based off the novel

You write a novel.

Everyone loves the novel.

Someone makes a movie based off your novel.

Your favorite actor is cast in the movie based on your novel.

You become best friends with said actor.

It can’t happen if you don’t sit your ass down and write your novel.

Things people who refuse to watch FMA 03 are missing out on, as chosen by someone who actually thinks 03 is terrible and swears by the manga:

  • The music. God, it was all so good! The OST, the openings, everything. Especially l’Arc~en~Ciel, the band which did the most songs for FMA out of any artist (with a total of 4), but only one of which was used outside of 03 (Good Luck My Way from Sacred Star of Milos).
  • Bratja deserves a special mention of its own. Bratja was a song from the OST originally in Russian, sung from the perspective of the brothers. A fan made an incredibly beautiful and poetic set of English lyrics, which quickly spread through the fandom and were even sung by Vic Mignogna, Ed’s English voice actor.
  • A lot of old fandom memes, such as “I love dogs”, “Tiny miniskirts”, “Colonel Mustang is dead sexy”, short rants, etc. Basically the precursors to the Flame Alchemist rap, in a way.
  • The origin of a lot of fandom tropes and ships. Like regardless of whether or not you like them, I think it’s important to understand where these things come from and why. R/oy/Ed, Ed/vy, El/rice/st, Pride!Ed, Envy’s popularity in general, Ed’s birthday, “real world counterparts”, and brown hair Al all have their roots in 03. It’s also the biggest reason for Hohenheim hate; 03 Hohenheim was an absolutely terrible person, and since he wasn’t shown to be a good person right away in Mangahood, a lot of us had a deep-seated mistrust of him.
  • Reole/Liore residents had dark skin!
  • More development for the Ishvalans, including actual names for some of them, and an entire episode about Al bonding with a pair of young Ishvalan boys who hold misplaced resentment for their dead mother. Ever wonder why that one kid who saved Scar from the sewer is sometimes called Rick? 03 is why.
  • The Tringham brothers! There’s an episode (very loosely based off one of the light novels) where Ed and Al encounter a pair of alchemists about their age using their identities to do some… less than responsible research. Fletcher is my son.
  • Aaron Dismuke, Al’s original dub voice actor. He was fantastic, but he was also an Actual Prepubescent Boy who hit puberty just after the series finished, hence the recast for Brotherhood. Aaron returns in Brotherhood as the voice of young Hohenheim.
  • A lot more comedy. While the manga was full of funny scenes, Brotherhood cut out the majority of them. 03 had a lot more jokes, including episodes 13 and 37, which were fucking hysterical.
  • Adaptations (albeit not the best) or some bonus content from the manga, such as extra chapters and one of the light novels, as well as a lot of early chapters that Brotherhood left out. Meaning Youswell actually gets an episode!
  • A lot of early “villain of the day” type episodes, which although weird and nonsensical, were a lot of fun and are great if you feel like watching FMA but don’t want to jump in at the middle of the plot or rewatch Reole for the gazillionth time.
  • I’m going to be completely honest with you, as an Al fan who’s very picky about visuals, Al’s armor looked way better in 03 than it does in Brotherhood. (Aside from the inconsistencies with his eye color.)
  • Winry and Sheska’s alien witch hunt. No, I’m not making that up.

Based off the graphic novel, The Coldest City, Academy Award winner Charlize Theron leads us in the female John Wick, Atomic Blonde. Directed by the co-director of the first John Wick, David Leitch, it is bound to have intense and unbroken phenomenal action choreography. The trailer even has a 30-some second unbroken sequence, reminiscent of The Raid. If a Furiosa Wick doesn’t appeal you enough, how about if I add James McAvoy, Sofia Boutella, and John Goodman… How about now? Espionage action thriller, set in Cold War divided Germany, with a terrific action director and a great cast. I would not even be upset if it’s connected to the John Wick universe.

Cas is twenty-six and has never been kissed. It’s never been a problem, but now his advisor is saying that his dissertation, a romance novel, is lacking a personal touch and won’t be liked by the board. With one day until it is due Cas is at wits end, but maybe his roommate, Dean, can give him a few pointers. 2.9k [AO3 Link]

“You love me?” Jo asked with wide, open eyes.

Anna nodded back timidly and tried to walk away, but Jo caught her arm before she could make her escape.

“How long? How long, Anna?” she demanded. “How long have you loved me?”

Anna may have been an angel, bright and powerful and able to smite Jo in an instant, but in that moment, the angel looked completely and utterly human. Her eyes were downcast and her lip was perched between her teeth. She looked terrified, which was beyond Jo. How could an angel of the Lord be terrified of a simple human like her?

“Ever since I pulled you from Hell,” she whispered. “When I touched your soul, it was the purest thing I’ve ever felt in my life. From that first caress of your being, I knew that I’d Fall for you, Jo. I just knew.”

“Anna…” Jo trailed off, because what the hell. How could an angel love her, a hunter? It didn’t make any sense, because angels hated hunters. The only reason Jo was topside was because she was a pawn in their games, and even though she thought Anna wasn’t like the others, she still had doubts at times. She thought that Anna was just putting up with her, that Jo’s love for the angel was unrequited.

“I should go,” Anna said as she turned on her heel. Her large, obsidian wings flew out, ready for flight.

Jo felt herself panic as Anna crouched down. She couldn’t let her angel leave, not after a confession like that one.

“No you don’t,” Jo said, reaching forward and turning Anna around. With a fire within her, Jo leaned in and

“Their lips…no. They touch one another with their mouths…no. They…uh…mack on one another for a long time…the end.” Cas pushed his laptop away and ran fingers through his hair, groaning. “This is impossible,” he muttered to himself, and brought his elbows up onto the table.

He’d rewritten the ending scene with Anna and Jo’s kiss a thousand times, but it never worked out. Professor Mills cited a lack of personal touch, and told him to base the kiss on his own experiences. “Add a little raunchiness, will ya?” she said to him with an upturned grin. He nodded and laughed along at the time, but now he was truly panicking. He was never going to finish his dissertation before tomorrow’s board presentation, and it would all be because he’s the only twenty-six year old on the planet who has never been kissed.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t tried before. Back in college, Cas was almost kissed a few times, the closest being when he was playing a drunken game of spin the bottle with his floormates. It landed on a girl named Meg, a feisty business major who was known for her escapades in the bedroom, but when she leaned in and tried to kiss him, he couldn’t do it. When Cas imagined his first kiss, it always was with someone he really cared about, not some girl from Edlund Hall that he barely knew.

“Yeah, wait until you find the perfect person to kiss. That’ll do you a lot of good,” Cas angrily muttered to himself as he pulled his computer back towards him. The cursor blinked back at him mockingly, and Cas carefully began typing.

“With a fire within her, Jo leaned in and grabbed Anna’s face-”

“No, no, no!” Cas cried out as he pounded on the keys. Even if he had no experience, why couldn’t he write this damn scene? Kissing was not rocket science, and he’s read enough romance novels in his life. Why can’t he just write a few lines and get it over with?


He cringed when Dean’s voice hit his ears. The last thing he needed was his roommate seeing him all up in arms over this, especially since he was the one Cas had been trying to get the courage to kiss for years now. He quickly thought that if he wasn’t such a coward, then maybe he’d be able to not fail out of his dissertation.

“In my bedroom!” Cas called out, and began fruitlessly typing nonsense as Dean’s footsteps ricocheted off the hardwood floors, stopping when he reached Cas’s door.

“You okay?” Dean asked, and Cas turned around to see his friend leaning against the doorframe, lips turned up into a smirk as he toed the ground with his boot.

Perhaps it’s heightened by Cas’s troubles, but Dean looked even more handsome than usual. His jeans were rolled up at the bottom, revealing his ankles, and his white t-shirt was dirtied from his work shift at the garage. Combined with his playful gaze and his hands in his pockets, Cas felt himself blanching.

“Earth to Cas? You there, buddy?” Dean said as nodded in his direction.

Cas blinked owlishly a few times before going back to his laptop. “Yes, I’m sorry. I’m just trying to finish my dissertation.”

Dean walked over to his computer and peered over Cas’s shoulder. He could feel Dean’s breath on his neck, and it took everything in him to not turn his head and close the distance between them. It would be the perfect moment to get experience-

“Wow, this sucks,” Dean snorted, and alas, the moment was broken.

Cas glared up at Dean and pushed away from his desk. “You think it’s crappy? I’m presenting this to the board tomorrow,” Cas reminded him with emphasis. “And you decide to tell me now that it’s crappy?”

Dean held up his hands and backed away into the bed. He plopped down and replied, “Crappy isn’t the right word. It’s just…lacking. Jo grabbed Anna’s face and kissed her until they broke apart tells me nothing,” he said, quoting the last thing Cas wrote down. “I want to read about what the kiss felt like for Jo, you know?”

Cas took a deep breath and took a seat next to Dean. He folded his hands in his lap and glanced out the window, then asked the question that had been on his mind all day. “What does it feel like to be kissed, Dean?”

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Can you imagine a Dystopian YA novel where there is no pre-existing totalitarian government. Where there is no nuclear war that wiped everything out and the descendants are forced to live in a dangerous urban radiation filled landscape. Where there is no class system based government that separates people based on personality traits.  

Instead, imagine a novel that starts off with the world slowly descending into madness. Where governments across the world are collapsing and pure anarchy is running wild. Where there is no laws or structures at all, and its pretty much a free for all. 

And instead of a plucky main character who is the ultimate chosen one and is destined to overthrow the system, there is just a bunch of street kids. 

Street kids who grew up in this lawless world and witnessed countless atrocities. Street kids who are becoming fed up with this survival of the fittest bullshit and set off on a journey to change everything. 

Street kids, who everybody thought would amount to nothing, begin to plan and establish a new government.  A tougher, militarized government, one that restricts people because at this point people are acting more like feral savages. The street kids gain followers and establish their version of a proper society, one with laws and harsh punishment. The street kids mold their chaotic and violent world into a neater and ordered one. And throughout the years, the government seems to be working. And if people are protesting about their lack of rights, well hey what can you do about it? After all it is for the greater good. And the street kids rule with a iron fist, until years later a plucky brunette heroine dares to challenge them and leads a revolution that sends their hard work crashing down.  

And as they stand in the rubble of their established society, with nooses around their necks, and the shouts of relief and happiness from the people who are elated to see the brutal dictators executed for all their crimes against humanity. The street kids make eye contact with the elated heroine who is basking in the glow of the rebellion. And the street kids are no longer kids but adults who only wanted to make a better world. And they tell the heroine to enjoy the praise and the power for now because it won’t be too long before some one else comes along and destroys everything with one touch. 

Can you imagine a Dystopian YA novel that fully reveals the origins of a government and it’s founders.  

anonymous asked:

Have you seen a movie called the girl next door? It's based off of a novel, which is based off of that case with Sylvia Likens. I watched it a long time ago in my sophomore year of highschool thinking I could handle it, but I was so shaken up by the end :( a huge warning to you or anyone who watches it because it's super graphic.

Somebody else just messaged me about this. Yes, I’ve seen it. However, it’s not very accurate. There’s another one called An American Crime and it sticks to the facts more so than The Girl Next Door. Very sad case indeed.


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Typos with BTS!

Honest Reaction to YNWA Concept Pics!


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BTS as Your Valentine

❤️ = Popular

💛 = Personal Fave

☁️ = Fluff

😿 = Slight Angst

🙈 = Sexual Implications

😏 = Smut

🙌 = Completed Series

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My Top 15 TV Shows

Hello! I decided to make this list in case anyone needed a new TV show to watch! My recs are going to go from favorite to least favorite (although some are so close that they are basically tied) Just so you all remember, also, these are just my opinions of the shows and you may not agree with me, and I’m sorry if I rec a show that you absolutely hate, because that was not my intention!

1. Lost

So yes, my all time favorite show is not Teen Wolf. Lost is just such an amazing tv series, and I wish they were still making seasons! It is a completed show with I think 5 seasons? This TV series is about a plane that crashes on a strange island. It’s full of mystery with some comedy and action and it is just really good. It follows the stories of all the different people who were on the plane, and this show is so mysterious that by the end you may still have questions. 

If you like shows such as: Twin Peaks, Dexter, The X-Files, Stranger Things etc. this show might be something you’d enjoy!

2. Teen Wolf

So even though in my opinion Teen Wolf has gone downhill, I honestly believe this show, particularly the earlier seasons, is really great. It’s romantic, it’s funny, and it has werewolves in it. It also may be a little cheesy, especially in the first season, but I don’t mind personally. 

If you like shows such as: Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Shannara Chronicles, True Blood, etc. this might be a show for you!

3. Sherlock

So this one is pretty much tied with Teen Wolf (honestly it should probably be above it but oh well) So the thing I love about this show is the comedy and mystery! There are twists and turns and it’s entertaining and interesting and all the actors do an amazing job! The fandom can be toxic, though, just a fair warning. But honestly it really is a great show that I can not praise enough because I spent hours binge watching this and squealing about it and it is so deep and has plot twists and it’s just amazing! Yeah.

If you likes shows such as: Breaking Bad, Fargo, Elementary, Person of Interest, Black Mirror, Mr. Robot, etc, this show could be something you’d enjoy!

4. Fargo

So this is a thriller show that is very dark and has very mature, disturbing parts sometimes. But, it also has some comedy and honestly it is just an amazing preformance and story. Obviously, this is similar to the movie Fargo, but it continues on with another season, and a 3rd season is supposed to come out sometime this year! All of the actors are just so talented. The main character in season one is actually Martin Freeman, and in season 2 one of the main characters is Kirsten Dunst. Also, this show has seemingly different seasons that all connect. It is just so amazing like honestly I could probably put this one 1st or 2nd but it is kind of disturbing.

If you like shows such as: Sherlock, Lost, Breaking Bad, Narcos, Mr. Robot, True Detective, etc. then try out this show!

5. A Series of Unfortunate Events

If you haven’t heard of it, this series is a Netflix series based off of books. Many people may recall the movie, and I can say that the tv series is very different in many ways that make me prefer it much more to the movie. Firstly, Neil Patrick Harris does an amazing job portraying Count Olaf (the main bad guy). This TV series is meant to be kind of cheesy with a dark, creepy undertone. Also, it is full of mysteries! I really love how they’ve changed it and the casting in my opinion is much better! So far, the 1st season is the only one out, but I have no doubt that there will be more.

If you like shows such as: Dexter, The X-Files, Psych, Veronica Mars, etc. you should watch this show!

6. The Flash

So this show is obviously about the superhero the Flash. The things I really enjoy about this is the action and the plots for each season. The first season especially is my favorite. Seriously though this show is super entertaining and interesting and has a great diverse cast! 

If you like shows such as: Arrow, Heroes, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, etc. you should watch this show!

7. The Office

If you’ve never seen the office, this is a comedy show with romance too! It is extremely funny, thus having it be my top comedy show! It has 9 seasons, so you’ll have tons of episodes to watch, and it’s all on Netflix and finished filming! Seriously if you have not watched this show and you love comedies, WATCH IT! 

If you like shows such as: Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, etc. watch this show! 

8. Parks and Rec

It’s so hard to choose between the Office and Parks and Rec. They are both super hilarious! Parks and Rec is also about the workplace, the people at Parks and Recreation. It has amazing characters and development and jokes and I love it! Plus, it is all finished and has a ton of seasons to enjoy! (7)!

If you like shows such as: The Office, Big Bang Theory, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Last Man on Earth, etc. then this show is for you!

9. Stranger Things

So, if you haven’t already heard about this show, this is basically the popular Netflix original that a lot of people are talking about! It reminds me of the movie E.T., just more modernized. It follows the story of a boy who goes missing, but it’s more than meets the eye. It is a supernatural/thriller show and honestly I thought it would be cheesy, but it’s not! It’s actually really interesting and spooky and mysterious and cute and I like it quite a bit! They only have 1 season so far, but they are releasing a new season this year!

If you like shows such as: Lost, X-Files, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, etc. you should try out this show!

10. Blindspot

If you haven’t heard of it, this is a newish show about this woman who is found and has no memory and tattoos all over her body. The FBI works to figure out who put them there and why. First of all, the plot is interesting, there is a ton of action and a little mystery and drama and romance. It really is entertaining and I just really enjoy the overall thrill of this show!

If you likes shows such as : CSI, Lost, The Blacklist, Criminal Minds, The Flash, How to Get Away With Murder, etc., then you definitely need to try out this show!!!

11. The Last Man on Earth

Honestly I’m surprised this one is not higher up on my list!!! It is so hilarious and I think it just gets better with each season, in my personal opinion. It’s the story of the (seemingly) last man on earth after being wiped out from a virus! It is just so funny and has some thriller/mystery elements, actually!! It gets serious sometimes and it is just so perfect. 

If you likes shows such as: Parks and Rec, The Office, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,  Brooklyn 99, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, etc. you should totally try watching this show!

12. Wayward Pines

This show is about a strange town with secrets. It’s a mystery/thriller/supernatural show, and it’s really good, but also kinda strange. In my opinion, I enjoyed the 2nd season more than the 1st, but a lot of people disagree, so you’d have to watch it to decide for yourself! They currently only have 2 seasons, but I think they’re making a third? Anyways but if you like tons of mystery and thrills and stuff you’d probably like this show!

If you like shows such as: Twin Peaks, Stranger Things, Under the Dome, Bones, etc., you might want to give this show a try!

13. 11.22.63

So this is a mini series (I think 6 or 8 episodes total?) and it’s based off of the novel 11.22.63 by Stephen King. Basically, it’s about a guy who goes back in time to try to stop the assassination of John F. Kennedy. So it is kinda historical but I mean it’s still time travel soooo. I would call it a myster/thriller mostly, with some history of course. (If you haven’t been able to tell yet, myster/thriller is my FAVORITE genre) 

If you like shows such as: Under the Dome, Westworld, Sense 8, etc., you should check this show out!

14. Steven Universe

Okay first of all yes I know this is a cartoon but IT IS SO MASTERFULLY MADE LIKE OH MY GOD. It deals with stereotypes and has lesbian relationships and it is adorable and interesting and the plot is actually so intriguing as it gets more into the show. Watching the first episodes, or maybe even the first half of the first season, it seems really cheesy and annoying but honestly it gets so deep and amazing. It’s about a boy named Steven who is half human and ‘half gem’ and he lives with this rebel group of gems called the crystal gems and it’s all about their trials and it probably sounds stupid to you if you’ve never seen it but I swear to you, in my opinion, it is one of the best cartoons I’ve ever watched.

If you like shows such as: Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, etc., then watch this show!!!

15. Humans

So this last one was really tough because honestly there are a lot of other TV Shows that I like but this show is really interesting. It is about these robots who are like servants to the humans, but there are some ‘rebels’ or whatever you would call them who have human emotions and it’s about trying to find one of the synths who has been taken by a family and I mean I enjoyed it personally but it is about robots so you have to be into that kind of show. 

If you likes shows such as: Wayward Pines, Stranger Things, Westworld, Black Mirror, etc. you should try out this show!

I’m finding it interesting that BTS continues to based their music and concepts off these fictional literature/novels- that I have never heard off- [but then again I’m not really into that whole philosophical really deep stuff].. and it makes sense when these books date back to the beginning of the 1900s. But also if you’re like in college let’s say, or you’re into history and literature, or Greek mythology, you’d know about these kinds.

I am passionate about history, and I love fictional novels- like I have read my shared of stuff [I consider out of the ordinary and deep] in English class; Macbeth, The Salem Witch Trials, BelovedFrankenstein’s Monster, Medea and a few others I can’t remember, and they’re pretty awesome once you start reading it. [Also most of these^ are based on real events].

But BTS is out here connecting their personal lives with that of these stories, and it’s fucking brilliant!

I swear Namjoon is too much. Going hard on the liberal arts, like he making me want to take a philosophy course now. 

i dont buy for a second that people out there writing autistic-coded characters dont realise that they are doing it bc there are so many tiny mannerisms and characteristics that the characters display that are just !! so clearly !! not nt !! but theyre obscure enough that you wouldnt really think about it in the first place. without knowing the character ur writing is autistic then how did you come up with this specific trait. how, i ask you.

So like a week or two ago I got super into The Adventure Zone. I absolutely love this podcast. It’s funny and endearing and the stores are all so great. Normally, I have a really hard time listening to podcasts (which is why I’ve never been able to finish Welcome to Nightvale), but I’ve been listening to this podcast while walking to work and its been working for me.  I wish I knew people who were into it.

I drew this last night and I WAS proud of it. I thought this moment really demonstrated their personalities and it made me laugh so… I’m not sure how I feel about it now, but its like I’m not NOT going to post it, especially considering how long this took me.

Two Layers

Done with SketchBookX (iPad, using my finger for a couple of hours kill me)

Credit where credit is due, I based Magnus’ appearance off the Graphic Novel’s illustrator Pietsch‘s concept art. Also, while looking for their name, I JUST found out about the Graphic Novel and I’m so excited! 

WW1 Movie and TV Show Recs

Finding books about World War One can be pretty easy. Finding movies and TV shows on it, however, can be difficult. After struggling to find good movies about one of my favourite eras to learn about, I finally decided to amass some of my absolute favourites for the others that are having the same problem as me.

My Boy Jack

The first one that I want to talk about is a pretty underrated movie called My Boy Jack. This is a British movie starring Daniel Radcliffe, David Haig, Kim Cattrail, and Carey Mulligan. It is about Rudyard Kipling and his 18 year old son, Jack, who goes off to fight during the first world war. He goes missing, and the family (Rudyard Kipling, his wife, and their daughter) searches for him. This is a beautifully shot movie, and it was so heartrending. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who is interested in this era, since it shows the war as well as the people left behind, and the costumes are perfectly accurate.

Testament of Youth

This is one of my favourite movies of all time. Based on Vera Brittains autobiography about her time as a nurse on the front lines, this movie has stunning choreography, beautiful costumes, as well as a gorgeous, horribly sad story line. It stars Alicia Vikander as Vera Brittain, Kit Harington, Taron Egerton, and Colin Morgan. This is a movie that I have watched over and over again.

Parades End

This is the only one that I have not seen out of this list, but I have heard and seen some great things about this mini series starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Adelaide Clemens. It is about the relationship between a suffragette (Clemens), a British aristocrat (Cumberbatch), and his wife Sylvia. It is set over a number of years and is based off of the novel by Ford Maddox Ford.

Anzac Girls

I will forever love this TV series about the often forgotten ANZAC girls, or the nurses from New Zealand and Australia. Starting off in Egypt, the story line follows a few nurses through a few years of the war. This is based on a true story, and I absolutely loved every second of it.

War Horse

I watched this one a while ago, but it still leaves a huge impact on me. The story is about a boy and his horse, who both end up being conscripted for the war. The story follows them both as they lose each other and find each other again. This is such a classic, and would recommend it to anyone.

The Crimson Field

The last one on my list, Crimson Field is a TV series about the nurses near the front in France. It talks about the challenges that these women faced, and I wish that they had been able to produce another season. If you liked Anzac Girls, you would also like this one, and vice versa.

If you have any recommendations, let me know! Im always on the lookout for new good period dramas

anti-fans are saying that bts is glorifying mental illnesses

heads up guys, they really aren’t?

1) the hyyh concept is based off of several different novels; two major ones being Kafka On The Shore and Demian.

These two novels are both coming of age/bildungsromans. This is one similarity; another is that that they both deal with character foils and alter egos.

In KOTS, the main character Kafka Tamura is split into three different characters. There’s of course our narrator, Kafka, but he has his alter ego, The Boy named Crow, and then also a part of his spirit is unknowingly transferred to an old man named Nakata. Another example of this in the novel are the characters Johnny Walker (yes, what an interesting name. This is apparently Taehyun’s fav alcohol? But anyways there’s also a character named after the KFC chicken dude and he’s literally a pimp btw) and Kafka’s father, Koichi Tamura. They are the same person. And then later in the story, Kafka becomes Koichi and falls in love with his own mother, Miss. Saeki and then more confusing stuff happens

In Demian, the main character is a young boy named Emil Sinclair who’s constantly split between good and evil. Evil is represented by his bully, Franz Kromer, whereas good is represented by the suave Max Demian. One can even go to think that Emil Sinclair, Max Demian, and Franz Kromer are all aspects of the same boy.

What am I trying to say with all this mind-boggling stuff? 

That the idea of several different characters (with very different personalities and histories) representing one person has been a popular concept behind many, many famous pieces in literature.

It is not glorifying mental diseases such as psychosis and multiple-personality disorder.

It is an example of surrealism/metaphysics within literature, and please do not confuse this for distorted reality or schizophrenia either.

2) BTS are the one boy group that I know of who has been extremely vocal about their own struggles with mental health and has used their status as a celebrity to speak up about it

This is for those who are saying that BTS shouldn’t be using mental health (their depression, anxiety, etc) in their music since they “don’t suffer from any of these problems”

  • Since his debut, Rap Monster has been very open about his difficulty with finding happiness and his fight with depression and loneliness. You can see this in almost all of his lyrics (ex: “Life” and “Drifting”), his tweets (ex: “I sincerely hope all of you too have some sort of a shelter in your mind. Like a place you could go to as a last resort. That’s how people can live. I always feel lonely and pained but it’s a new feeling. Being able to do something feels like a luxury.” © letmesuga), and his fan cafe posts.
  • Suga literally dropped a mixtape describing his struggle with depression, suicidal thoughts, anixety, social phobia, and self hatred.
  • J-hope has revealed that he was depressed before debut and even all of bts has said that they had never seen a boy as miserable as him before. He also described his severe mood swings several times.
  • Jimin has also talked about his body image issues several times (but he has also comforted us, saying that he’s eating well now and that we don’t need to worry)

3) The mental illnesses J-Hope’s character has are relatively unacknowledged by the general public. I bet half of you didn’t even know what munchausen syndrome was before bts came out with hyyh and wings ( I know that I didn’t- and that’s why I’m even more thankful towards them)

Münchhausen syndrome was seen under the diagnosis of J-Hope’s character in his short film.

I personally think of it as awareness because unfortunately, not everybody takes a psychology course. This is especially significant in Korea as again, mental illnesses are not spoken of openly. Most people are only knowledgeable on illnesses such as schizophrenia, depression, and split-personality disorder since they are the ones most spoken about in Korean media (Korean dramas, korean movies, etc) 

So when people are screenshotting the short films and analyzing it, those who aren’t going to know münchhausen syndrome are going to research it and learn about it. In this idea, bighit is bringing awareness and letting people know that hey! this illness exists too and it deserves recognition. That there are more mental illnesses that should be known of.

Without a doubt, this concept series can be taken as problematic. However, please do realize that this is also a Korean release as well as an international release. This is so important to a nation like Korea where so many of the younger generation (BTS’s target audience) are ignorant and uneducated to the issue of mental health due to various of stigmas. This concept can be seen as problematic to more open/educated countries, cultures,and people but to Korea- it is certainly a step in the right direction and I think BTS deserves to be commended for that. 

So if anything at all, BTS is bringing awareness to these mental illnesses as well as different kinds of abuse (with taehyung’s father being an alcoholic/domestic abuser) because that is also a subject that is also stigmatized.

They aren’t putting this issues in a romantic or “happy” light, they aren’t portraying it in a way that makes it seems as if they can go away easily.

All in all, BTS are truly bringing a different level to kpop (with their breathtaking films and storyline) and we should be thankful that they’re talking about topics that are usually shielded away from pop culture.

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It's weird how the Brendan Fraser "The Mummy" is one of the most popular remakes out there, but everyone forgets that it's a remake. It seems like a very bad idea to make a remake out of a remake. Even Will Smith couldn't save 'I am Legend' a remake of 'The Omega Man' which is a remake of 'The Last Man on Earth', which is based off the novel 'I am Legend' and the Will Smith Movie got a knock off called 'I Am Ωmega' so we got like 4 versions of the movie and now we got 4 versions of the Mummy too

Thanks Hollywood