based very loosely on true events

imagine you’re dating arcanist valtrois of the nightfallen and you decide to stay in and have a movie night together in the cool night elf cavern under shal’aran to relax from the stress of trying to overthrow elisande’s corrupt government

you want to watch the flashy new gallywix productions™ action-thriller based loosely on the true events of the stormheim campaign, but valtrois insists on marathoning the entire filmography of agnès varda for the third week in a row. both of you playfully bicker about it for some time, but with the mutual understanding that you love each other very much despite your different tastes in cinema 

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Balto was very loosely based on the true story. Balto himself only ran one of the less dangerous runs, while the sled dog Togo lead the team through the longest and most dangerous run. the only "real" event in the movie is that there was a terrible sickness in Nome, Alaska that could only be cured by an imported medicine. the train broke down and, as in the movie, teams of sled dogs were sent to retrieve the medicine. Balto wasn't actually a significant sled dog, but he was the one to be famous.

i’m….im aware lol 


Sengakuji Temple (47 Ronin Burial Site)

First off, can someone tell me why the movie got so much shit? I thought it was good! It was fun at the very least. Sure its cheesy at times but the story is based on true events. Loosely based and exaggerated but it’s core is rooted in history. I just don’t get it. Is it because Keanu Reeves is in it or that it’s in English when it really should be in Japanese with English Subtitles? Please help me out here!

Anyway, after watching the movie, legally of course, ahem….I felt inspired to check out the actual burial site of the real 47 ronin. Turns out it’s at the Sengakuji Temple in the Shinagawa area of Tokyo. The story as depicted in the movie is obviously a beefed up, mystical interpretation made for the Marvel movie generation but it’s surprisingly similar to the story as depicted in the history books.

Now, I’m not even going to attempt to explain the story here in the likely chance I butcher the shit out of it. There’s plenty of info online about the events that actually did take place. For example, the incident at Edo Castle actually did happen. Apparently, Lord Asano attacked Lord Kira for being an arrogant, corrupt, smug asshole and when the shogun heard news of this, Lord Asano was forced to commit honorable suicide (seppuku) as punishment for his shameful actions. In retaliation, the samurai under Lord Asano, who being master-less at this point and were now referred to as ronin, plotted their revenge for a period of 2 years. After which, a carefully plotted raid on Lord Kira’s compound took place that resulted in the ronin walking away with Lord Kira’s head in a bag. GANGSTA! Upon returning to Sengakuji Temple, they all were ordered to commit seppuku for the act of murder, even though they acted in accordance with Bushido law. Wait, I just said I wouldn’t try to butcher the story and there I go and butcher the story. Fuck!

Its an fucking epic story. A story of courage, determination, will power, loyalty and honor. Yes its also a story of straight up Clint Eastwoodism. Kinda makes me want to take revenge on my enemies and stick a blade in my gut. Just kidding! Although I wouldn’t be surprised if the rate of revenge murder and subsequent suicide doesn’t increase since the movie kinda glamorizes the shit out of it.

The temple is quite beautiful but I must admit, after walking through it I found myself asking, “is this the whole thing”? and “where’s the rest of it”? Considering it’s the burial ground for some of the most epic men in Japanese history, you’d think their graves would have a little more pizzazz to them. I know that sounds insane but seriously, I felt it wasn’t a fitting tribute. But honestly, who am I to say such things? Even though I have Japanese blood flowing through my clogging arteries, I’m but a visitor in this land of my peoples.

The pictures above are from the temple as you’ve probably guessed. The larger grave at the bottom of the set is the grave of Kuranosuke Oishi who was the leader of the 47 ronin. The larger more elaborate grave is that of Lord Asano. The other ronin have the smaller graves stones which are lined up next to that of Oishi and Lord Asano. It was a somber moment and there was an energy in the air. There were also several people who were burning incense and saying prayers at each of the graves. It was a wonderful thing to witness. I would really encourage each of you to visit this temple if you have an opportunity to do so. There is also two museums at the site. Admission for both is only 500 yen and the first museum features scrolls and letters from the ronin as they plotted their revenge. Also, it features many articles of clothing and weapons as well. The second museum is a room full of wooden carvings depicting the actual 47 ronin. I believe they were all carved by a very famous sculptor. Its definitely worth a look!

Thanks so much for reading! Please post your thoughts as well. I wish Tumblr was a bit more interactive and let you post comments. I think I have to add a question mark to enable that right?

Based on true events

So if Teenage Dirtbag is based on true events several scenarios come to my mind on why it was written:
1. Real life Amber hopes real life Thayer is alive and sees it.
2. Real life Thayer wants real life Amber to see it and know that he’s alive (in a very end of dark knight rises sort if way)
3. The writer/producer/ director wanted us all to think it was based on true events to make us hope that options 1 and 2 were possibilities.
4. It was only loosely based on true events and the real Amber and Thayer only ever passed notes once in study hall.

Maybe it’s my romantic teenage girl heart or maybe it’s the fangirl inside of me but I really want either 1 or 2 to be right.