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Entry #12: Reactions

FFXIV Write 2017 prompt #12: Caste

A/N: GUILD SHENANIGANS! I love writing about how I think the Arcanist’s Guild functions. This ended up more of a worldbuilding piece than anything, but I’m cool with that.

Featuring @tehjai‘s Keltgeim and @aethericgeometry‘s Khebi, both used with permission!

While the Arcanist’s Guild had a formal hierarchy delineating responsibilities, skill levels, and pay scales, members could generally be lumped into one of three categories: initiates, middlers, and vets. Exactly what made one which varied depending on whom one asked. Some based it purely on seniority, some based it on arcanima proficiency, some based it on number of ships assessed, and so on.

Synnove did it a little differently, and the best way to see it was at breakfast in the Guild mess hall.

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