really; real, fake, animatronics, animated, plush, etc. They all just stared at me, wondering how Supergirl could be afraid of, well, anything from Earth. I then went on to explain to them how I had seen ‘Jaws’ during my first year on Earth. It had scared the crap out of me and Alex teased me endlessly about it. Every time we went to the beach she would ask me to use my super vision to look for sharks. I had promptly stayed away from beaches after that.

They all had a good laugh at my expense but then the conversation moved on and I thought I was safe. However, I could see a glint of something mischievous in Cat’s eyes and I worried about what was going on in her head.

The next day when I came in to work, I stopped dead when I saw the door to my office. The hair on the back of my neck stood up and I had to work very hard to not superspeed away. On my door, staring at me, was a poster for ‘Finding Nemo’…with Bruce the shark on it. And he was smiling. With those huge…massive…sharp teeth. I swallowed hard and backed away before running to Cat’s office. “Ms. Grant, someone left a poster on my door with a sha-.” I narrowed my eyes at her, because she was smirking. “You!” I point as her accusingly.

Cat stood and walked around her desk. “Yes, me. I thought you could use something to lighten your office up a bit.”

I glare at her, letting my eyes heat up just a bit in hopes of scaring her. “Don’t do that again.”

Cat smiled at me, knowing I would never actually use my heat vision on her, and nodded. “This will be the only time. Promise.” She walked past me back towards my office and I watched as she took down the poster and went back to her office.

A few days had gone by and I had almost forgotten about the poster when Cat came into my office. She had a National Geographic in her hands and looked at me. “Did you know that baby sharks will devour their siblings in the womb so they can survive?”

My eyes bug out of my head and this time, I do use my heat vision. I burn a little hole through the magazine and she just shrugs before leaving. My heart is beating a million miles a minute. I thought this was all over but it seems I’m doomed to be tortured. I sigh and put my head down, trying to calm myself. It’s not like there are sharks in National City or anything.

Later that day, Lucy popped her head into the office. “Hey. Want to go see Sharknado with James and I?” I promptly throw my stapler at her and she closes the door before it can hit.

Ah, home. Home is safe. Home has no sharks. I open my door to find a box sitting on the counter. I stop, worried that it might be something from Non or Max. I use my x-ray vision but the damn thing is lined with lead. Normally I would call Alex but, seeing as it might be a bomb, I’d rather open it myself than risk someone getting hurt. I approach the box and carefully open it. When the lid is gone, I look inside and scream, jumping to the other side of the room. Inside the box is a bright pink plush shark staring up at me. “Son of a bitch!”

“Well, she did run off on me. So I guess I am.” Winn comes out from the hallway. But not for long because I get up and chase his ass back down it. “It was a joke!”

“I’m going to kill you Winslow!”

If you could give one piece of advice to year 9 you, what would you say?

“You are not anything like they say you are. You’re not horrible or a monster, you’re not something to be feared or something no one’s ever going to love. As cliché as it is, everything will get better. There will be times where you will not want to be alive anymore, there will be times you’ll end up busting your knuckles because you’ll be so angry with the way life is going, but you have to keep holding on because y’know 21 year old you is seeing the world in an entirely new way, and it’s worth hanging on for that.”

Humans of Falmouth 

So, I forgot to let everyone know that on Wednesday I got shot for an on-going Humans of New York style project that’s based around my university!! My interview was heavily focussed on my experience of being trans, and it was honestly such a wonderful experience. If you want to read the full thing, you can check it out here!!

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First i have to say I'm not a big calzona fan, Japril has taken that place! but oh boy am i excited to see how the calzona sl plays out. watching the sneak peeks have already made me so emotional & i think/hope they're going to tell this story in the most beautiful & authentic way! There's no winning here if one person gets sole custody which I don't think/hope will happen. I feel like by the end the judge is going to decide to give them both equal rights. This ep will be the end of Penny/Callie

Based on one of the interviews, one of them does get sole custody. But the fact the story extends beyond this ep is interesting.

every time i see the whole ‘the prince isn’t as hot as the beast’ argument pop up again

my eye twitches

because wow, way to miss the entire point.

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I just read a theory based on the kishi's interview where he makes a joke about sasuke and sakura (you know the one which ASS's are always using to say he will make a divorce) and just what the hell ? it's a long shit text about why sasusaku and naruhina will get a divorce and then sasuhina and narusaku will happen (I'm not even kidding, it's really a theory about sasuhina being canon) I'm not sure if I should lose my faith on humanity or laugh my ass off lol

I would say a bit of both lol.

There’s discourse on my dash about Harry and Louis being faced with the backlash of media…again?…. Well technically both sides are right. Harrys been sexualized since he was 16 and been told that he’s sleeping with older women and this heavily affected him based on his reactions in interviews. Louis, if you’re inclined to believe so, was handed a girlfriend of four years and to be shown to be insecure in his sexuality and homophobic. Both received party boy images. Harry in 2013 and Louis a bit more severely in 2015 and being revived again in 2016. Louis and Harry both are now becoming the source of a band breakup.

The difference between the two in terms of how media treats them is Harry receives a golden pedestal because he’s pretty and objectified and Louis is shown to be a hot mess. Harrys position is better than Louis’ his previous team known as modest pushed him to be the front man and because he was cute by general population standards he know has name recognition and random women can claim they slept with him for Hollywood brownie points.

Both different, both the same in their own regard if you think Harrys closeted as well things get much much worse. All in all its hard to say who has it worse because you have to believe certain things but neither them have had it Easy on now way shape or form.

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My mom is a psychiatrist, and this is what she had to say abt Louis: "he's clearly from a broken home, and is using his sassiness as a cover; he feels bad abt himself. He's not what you would call a "good person", it doesn't come naturally from him even though I'm quite sure he does a lot of good things. But he's not the one you rely if you're feeling down. Because he's from a broken home he's constantly trying to fix things, maybe with money etc. He looks bit depressed, is he doing drugs?"

2. I’m sorry that is just my bad translation, english is not my first language. My mom said that based on very few interviews&etc so… just though i’d share it. Nothing new but just a perspective


Hi, thanks for sharing your perspective and your English is excellent, I know some very minimal conversational holiday French! I am not a psychiatrist, however I do meet them occasionally professionally. I would say that Louis is guarded and private, especially in interviews. I think that the band members actually help relax him, especially on stage. I have seen Louis go from closed to open on stage in the last couple of years. Particularly on the last tour, his confidence grew. I think being able to sing his own songs really grew his self belief. 

I think rating someone’s ‘goodness’ is impossible without meeting, knowing, assessing and even then it is such a subjective concept. And as for ‘broken home’ this is something I know a lot about, both personally and professionally. From my understanding of Louis, his birth father did break his family and things continue to be tricky. However, his name sake father was a strong and positive influence for him and he stays in touch with his grandparents there and keeps the name. And now, his mother has married again and has found another stable partner. When you think about concepts of HOME with Louis it is clearly something he associates with ness not with a physical thing. Home as a person, as a feeling, as a love….. Yes, he probably has been hurt by people in his past but the key has been his mother and if you believe in Larry or even in 1D, he has had stable people he has built trust with. I think yes, he probably does have issues with trust, wouldn’t anyone if the person who is supposed to be there forever leaves you??

As for things like depression and drug misuse…. If someone looks sad it doesn’t mean they have depression. It is very complex. I think again, an interview cannot lead to a mental health diagnosis. We know Louis enjoys smoking cannabis, but has this use impacted on his life in a negative way…..? Perhaps only him and those close to him can answer that…..

As for trying to fix things, isn’t that everyone though. Gosh, since my baby died at 41 weeks, I have been buying things for my toddler because I want to make them smile, mostly because I feel guilty. The sadness it brought. I don’t see this as a personality flaw. I see this as his way of giving back, giving back to those who are hurting too, or missing something or even to his family for him leaving when he did……

Who knows….. Louis is pretty closed off a lot of the time….. There is a long haired creature with green eyes that seems to get Louis to open up though, get a twinkle in his eye, show warmth and love….. But that’s a story for a different time.

Thanks for sharing : )