based on a grid

The Domestic Garden Witch: Gardening Without Plants!

So maybe you’re a college witch with limited space and money, limited to the one window in your dorm. Or, maybe you’re a witch without extensive backyard space who wants to start up a magical garden. Perhaps you’re a kitchen witch who wants the freshest herbs right at her fingertips.

For many witches, having a garden seems to be a bit of a no-brainer. After all, plants and magic go hand-in-hand. Plus, when thinking of a witch, it’s hard not to think of a cottage in the woods with a little vegetable garden out front. Unfortunately for the majority of us, our cottage in the woods is a tiny flat, and our garden out front is a windowsill with limited space.

This is when it comes time to embrace your craftiness and bring your garden indoors! Not only does it place your garden in a convenient location, it also allows you to freshen the air, recycle what would otherwise harm the earth, and embrace your witchy green thumb!

Sand and Meditation

Something that often does not cross an individual’s mind when they hear the word “garden” is the thought of a garden without plants, especially where witches are concerned. After all, witches are sometimes known for the sheer amount of herbs and plants they collect (hell, my boyfriend sometimes criticizes the quantity of herbs I have - not my practice, mind you, just the fact that I have over thirty varieties of herbs in large quantities in my witchy drawers). But gardens take all sorts of shapes and sizes, including that of the zen garden, Japanese rock garden, or meditation garden.

Unlike planted gardens, these are minimalist creations designed to help induce meditative thought and relaxation through the use of flowing patterns and stone placement which often are likened to mountains or islands rising up from the sea. They are generally designed as large features which are raked into different patterns each day, but are easily adaptable for the small amount of room our domestic garden witch might have!

Creating Your Garden

As with any indoor garden, perhaps the first thing to look into is the type of container in which you’d like to keep it. In this case, a dish that is wider than it is tall is recommended. Choose either rounded shapes or rectangular shaped dishes that are shallow yet deep enough to hold sand.

Fill this dish with sand - white is traditional, though colored sands can be found in local craft stores or dollar stores - until it is about half full. Select visually appealing stones and set them on the sand.

With a utensil, trace ripples into the sand - flowing lines reminiscent of water are traditional.

If you feel that you want a bit of plant life, small air plants are definitely helpful. Remember to design your garden based on simplicity. Use natural themes and variations in your design to provide an aesthetic that you find appealing.

Tools of the Rock Garden

Typically when you think of a desktop zen garden, you might envision one of the little kits that you can get as a novelty gift at Barnes and Noble. In these kits, there is of course a couple of little rakes - one for smoothing out the sand and one for providing the patterns.

We’re witches on a budget, though, so let’s take a different approach - one similar to what’s pictured above. While it is completely reasonable to use a fork or a pen to make the patterns, you can take bamboo skewers or chopsticks and turn them into rakes using wire. Using these, you can smooth out the sand and rake patterns into it each day or as often as the whim takes you.

How Can I Witch This?

Unlike all of the gardens I’ve written about thus far, this is a garden whose only maintenance depends upon what you need from a meditative standpoint. Its design is not only decorative, but spiritually functional. If you’re a witch who is still fairly closeted and can’t have an altar, gardens such as these make for excellent substitutions, as they can form a sort of sacred space in which you can meditate and focus your intent.

If you’re a crystal witch, these sand gardens are a dream come true! Instead of placing stones, arrange your grids in the sand and use the rake or skewer to draw patterns in the sand to help focus the energy of the stones in your grid!

Draw sigils in the sand based on your intent and either wipe them away with the rake, or incorporate those sigils into the design of the ripples!

Sands come in various colors and grades. Play around with options for your sand! For cleansing, use a fine black sand. For empowerment, use a fiery orange or red. For healing, use white or light blue! The possibilities are near endless!

Of course, I can’t leave out my fellow kitchen witches! Salt is a key feature of the kitchen witch’s lifestyle. So much so, in fact, that in some circles it is believed that it is bad luck to run out of salt. For this reason, you can replace the sand with salt! This has a couple of benefits: first, it’s inexpensive. Second, it acts as a constant cleanser - much like a quartz cluster or a rod of selenite. When the salt has become to crusty to rake into appealing patterns, it has done its work! Dispose of the old salt and replace it with a new batch! (Do not pour the salt outside! This is harmful to the environment! Instead, find a safer way to dispose of the salt - I usually use the salt to clean out my mortar and pestle, then dissolve it in the sink to drain away).

If you use salt in place of sand, you can take the crystal grid concept a step further! Place the crystals in your “salt garden” and rake as you would if it were sand. This provides a way to cleanse your crystals in a way that is also visually appealing!

Consider different ways to make this plant-less garden a magical addition to the dorm or coffee table!

And may your harvests always be bountiful!
Blessed Be! )O(

Lesson 17: Cosmic Witchcraft 101 - Part 2

By: Teacher Nova

Live class date and time: 2/01/2017 at 8pm CST

So, you’ve probably got an idea of which celestial bodies you would like to work with. Now what?

With the knowledge you’ve gained, I would take the time to make suggestions on how to physically incorporate the cosmos into your life - the first step may be to create an altar, or add decorations to your home or room with spacey items.

Cosmic Altar & Room Ideas

      • Using corresponding crystals to represent the elements, planets, or both if you wish

    • Using the zodiac in adjunct with the pentacle to represent either cosmic energies, earthly energies, or both

     • If you work with deities, a representation of your patron deity; if not, a representation of the planets and astrological signs you relate with  

    • Planetary talismans for protection

    • Star shaped candle/tealight holders

    • Star wax melter

    • Celestial altar cloth

    • Candle/incense/oil scents that correspond to different planets

    • Starry organza bags for sachets and storage

    • Glow stars or a spacey poster on the wall behind your space

    • Color-changing LED tealights or votive candles

    • Both an astronomical and an astrological calendar to keep up with important dates

    • Space notebook and washi tape for your physical grimoire

    • Nebula jar to represent positivity and the Cosmos

    • Black Hole jar to absorb negativity from your space

    • Star jar to promote the achievement of goals and wishes

    • A playlist of ambient music in the background

    • Uncle Milton’s “Moon in my Room,” or “Star Planetarium”

    • Supermoon

    • Earth

    • Mars

    • Solar System

    • Nebula bedding

    • Celestial Map Fleece Blanket

    • Zodiac Duvet Cover

    • Paper Star String Lights

    • Firefly String Lights

Tasks for the Cosmic Witch

     • Learn the various planetary correspondences for herbs, crystals, and other materials

   • Channel energy from various planets and other celestial bodies (asteroids, nebulae, stars, etc.) - we will cover this in lesson 3

    • Spend time outside when it’s dark

    • Camp out under the stars

    • Make planetary waters and oils

   • Meditate to ambient music - try to find a video on youtube that has some spacey scenery for added effect

    • Research constellations and other star lore

    • Complete your astrology birth chart if you haven’t already

    • Learn about the different zodiac signs and their correspondences

    • Research the lunar cycle and its correspondences

    • Research the science behind various astronomical phenomena

Practicing Discreetly

    • Take up an interest in astronomy, if you aren’t interested already - learn about the scientific aspects of the planets, stars, asteroids, comets, and other celestial bodies.

    • Decorate your room with objects that represent celestial bodies - zodiac blanket, glow stars, moon in my room, celestial globe, astrolabe, posters of the planets or nebulae

   • Wear jewelry or clothing with astrological or astronomical designs

   • Go stargazing - take note of the constellations in the sky

   • Use essential oils associated with the planets in your bath or shower

   • Make celestial bath salts or shower gels

   • Choose shower gels or shampoos that are made with ingredients that can be associated with the planets (I know Bath & Body Works does a great job of listing exactly what herbs and flowers they use for their products)

   • Privately dedicate your meal or beverage to a celestial body of your choice to give thanks for its aid and existence

   • Collect crystals that are associated with the planets or the cosmos

   • Make an altoid tin or shoebox altar

   • Incorporate planetary or astrological herbs into your cooking [Planetary] [Zodiac]

    • Enchant every day items with celestial energy, like chapstick, keys, makeup, your name badge for school/work, or any other item you find yourself using on a daily basis

    • Create a Nebula jar, Star jar, or Black Hole jar

    • Write your Book of Cosmos or grimoire in OneNote so that it will sync with all of your devices, including PC, phone, and tablet

    • Draw planetary symbols on yourself where they can’t be seen

    • If you can’t burn candles or incense without suspicion, invest in a wax melter - carve planetary symbols or constellations on the wax cube and let it melt

    • Visit your local planetarium to learn about the stars and constellations

    • Charge drinkable bottled water with moonlight

    • Make your own perfume using oils associated with the planets

Bonding with celestial bodies and utilizing celestial energy in magickal workings:

   • use planetary hours or lunar cycles based on intent

   • perform magick on days of the week that are associated with the corresponding planet

   • spend time outside under the stars

   • study astronomy and astrology

   • draw down energy from celestial bodies based on intent

            ○ I like to use the skymaps app on my smartphone to track down the celestial body in the sky for increased accuracy

   • astral travel to other planets

   • try spiral meditation to ground, center, and channel celestial energy

   • use planetary symbols to represent a planet in a spell

            ○ draw the symbol in a pen or marker of corresponding color

            ○ carve the symbol in a candle or wax cube of corresponding color or scent

            ○ create a crystal grid in the shape of the symbol

            ○ arrange herbs or flowers in the shape of the symbol

            ○ make a corresponding oil and draw the symbol on yourself or another medium

   • burn herbs or incense associated with a celestial body based on intent

   • use candles based on scent and color to correspond with your intent

   • use tarot or oracle cards that you associate with certain celestial bodies

   • create and use planetary or celestial oils to anoint objects

   • make crystal grids based on the current planetary alignment

   • make crystal elixirs using crystals associated with certain planets or other celestial bodies

   • wear a corresponding crystal on your person

   • wear a pendant made from corresponding herbs and spices on your person

   • paint your nails using corresponding colors

   • make an herbal sachet to use in the bath

   • use bath crayons to draw symbols and sigils in the bath/shower

   • drink tea made from corresponding herbs (that are safe to consume)

   • add herbs of corresponding intent to your food while cooking or baking

Homework: using the ideas from this lesson, try to add a little bit of cosmic flair into your life, and let me know what you come up with before our next lesson!

If you already incorporate cosmic magick in your daily life, list 3 ways that you do so.


Next week’s lesson: Cosmic Witchcraft 101 - Celestial Grounding and Centering

Harry Potter-inspired Ward Incantations

So I’m super into Harry Potter, as well as using vocal incantations in addition to my energy work. My wards are energy based, linked to a crystal grid I have set up in my room. Here are the incantations/spells I use to set them up!

1. Protego Totalum - this first layer encompasses my whole room, basically an energy wall combining with the physical walls of my room
• Fianto Duri - this spell is used in HP to keep a protective spell “alive” or active, and I use it to link the energy of each layer of my wards to my crystal grid
• Cave Inimicum - enchants the first layer to keep my space hidden from malicious energies and beings. I believe it’s what Hermione used when the trio was hiding from Scabior and his gang in the last two movies.

2. Protego Maxima - second layer, more of a bubble within the confines of the room’s walls
• Fianto Duri
• Repello Inimicum - offensive enchantment to the second layer, which repels or harms malicious beings that get through the first layer.

3. Protego Horribilis - third layer, a barrier around the center of my room, meant to defend against stronger malicious energies or beings
• Fianto Duri
• Salvio Hexia - defensive enchantment to further solidify the layer’s strength against ill-intent intruders
• Magicae Comedenti - draining spell which absorbs malicious energy directed at the ward and uses it to strengthen the layer

4. Lumos Maxima - a bright, protective light which comes from the center of the wards and extends outward into all of the layers. A filler, basically, so that beings cannot simply teleport and bypass the layers. An anti-apparation enchantment, if you will, for beings I have not specifically invited into my space

5. Expecto Patronum - I cast this protective spell to clear out any unwanted energies/beings when I am reconstructing/doing maintenance on my wards. My patronus stays around until I’m able to put the wards back up properly.

* malicious energy/beings - I define this as any being or energy that I view as meaning to harm or threaten myself or my loved ones, whether they are my physical or spirit family

Historical Consciousness in Fallout: New Vegas

Buckle up, this is a long post (~2800 words). Will probably go back and do some editing later.

In 1997, Interplay Entertainment’s subsidiary Black Isles released a small videogame called Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game, and released a follow-up the next year in Fallout 2. Black Isles hasn’t existed for years, not since Interplay’s financial troubles (which also forced the company to sell the rights to the Fallout series in 2006 to Bethesda Softworks), but the core membership of Black Isles (including Fallout 2 directors Tim Cain and Chris Avellone) founded a new development company called Obsidian, which you may be familiar with.

In 2008, Bethesda published Fallout 3, transforming the originally grid- and turn-based combat isometric into a 3D, first-person camera format much like Bethesda’s other flagship series, The Elder Scrolls. In 2010, presumably because Bethesda was busy developing Skyrim, Obsidian released a gaiden game called Fallout: New Vegas, set in the Mojave Wasteland (where parts of Fallout 1 and 2 take place), featuring many elements from Black Isles’ planned Fallout: Van Buren as well as a number of factions from the original isometric games.

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[2/3] till walkers do us part

█ title: till walkers do us part
█ written by: kafeuka
█ pairing: jeon jungkook/park jimin
█ rating: nc17
█ summary: [The Walking Dead!AU] what was supposed to happen: jungkook propose to jimin on one knee, slipping the white gold ring on the love of his life’s finger and jimin would say yes and they would be married and live happily ever after.
what really happened: jimin struggling to remain composed when he heard the voice of his angel through the cb radio.

let me know what you think by clicking here!

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sanjo-the-banjo  asked:

My friends and I are trying to put together a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon-styled game, where each player controls a single Pokemon. Do you have any ideas for systems that might support that particularly well?

Depends on what you’re looking for gameplay-wise.

If you want to retain the grid-based dungeon crawling aspect of the source material, Hero Kids might be a good way to go. You’d have to either re-skin the pregenerated characters as various Pokémon or make up your own (I’d recommend the former, at least to start with - the system has very coarse granularity, so the balance is touchy), but beyond that it’s got pretty much everything you’d need. Simple enough that you can learn the whole system in just a few minutes, too.

If you’re not particularly concerned about keeping it as a grid-based dungeon crawler, you’ve got the usual suspects for games where everybody is basically playing a heavily stylised cartoon character: Fate Accelerated Edition if you prefer player-as-author type storygames, or perhaps OVA if you want something with a little less juggling Plot Points and a little more old school crunchiness. I rarely recommend OVA for anything because I dislike its “zero sum” approach to character creation that mandates that any character who’s actually good at stuff has to be loaded down with a list of disadvantages as long as your arm, typically leading to PCs with bewildering arrays of mental hangups, but for playing literal Pokémon that’s actually appropriate!

And of course, if you want something really rules light, there’s always Risus.

(There’s also Pokéthulhu, which is an excellent general purpose Pokémon RPG, but I wouldn’t recommend it for this particular purpose because its combat system scales poorly for scenes involving more than two characters.)

The Screwdriver Editor

It was a while since last post, core team was(and kinda still is) busy shitting bricks how lighting works UnrealEngine4. So to compensate we will share more info something more tangible than concept art and lore.

(top side editor view, bottom in-game render)

The Screwdriver Editor (SDE in the future). Probably our biggest time investment in the project, took us around a whooping 1 year to develop a standalone piece of custom software which is nicely synchronized with UE4. 

So why spend so much resources on just one tool? Wouldn’t it better to work on in-game mechanics and content? Several reasons:

1st Game is in its nature is supposed to be an oldschool-ish RPG where player has decent freedom of movement. Which often requires quite big world compared to more linear games, which is quite a task for a small team like us. Solution was to rely on reusable assets with grid-based placement for simplicity, something UE isn’t tailored for. And by having editor at our disposal, something trivial like creating a building is matter of hours not days.

2nd Screwdriver changed as concept. Initially game was supposed to be 2.5D game with 2d scenery and 3d characters, which seemed reasonable with artist+programmer duo as core team. Sadly UE while “supports” 2d games, it done quite poorly, specially on level design perspective. Which is also why our floors have this specific 2d feel, thats one of few things which survived concept change - tile-based floor creation. Which lets efficiently creating detailed floor with interesting look with minimal effort, something also not possible in UE alone.

(floor tiles in SDE)

3. SDE is quite good chore reducing tool. While it doesn’t sound too impressive, things like automatic sorting of items where they belong on the level saves up lots of time on low man-power team.

So what does all of this means? Firstly a decent developed big world to explore in solo campaign without simplifying it drastically or hurting visual aspect. Secondly after game is finished, SDE can be potentially reused for expansions(or modding) making next delivery much faster. Thirdly, its a very cool thing i wanted to show off.

(general look of SDE)

This puts some smaller limitations on our games. I already mentioned grid based placement of building geometry, this will result in many buildings having similar angle like in old isometric games. Insignificant downside, given plenty of modern games have same approach without people really seeing it as a downside. Additional limitation for us would be no camera rotation, something what can be softened by proper level design.

(top in-game render, bottom SDE view)

In conclusion

A solid tool, optimizing workflow and giving a game its own look. 

Planet Worship & Astrolatry ✨

Astrolatry is defined as the worship of stars and other celestial bodies as deities or associating them with deities. Deity, in this case, may refer to a God or Goddess but can also refer to something with divine status, quality, or nature. In my personal practice, I do not worship or work with anthropomorphic deities, or deities who are described as having human-like traits and behaviors. Although the planets were named for Greco-Roman beings with these qualities, I do not see them [the planets] as such beings. Instead, I use the lore and correspondences associated with the planets and other celestial bodies to worship them as divine entities themselves. Overall, I believe that the Cosmos itself is divine, which includes the many celestial bodies encompassed inside of it. In my opinion, celestial bodies have their own innate energies that we can work with without thinking of them as what others would describe as Gods/Goddesses/deities, much like we view crystals, herbs, and other objects. 

Working with celestial bodies in this sense would be much like working with deities: you could make offerings, use their energy and aid in magickal workings, dedicate a shrine or altar to them, or even pray to them. 

While it may sound odd to pray to a planet or a star, prayer is most simply defined as requesting help/assistance or expressing thanks to a deity or an object of worship, and in this case, the object of worship in question would be the celestial body of your choosing. 

Offerings are generally given to express your gratitude for receiving assistance from celestial bodies. 

Offerings will vary depending on the celestial body you are working with, but here are a few ideas: 

  • bury crystals in the soil
  • leave crystals on your altar or shrine
  • burn incense or a blend of herbs and spices
  • light a candle according to color or scent 
  • leave a mixture of herbs and spices on your altar/shrine
  • floral arrangements
  • food and beverages
  • trinkets or jewelry 
  • use representations of associated animals (could be a drawing, a feather, a tuft of fur, a whisker, etc. all safely and legally harvested, of course)
  • drawings or paintings of the celestial body

Bonding with celestial bodies and utilizing celestial energy in magickal workings:

  • use planetary hours or lunar cycles based on intent
  • perform magick on days of the week that are associated with the corresponding planet
  • spend time outside under the stars
  • study astronomy and astrology
  • draw down energy from celestial bodies based on intent 
    • i like to use the skymaps app on my smartphone to track down the celestial body in the sky for increased accuracy 
  • astral travel to other planets
  • try spiral meditation to ground, center, and channel celestial energy
  • use planetary symbols to represent a planet in a spell
    • draw the symbol in a pen or marker of corresponding color
    • carve the symbol in a candle or wax cube of corresponding color or scent
    • create a crystal grid in the shape of the symbol 
    • arrange herbs or flowers in the shape of the symbol
    • make a corresponding oil and draw the symbol on yourself or another medium 
  • burn herbs or incense associated with a celestial body based on intent
  • use candles based on scent and color to correspond with your intent
  • use tarot or oracle cards that you associate with certain celestial bodies
  • create and use planetary or celestial oils to anoint objects
  • make crystal grids based on the current planetary alignment
  • make crystal elixirs using crystals associated with certain planets or other celestial bodies
  • wear a corresponding crystal on your person
  • wear a pendant made from corresponding herbs and spices on your person
  • paint your nails using corresponding colors
  • make an herbal sachet to use in the bath
  • use bath crayons to draw symbols and sigils in the bath/shower
  • drink tea made from corresponding herbs (that are safe to consume)
  • add herbs of corresponding intent to your food while cooking or baking

Worshiping on the go:

  • carry corresponding crystals in your pocket
  • wear a corresponding crystal/herbal pendant
  • draw celestial sigils/planetary symbols on yourself with a crystal elixir, oil, or marker/pen of corresponding color
  • draw celestial sigils/planetary symbols on paper and carry them with you
  • wear planetary symbols as jewelry 
  • carry a corresponding herb or crystal sachet in your pocket, purse, or backpack
  • say a quick prayer to acknowledge a celestial body or thank them for their aid 
  • enchant every day items with planetary/celestial energy
    • chapstick/lip gloss/lipstick 
    • other makeup products 
    • shampoo/conditioner/soap
    • compact mirror
    • perfume/cologne/body spray
    • car/house keys
    • keychains
    • lanyard
    • name badge/ID for school or work
    • wristwatch
    • stationary (pens, highlighters, notebooks, planners, etc.)
    • lighter
    • gum/candy

Cosmic Witchcraft Masterpost (including correspondences, spells, and other useful guides!)


Night in the woods review

Short version: Made a depressed cat twerk, poked a severed arm with a stick, cried while talking with a pastor about an uncaring god. 10/10

Long version:
For this kind of genre, good games have engaging stories, fun gameplay, nice music and graphics, relatable characters, and well written dialogue. Great games have all that plus a strong and consistent tone. They set out from the very start to show the player something. This is a great game.

Fair warning: This game is not a fast paced one. If you speed through content and don’t like exploring and talking to everyone you can, you might feel like it’s short and shallow. You get out what you put in. If on the other hand you take the time to explore, to chew it over, to talk to everyone, you’ll love it. If you play games exclusively to feel good and escape boredom, maybe this isn’t for you. But if you play games to get something out of a story, to learn a little about yourself, or generally to experience something, it’ll feel very rewarding. 

I’m gonna break this down into a full scale review because it deserves more than just a blurb about how good it is.

Pros: Excellent story, characters and theme. Great music. Personal and honest dialogue that will more than likely hurt and empower you personally, and make you feel complex, good, and bad emotions.
Cons: Sometimes the swears are a little lacking and out of character, no easy save/reload feature (your choices and mistakes count), and the occasional difficulty in platforming in dim lighting.

You play as Mae, a college dropout who just returned home to her town of Possum Springs. You reunite with your friends you left a year and a half ago, and find that the town is in some ways changed, or maybe not. Strange things are afoot in town, but few seem to notice or care when they have more important things to worry about like putting food on the table, juvenile delinquency, or just getting caught up in the slow stagnancy and deterioration of small town life. 

This game’s magic is in its story and the well written characters. This is a deeply relatable, emotional, honest game. The scenes have a certain real-ness to them more than most games can ever hope for, mostly helped by the converastional language of the characters. It doesn’t feel scripted it just feels organic. The only negative on that front is that to maintain a teen rating, the game had to limit its swears, so there’s a lot of “effin” and mild swears like damn and a couple shits. So that kinda felt a little out of character now and then, but otherwise, it was tone aware. Everyone is a deeply fleshed-out character with their own interests. As the main character, you won’t win all the time. As a matter of fact you’ll find yourself in situations where you can’t make the best of a bad situation at all. But that’s good, because this story isn’t just about you. It’s about a community. 

This game sets out with a theme, and does it well. The short version is that it’s a critique of modern society. In that, it tackles issues of capitalism, social isolation, religion, mental health, poverty, friendship, sexuality, anarchy, environmentalism, war, and defiant hope. Themes that video games, and stories in general really don’t often approach well, if at all. Pretty much every scene in the game somehow contributes to this, but does so without coming off forced at all. it’s all integrated into the larger whole of the game. Since the theme is pretty broad and far-reaching, you get a lot of different ways of looking at the situation, from the perspectives of all the characters. It’s a poignant story that hits close to home no matter who you are. 

Originally posted by drunkonschadenfreude

It’s a solid platformer. It controls a lot like limbo or other side scrolling adventure games. There’s no real major obstacles or deathtraps, but there are some kinda tricky jumps you might need to do a few times to get right. The platformer thing isn’t really the game itself to be honest, it’s more the way you get from point A to point B. It could just as easily have been a visual novel or a grid based rpg, but it would have lost some of its charm of exploring the town. 

There’s a lot of minigames, ranging from guitar hero esque, to a stationary worms tank minigame, to a fully built souls-series-hyper-light-drifter thing that easily could have been a standalone game on its own. All the minigames control well, but they’re pretty tough and there’s no easy reload button besides force-quitting. None of them are exactly mandatory though so don’t feel pressured unless you want all the achievements.

it’s layers of pretty stylized shapes and incredibly well animated characters. Subtleties in movement and expression help the dialogue too. The lighting and palette are beautiful, and the mood is carried by the graphics well. I can’t say too much about the graphics except that they’re pretty and fit the theme and mood. My only criticism of the game is in the graphics though, that the lighting in a few of the scenes was a tad dark for my monitor to differ between ground and background so I found myself guessing at where platforms were every now and then, but it was never enough to inconvenience me, and I could have adjusted my monitor for the effort of it. 

Originally posted by zagfros

I need the soundtrack. It’s moody, atmospheric, happy, unnerving, rocking, and fun. It covers a ton of ground with the soundtrack to fit the many moods and emotions. Looking forward to the OST.

Time and money
For 20 bucks on steam, it’s good. Took me 11 hours to play through the first time. To get to some of the stuff you’ll have to do multiple playthroughs. There’s no proper save and reload function. Your choices stick and that’s for the best imo. Unfortunately that means getting some achievements would take a disproportionate time investment, but so does dark souls, so whatever. 

Overall: If you like games that make you feel things, if you like stories relevant to the present, if you don’t want to feel like a badass, but just want to feel… ironically human, this is for you.


Excuse me? Dead? Who said we’re dead? Whoever said that is a liar.
No, rather than dead, Nanosteam has merely gone through a truly massive overhaul. Because we switched engines to Unity. That’s a thing that happened. As such, we’d like to give you a video of what’s been changed (which is everything, and it looks great now). Rather than listen to me talk over it describing all the new shit, I’m gonna put it in text.

So with this switch, a whole host of features that were not possible before have suddenly become available to us. While the core game and design remains the same, everything is approximately six times prettier. Some of these new pretties include
-Full 3D for the interface
-Advanced holographic and glow shaders
-Animations for interface elements opening, closing, resizing, and switching
-New text shaders that allow for proper scaling
-Way faster, like fucking geez we can finally have a reasonable amount of text on screen without it shooting down to 12 FPS

Switching engines also allowed for a host of new functions actually on the interface. These were stretch goals back in the day but quick fixes in the modern times. New features for the interface include
-Real-time world and solar system map that could also accurately show the ships traveling between planets
-Accurate 3D character portrait
-The ability to switch between grid-based and list-based inventories
-Dynamic crosshair

New graphical features include pretty much all the stuff you’d expect with a professional engine. Global illumination, volumetric real-time fog, dynamic weather and season systems, trippy-ass timewarps, improved lighting, 3D skyboxes, etc.

New gameplay and content features are also possible. Thanks to Unity, Nanosteam can now grant users their lifelong dream of fighting on top of a train as it moves through a level in real-time. Advanced physics and movement systems are now possible, on top of advanced spline-following and animation systems, which allow for everything from rollercoasters to massive cargo ships pulling into port. Support for animated textures and a variety of dynamic elements also finally allow us to bring a level of detail into Nanosteam we actually wanted, without a whole bunch of extra work.

And that’s the final element that makes this engineswitcheroo so exciting. Development has taken off at a lightning pace, with two months of irregular work already approaching many years worth of previous endeavors. Despite the initial tight-lippedness on this change, expect regular updates from now on.

Sigil 201: Advanced Design

Hello all! This is a continuation of my tutorial from yesterday, expanding on sigil design to showcase some more advanced techniques you can try. If you haven’t yet checked out Sigil 101, I recommend you take a look.

When thinking about sigil design, it’s important to remember what exactly a sigil is- it’s a representation of a desire, intention, or goal. And these goals could be absolutely anything in the world. Our desires can be so different- so why should our sigils be the same every time? Today, I’ll be going over some various methods of specialty sigils that fit certain causes.

Weather Model Sigils

Ever seen one of these? This is called a station model, and it’s used by meteorologists to show the different types of weather occurring all together at one station, usually to analyze patterns. They show everything from temperature and pressure to precipitation, cloud types, and fronts. Naturally, these can be very useful for weather witches hoping to summon a certain condition. Hoping to go for a picnic? Try making a sigil summoning the sunshine, high pressure, and low winds. 

There are so many symbols that can be incorporated into a traditional letter-based sigil, or a design all on their own.

Numeric & Keyboard Sigils

You know that swipe function on your smartphone, where you swipe between letters to type out words? These work similar to that. There are many ways you can approach a numeric sigil: you can assign every letter a number based on something like a table, or the layout on a phone. Then, you put the numbers on a grid and connect them based on their numeric order, or the order they were in a word. These are good for sigils based on one big idea. Here’s an example: imagine I wanted a sigil for organization. My process may look like this:

Once you’ve done the basic connection, you can add any type of flourishes you want. There’s a very similar process used for keyboard sigils, it’s just a bit simpler: just connect the letters based on the QWERTY keyboard.

These are extraordinarily useful for tech-based witchery. Have a sigil based on a person? Base it on the pattern of typing out their phone number. Take a screenshot of your phone keyboard and draw all over it in a sketchbook app.

Sigils without Pen & Paper

Some of the greatest appeal of sigils is that they’re a form of magick that is both extremely powerful and extremely accessible. You don’t need a ton of herbs, crystals, candles, essential oils… just some scratch paper and a pencil. Or, not even that. When making sigils, the possibilities are endless. Draw a glamour sigil with your finger in the fog of the bathroom mirror. Doodle in the sand and let the ocean wash it away. Carve one with a toothpick into your cake before putting it the oven. When watering your plants, use an eyedropper to draw a sigil for their growth. Draw it in MS Paint and post it on Tumblr to let the reblogs charge it.

Sigils are magick that can be worked anywhere, anytime, using almost anything- it all depends on your craft. So dream big, and let the magick into every part of your life.


Hard to believe that a photo of a young girl sitting and clapping paired with a fairly odd nursery rhyme could turn into such a fun and funny illustration.

Little Tommy Tucker sings for his supper.  What shall we feed him?  White bread and butter.

We put our own spin on Little Tommy Tucker being a Sinatra-eqaure crooner who also happens to be a dog and everything else fell into place on this one. 

Basing the design and composition of this image off the girl sitting, I figured having her on some front steps of a stone row house that looks like it could a residential block in Chicago with some nods towards the appeal of Sesame Street. 

anonymous asked:

How long will the game be, and does the game only consist of the fighting sequences?

I can’t say exactly how long the game will be since there’s still so much of it to create, but we definitely want to make a game that will be long enough to satisfy mechanically and tell a story to boot! The game is formatted like a dungeon crawler where you explore a grid-based series of floors, except that instead of turn-based RPG battles playing out for the encounters you fight the enemies on a real-time stage that you’ve been seeing in recent videos

Activity- Worldbuilding! Here’s what ive built on it so far:

“A small, off the grid desert community, based on places like ‘Slab City’, set in something like Arizona.

Comprised of several small families or gangs, only just on the cusp of developing a structure; leaders are only just beginning to step up outside their gangs, community values are only just taking shape in the form of teamwork to stop the outside world invading. The closest ‘civilization’ is a roadhouse 6k in one direction and an established backwater town 6k in the other, residents from Cholla Junction will do basic shopping and stock water here.

Most residents earn money in illegal pursuits, many (such as the lead character) are bikers. The rules are usually simple but vary from gang to gang, don’t murder within the Junctions boundaries, don’t snitch, don’t clash with another gangs ‘enterprises’.

La Pain herself has taken a little too well to the lifestyle; a clear outsider in the beginning, she overcompensated for this by putting forth her most violent and reprehensible qualities, still keeping her somewhat alienated, as most in the Junction are actually quite level-headed. Luckily for her, they tolerate these qualities because of her size, her patient gang members/begrudging friends keeping her in check, her non-threatening appearance, and ability to get things done. Eats lizards and bugs even though there are plenty of other food sources available.”


James Gates Jr. or Jim Gates, is an African American theoretical #physicist, known for work on #supersymmetry, #supergravity, and #superstringtheory. Education: #MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Field: Physics. Doctoral advisor: James E. Young Books: Superspace: One Thousand and One Lessons in Supersymmetry,. Awards: National Medal of Science for Physical Science.
The theory that reality, as we consciously experience it, is not real, goes back to the indigenous people who believed that we exist in a dream or #illusion. In our current timeline, we refer to the #matrix, grids, #virtualreality, simulation and hologram. Today many physicists are researching the concept of the universe as a hologram. The universe is a consciousness hologram. Reality is projected illusion within the hologram. It is a virtual experiment created in linear time to study emotions. Our #hologram is composed of grids created by a source #consciousness brought into awareness by electromagnetic #energy at the physical level. The hologram is created and linked through a web, or grid matrixes based on the patterns of #SacredGeometry. The hologram had a beginning and it has an end, as consciousness evolves in the alchemy of time. As the grids collapse, everything within the hologram will end, helping to understand what is going on in the world today. ☕🐸 #YouGonnaGetThisWork #4biddenknowledge CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO TO LEARN MORE

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Impressive, Girl - Part One


Summary: (Y/N) Hux is General Armitage Hux’s sister. With their father’s failing health, the First Order assasin must go back to live with her brother. But her moving from a distant planet to the First Order base allows for more intersting things to happen, especially when a certain Knight takes an interst in her. 

Warnings: Death, minor violence

Pairing: None for this part – Reader Insert (female)
*quick note* at this point in the story there are no physical descriptors of the Reader, since it is reader insert, but at some point there will be some. I will do my best to avoid specifics, but since she is Hux’s twin, I might accidently put some very obvious ginger traits in there. Pre-apology.


Hux sighs at the message in front of him. His father’s health is failing, rapidly. Brendol Hux only has a maximum of two weeks, according to his twin sister.

She is a warrior, leading from behind a control panel isn’t her thing. It took years for their father to let her do any training, but once she started, she rose the top of the combat group in no time. Her technique was a lot quicker and brutal than what the standard solider is taught. Her skills were and still are so refined that she is the First Order’s main assassin. Even Snoke is amazed by her raw talent; it surprises him that she is not Force sensitive.

Her senses are so heightened; her reflexes are faster than a good portion of the trained Siths; her full potential is still not reached, even over thirty years after birth.

Their father had told Armitage that he has never seen such a skilled fighter. A conversation like that always finished with a pat on the back and a sly comment about Hux’s slower progress.

The General isn’t sure what he should do. With their father’s failing health, he knows he needs to visit. But that also means his sister will be transferred back to the base instead of being with their father during her off time.

Armitage may love his father, but he does not particularly enjoy his sister. His father raised both of them on the values of whoever is best is on top and females rank lower than men, to name a few. Though Brendol admits there are some amazing female leaders and pilots, combat is a man’s job. The fact that his sister was allowed to train in combat angers Armitage. He should have been trained in the physical aspect. Sure he became an amazing General, but still. It was his duty as the son of the bastard children to be impressive.

Armitage needs to take at least two days off to visit his father. It will be the last time for him to see him. The General needs to see him just one last time.

Hux knows he should wait a few more days and go towards the last few days of his father’s life. His sister will want to come back with him. His sister will demand to live on the base instead of some almost off the grid planet getting missions through a shitty connection. She will require it. And if he says no, especially in front of their father, he will be berated until their fathers last words.

“Why must life be this way, Millicent?” He rubs the cats head. She meows in response. “I know you are only a cat, but I know you have more insight than a soft meow.”

Millicent meows again, but this time jumps out of his lap.

The man sighs. He needs to go. There is no other option.

EIGHT days later, General Hux is on a ship to the Unknown Regions, more specifically to a little planet named Jakara. The name was chosen by their grandfather before either of the two were born. Their grandfather enjoyed exploring the Unknown Regions and found one planet with no civilization at all.

It is now only the General, his cat, and a single pilot who is leaving immediately after dropping him off. The pilot will return in a maximum of six days, depending on everything.

The small, but still grand house is only yards from him. He just doesn’t want to go in. It’s as if the wooden porch and cottage-feel are threatening him, instead of being inviting him like it is intended to be. With a sigh and sudden act of courage, Hux makes his way to the house.

He has not seen this house since his sister was first stationed here 12 years ago. The house is quite lovely, a decent size too, but it holds far too many memories the General wishes to remove from his mind.

Like the day his sister was practicing some killing tactics and he nearly walked in front of her knife toss. The tip clipped his shoulder, severing a few nerves. Of course he received immediate medical care, but his father looked down on him again. He told the young boy that is training needed to be increased. That he was foolish.

Or the time one of the other officers in training started to beat up the young General. Knowing the boy had little to no physical conflict training, the other officer had the upper hand. What they didn’t know was that his twin was rounding the corner. She went into a dead sprint, threw the larger boy off of her brother, and picked up him up. The other trainee was thrown so hard his back cracked against the brick wall. Her twin was embarrassed. He couldn’t event take care of himself.

The General shakes his head. That was the past. He is stronger now. He is the General of the First Order and he has gained his father’s pride.

He has become stronger.

As he walks up to the house, his sister walks on to the porch. Her matching hair is in a high ponytail, but her matching eyes are glaring. She has a sad look if you remove her angry lies. Armitage can tell his sister is exhausted. She has almost every exposed exhaustion; now, it is obvious.

“I’m glad you came, Armitage. It is nice to see you again.”

Armitage smiles. “Nice to see you too, sister.”

Millicent sprints up the stairs of the porch, jumping onto the railing in front of the girl. The girl’s face doesn’t change, but her hands pet the cat. The cat purrs, indicating her immediate love for the girl.

“Father is not doing well.”

OVER the next six days, the tensions in the house were high. The medics were careful not to interrupt either of the twin’s time with their fading father. House servants avoided the rooms where the twins both were. Though they twins were glad to see each other again, their hate for each other was maintained during the trip. They could barely stay in the same room for more than ten minutes.

Six days is longer than their father should have lasted. It’s a bit of relief that he didn’t die immediately after Armitage landed. It’s a bit of stress, however, because though he is struggling, their father still knows how to make small, sly comments.

“Miss?” a medic bows, walking into the kitchen where the girl stands, munching on some fruit. The girl looks to the female medic. “Your father. He’s in his last moments.”

She drops the bowl to the counter. With a stoic face, she follows behind the other female. She’s known this day was coming for the past month. She just didn’t want to accept that it was actually coming.

Once inside the large bedroom on the second floor, the girl catches sight of her twin on the opposite side of the bed from where she is. There is a chair set up on the other side, assuming she will sit their.

But she looks to their father while rushing in. His face is much paler than just yesterday. His eyes are also very heavy… he looks already dead. She sits quickly, grabbing his open hand. The old man attempts to grasp back; it does not work. The hand just twitches in his daughters.

For a moment, his eyes flutter open. Just a moment of open eyes before their father speaks.”

“You have both brought me pride,” their father coughs. “I couldn’t ask for two better children. Continue the family legacy, my children. I love you both very much.”

Armitage and Y/N both let a few tears escape. The most emotional and sincere their father has ever been is right now, on his death bed. It’s almost as if he wanted them to realize ‘I wasn’t a complete jerk, just a bit’. That he wanted the best. That he was a father, not just a cruel ex-general. That he really did love them.

The sound of the flat lining heart rate echoes. A medic comes next to the girl to adjust some of his pumps to let his body truly rest. But she doesn’t mind. Her eyes are on her father’s dead face. Her eyes on the person who gave her a chance.

“I hate to do this, but we must ask you to leave. We need to disconnect items and prepare him.”

Armitage stands slowly while his twin bolts up, knocking her chair over and sprinting out of the room.

The funeral arrangements had been pre-arranged. Once he dies, there is to be a one-hour waiting period before he is cremated. Once cremated, he was to be placed inside the hilt of his sword. Once that occurred, the twins were meant to bury him.

The first two actions are finished, leaving the burying of the sword. The General’s sister stares as the blade rested in her hand. A hole has already been dug, they just need to wrap the cloth around it and place it inside. But (Y/N) can’t do it. She turns to Armitage, whose eyes are also cast downward and extends it to him.

“I can’t do it, brother. Please.”

Hux glances to his sister. He has never seen her more tearful. With his own heart breaking, her grabs the sword from her in one hand and uses the other to wrap it up. Though it hurts, he places the sword into the earth. A grave attendant covers it with dirt, exposing the indicator.

Brendol Hux, father and fighter, never forgotten.

(Y/N) Hux falls to her knees before the grave, sobbing. The General just watches as her body shakes. He wants to help, but there is no good way to. So he remains next to her instead.

“Sister, we will be leaving in four hours.”

And with that, Armitage leaves the grave teary-eyed and emotional deflated.

The Melone Base Infiltration Team

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Except Chrome, Lambo, I-pin and Kusakabe huhu because they don’t have a CD cover for that arc.
Also it should have been TYL Hibari but oh well. *cries*