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from @miskatonicwhaler to @eeveebethfejvu, a James Bond AU with Emily as Agent 007, Billie as Eve Moneypenny and the Outsider as Q!!!

Happy Birthday, @sitabethel!  ❤

Thanks for getting me into Deathshipping with your amazing fics and for being a generous and kind person in general. :)

30 day Kitten Space Tag

We’ve created a Kitten Space Tag that every Kitten can do, regardless of if they have a master or not. (Most tags out there ask questions about a Kitten’s owner/master and not every Kitten has one, so that’s why.) And we’re tagging all of our Kitten Followers to give it a try! The idea is you answer one question a day, but if you feel like answering all of them at once, feel free to do that! You can also use these questions as a base for a Q&A video. 

Day 1 - Describe the type of Kitten you are

Day 2 - List your Favourite Petnames

Day 3 - What gets you into Kitten Space?

Day 4 - Favourite Kitten Space Activitiy

Day 5 - A Picture of your Favourite Collar

Day 6 - Favourite Kitten Space Snack

Day 7 - How long have you been a Kitten?

Day 8 - What got you into Kitten Play?

Day 9 - Do you wear your gear in public?

Day 10 - A Picture of your Favourite Toy/Plushy

Day 11 - Do you like to take on any other Parts? (ex. Little, Puppy, Bunny, etc.) 

Day 12 - What’s the best thing about being a Kitten?

Day 13 - What can other People do to get you into Kitten Space?

Day 14 - A Picture of your first Gear

Day 15 - Cuddles or Kisses?

Day 16 - Lace or Leather?

Day 17 - Obedient or Rebel? 

Day 18 - Buckled Collar or Ribbon-Ties?

Day 19 - Fluffy Tail or Thin Tail?

Day 20 - Playtime or Naptime?

Day 21 - Favourite Kitten Space Drink

Day 22 - Ideal Kitten Play Date

Day 23 - Your Advise for a new Kitten

Day 24 - Three Kitten Play related Things on your Bucket List

Day 25 - A Picture of your favourite Kitten Outfit

Day 26 - First Kitten Play Experience

Day 27 - Favourite place to take a Nap

Day 28 - Your Kitten Play Inspiration

Day 29 - Your Kitten Play Aspiration

Day 30 - A message to your fellow Kittens

Will you be doing this tag? Let us know by tagging us in it! And make sure to tag your Kitten Friends, too! Take care, and have fun! 

Mosts of the MBTI Types

Most thinking of the thinkers: IxTPs & ExTJs
Most feeling of the feelers: IxFPs & ExFJs
Most thinking of the feelers: IxFJs & ExFPs
Most feeling of the thinkers: IxTJs & ExTPs
Most sensing of the sensors: ISxJs & ESxPs
Most intuitive of the intuitives: INxJs & ENxPs
Most sensing of the intuitives: INxPs & ENxJs
Most intuitive of the sensors: ISxPs & ESxJs

Disclaimer: Each of these are based solely off of cognitive functions. No type is better than the another.

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Fun fact: John de Lancie is Discord on my little pony. A character that has omnipotent esque trickster powers who I'm PRETTY SURE was based on Q. Dunno why but I felt like sharing this information

god i wish i didn’t already know this before u told me, and yet,