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I wanted to say that your comics are so great and I'd like to give you thanks for making them. I've got a question tho, this may sounds clumsy but... where does the comic come from? I mean are they your original creation or is it a fan comic based on some Pokemon anime? Please excuse but I'm new at this ;;

Thanks so much! They are just fan comics based on Pokemon related, Pokemon go, and Pokemon fandom stuff.

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this


I am a ROLEPLAY WHORE in general. 

- SHIP WHORE: May it be platonic, romantic or hate ship, I’m definitely up for it. I want realistic relationships for my muses–people who challenge their beliefs and character–and it doesn’t just limit to romance. Specifically, I like ships that contribute to my muse’s character development and my partner’s muse’s development, too.

- PLOT WHORE: I have a lot of plots I want to write (you can see all them in my RP goals tag.) I’m very flexible with them, however, I do have some limits. If an idea makes me feel comfortable, I’d let you know, though. From canon plots down to anime-based plots and the likes. I’d be down with Werewolf / Vampire, Biblical, Apocalypse, Supernatural, you name it, and etc. 

- ANGST WHORE: I love angst. I’m a sucker for it. I live for it. It could be cute angst, dark angst, adventurous angst, or anything mixed with angst. I love to make my muses suffer and throw them into compromising situations. It’s a key to development.

- DEVELOPMENT WHORE: I’m very okay with pre-established relationships and fast-paced relationships, however, I want development to come with it. I want something to change for my muses; I want them to grow. They’re my babies, and as the mun, I want them to mature and change for the better .  .  . or worse.  

- THREAD WHORE: One thread is never enough for me. If I have one thread with you, chances are, I’ll want more. (May it be with the same pair of muses, or another set of muses.) I believe that it just doesn’t take one event/encounter  to make our muse’s relationships and characters flourish. IC asks are also included in the thread. I tend to send asks related to the event/encounter of our characters 

- ASK / MEMES WHORE: Once I get comfortable with you OOC, I tend to send a lot of them. Although sometimes, I’m very hesitant to send them, lest I’d annoy you. If it irritates you, though, please let me know. 

There were a number of things I wanted to draw for a speedpaint, so this week I drew Sucy from Little Witch Academia wearing the Team Skull Grunt outfit from Pokemon Sun&Moon :D

OK tbh I was streaming while doing this so I forgot to record when I started, and then I forgot to record the ending portions of the drawing. But idk I did record pretty much the main part which is Sucy lol. The only thing that’s not shown are the colouring of the lineart and the background uou

[ Please don’t use my art without permission or credit while of course adding credit ]

Lmao I once had an idea there will be a kiss on Episode 7

Tbh, I had a hunch Viktor and Yuuri will kiss on episode 7 based on a constantly related anime, No.6; which the two lead male characters (Nezumi Shion) kiss on episode 7

which is a laughable thought, I wrote a joke text on facebook about that. Since then, I had been anticipating ep 7 for a kiss. What a baseless thought, tho

In reality, this season its not only Viktuuri

5 x 7?!

Bonus : Never forget

What do I love about Yuri on Ice? Well, it seems that, every time a hater opens their mouth, the animators are like, “Sorry, that wasn’t gay enough?” They love to disprove them.

It’s like this:

Hater A: Oh great. Another sports anime based solely on BL fanservice.

Animators: Yep.

Hater A: See what I mean? Bet him and the protagonist are totally gay with each other.

Animators: Mhm.

Hater A: Wow, going pretty heavy on the fanservice.

Animators: No. It’s not enough.

Hater A: Yeah, but what’s the point of a “gay” anime without actual gayness to it?


Hater A: Okay, but his arm is in the way. Clearly that’s not a real kiss.

Kubo Sensei:

Hater A: W-Well, he was simply trying to surprise him! He even said so.


Hater A: I-It was just a gift-


Victor: “It’s an engagement ring!”

Hater A: Okay, you’ve got that, but where’s the actual depth to their relationship? What actually makes them a real couple and not just a bunch of over the top fanservice?


Animators: Yeah, really emphasize the ring.

Hater A: W-Well uhm…

Animators: Keep talking. Season two is coming. We can keep going.

Looks like a cinnamon roll, is actually a cinnamon roll: Minami, Phichit, Guang Hong, Leo

Looks like they could kill you, is actually a cinnamon roll: Yuri Pliletsky, Georgi

Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Mila

Looks like they could kill you, and could actually kill you: Christophe 

Looks like a cinnamon roll but is actually a sinnamon roll: Yuuri Katsuki 

The sinnamon roll: Viktor Nikiforov